My Morning Jacket- Installment #1- Videos.

I’ve had the intention of making a series of posts about My Morning Jacket since the day I created this blog. My Morning Jacket are one of my favorite bands, and their music has been in heavy rotation in my collection since the release of their debut full length album The Tennessee Fire in 1999. The line-up has changed a bit since then (between the It Still Moves and the 2005 released and critically acclaimed Z they lost life-long friends Johnny Quaid and Danny Cash, but gained Bo Koster and Carl Broemel.), but the explosive chemistry is still there, and the evolution has been a positive one.

A few months ago a friend I had recently introduced to the music of My Morning Jacket asked how I would describe the band to someone who had never heard them before. My initial reaction was “I wouldn’t say a word. I would hand them the records and direct them to the closest music player, turn off the lights, and hit play”.

You can view a video from My Morning Jacket playing ‘Gideon’ from the album Z on David Letterman with the Boston Pops Orchestra, recorded earlier this month, as well as three four other videos from misc. appearances behind the link.

I love the look on the conductor’s face. Priceless.

My Morning Jacket Performing ‘One Big Holiday’ from It Still Moves on Conan a few years ago.

(video gets a little choppy. be warned)

Jim James performing an acoustic, solo version of Steam Engine.

My Morning Jacket performing the heart-wrenching ‘Dondante’ and another track, ‘Anytime’ at Austin City Limits in November of 2005. I was lucky enough to score a hard-to-come by last minute ticket. Second best show of the year (the first best being another MMJ show that took place at La Zona Rosa three days before).


8 Responses to My Morning Jacket- Installment #1- Videos.

  1. Ash. says:

    There’s more coming, Phile. LOTS more. 🙂

    I have four more albums to cover at least.

  2. Phile says:

    Picked up Z today as a total impulse buy.


    Now I have to go back and get the rest of them.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Soulmate says:

    GC had puppies. I love it.

  4. Soulmate says:

    I love your website. Now I have to go back and remember who’s site is who’s but I made all the shortcuts to all the sites. Keep up the great work. I will now enjoy several websites a day instead of one!

  5. You’re very welcome, Cahaba!

  6. I'm glad you liked it.

    The recorded version is a little bit different, but still every bit as delicious in my opinion. It will be posted later along with more songs from the album Z.

  7. Cahaba Lily says:

    Ash! Thanks for the recommendation. You and I must have been separated at birth. Our tastes in music are so similar. – CL

  8. Steve says:


    Loved Gideon. Does the recorded track also have the orchestra behind it?


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