6, 7, 8, Finito.

I’m sure most of you, if not all, have read these already. But I started linking the series a few days ago, and I finish what I start.

Part 6 of the Gray & Taylor Interview.

Part 7 of the Gray & Taylor Interview.

Part 8 of the Gray & Taylor Interview (The Last One).



Once again, I cannot write nor say enough about how great the interview is and how fantastic Gray is. If you haven’t seen it by any chance (such as those who started reading this blog for the music way before Taylor won and GC gave his resignation letter). Go. Please. Thanks.


Please be sure to read Basenji’s comment #412 on Finito, or read it as posted below by Gray. You might want to have a tissue nearby. There could not be a more fitting closing comment.


48 Responses to 6, 7, 8, Finito.

  1. Reba in the Prairie says:

    Diamondfire above says “Gray, I know you let us in on your gender secret…”
    What did Gray say, where and when? I guess I’ve been out of touch, please fill me in and pardon me? I’m too curious now! Thanks!

  2. Mary Lou says:

    I still keep going back to the GC site HOPING it’s back again 😦

  3. One more thing I wanted to say. I go to the archives all the time and I find a wealth of info over there. I appreciate GC and his place so much more now that I can look back and really take my time reading, knowing I wont be missing anything on his site. I can drink a cup of coffee and re read all the beautiful and insightful threads and posts and jot down musicians and songs people have suggested. Its a gift.

  4. All teary eyed again.

    Smacks Basenji, you ever do this to me again Im gonna hunt you down.

    Someone give me a damn Kleenex. Walks away sputtering to myself.

  5. soulgranny says:

    Basenji – Superb analogy! I showed up late to the party and felt I had missed out.

    Thanks to Gray Charles for the Archive Browser so I can start at the beginning and catch up at my leisure. I echo the congratulatory sentiments and well wishes as have been posted all over the net!

  6. Gray Charles says:

    If you want to go back and browse the archives, I just made it easier

    Archive Browser

    Like you needed something else to waste your time on . . .

  7. Basenji says:

    Stop, you are embarrassing me…well ok if you must…

  8. Quossum says:

    Yes, Basenji’s comment WAS the boogie on that thread. Loved it!



  9. Maureen says:

    Delurking to say a huge thank you to Gray. That was one helluva party, Gray!! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend!!

    Desert SW Soul Patrol

  10. lainie says:

    I got up early and went to the GC site. Just finished reading the last 50 posts and when I came to Gray’s “Yes” I cried like someone I loved very much had just died. I’m still overwhelmed by emotion and I wasn’t expecting it to affect me like that . . .

    I’ve been sitting here thinking about my reaction and in some ways I think Gray was like a parent to us which explains my deep sadness at the end. It brought back very painful memories of the death of my mother a couple of years ago. Now the rest of the GC family can stay in touch if they want at various sites, but we can never go home again.

    Thanks again, Ash, for providing a new place for the “orphans” to meet.

  11. Cahaba Lily says:

    Gray Charles Says:

    June 27th, 2006 at 10:45 pm


    And with this last statement, the comment section is closed at Gray Charles Web Blog…

  12. Jan says:

    Robin4T: Yep over. I have been so busy that I didn’t even get to post to Taylor in the Finito thread. I posted to GC and emailed GC but I never posted my story of my GC/Taylor trip which is what I’ve been on for months because it isn’t over yet. I have a 4 day weekend which I didn’t know about and I will write my story even if it is only so that I can remember…

    I will miss GC very much.

  13. Robin4T says:

    And so it’s over.

    Taylor Says:

    June 27th, 2006 at 9:46 pm
    Thanks everyone and be looking for taylorhicks.com soon, oh yea and SOUL PATROL!! hope to see you all soon.. Big Thanks…… taylor

    Gray Charles Says:

    June 27th, 2006 at 10:45 pm

  14. AliceinWonderland says:

    Just adding my thanks to Basenji for the eloquent post. And also much thanks to Ash for inviting us here and making us feel so welcome.

    I’m just gonna curl up in this recliner over here and pop a cold beer as I wait to get through moderation. It’s kind of cool to have to go through the whole getting-cleared-to-post thing again.

    Hey, y’all! Nice to be here!

  15. Omphalos says:

    I don’t know what impresses me more: Basenji’s eloquent fable about our time together, or the fact that Gray cherry-picked it and brought it over, ripe and delicious, to put on Ash’s table for us.

    Both acts — Basenji’s original composition and Gray’s graciousness in offering to share it here, next door — strike me as profoundly humble, profoundly giving.

    What a feast!

  16. Crazymomelon says:

    Basenji, I think I read your post shortly after you posted it originally (I’m an early riser). Wanted to respond then but didn’t have the words. Still don’t, but in my new persona over here I won’t let that stop me: What a wonderful, moving tribute. A perfect, though bittersweet wrap. I came half way through the party, but so glad I did.
    Thank you!

  17. double d says:

    Ahhh, this feels like the Gray Charles of old….lots of room to stretch and a bunch of good friends present.

    Basenji – Your party post was just — poignant. Great stuff. Very Ricky Nelson.

    Gray – forget what I said about #333 in my email, not. But, you MAY have a stalker…

    Regarding all the good-byeing…at some point, you’ve just got to do it, folks. “Get busy living or get busy dying” — Andy via Red, Shawshank Redemption

    I don’t think this is goodbye to Gray, himself. The site, yes, and all of our familiarity and comfortableness, but not Gray…and, look how we’re all adapting to Ash’s place. Gray certainly will be around posting here and THERE and I’m looking forward to expanded musings from the master.

    It’s still good times, folks. Our boy is off to his tour, LMBO will be at the Beach in a few short weeks, the B’ham concert coming up in August, then the end of the AI commitment and the promise of the best album to come in a while….Again, major stokage here.

  18. diamondfire says:

    Thanks Karen…Everytime I think of that episode, remember tugging her ear, I tear up. Funny what touches us for a lifetime, huh?

  19. Karen says:

    diamondfire, I’ve already bragged on the post by Basenji over on GC, but I also wanted to tell you how yours touched me too. I’m old enough to remember that episode, and that pulled at something deep within me.

    That’s actually it, isn’t it? We’re so glad we had this time together, but, before we knew it, it was time to say, So Long.

    Good for you! Great post.

  20. diamondfire says:


    I got a big laugh about the analogy of the kids in the back seat. Perhaps Ash needs to lay some ground rules before the rest of the playground gets here.

    No touching
    No not touching (“I’m not touching her”)
    No throwing
    No bothering the driver
    No name calling
    Leave the pillow in between you
    Look out your own window
    and remember
    all God, your father, your mother and fellow passengers want is ‘quiet’.


  21. LaLuna says:

    Just to reiterate – Basenji, GREAT POST!

    Yes, it is quite sad/comical over at GC that the kids in the back seat cannot stop hitting each other on the ride home, but such is human nature I guess.

    Ash, I guess GC will be emptying the contents of his medicine cabinet and shipping it to you soon – lol!

  22. Phoebe says:

    This post was a joy to read. Beautifully written and imaginative, creative. Much like GC.com and the community there (or that was there).
    Thank you, Basenji.

    I thought after reading it “Nothing more needs to be said…THIS is a perfect tribute to Gray and this whole Taylor Hicks experience…please, please… don’t anyone post another comment.”

    And 170+ comments later…it’s become a virtual wailing wall there. Many folks are getting a bit carried away, returning to post again and again, repeating themselves, arguments have broken out, Gray has had to step in. Sound familiar?

    Deja vu all over again — which makes it kind of amusing, but also sad, as it makes me recall when things started to short circuit there, as it were, around the second week of June. I think Gray made the right call, certainly for himself, but also for the idea of it. In chat here the other night a discussion ensued over GC.com and business vs. art. The artist, the creator, knows in his head, his heart, and his soul when a creative endeavor — his work — is complete. There is no other appropriate response but to respect it.

  23. diamondfire says:

    I’m so confused!!! I keep looking both places for people! Another re-post from GC.

    fAt, I knew I had a crush on you…..what will I ever tell my husband. Lovely farewell video.

    I ask for a dance, but I’m afraid it would turn out like the some of the lyrics to this song ‘I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore’:

    ‘Well, me and my wife had a dance routine
    Everybody said it was unique
    Now it’s only when we’re back to back
    That we’re dancing cheek to cheek’

    But I will buy the next round of cheezy puffs.

  24. Nancy in Texas says:

    In honor of our new Hostess, I’m breaking out the old funk….it’s seems appropriate for a party at the boogie house…how about She’s a Bad Mamajama from Parliament…wooo

    we want the funk…gotta have that funk

    I’ll get the chips and dip

  25. Abilymom says:

    Wow, Basenji, you totally nailed it. Beautiful post.

  26. mari3jacks says:

    I loved your post Basenji. I will surely miss the site………..

  27. Dana says:


    Happy 2 days after your birthday!!! 🙂

    Thanks for throwing the next party. I don’t have any tupperware, but if I can bring anything else, please let me know.

  28. Pamela says:

    bittersweet, bittersweet.

    Thank you for the post Basenji.

    Gray, if you’re lurking…can’t believe am crying for someone i don’t know and haven’t met. but the thing is, i feel like i do. damn f*king amazing!!

    Ash, dear- we’ll try our bestest to behave and not throw the china around. or play ball inside the house. or mess up the bathroom. promise! LOL

    but am definitely here for the damn good company. and the spanking great music.

    Much love,

    Pam 🙂

  29. fAtnhapy says:

    Nadaclue…as I recall it took two whole pots of coffee to get you up to tipsy. Sorry about the coffee table Gray. Did you pass your post deleter thingy on to Ash? We’re setting up shop here now I expect after a few fAtarooney dances she’ll be wanting something to beat me with! Anyone remember the Cheer’s episode where everyone had squeeky shoes? That’s what this reminded me of. Just about the time we got all set up here and had our feet propped up “the interview” appears and we’re like a herd of lemmings squeek squeek squeek back over to GC. I expect as soon as we all get comfy again Gray will announce the Eric Clapton interview and I’ll be sitting here all alone again with my bag of cheetos! So anyone know how to do the glide? I get all these chins sliding in one direction and it’s a beautiful thing to see…. I’m tearing up again!

  30. beachpatrol says:

    I promised myself no more tears after saying goodbye yesterday in the GC Finito thread. After reading Basenji’s post, I broke my promise. It was such a great party. Thanks again Gray.

  31. Sarah says:

    Basenji, what an incredible post. I keeping reading it over again, it just sums up the whole experience – the whole party – perfectly. Thank you so much.

    And yes…thanks for the invite to the new party, Ash. 😉

  32. Claire says:

    Hi guys,

    That was some party, huh?…. 🙂

    Basenji, well, just ……………..Yeah.

    That’s all I’ve got.


    Claire x x.

  33. catwood720 says:

    I responded over at GC with my usual name over there, KitIsTayFan.

    I had a hard time reading that thread yesterday, it was making me too sad. I did read it this morning and Basenji, your post was awesome! I cut and pasted it to my personal “vault” because it really defined my experience at GC, I want to use that to remind me what a special party it was. Thanks for your eloquence Basenji!

    On to Ash.’s great party, this one is just beginning and is going to be a blast! Thanks for the invite Ash.!!

  34. Nadaclue says:

    Yeah I went to that party!!!

    I must have gotten a little tipsy at one point though cause I seem to remember dancing with some fAt guy with a funny shaped hat on (he could do a mean twirl though). Sure was a great party ………one I’ll never forget!!!

  35. Jena says:

    Basenji, there are no words to describe…..

    Ash. ……I’ve been to lots of parties but only several memorable ones. Thanks for inviting me to this one!

  36. EJ says:

    I made myself read through all 470-odd posts on GC this morning, and Basenji’s made the biggest lump form in my throat.

    Well put, m’dear. But the party is just beginning…. 🙂

  37. diamondfire says:

    Ash, First things first, thanks for the new hangout. Don’t worry about competing with the last party.

    I too posted this at GC, but I think its appropriate in this thread as well (I guess I am transitioning).

    Basenji, your comments were a wonderful wrap up to a great time. I do suppose we must be the guests that are like fish by now. So I guess, I will wave to you all and be on my way.

    Gray, I know you let us in on your gender secret, but right now I feel like I am watching the end of The Carol Burnett Show, only it’s you picking up empty plastic cups, with a cleanup rag over your shoulder and a duster in your hip pocket, in your jamas and slippers.

    I’m so glad we had this time together,
    Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.
    Seems we just got started and before you know it
    Comes the time we have to say, ‘So long.’

    There’s a time you put aside for dreamin’,
    And a time for things you have to do.
    The time I love the best is in the evening –
    I can spend a moment here with you.

    When the time comes that I’m feelin lonely,
    And I’m feelin’ ohooooo – so blue,
    I just sit back and think of you, only,
    And the Happiness still comes through.

    That’s why I’m glad we had this time together,
    ‘Cause it makes me feel like I belong.
    Seems we just got started and before you know it
    Comes the time we have to say, ‘So long.’

    A tear and a ear tug to you Gray. Its been a hell of a ride.

  38. katja says:

    Yeah…and try to explain this crying to someone who missed the party…

  39. Clikee says:

    Basenji’s #412 is so sincere, very well written. Doesn’t the old anology go; to be a successful writer, write what you know about. Basenji, you defintely know your subject. As I read I kept thinking, hey, I recognize that party.

    Thank you, I’ve already read it three times.

  40. Phile says:

    I just had to sit here for a minute and take that in.

    Basenji – you’re absolutely right. It was a wonderful party.

    Anybody feel like getting brunch?

  41. Luzi(Vikki) says:

    Thank you Basenji…..This post touched my heart, it says it all….I am still shedding tears………tears of sorrow……tears of joy ……..tears of pride…….and just tears……..Thank you.

  42. Linda T. says:

    I posted this response over at GC also in the “finito” section, but that is now over 450 posts, so here it is again:

    Basenji, (#412 as of now), what an amazing post. I’m wiping away tears even though I was more of a wallflower at this party. I think all the GC regs and long-time lurkers such as myself would love to add our “amen” to your beautiful thank-you. I only hope that both GC and Taylor have a chance to read it.

  43. Basenji says:

    Now I’m going to cry GC, agh! Too kind! Too much!

  44. BigTayFan says:

    Thank you Gray for hosting an awesome party. I’m a longtime GC lurker (posted a few times) but more of a reader. Taylor touched my heart with his music but Gray, you opened my mind to other music.

    Thank you and good luck!

  45. Squeebee says:

    Gray…that was an amazing post. I think Basenji spoke for all of us.

  46. Ash. says:

    Such a good post by Basenji. I know that it made me cry for sure. Basenji, if you see this… thank you.

  47. Gray Charles says:

    I wanted to post this here:

    I just got back from the most amazing party and wanted to tell you about it:

    I had gone to a Family Day event, which is not my normal scene. It was fairly boring, but there was this striking Musician who seemed a little out of place, who took over the whole show. I wouldn’t have thought much of it except a friend told me she was going to a party with some interesting people and that the Musician might be there. I showed up at the party uninvited, a little nervous. The house was one of those low, one-story southern bungalows. It had a big porch and an air of seedy elegance. There was the smell of chicken and ribs and music was coming out of the windows.

    The Host was kind and welcoming, but a little distracted in the kitchen. He was the kind who says, “Now get yourself something to drink and there’s the food. Enjoy!” He would change the music from time to time, and asked a few people to settle down a bit. Every once in a while he’d poke his head out and make a great joke or some really interesting comment, but he wasn’t overly controlling: in sum, the perfect host. The record player was constantly playing this interesting music I hadn’t heard before mixed with old songs I knew very well and loved. It was that old soul music I had forgotten about. The albums were all over, and people were flipping through the covers, enjoying the album art and making interesting comments.

    I thought everyone would be a Southerner, but in fact the guests were from all over the US and different countries. Seemed like there were mostly 30- to 50-year-olds, but there were plenty of 20-somethings. What was remarkable was they all seemed unaffected in manner and interested in just talking.

    The Musician was there and definitely attracting attention, but the talk seemed to range far and wide. I checked out the Musician’s previous albums; this was the music I had heard when I arrived and it was amazing, soulful, and it left me wanting to hear more. It turned out he had been working hard for years at his music and the Family Day event was just to get his voice heard by a larger audience.

    Occasionally some of the ladies would draw me aside to talk about how attractive the Musician was, and he was: tall with a striking smile, clear skin, nice eyes, a very masculine presence, oh and nice hair. Yet it was more his self-confidence that struck me. He obviously loved being the center of attention and yet was also charming and knowledgeable about music. He wanted to place himself in the continuum of soul music history.

    Sometimes a quirky guy would take out a guitar and play some funny songs, or someone else would tell a joke. I remember the laughter mostly; good natured and not cruel. People would quote songs and movies and make pithy comments about art and philosophy and what makes great music. I looked at my watch from time to time thinking I should leave, but it was so much fun. I suddenly couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do. Plus, sometimes a few people would laugh at one of my jokes or nod vigorously when I said something faux profound. It made me feel good.

    At times people seemed overly sycophantic towards the Host and the Musician, sucking up just a bit, but I realized my own cynicism was to cover up the fact that all I wanted to do was sit in the Musician’s lap and run my fingers through his hair. I think I resented him a bit for awakening a feeling of yearning in me, yearning for more pleasure, for more openness, for MORE in my life. Could one man really be so charismatic and talented to bring out such feelings? It seemed so because I overheard EVERYONE talking that way.

    The music kept playing and the party progressed to that state of chaos where people were getting a little drunk and belligerent. The cups and plates and cigarette stubs were piling up all over. The Host seemed a little frazzled and annoyed to have to clean up all the time, but he wouldn’t let anyone help because it was his house and he didn’t think it was right to have the guests pitch in. At one point the Musician got excited about a song playing on the hi-fi and he stood up and yelled: “Here’s a FUCKING song!” Most people cheered, but a few got huffy. The Musician then apologized sweetly.

    Finally the Musician embraced the Host warmly and thanked him profusely on his way out the door. He announced that he wanted to host the next party, but I suspected that having a party at his huge house would be overly crowded and impersonal. Besides, I liked the crowd at the Host’s house. The Host made polite hints that the party was over, but no one wanted to leave. Finally he threw us out saying, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!” We left in small clusters of people, promising to keep in contact. I was invited by a nice person to another small party that sounded really fun. But we all knew the Musician was long gone and the Host would not have another party like this one.

    I must remember to send a thank you note to tell the Host what a good time I had.

    – as posted by Basenji.

  48. Cahaba Lily says:

    Thanks Ash, read it yesterday. Great interview but 😦 …

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