Taylor Hicks + Snoop = Pretty damn great combination.

Odd to some? Sure. Unexpected to those who did not know of his love hip-hop and rap? It appeared so. Entertaining? You bet!

I will say that I think the song could have been a little better, but it was still very entertaining and it got a very good crowd response, even from those who were unsure about the pairing. Snoop started the song (g & j) and Taylor came out looking dapper as usual, blowing harp and doing a bit of quasi-rapping himself (Soul Pound anybody?). Sure, Tay may need to work on his flow just a li’l, but he certainly held his own and then some on the Miller Light Stage tonight. I cannot wait to see which pairing will occur next. As I’m sure you’ve learned- expect the unexpected with Mr. Hicks.


Pictures and video to come? Perhaps. Check back later.


3 Responses to Snicks.

  1. manders says:

    Tayrizzle my bizzle…. it was on Snoop-televizzle.

    I wonder if the performance was rehearsed, Ash?

  2. Hicoop totally works as well.

  3. Gray Charles says:

    Snicks? How about Hicoop?

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