Harpin’ On A Riff.

Charlie Musselwhite is a living legend- a talented urban bluesman and harmonica player who was “born in Mississippi and raised up in Tennessee”. Musselwhite is known as one of the first white Blues musicians to master the Chicago harp style. In the 60’s Musselwhite completely immersed himself in the music scene of Chicago- especially the sounds of the South Side. It is rumored that he lived in the basement of the infamous Delmark Records with Big Joe Williams in that era. It is known that he worked as a driver for an exterminator which allowed him the opportunity to observe what was happening around the city’s clubs and bars, which undoubtably taught him a lot of what he knows today and has applied throughout his career.

Musselwhite released his first major album- the classic Stand Back! in 1966 on Vanguard Records under the name ‘Charley’ Musselwhite, which immediately became a great success. Since then he has released over twenty albums, as well as guesting on many albums my other successful musicians and bands such as Bonnie Raitt’s Longing In Their Hearts, Tom Waits’ Mule Variations, and The Blind Boys of Alabama’s Spirit of the Century. Charlie has won 14 W.C. Handy awards and has has received 6 Grammy nominations for his slick, raw style over the course of his career.

He still tours to this day. For more information and a list of tour dates check out his official site at charliemusselwhite.com

Blues All Night.

Run Here Mama.

Blues in the Dark.

All three tracks above are from the album ‘The Harmonica According To Charlie Musselwhite‘. As usual, if you like the music please buy the album and support the artist.


17 Responses to Harpin’ On A Riff.

  1. MaryS-NJ says:


    I’m a frequent lurker and sometime poster at GC and saddened that Gray is closing up what has been the best Taylor & Music related site that I’ve had the pleasure to visit. I found you link and am happy to stop by. Thank you.

    What a joy to see Charlie Musselwhite featured on your blog! I love his music and it’s great to know there’s another blog where I can find featured musicians like him now that Gray is moving on to other pursuits.

  2. Phile says:


    I seriously need to get a broadband connection and increase my music budget.

    This is evil, in the best way possible. Thanks.

  3. Molly says:

    Randomly selected “Pistol in Your Face” from Napster. Great stuff.

    I’ll also recommend Tony Joe White if like me you are exploring.

  4. Molly says:

    Uhhhhh…..I’m distacted by Basenji, whose sex I don’t know, saying if he/she weren’t hetero she/he would kiss Ash on the mouth. Am I gonna get a relief from my wondering if GC was a dude or dudette? I always kinda thought dude, but if I wanted to be ambiguous people would probably think that about me. Ash is a…..what? It will lbe such a relief to not have that puzzle intrude on my thoughts while on this site if somebody will clue me in. TIA

  5. Crazymomelon says:

    Love that, Ash! thanks! A seamless transition from Gray Charles. Only I might post here more. Whether you like it or not.
    Does make me want a drink, tho.

  6. StagingLt says:

    Nice stuff! Thanks for continuing the “Artists…” tradition.
    Ash = GC, Jr.! 😉

    Only glanced at the site before… thanks for updating the page template. Definitely easier to read.

    Good work on everything!

  7. Lyn says:

    Thanks again, Ash, for taking up the slack and posting some great music! I’d forgotten how much I enjoy Charlie..

  8. Cahaba Lily says:

    Love a little Harp and Soul! Thank you Ash! Love the songs that leave me wanting more! 😀

  9. double d says:

    Ash. – what’s LD miller’s site? Doesn’t he have some mp3’s for download? Do they a CD out?


  10. double d says:

    Ash. – lovin’ it. I’m also going back on the Harmonicats posts. Thanks.


  11. ElvisBabeGoTaylor says:

    Wow Great music!!! Ash, Thank you very much!!! I will go get this cd.

  12. LAGirl says:

    Great stuff, Ash. Thanks again for the introduction to wonderful music.

  13. Sarah says:

    Thank you for this, Ash. Downloading as I type, but while waiting I just wanted to say thanks also for posting the wonderful photo. Wow, does that ever convey feeling & style…

  14. Juke says:

    Ash, how can I e-mail you?

  15. katja says:

    Excellent stuff! I’m listening to these while I’m reading Interview Part 8!
    Whoo, thanks for introducing Charlie Musselwhite to me!

  16. Basenji says:

    You know Ash if I weren’t so hetero I’d kiss you right on the mouth. Matches my drunken mood perfectly and is, once again, purchased via the miracle of the Internet. Why am I here in Japan and not living in Chicago or Birmingham or Memphis?

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