New ETonline pre-tour article, Taylor is excited about performing at Stadium of Fire, etc

A new brief article with the Idols.

I freaked out about it a little bit,” “Idol” crown-holder Taylor Hicks tells ET when asked how it feels to have a No. 1 single with “Do I Make You Proud.” “I was in a minivan a year ago making about $50 a night playing bars, clubs and the occasional wedding. The music that I am making now and that I am going to get to make is special.”

But fame hasn’t gone to his head. “Somebody said, ‘Just go out and stand by the ocean and realize how small we all are,'” he explains about his down-to-earth attitude. “You have to be grounded and stay true to who you are. If you aren’t, everything falls down around you.


New article on Hicks’ upcoming show at Stadium of Fire on .


Taylor is followed around by sleazy suckers who want a slice of success with assistance from the sexy singer.(

Same video on sendspace (thanks Denali).


Did one of those guys say he had a “close encounter” with an extra terrestrial last night? shame, shame.


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  1. amys says:

    Hi all, I’m feeling warm and fuzzy again. Glad to find this site after GC closed up. I’m happy to bookmark this!

  2. Dana says:

    Chris (mactwig), BLESS YOU! I KNEW I recognized that guy and he was on Veronica Mars. Thank you! Now the maritan sex comment makes a little more sense. 🙂

  3. Sunshine says:

    Why am I concerned about him? Good question. That’s one waiting to be answered – Why am I drawn to him?
    The music, talent, presence, looks? No, not quite it. His “realness”? Maybe.
    The old soul is familiar to me. Why?

    I don’t think all artists are destined to be tortured or lonely. I think we torment ourselves by asking why, why, why when we already know the answers. (See above for self-affliction) Perhaps we just don’t listen closely.
    There are no coincidences.

  4. double d says:

    YEAH!!! MDG — Can’t wait for your report….I laughed out loud regarding your description — “round middle aged lady with short gray hair having a cow – that will probably be me”.

    Streaming video…did I miss something?

    OK, the green chicks are bizaar… are the wannabes and hangerson. However, I think Taylor takes it for what it’s worth…much more good than bad and he’s conditioned for the next three months…he knows there’s an end coming to being “handled”.

    Ridin’ the wave…..WOO!

  5. Chris (MacTwig) says:


    I haven’t read all the posts yet.

    On the ‘Martian’ guy talking to Taylor in that video. He’s a B-list actor who I’m having a real hard time placing right now. I could be wrong, but to me it sounded like he was talking about having a bit part on UPN’s ‘Veronica Mars’ that got edited to his putting his boots on.

    It seemed like Taylor knew him – probably has run into him at quite a few of these events.

    Taylor strikes me as the type of guy who doesn’t like to upstage the main event and attempts to take the focus away from himself.

    In the interview with Lisa, he just looked like he had somewhere else to be and his body was trying to get there. 😉

  6. AliceinWonderland says:

    Yay, Mojavedesertgirl!!! Have a wonderful time and tell Taylor we said hi! 😉

  7. sasgeorgia says:

    LOL! Mohavedesertgirl, I think the heat has gone to your head, but you are cracking me up! Be careful on the road, and have an absolute, f’ing blast.

  8. Robin4T says:

    Go for it mojavedesertgir! And for God’s sake, give us the scoop.

  9. mojavedesertgirl says:

    OK folks – I just have 2 words for you:
    ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me share the e-conversation between my sister and me: (she lives an hour north of me, on the way to Utah)

    Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 6:25 PM
    Subject: How insane do you feel?
    So – how do you feel about driving to Provo, Utah Saturday to see Taylor Hicks in concert? It’s driving 8 hours to see somebody perform for 30 minutes…Lee Ann Womack is also performing – I don’t know her, but she’s country so you probably do. Tickets are $50 each – and they don’t look too bad – half way down the football field on the side. Drive all day Sat, see the concert, get a room, drive back Sunday?
    Watcha think?
    Yes, I have totally lost my mind.

    And her reply:
    On fourth of july weekend? Of course everyone should be going the opposite direction. I don’t think to many people go to utah for holidays. Lee Ann is good, I think you will like her. The whole show is 30 min. or Hicks part is?
    Guess you should spend night out here. I will put clean sheets on the sofa bed and get out the air bed for me.
    What time do you think we need to leave?
    your crazy sister

    This is Utah, and here’s a f***ing CONCERT!
    As it turns out – the tickets are actually $100 each, BUT THEY ARE IN ROW 16 on the field in front of the stage. (be still my beating heart!) I promise to take pictures, and memorize every detail to share. Of course, it sounds like y’all see it on the streaming thing. Look for the round middle aged lady with short gray hair having a cow – that will probably be me.

  10. mojavedesertgirl says:

    AliceinWonderland Says:
    Do it, Mojavedesertgirl, do it!!

    Yes, I’m an enabler.

    Thanks! But the TRUE enabler will be my sister…will she agree to the last minute road trip? I’ll keep you posted…I mean, what the heck what else is there to do this weekend? Oh yeah, finish working on the house and take care of animals and do school work and pay bills…hmmm, but Taylor calls from Interstate 15…

    Basenji – (Joining her under the fangirl hat.) Yes, yes, I too watched it and watched it and watched it…and yes, feeling guilty the whole time because it’s supposed to be about the music, dammit! But DANG, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (or is that only on the boards – these 2 places to post is befuddling me!) looked FINE. Hubba hubba. (Removes hat, passes it to the next SPer.)

  11. Jane says:


    No problem! I’m excited that everyone will be able to watch the Provo concert on the Pentagon Channel website — I hope! Best news this week. There was an interview with a Utah paper today in which Taylor said he’d be doing a few AI songs and a few of “his” songs. Very excited to see what he sings! The concert is Sat the 1st, but the Pentagon Channel won’t be broadcasting it until the 3rd or 4th.

  12. Susan54inWV says:

    Jane – Thank you for the links. Thank you! Thank you! – Susan

  13. sasgeorgia says:

    Yeah, Mohave – gas up that car and GO! We want details!

    As for the TMZ video – that was pretty insightful for them to add the
    “Friend Wannabe #1” etc. That made me chuckle. I think Taylor may have had the exact same words running through his head as he was approached by each of them. Somewhere in some interview – maybe Gray’s – Taylor commented that he was good at reading people. I think he was doing just that – checking them all out, but being sure at the same time to not be rude. Very cool, Taylor.

    Don’t we love that the other top 10 Idol says he hasn’t changed a bit since she first met him in the Hollywood 24 week? The only thing that’s changing is his appearance – it’s getting better and better [ooops! Did I say that??]

  14. Basenji says:

    mohave: (putting fan girl hat on) He looked amazing in that video. His beauty really startled me, like, well, “a virgin in a prison rodeo” (thanks Kelley). I felt so guilty for watching it over and over to ogle him, which was why (Alice) I was trying to think of sad starving children and war and such to get him out of my head!

    Everyone should drive and go to shows and come back and tell us all about it in detail. I want details. I will live my life vicariously through you all while I sit here in Japan.

  15. Jane says:

    So THIS is where y’all are at! I found this site but I was lost in the forums. No wonder there’s not so much going on over there — you’re over here!

    Like this format. Reminds me of GC.

    On the Provo show — it will be carried by the Pentagon Channel on July 3rd or 4th, the time is not firmed up yet. And get this, the Pentagon Channel has a live 24 hours stream on the web! Go here: click on “view programming”

    Also, I have a military SPer in Korea who is going to tape the show for me and I will make a video from it. It may take a few days for me to get the tape, etc. In case you aren’t familiar with my videos I’m idolAddict_NW and I have provided some videos on this forum. I also have them on my website:

    Finally, regarding the TMZ — I’m so glad to see your posts about that. I felt the same when I watched it, just sad that he looked so lonely and kind of uncomfortable. It was like he just wanted to GO OUT and he was so stared at and bombarded by weirdos that he had to retreat. I wonder where Rydell was? (his bodyguard). He looked very alone and vulnerable. I agree that his artistry keeps him “alone” to some degree no matter where, but this was in a whole different league.

    Did you see on ET the brief glimpse of him arriving for that charity event? And right before and after him were Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan. I hope he can avoid getting caught up with people like that and find a nicer girl to date. Oh, dear. That is so over-involved. 🙂

  16. EJ says:

    Nice post, AliceinWonderland! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    Ever think he sings in his head “clowns to the left of me jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you”?

  17. AliceinWonderland says:

    Do it, Mojavedesertgirl, do it!!

    Yes, I’m an enabler. 🙂

  18. bluescomesouttoplay says:


    I would love to drive three and a half hours to rochester for the A1 show but my hubbie would think i’m crazier than he thought i was…but if you can, go for it.

  19. mojavedesertgirl says:

    “Like a virgin at a prison rodeo”

    Oh lordy – now there’s a mental image that will be hard to shake.

    The TMZ video was very amusing – I kept thinking of T’s comment in the Gray interview about he’s pretty good at knowing people right from the beginning – knowing who to be close with, who stay away from. I think he’s going to have ALOT of opportunity to practice that skill! Looking lonely? I dunno…I thought he looked bemused, like “I can’t believe I’m doing this…” sort of on par with the “a year ago I was working out of a van” comment from the other interview – “and now here I am at a celebrity auction and all these people wanna talk to little ol’ me….”

    I won’t dive into the fangirly deep end, but my my, he sure is handsome looking in that video. Did anyone else think “freeze frame”?

    Folks…I am an 8 hour drive from Provo. Should I?

  20. AliceinWonderland says:

    Basenji wrote: “But why am I so concerned about this one successful guy and not all the millions of people who are really suffering the world?”

    I can only speak for myself, but I feel a kind of “kindred spirit” thing going on with him. I feel it with anyone I encounter who seems to have that otherness factor going on. And it’s just really easy to hone in on Taylor because he’s so out there in the open with it.

    And forget the “Hicks patch.” I’m enjoying this way too much to quit now. Besides I’m not obsessed, I’m focused. 🙂

  21. Basenji says:

    Kelley and AliceinWonderland: Great points, both re his loneliness and being and artist. I wrote some about the TMZ video on the message boards. When I saw the video and heard what people were saying to him (the sex propositioning, call me re some business thing, etc.), I thought I am so glad I have my significant other. You know that scale that measures your stress level based on life changes occurring to you? Here’s an example:
    Well here’s someone who probably scores pretty high on the stress scale (even if you are having fun, it is still stressful to move out of your town, get a new job, be away from your friends, etc). To be alone at a time like that would be pretty difficult.

    But why am I so concerned about this one successful guy and not all the millions of people who are really suffering the world? Because I am temporarily crazy and have been for the past few months. A friend suggests there should be a “Hicks patch” to help wean oneself off the addiction of watching endless videos of Mr. Hicks.

  22. Crazymomelon says:

    Well put, Alice. I was just wondering where he goes (in his head) when in these situations – the relentless interviews and that weird thing Tuesday night.

  23. AliceinWonderland says:

    Oh gawd, Sarah, he’s got to feel like a live butterfly pinned to a board! Everyone looking and watching and talking and asking and all he wants to do is to be left alone to do what he NEEDS to do, what he was born to do. I can’t imagine how difficult some of these days have been for him.

    I’m not dismissing the huge advantages he has now, the resources that weren’t available before, but damn, what he’s living with now would drive me nuts!

  24. Sarah says:

    Alice – Thanks for your post, and I agree wholeheartedly with all you said. That’s just what I felt the first time I saw him standing outside and have done ever since, especially so in the last few interviews and appearances.

    I also know the feeling all too well, and you’re right – it’s not all that bad. You don’t resent the isolation of being an artist, it’s just the way of it, and I’ve no doubt it helps with our connection to the muse. It does, however, make finding someone to spend your life with that a little bit harder, and that I do find frustrating. Imagine how difficult it must be adding the loneliness of fame into that mix?

  25. AliceinWonderland says:

    Kelley asked:
    “Is anyone else struck by his “aloneness?”

    Ok, I’m gonna get deep here, people. Bail now if that skeers ya. 😉

    I don’t see it as aloneness so much as “otherness.” I saw it the instant the camera focused on him as he was standing outside waiting to audition. Saw it and recognized it. It’s a trait I’ve found in many creative/artistic people, myself included.

    There’s a certain isolation that comes with pouring every ounce of your heart and soul into your art, whether it be writing, singing, dancing, acting playing, or anything else you feel compelled to do. And I don’t think it’s at all a choice, it just *is*. You can’t escape it, nor do you always want to. It’s part of the process and part of the price you pay. It affects your relationships with others: having only a very small circle of trusted friends and family members; romantic relationships falling by the wayside on a regular basis; being described as introverted or strange or different. The thing is, you *are* different, you feel different, and it’s tough trying to explain why.

    It’s a struggle living this way. I remember reading the People magazine article on Taylor and his words “Interestingly enough, I’ve led a pretty lonely life.” All I could do was nod my head and think to myself, Yep, been there, doing that.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all that bad. The muses definitely visit when you’re lonely, so you often invite that loneliness. It’s the food you need to feed the soul. But it’s hard, as well, because the sacrifices can be fairly steep.

    I truly hope Taylor someday finds someone to spend his life with, and I hope she is able to understand what it takes to be with someone who is “other.” If so, Taylor will be less lonely, but he will always be alone in ways most of us can’t begin to imagine.

  26. Calimari says:

    I don’t have a strong opinion either way on the shirts. I won’t buy a shirt until it’s at Taylor’s own concert, but I did think there was a cease & desist order against using his name on stuff.
    Hey – on that ET article link up above, there is a link for a couple videos on the side. The first one is a hoot – showing that they are stuck in a room with no A/C & a broken couch. Taylor says “Thanks ET!” I thought that was pretty funny.

  27. CJ says:

    Luv Tay
    I agree- that’s not showing much respect for anyone. I am shocked it was on the first page of the site with my young grand child looking over my shoulder.

  28. Sarah says:

    Waay off topic – but did anyone else see that kid on the repeat of Ellen today? Only 6 years old but he did the Beatles “Twist and Shout” playing guitar and singing. Dayum – it sounded great! Especially for someone in the first grade. lol

  29. Jean says:

    I agree — very crude, not subtle, and just not funny.

  30. OSB says:

    Perhaps, he seemed to look “alone”, because, we’ve gotten so used to him being with the bodyguard dude. I’d rather see him like that, than coming out half crocked with Lindsay Lohan on his arm.

    Painted people? Once every year our town is filled with them for Fantasy Fest, so, no shock for me.

  31. If you look on the website for the publishing company for the old producer, he is interviewed and really seems bitter. I don’t know if he has talked to Taylor, but I doubt it. Taylor seems to like it well enough if only because it is his first #1 I like the song, anyway; I think it showcases Taylor’s vocals in a beautiful way. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get the tune out of my head for about 5 weeks!

    Those people approaching Taylor really seem icky! Maybe he shouldn’t hang out at places like that for the time being.

  32. Karen says:


    I’ve got your back on this one. I personally think just the number 80 is a lot classier…it still lets GC’rs in on “the joke”, but is not offensive to the many,many fans who are coming to see and “get to know” this musician we’ve all fallen for… I do think the comment about his grandmother and how his family would feel should be reason enough to err on the side of using a little more taste.

    My thoughts…

  33. Jamie says:

    Sorry to post the same link twice…my computer was having issues, and the post didn’t show up (it did NOT say awaiting moderation), so I assumed it didn’t go through. I look kind of dumb saying the same thing twice!! Also, I’m pretty sure some people at GC said they were going to the Utah show, but I’m not going to go back and try to find their posts!

  34. Phile says:

    This is going to seem random, but here goes:

    Is anybody around here going to the Utah show?

    RE: The Ledger article – as someone said on the board, “Consider the source.” I can say that I don’t like the song, and I have, but I’m just a music listener/purchaser…. Well, I was gonna say more but then it’d be as if I were giving credence to what was allegedly said. Big ole meh on that one.

    You mean it’s *odd* to see painted people? Yup, I offcially live in a weird neighborhood.

    And hopefully Our Guy (Our Effin’ Singer?) will spend a lot of time thinking about the ocean for the forseeable future…

  35. LuvTay says:

    Sorry Ash.

    I personally don’t want to see the F word screaming at me at a site for an artist I so admire for his maturity, grace under pressure, southern manners and handsome hunkiness. If he had put this shirt out himself.. I would be turned off.

    I can leave.

  36. Ash. says:

    Hey, I don’t make the shirts, I just promote them.

  37. Phandi says:

    Actually I think LuvTay is correct…no one can use Taylor’s name to sell merchandise without his approval. I’m pretty sure GC said he had received a phone call from “Taylor’s people” about this very issue. Wonder if clearance was obtained for this?

  38. LuvTay says:

    I’m sorry, but the new tees are tacky. I really don’t think Tay would choose to have the F word on a tee that is promoting him by name. Maybe that is funny… but not for kids or his parents, grandmother, etc. Also, I thought Gray had a cease and desist on selling the tees? whats up?

    About Tay being alone- I think the ad nauseum is totally right and plus he is with a bunch of teenagers (or folks who act it) who just thinks its is OMG soooo fun to get all this attention. He is 10 years older than most of them in years and maturity and this must be hard.

  39. Taygerl says:

    Dana Says:
    “Taygerl, they are painted green.”

    Yeah, I know, that’s what I said.
    I would have loved to have seen Taylor’s face when he saw them!

  40. Taylor(news)junkie_ky says:

    Glad I found you guys, with a little help from James Hudnall.

    Was on vacation for 3 weeks, away from computers, and came back to find GrayCharles closing up shop.

    Know I’ve missed a ton of info. Hopefully will find some time to go through the archives. Any specifics that are must see?

    Re: the TMZ video. My impression matches a lot of what has been said. Taylor does seem to be handling the wackos just fine. But he does seem so ‘lost’. He has been a working muscian, not a ‘star’, and he wants to continue in that vein. Because with ‘stardom’ comes the ‘less desirables’ that only want what they can get from him. From listening to him and reading the Gray interview, I feel confident that Taylor will handle himself just fine, with the gentlemanly charm that won us all over. Perhaps the appearance of being alone is his armor to guard against the second-rate intruders into his life.

  41. Dana says:

    Taygerl, they are painted green. Apparently, it’s the latest fashion trend. Body makeup paint used to cover the neccessary parts and then voila! It’s fashion!!! And the make-up paint costs $40 an ounce, so thankfully those models were so skinny they didn’t have muc to cover, LOL.

    I also just want to say, not all of us in L.A. are like those people in that video. 🙂 Those events just bring out all the schmoozers and wannabes who forget the event is supposed to be about charity. I think Taylor handled himself so well though. And I have to admit, the editing was kind of clever/funny.

  42. Taygerl says:

    Double DD said:
    “The TMZ vid is hilarious! Yes, the guy does say something about “outer space visitors”….so scary”

    If you look at the photo posted from that event ( on Ash’s message boards) you will see a couple of photos of these models that are practically naked and spray painted green. I think those are the ‘martians’ the guy is talking about!

  43. Shelley says:

    Ash…I agree. In all other interviews, Taylor has supported DIMYP. Why on earth would he say anything otherwise publicly…it would be ridiculous.

    Plus, on top of that, the song is NOT that bad…I mean, it’s not Taylor, but it’s not a total piece of crap either.

  44. double d says:

    Hey, regarding the original topic here, who do we know in Utah? Can we get some pictures or video from some Utahian SPers? I love Lee Ann Womack too. Maybe she’ll get “Taylorized” and open him some doors in Nashville as well.

  45. Ash. says:


    Ash. is all about arguably adorable application of alliteration- especially on awesome Alabama afternoons.

  46. double d says:

    Kimmikins- I noticed the same thing this morning….I’ve been clicking on Ash’s link to each morning just to make SURE I don’t miss anything….

    Usually, I get the “message” about check back later. Today, I got the “you are not authorized to view this page”. Perhaps, it is in testing? Possibly soon? Cool.

    However, I kind of like it here, too.

    FWIW, I think that article by that previous producer is out of line and a crock of crap. Taylor is TOO SMART to say this kind of tripe or have someone else do it. Not when he goes out of his way in the Gray interview to “talk up” AI. It just doesn’t compute that he would want to torpedo his own single and success. This guy is just trying to make a name for himself so folks know that he was ONCE attached peripherally to Taylor. Too bad he didn’t fully produce him and get him a deal back then.

    The TMZ vid is hilarious! Yes, the guy does say something about “outer space visitors”….so scary. And did you see the chick in the gold lame’? Looked like she was following Taylor as she was in the first shot, then he crosses the street and she’s in the background in that shot. It is great that he’s being listed as one of the “big stars” who came out for this event.

  47. BigTayFan says:

    Susan54inWV: I think the Chris & Kat duet was only a rumor broughtabout by the fact that both of them weren’t in the Top 10 press tour. It later came out that Chris was in Ohio for a corporate gig. And Kat is still AWOL.

  48. Taygerl says:

    oops, I meant In YOUR Time!

  49. Taygerl says:

    What a funny video! It just reminds me of when Taylor said he surrounds himself with good people, people he knows and trusts. Taylor comes across to me as being very centered, knowing who he is, and I just can’t see him falling for a bunch of Hollywood Hangers-On.
    Yet he’s ever the gentleman, showing up at all these events and treating everyone with friendliness and respect.
    Sometimes aloneness is not a bad thing!

    As for the guy who is hawking The Fall to radio stations- I just don’t know what to think. Unless Taylor signed away all his rights to that recording, I don’t see how this guy can market and distribute it without Tay’s consent. But it looks to me as if this guy is doing just that- trying to get the one record he made with Tay out there so he can make money off of Taylor. I saw some of the letters that came from his office regarding this record, and there was a lot of drama going on- a drunken letter sent out- an employee supposedly fired over it- the owner of the company posting on message boards about it. Way too much drama!!!
    ( I prefer the version on In My Time, less production, more heart, and better guitar )

  50. Krusty says:

    Loved the babysitter story! Didn’t we all have a crush on someone who was older than us at one time?

    Had to laugh–I had Christy’s EXACT haircut in 1984. Too funny–flashback AAHH!

  51. Bob says:

    I honestly believe that that specific article was a crock of crap from someone looking to get a little face (read:print) time. if you find it you can post about it on the board, but I won’t be posting it here.
    Ash, I’m with you on this. Sounded like someone trying to cash in to me. All sorts of people will come out of the woodwork for a piece of the action.

  52. soul love says:

    You know I always get that feeling of him feeling alone too. When I watched the videos of him with the others from the AI tour he seems to be kind of distant from it in a way. I just think he wants to get out on his own even more now. I can’t really explain it, just a feeling I get that he feels isolated somewhat. To tell you the truth, I really think he needs a woman! A good supportive relationship.
    And yes the ocean sure does make you feel tiny in this great big place. Its a good place to go when you face anything that seems overwhelming in life. It always help me a bit too.

  53. Phoebe says:

    Who’s responsible for the rampant alliteration up there? Just too cute by half.

  54. Jamie says:

    I forgot to mention that the Chris/Elliott duet will be on a ROCK song! I hope Elliott is OK with this, since, you know, he did place higher than Chris. Here’s the link to the article (Chris talks a little about the tour):,6115,1209031_4_0_,00.html

  55. kelley says:

    Is anyone else struck by his “aloneness?”

    During Gray’s chat, I felt a quiet sense of aloneness. For the first time, Taylor was actually “talking” and not just “speaking.” Such a difference.

    That “rockin’ and rollin'” interview with Lisa seemed to show a Taylor whose heart and mind just weren’t in it (who could blame him – same dreck over and over again ad nauseam).

    The “new friends” video out in Hollywood the other night shows Taylor by himself in a sea of turds. Blech! Like a virgin at a prison rodeo.

    He just appears so alone…surrounded by others….but so alone.

  56. Jamie says:

    Oh, and Susan54inWV, to make it better, Elliott and Chris are singing a ROCK song as a duet!!! AI REALLY loves Chris, don’t they? I hope Elliott is OK with this since he did, after all, place higher than Chris. Here’s the link to the article where I found this (Chris also talks about the tour a little bit):,6115,1209031_4_0_,00.html

  57. Ash. says:

    I honestly believe that that specific article was a crock of crap from someone looking to get a little face (read:print) time. if you find it you can post about it on the board, but I won’t be posting it here.

  58. kimmykins says:

    Anybody else notice that the Taylor Hicks website is showing signs of life?
    I just went and got this message:

    “Directory Listing Denied. This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.”

    If only a countdown was listed instead.

  59. manders says:

    Hey guys…. this is slightly off topic (no surpise there, huh?), but it’s media related.

    Someone a few days posted an article (or interview) from the producer of The Fall that spoke of how “Taylor doesn’t like DIMYP” and the used the word “karaoke” in context. Can you all see if you bookmarked it and link me to it?

    I think it would make a great topic of the day on the forum. Was Taylor sending a message via man to his critics? Or was this guy REALLY out of line? It’s an interesting enough discussion/speculation. Thanks spaceytracy, who mentioned her angst with this last night in chat. (You had me thinking about this all morning!)

  60. Shelley says:

    Aw…the vastness of the ocean makes Taylor realize his humanity. What a guy!

    You know, many folks realize the same humility when they stand next to the greatness that is me. Ha.

    Thanks for link, Ash.

  61. Susan54inWV says:

    Okay, I’m confused now. Chris is singing a duet with Kat. He is singing a duet with Elliott (which vibrato-wise could be an absolute disaster – what do you tune to?). What the heck is going on? Did AI forget? Chris did not win! What about Taylor???? (I’m sorry – I really do not like Chris’s voice – actually his is the only one I don’t like. I thought I could stand it for a couple of songs, but the couple of songs keeps growing . . . )

  62. calimari says:

    You know, if I realized that some little kid I used to babysit was on the cover of People & the AI winner, I would think that was cool. If I opened up the article and read that I was his first crush, named in the article, I would have been STUNNED. Wonder what she thinks about that, eh?
    I’m hopeful that Taylor will stay grounded. He’s older than people who have fame & fortune handed to them as teen idols, he’s worked longer & harder for it, I think he’s mentally prepared himself for it to the best of his ability. I’m sure it’s a bit of a shock – I mean who can prepare themselves fully for everyone wanting a piece of you? Still, it seems he’s been raised right, he is grounded, and I think that will help him in the long run.

  63. Ash. says:

    It’s new news.

  64. bjewel says:

    Is this old news? I don’t know…Taylor’s first crush!,26618,1208918,00.html

  65. I love his comment about standing near the ocean to realize how small we all are. If he keeps that thought in his mind always, he will be fine. He, we, always have to keep things in perspective. I try to lose myself in music on a daily basis because the thought of the agony and horror going on in this world makes me physically ill so when I get all caught up in Taylor and all fangirly, its a way to cope with the really important shit happening as we speak. Music is my frug of choice. Well, one of them.

    Its good to know that he realizes this.

  66. Ash. says:

    I was editing the post to add that article while you were commenting. 🙂

  67. Jamie says:

    Me again :). Just wanted to say that over at MJ’s and here also, some people are saying that some of the Idols are going to be on ET today (to talk about kicking off the tour). Just a heads up!

  68. Jamie says:

    Hey everyone. Here is an article about Taylor performing at the Stadium of Fire in Utah. He will be performing some AI stuff as well as some of his own songs.,4382,640190315,00.html?textfield=Taylor+Hicks

    I also found an article that said that Chris and Elliot will be doing a duet on the tour. Didn’t expect that!

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