Good day L.A. video & the board topic of the day.

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26 Responses to Good day L.A. video & the board topic of the day.

  1. TayTorTot says:

    I’m with you True! She seemed down right funny….and cute!

  2. TrueNorth says:

    I’ve officially let go of all negativity I ever harboured for the Pickle. That was awesome.

  3. ugojo says:

    Does anyone know about Katherine? Is she going to tour. She doesn’t seem to be rehearsing. Chris too.

  4. Hicknic says:

    Thankyou Jamie, never could get the Megaupload to work. Thankyou Ash for the site!! Will be sending moola soon. Who could ever say that Taylor comes off arrogant, he is ever so humble. Where was Chris and Kat?? Anybody know?

  5. Taygerl says:

    I love watching them all, the way they interact, the way they are always touching each other, looking out for each other. I thought it was kind of hilarious when the anchors threw out the question to the group asking if anyone had done any commercials, and there was dead silence, Tay just kind of looking down. They tried again later, which is when Kelly and Paris did their little Tay-dance. It’s obvious how much they love him!
    And Elliot, how funny was it when, after Elliot talked about singing in the NBA finals, the red head said she sat next to his mother in ‘the finals’ – then a moment of silence from Elliot before he said, oh, you mean in the “finale”!

    I’ve decided there is one thing worse than dancing with the devil ~ and that is having to dance with the idiots!!

  6. OSB says:

    Taylor really is fidgety, but, even more so in the other short clip with just him & Lisa – I was starting to get dizzy watching it. I’d bet in his head he’s just repeating “Can I go, yet?”

    He’s so darn interesting to watch – Mr. Professional on Leno and 12-year old schoolboy on this. Part of why I’m a fan – never a dull moment!

  7. EJ says:

    That interview was hysterical! I loved the tattoo thing- after Taylor mutters “It wasn’t his face” and Eliott cracks up, it sounds like Taylor amends it by muttering “It’s his abs”.

    And how clueless were those bubbleheads doing the interview? When Eliott talks about singing the national anthem at the NBA finals, and one of the chirps “I sat next to your mom at the finals” (meaning the finale of AI). Totally clueless.

    Sure, all the idol finalists have different amounts of talent and maturity. Heck, there’s a sixteen year difference between some of them (think about it- Taylor and Mandisa are TWICE Paris’ age). But the bottom line is they all seem like pretty nice people, with a goodly amount of camraderie and respect for eachother. And they have no problems with Taylor as a leader- that vibe came across loud and clear. Ace spoke up only because he sensed that Taylor was not into it today- (maybe because of that woman’s snarky comment about why should he be spokesperson).

    Between this interview and what Taylor told GC, I’m really getting a good feeling about the Pop Tarts extravaganza…

  8. AliceinWonderland says:

    I’ve decide my new nickname for Taylor is Fidget Boy. I don’t think that left hand stopped moving the entire time. Is it just me or did he look like he’d rather have been anywhere but there? Poor thing. I can’t wait till he can break free and just do his own thing.

  9. Julie says:

    Thanks, Jamie. Loved the interview…I’ve missed these kids!

  10. Sarah says:

    Yeah, they definitely give off a “together” vibe, even to the extent they’re all leaning on each other in some way. There was a good feeling about the whole interview, appeared really genuine.

  11. Bob says:

    Folks, if you read the press relase Radford released a single. Nice kid. No threat to Buble or Connick, JR. though, IMO.

  12. Susan54inWV says:

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but did you notice how Taylor looked right at Elliott when he said there would be duets? I would love to see the two of them work off of each other in a duet. And Kellie and Paris imitating Taylor’s commercial — too funny. That Kellie has a wicked sense of humor. I also enjoyed the non-verbal “we’re in this together, and you’re not going to cause trouble” vibe.

  13. Robin4T says:

    Thanks for the link. I actually thought it was quite cute. Actually makes me look forward to seeing the whole group on tour.

  14. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the link, nice to know Fox LA has a web site with video, too.

    The thing I noticed (yes, I pay too much attention) was just how spaced out Taylor looked when they closed in on Mandisa talking near the end. Looked like he had to ‘peel’ himself back into reality after being a thosand miles away. Can you imagine just how boring all these tv interviews must be? Gawd.

    Shelley – David Radford has put out an album already? Surprising… But I always felt he should have been in the top 12 instead of Mr Chicken Little. lol

  15. Calimari says:

    Thanks for the enormous link! I downloaded it (17 minutes on high speed internet) and only got the audio. Got a kick out of Kellie imitating Taylor’s commercial!

  16. Dante says:


    Thanks for the link as I could not get the megaupload to work for me either.

  17. Ash. says:

    Julie and Hicknick- You have to enter the confirmation letters/numbers in the top right hand corner. After that it should work. If you’ve already done that and are still having problems, e-mail me.

  18. Ash. says:

    I know. I plan on getting my own host soon. It’s in the works.

  19. Shelley says:

    Issued from the P.R. Offices of “WTF?”

    David Radford puts out an album…

    Constantine to tour…

  20. Hicknic says:

    ditto, what Julie says!

  21. Julie says:

    Hey…Tech challenged me needs to know what to do to upload the Good Day LA thing…I get a Megaupload screen but nowhere to click ..???

  22. Gray Charles says:

    Problematically Ash, you can’t use plugins if you’re hosting the blog at

  23. Ash. says:

    Thanks James. I’m bookmarking and I will be sure to check it out later.

  24. Ash,

    Here’s another site you might find useful for the blog

  25. genie78 says:

    Hi there. Pinoy Soul Patroller here.

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