You’re like a Cadillac, cool breeze in the 70’s… (Anthony Hamilton peek).

Pre-post for the lengthy, detailed post I have been working on for a few weeks now.

I thought a few minds might be curious so I’m offering three songs now.

Southern Stuff- from Ain’t Nobody Worryin’.

Can’t Let Go- from Ain’t Nobody Worryin’.

Where Did It Go Wrong- from Ain’t Nobody Worryin’.

Check back later for the real, substantial Anthony Hamilton post….


19 Responses to You’re like a Cadillac, cool breeze in the 70’s… (Anthony Hamilton peek).

  1. Molly says:

    Nice voice and spirit/soul; good lyrics; definitely not enough cowbell.

    I’m afraid this is a dissenting post. I’m not a cowbell afficionado. I used the reference to sideways gripe about how much I love R&B, but can’t find any new stuff that doesn’t have way too much of the following: talking, mind-numbing overpowering bass drum beat, and whatever the hell they make that “fingersnap-that-was-heard-’round-the-world” with.

  2. abbysee says:

    I live in Brooklyn, NY, and during the summer months every Monday nite at Wingate field a *free* concert is featured. Guess who the heck is kicking things off? Anthony Freaking Hamlton! Unbelievable. of course I am going into the hospital for a *procedure* and won’t be able to go, but this is an excellent venue for soul musicians. It’s been going on for a couple of decades. I’ve seen Al Green, The Manhattans, The O’Jays (the real O”Jays), Boys 2 Men, etc, etc. I will check out a couple. You must get there early and bring your own chairs. If anyone here lives in the area check it out. Brooklyn is a great source for stuff like this. There are three other venues that do similar things, you just have to keep you ear to the ground and be flexible. Have chair will travel!

  3. JoGirl says:

    I’m so excited that we’re talking about Anthony Hamilton, because when his album came out last spring to “A” ratings from Entertainment Weekly and elsewhere, it seemed like it was somewhat ignored in the mainstream.

    My fondest wish for popular music at this point would be for it to be taken over by the likes of Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, Van Hunt, Common… Really, all of Kanye West’s friends.

    Maybe Taylor needs to cut to the chase and work with Kanya sooner rather than later! LOL 🙂

  4. Jean H. says:

    Happy belated Birthday Ash!! Love your site!

  5. HarpNSoul says:

    Anthony Hamilton is great! I loaded my mp3 player with a bunch of his stuff today. 🙂

  6. abbysee says:

    Happy Birthday Ash. You are indeed the boogie! Great Sunday listening!
    Anthony Hamilton is incredible. His stuff reminds me of the GOOD soul music of the 70’s!

  7. Luzi(Vikki) says:

    Have a Wonderful Birthday Ash!! I am so enjoying the site…….Thank you.

  8. Pamela says:

    Haaaaaappppyyyyyyy Biiirttthhhhhdaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Much love love love,

    Pam 🙂

  9. Basenji says:

    Happy Birthday Ash!

  10. double d says:

    Thanks, Ash. You are like Gray Jr. or Grayette.


  11. mac_fae4taylor says:

    Deb – I agree with you, I love his speaking voice too….rich and mellow

    Here is a really good interview with Anthony Hamilton with bits of ‘Ain’t Nobody Worryin’. Like Taylor, he has been working for a long time to finally get a break

  12. seriousmelophobia says:

    ms.sonny – yes it is!

    And Ash – I love the blog! For some reason I missed it when I came over here.

  13. Basenji says:

    Just bought the album off iTunes. Yum!

  14. Tee says:

    Ms. Sonny, yes, it’s the same musician. Ash, thank you for this! I just posted something over at GC. I LOVE Anthony Hamilton…glad to see he’s gettin’ some love here, at GC and from Taylor himself!

  15. ms.sonny says:


  16. carolina says:

    I take back my #2 post – now downloading Van! Special thank you!

  17. Ash. says:

    Don’t be sorry to me. If it’s okay with GC, it’s okay with me. I appreciate it.

  18. carolina says:

    Ash, I absolutely love Anthony! Thank you, thank you, thank you. My favorite downloads to date – from both boards.

    You’ve got it goin’ on! Hip Hip!

  19. Deb says:

    Sorry I mentioned some of these points over at Grays, it’s an abundance of riches today. I almost prefer Anthony’s speaking voice to his singing voice (almost). Ain’t Nobody Worryin’ reminds me of ‘Use Me’ musically. I love the way he sounds with Nelly, because of am a fan of Nelly’s tenor rap (Nobody Knows). Lay Lady Lay with Buddy Guy is a great groove IMO.

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