Taylor Hicks appearances 6/22.

Taylor Hicks will be on Jay Leno tonight as the musical guest. He will also be interviewed on Rita Cosby Live & Direct.

Jay Leno airs at 10:35 pm CST on NBC.

Rita Cosby Live & Direct airs at 9 pm CST on MSNBC. There will be re-runs of Rita Cosby Live & Direct (thanks Jena). Check your listings for more information.


8 Responses to Taylor Hicks appearances 6/22.

  1. Calicoskies says:

    Thanks Ash for taking in us GCers. I look forward to some free time tonight to peruse your extensive blog!

    Taylor on tv tonight makes me feel like its a holiday. And I thought I had settled down. I’m so hoping he sings something fresh on Jay Leno, but I’m pretty sure it will DIMYP or TI2TS. I really look forward to the conversation. I’m not sure what to expect from Rita Cosby, but I’m there.

  2. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Hey Ash!

    Thanks for doing this and let’s hope you don’t get burned out too. You are the Boogie 🙂

    I hope someone can capture the Rita Cosby interview (all top 10) for us. I don’t have cable and even if they put it up on the MSNBC website it is not Mac friendly.

  3. Hey True.

    Thanks for promoting this site as a place to come. It’s really nice to still have this sense of amazing community even after the blow this morning.

    I’ll try to get the videos, but right now I don’t have the gear to capture. If anyone gets them by any chance they can send them to me via e-mail and I will post them here.

  4. JamieE says:

    Another displaced GC member here (added the E to my name in case there is already another Jamie here). There is some speculation that Taylor may get a sit-down interview with Leno tonight because Leno only has Kevin Spacey and Taylor listed as guests when there’s usually two guests that get interviewed plus some sort of music. Just a heads up for those of you that will be recording the appearance!

  5. TrueNorth says:

    Ash, thought I’d check in to say hello, and get ‘on the record’ here. I just wrote a response (#62) on GC’s “Where do we go from here” thread, saying why I recommend your site.

    It’s just my opinion, but if you made it a priority today to try to get the Leno and Crosby vids up (particularly the latter, which will be harder to get/find), and made them as easy to find as GC did, I think that would be, as Taylor says, “a good thing.”

  6. The best place to find the Leno video might be TaylorHicksFan.com.

    I’m currently missing the cables to capture from TV, but hopefully I will find them soon.

  7. Basenji says:

    I’m here Deb. Glad to see names I know. Just when I thought I was out they drag me back in…

    OK, so at what site (here?) will this junky be able to mainline the Leno appearance?

  8. Deb says:

    Thank you again Ash for your kindness and friendship to Gray. I submitted a question to Rita for tonight and look forward to the show.
    Basenji I hope you are here.

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