Small MTV article.

There’s a new article featuring 8 of the 10 idols on

Taylor mentions breaking out the guitar, performing obscure Beatles songs,and something about the harmonica….

See the article here.


12 Responses to Small MTV article.

  1. sweettea says:

    SO my hope is still alive that Taylor will sing “You Know My Name” by the Beatles…that would be a classic with the Bad Boys of Idol.
    Thanks, Ash.

  2. I am hoping to see it in San Diego. It sounds great

  3. Dana says:

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I heard Taylor and I think the the other idols will be on E! News tonight, and it repeats tomorrow morning. This was done last Thursday (when Rita, Good Day L.A., etc. were all there too) but they are just now airing theirs. I think it’s on at 7pm Eastern and Pacific. And not sure if they will air this part, but I know they asked Taylor how long the tour was and he says “about ten years,” LOL, so it might definitely be worth tuning in for.

  4. Crazymomelon says:

    Thanks for the article, Ash. I got tickets to the show in Hershey, PA, (we just happen to be passing through on our way to ME) purely on the basis of THE interview, and now I’m feeling even better about it! Should be fun!

  5. Sarah says:

    Damn, I’m regretting not being able to see the show more and more as the days slide by. To all going – have a wonderful time! Sure sounds as though it’ll be special. I just hope those possible DVD or pay-per-view rumours mentioned earlier are true. 😉 No doubt 19E would make a killing offering this out in another format.

  6. Julie says:

    Kellie said “genre”! NOW who’s been using a thesaurus? 🙂

  7. Carol says:

    Thanks, Ash, for the link … this will be my first AI concert. I was so hoping it would be more than just a repeat of the tv show. Looks like we’re in for a great time. Can’t wait to see Taylor live.

  8. Basenji says:

    You’re right, that was a cheap shot, wasn’t it?

    Time for bed here, or perhaps I should smoke a cig and wait for you all to shower and fire up the computers?

  9. Jena says:

    Basenji, get a hold of yourself!

  10. Lisa says:

    I like this little article. I like Taylor. I like this site.


  11. Basenji says:

    Now THIS is the news I was waiting for:

    “We’re gonna do the crowd favorites, obviously,” Ace said. “But on top of that, I wanna show the world what’s to come from Ace Young, what my style is, what I write like, what to expect. It’s gonna be crazy, but I’m gonna definitely take the whole world on the ride with me.”

    ohmygoawd Ace is just so hawt! Is this off topic becuz I just wanna scream! Who is this other guy? He’s so like old and stuff and he swears!def not cool!

  12. Shelley says:

    Can’t wait to see him play guitar!

    (Thanks, Ash)

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