Thank You.

Thanks to all the GC folks for coming over here and giving this site and the message board a chance. I know I am no GC (love you, man), but I do know that I will do anything I can to help keep the GC group together, and to keep spreading the Taylor love and the love of music with passion, soul, and sincerity.

Once again, thanks for stopping by. Stick around if you’d like! There’s so much more to come.

Two Big Mama Thornton videos below.

Hound Dog.

Down Home Blues with John Lee Hooker, J.B. Lenoir, Isaiah Ross, Shakey Horton.


27 Responses to Thank You.

  1. Reba in the Prairie says:

    Hi Ash, thank for the great site. I’m a GC alumni from way back. I love it that it looks and acts so much like, and the content is good too – makes me feel right at home! I’ll be back!

  2. LANative says:

    GREAT footage; certainly IDs the need for the film preservation projects. Beautiful. Thank you!

  3. Rosebird says:

    Thank you, Ash, for your hard work and for allowing us to participate on your blog site (and for helping us deal with Gray Charles withdrawal syndrome). Looking forward to making daily visits…

  4. nancyincanada says:

    Thanks for the Big Mama Thornton Ash!!!!
    Saw here live 2 times at the Colonial Tavern in Toronto over 35 years ago and don’t that say something about my age – lol.
    Brought back memories.



  5. Luzi(Vikki) says:

    Oh WOW… feels like home and Big Mama Thorton to greet us! I love the blues! Thank you Ash ……….I will mostly sit and listen…..occasionallyI will say something, mostly just enjoy the warmth of the conversation. So do you mind if I have a seat ? I promise not to leave cheeto crumbs on your couch!

  6. ms.sonny says:

    Well lookie here ..feels like where my butts been for 5 months and I can read it too! Thanks Ash!
    Listen I was crusin the other sites listed on the GC site trying to soothe my soul this am and got this at 6am.Believe it or not-the joke de jour is NEWSFLASH:”Taylor’s single hits #1 and Kat gets sick to her stomach” along with a cartoon.That’s pretty much whats out there on the scary boards..I tried to link it up to show you and looks like they pulled all references to it.Guess thats not a bad thing.
    Glad to be back where things are almost the same.Gawd I miss GC though.Hope all is well with him.Coming up on 500 goodbye posts when I last checked,no word from him though.
    I did watch and Tivoed Taylor on both shows last night and it was so sweet to see him.I loved the DIMYP rendition he did.You can tell he’s been workin on it!He still looks grounded enough and it was a warm fuzzy to see him smile! Holds his own quite well among the Big Boys too I noticed he does make ya Proud!
    I LOVE the Big Momma Thorton clips I remember my Grandfather having her album! What a beautiful flashback!Thanks Ash.Robin4tay I loved the pics! Makes me think how much I miss Taylor every Tuesday Night! The transition of AI ending now Graycharles well it’s a bit more than I can bear!Can someone say you’re feeling me ?You know all in all these last two days have been so retrospective of happy and sad for me and Whew what a strange long trip it’s been eh? Here we are though, safe and sound.Thanks for a haven here Ash.GC was right you are the BOOGIE! SOULPATROL FOREVER!

  7. lostintexas says:

    Just here to give a big thanks to you Ash. I so needed some place to go with all of the great people I met at GC’s. I hope things work out for GC and hate to see him go but am so glad there is still a place to hang out. You have done a great job.

    Robin4Tay thanks for the great pics

    Julie thanks for that video. Have not seen it yet.

  8. Julie says:

    Here’s my video that I FINALLY got from the City Stages show. It’s “Will it go Round in Circles” complete with the circle dance! At least it’s most of the song…before my camera ran out of batteries!

  9. missylee says:

    Hi, Ash. I’ve posted several times, but still no luck. Wonder what I’m doing wrong? I know the first time is held in moderation, but my first try was yesterday. Maybe this time.

    Anyway, site is great, and we appreciate what you’re doing.

  10. Molly says:

    Thank you, Ash and everyone. I had been sweating the load about where to find info and vids & such after my crappy work days. Awesome.

  11. HicksKicks says:

    Dang, Robin, you were close!

  12. Robin4T says:

    Oops. Corrected link for City Stages pics:

  13. Robin4T says:

    Things look great here, Ash. Just wanted to leave a link to a few pics of Taylor with Limbo that I took at City Stages on 6/18. Hope you guys enjoy them.

  14. TayTorTot says:

    Thanks for the bandage Ash! It’s helping me heal a little better…..much better than yesterday!

  15. Julie says:

    Hey! I’m watching this Big Mama Thornton thing and literally have chillbumps on my arms. I love the purse and hat and unpretentiousness of the whole thing (is that a flannel shirt she’s sporting?) And damn she’s cool!!!!!!

    Can I get an amen!

    I’ve got to find a way to turn y’all on to Dexter Romweber from Carrboro NC. The ultimate in unpretentious rock and roll. If anyone is in Athens Ga he’s at Athfest tomorrow at 6pm on the main stage. PLEASE check him out at Listen to his version of “You Made Me Cry” accompanied by himself! on the piano. I knew him back when he was a 18 year old insane genius in a duo called the Flat Duo Jets. He rocks.

  16. Nadaclue says:

    I guess this is the refugee camp. Thanks Ash!

  17. grayhound says:

    What a difference a day makes…..just came over to check in and WOW – this is much easier to read. Thanks again for keeping us together.

  18. playndixie says:

    Ash, I’m checking in also. I will probably not post much, but will enjoy the other messages and information on Taylor. Thanks for this site and this format — it is definitely user friendly. Looking forward!

  19. ellen says:

    i think i will comeback here often. i just want to suggest if you can change a lighter background because its hard to look at the postings and writings. and maybe bigger font so i can read better….we are getting old. thanks

  20. Cahaba Lily says:

    Ash! Thank you for starting the forum today. It’s sad to think of all the GC posters being scattered. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your efforts. You made a hard day a little easier to bare.

  21. Jean H. says:

    It is nice of you to offer your site for us Soul Patrolers. I don’t usually comment much, but will be around a lot. I kept up with everything on GC’s site.

  22. UGABen says:

    Thanks for catching us as we fall, Ash. I like your site.

  23. Soul Sister from Canada says:

    Hi…I posted over at GC too. Just saying hi to let you know I’ve made the migration too!! I don’t post often but am truly grateful to have another place to start calling home for all things Taylor.

  24. EJ says:

    Oooh Ash, I have wanted to see Big Mama ever since I heard “Hound Dog” on a blues compliation album I bought! I asked GC (but he was already burnt out) if he could start a thread about vocal performances (specific recordings, not just the artist’s name) that give you the chills. That recording was one of those for me. Thanks for the video!

    PS- Hi King! Keep those ditties coming.

  25. King Proehl says:

    Good to be here.

  26. Ash. says:

    Hi King!

    Nice to see you here.

  27. King Proehl says:

    Just checking in.

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