Taylor and Snoop?!

‘Taylor Hicks will sing with Snoop
Newly crowned “American Idol” Taylor Hicks will return to Birmingham this weekend and sing with Snoop Dogg at City Stages.

Hicks, who is in Los Angeles preparing for the “American Idol” tour that comes to Birmingham in August, will fly into town today and perform with Snoop Dogg, who headlines the Miller Lite Stage at 10:50 p.m. Saturday.’

The above was shamelessly copied from AL.com
I will say that I am personally VERY excited about this pairing and ready to see how it goes! I am sure that it will be an entertaining and controversial performance that the very least, and who doesn’t love a little entertainment and controversy?

Now, a fairly related but also slightly off topic entirely hypothetical question for you.

If you were to take Taylor to one concert with you, who would you take him to see? Who would be your choice opening act(s)? please limit opening acts to two.

I’m curious to see your replies.


6 Responses to Taylor and Snoop?!

  1. Gray Charles says:

    I’m going with Greg Dulli and The Twilight Singers. Taylor might get spooked to see his evil twin.

  2. He has rapped before, dear Ted. 🙂

    Naked in the Jungle, for instance.

  3. Ted says:

    Taylor and snoop dogg? WTF? Is he going to rap now? LOL!

  4. Shrewspeaks says:

    Sorry second thought…Earth Wind and Fire with george Clinton opening…sorry depends on the night which

  5. Shrewspeaks says:

    I would love to take Taylor to see Etta James and Aretha Franklin in a double headline. The Queens of Soul and Blues…with Amos Lee and Lewis Taylor as openers…Old Soul meets new…with Taylor as the bridge.

  6. double d says:

    If we’re going totally hypothetical…

    I would take him to see the Little River Band, when I saw them in 1979, for obvious reasons. Opening acts would be Irma Thomas and Marc Broussard.

    I would want his breakdown on all of them to understand how he feels they influence his style of music and the expression of same.

  7. manders says:

    I would take him to see Twinkle, my hometown blues singer, at the 5’O club downtown

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