Friday Mix 2.

It’s another Friday Mix! Once again, no theme, just bits and pieces.

Click below to view the tracks.

How You Want It Done- Big Bill Broonzy.

I’m A Little Mixed Up- Betty James, from Vol. 1-Black Rock ‘n Roll.

A Sweet Woman Like You- Joe Tex, from Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] Disc 6 (wma but most mp3 players will convert, iTunes included).

Got To Get You Off My Mind- Solomon Burke, from Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] Disc 6 (wma).

Goofin’ Off- Macy Skipper, from The Stax-Volt Singles – Vol.1-Disc 1 – 59-68.

Cole Slaw- Frank Culley, from Atlantic Rhythm And Blues 1947-1974: Volume 1, 1947-1952.

Savoys Jump- Jimmy McCracklin, from Vol. 1-Black Rock ‘n Roll .

Wine-O-Wine- The Four Gators, from Vol. 1-Black Rock ‘n Roll.

As usual, if you like any of these tracks I highly suggest purchasing the albums that they are from and supporting the artists (and their estate, should they be deceased) who have worked to create these songs and share them with us. Thank you.


2 Responses to Friday Mix 2.

  1. Hey manders! Thanks for the comment! and an entertaining and sweet one at that. I’m flattered and laughing.

    I think I just might take your “The Ash.” suggestion, if only for a day. I think I’ll try it out at GC and see how it goes. Anything for humor.

    The Ash. misses The Manders, too. I hope to see you on GC’s site tonight if the chat goes up! If not, I will likely be in the chat here.

  2. manders says:

    Ash. You are the coolest. You are so cool, I think you should legally change your name to Ash. Just Ash. (Like Cher, Prince, Madonna, Santa, etc.) or you could be called The Ash., like The Rock, and you too could speak of yourself in third person, like “The Ash likes the coleslaw” or “The Ash thinks the coleslaw sucks.” Wouldn’t that be even cooler than cool?

    The Manders misses you. Glad you posted up some new music for me to entertain myself with while GC’s site goes to the circus. Sheesh.

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