Matisyahu- Not a novelty act.

I was introduced to Matisyahu, a Hasidic Jewish Reggea artist, in early 2004. A friend of mine from NYC who is really into the local hip-hop and reggae scene there called me and left an enthusastic voice mail “You have GOT to check this Matisyahu guy out. It’s, um, Hasidic Hip-Hop. . rumblerumble*somethingaboutnotagimmick*rumblerumble… just do it!”. And so began my search for Matisyahu. The first song I heard was a rough of Chop ’em Down, which was to be released on the great Shake Off the Dust…….Arise album in the fall. I fell in love with the music in the first two minutes. The groove, the first verse “from the forest itself, comes the handle from the ax, split this wilderness, listen up this ain’t where it’s at, clear a path so that you can find your way back, chop ’em down, ……” and Matisyahu’s voice interested me, entertained me, and made me want to move. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Chop Em Down- from Shake Off the Dust….Arise.

King Without A Crown- from Shake Off the Dust….Arise.

As usual, if you like any of these tracks I highly suggest purchasing the albums that they are from and supporting the artist who has worked to create these songs and share them with us. Thank you.


2 Responses to Matisyahu- Not a novelty act.

  1. Thanks for checking him out and taking the time to comment, GP. It is much appreciated. 🙂

  2. GP says:

    Ash, this guy is cool. I heard about him a couple of years ago, but never listened. Just goes to prove how universal music is. I haven’t heard original sounding reggea music in years. Thanks for your hard work on this completely original blog. I mean that, btw.

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