Are you ready for the super brother of music for da soul?

Cheer up, folks. We all need to.


16 Responses to Are you ready for the super brother of music for da soul?

  1. Basenji says:

    I don’t suppose there is a chance of Mr. Hicks performing “Get Up (I feel like being a) Sex Machine” during the AI tour. No scratch that, I just remembered that was my “naughty hen party with broke, gray-haired musician who will do anything for a buck” dream.

    Nevermind. Let me go find something to quote from the Dalai Lama.

  2. Julie says:

    If dude is Don Cornelius, I’ll eat my hat.

    NO Soul Train logo behind him, no fancy dancers…that’s not Soul Train.

  3. Luzi(Vikki) says:

    Double D I checked out the site………listened to the mp3s…….Love the horns. I will watch for them to come close to Baton Rouge. I see they are in Mandeville the 2nd. I like their sound. Thanks!

  4. double d says:

    “All Skate….Everybody Skate.”

    Brick House….WOO! Freshman year of high school…Victory dances after the football games (Ok, my school team sucked, so it was “better luck next time” dances, but)…..brings back some GRRRR-EAT memories….

    I heard this song three times today and last week I heard the Boogie Men play it in New Orleans. If you EVER have a chance to hear these guys, they are superb…OFF THE CHAIN. Full horn section and they rock it. Here’s their site link:

  5. mari3jacks says:

    Just got in from work, walked the dogs, read all the new posts over at GC, read the new ones here and then got down and jiggy with the Superbrothers. Ash, you just put some juice in this tired old lady.

  6. Calimari says:

    Woo! that just might get me off my -ss & moving around today!

  7. Ash. says:

    We WILL have James Brown at the beach, Julie. No doubt about it. How could we not?

  8. Phoebe says:

    The James Brown performance is absolutely vintage Soul Train. It is from the show.

  9. Julie says:

    Superbrother of Music-for-the-Soul is what I think dude was saying…But that’s not Soul Train – what show is it from?

    PLEASE let’s have some JB at tha dancin contest we goan have at TITTB!

  10. susan says:

    I had just finished reading all the comments over at “Finito” on GC, and was feeling a little down, so thought I would come over here to see what was happening….and found just what I needed to cheer me up….thank you so much for the “Hot Pants” video….it definitely put a smile on my face!

  11. Phoebe says:

    Soooouuuul Traaain…! Yeah baby, that’s f$%&#@g DANCING.

    Lionel Ritchie on sax, I love it. Where’s todays James Brown… Jay-Z? Nelly? 50cent? Danger Mouse? I don’t think so.

  12. Crazymomelon says:

    Sorry. Got a little over stimulated, there. And I think I hurt myself dancing to Soul Man.
    Thanks for putting some soulful sunshine on this dreary, melancholy day. Fitting that there’s been a steady rain for two days now.

  13. Crazymomelon says:

    That is sooooo on my dance party mix now!
    Thanks for reminding me, Ash! Shake it down, shake it down, down..!!

  14. Ash. says:

    Great vide, Bob! a favorite. I didn’t see it on youtube when I looked. Thanks!

  15. EJ says:

    Great video! Asking him to keep his body still during a performance is like asking him not to breathe. Remind us of anyone we know?

    It’s amazing the way music with heart is a common denominator. My company is owned by two super rich older Jewish businessmen. One day I happened to be in a situation where I had to make small talk with one of them (not an everyday occurence, I assure you) and somehow the Apollo Theater came up. Out of the blue, he told me that when he was in college, he and his best friend were big James Brown fans. They used to walk to the Apollo to see all his performances. This would be in the same time period that this video was filmed. Apparently they were the only white kids in the audience and James recognized them for diehard fans, singled them out, and told everyone not to hassle them! Somehow seeing that side of this conservative successful businessman, so completely unexpected, reaffirmed that I should never assume that a person is the way you see them on the surface. That’s what deep soul music is all about.

  16. Bob says:

    Okay, here’s another one by Sam and Dave. Check out the funky dancing.

    You Tube also has a live performance of the Sam in S&D and The Boss doing the same number. Just imagine the GHD on the stage instead of Bruce.

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