Audio if you want it.

I suggest that you hop on this one if you love the harp.

Thanks, Sarah.


60 Responses to Fishwatah.

  1. Shady Gray says:

    Ok, so I’ve been to over 100 Widespread Panic shows since 1993 and that was by far the best Fishwater I have ever heard. I am so proud that Taylor had the chance to play with a band he has always wanted to sit in with and it was ROCKING! This is a great outlet to open Taylor fans up to Widespread Panic and vice versa. If you want to check out some great Panic, I recommend:

    Classic Panic:
    Widespread Panic (self titled)
    Everyday — I agree with Matt
    Ain’t Life Grand
    OH….. and Space Wrangler (their first album) — really all of these are a toss up; I would say Don’t Tell the Band is the least favorite of all of the discs.

    Post Mikey Panic (WSP’s guitar player and co-founder, Michael Houser, died in August of 2002 from pancreatic cancer):
    Earth to America (the newest)

    They also have a documentary and some live show DVD’s out – the documentary is called The Earth Will Swallow You. If anyone wants some live stuff, feel free to email me at and I’ll see what I can do. Put PANIC in the subject line. I’m so happy!

  2. Matt says:

    As a HUGE Panic fan, here are the cd’s i’d recommend:

    Everyday (Older stuff with the original guitarist, Michael Houser)
    Earth To America (Where WSP is today)

    and as an added bonus, here’s a 2003 WSP live show recording from my hometown. My treat:

  3. Claire says:

    Dammit the boy can blow..

    I’ve never heard of the band, but they seem pretty good live. That is as important to me as the recorded version. Even though you may not know the music, you can tell if it’s a good PERFORMANCE or not….that was gooood.

    Yep, the boy knows his harmonica. I like that song now, I must say, and Taylor obviously knows the song well to be able to jam like that. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him play the harp with that much confidence and competence before this.

    That’s my 2c. Got the Lazy Sunday Mood thang going….

  4. Phoebe says:

    Audio IF I want it? Uhhh, yeah, I think I would.

    When he plays with really good musicians I think his performances are much tighter and he’s more focused. Widespread panic have been doing the southern rock/blues/neo-hippie jam band thing for a long, long time and they are very good at it. Taylor’s Robert Randolph performance was meandering and just ok IMO because RR and the band were in no way at their best that night. On the nights the AI band were really hot with a great arrangement Taylor’s performance would also be particularly good and memorable.

  5. OSB says:

    Taylor – you & your harmonica are stars!!! Never paid that much attention to harmonicas in songs before, but, there was no way not to pay attention to this – it was fabulous!

  6. Phile says:

    Finally got a chance to listen.

    Can I get a special dispensation to T*** as it’s audio only?

    Now that’s a bleepin’ jam.

    Thanks Sarah & Ash.

  7. CloudNine says:

    Absolutely amazing !! Wow, Wow, Wow and more Wows, was that ever great and then some. You, Taylor Hicks, have just become the American Harmonica Idol too.

  8. Julie says:

    Jan…Widespread Panic hails from the one and only Athens Ga, not Dallas and Austin.

  9. Quossum says:

    Wow–great piece! Thanks for the link. Love to hear our boy blow.

    *fans self* Lawsy! More more more more more!


  10. amys says:

    Wow – Wow… WOW!
    Loved it!

  11. Gail says:

    Quoting Orca here:

    “That harp was just sexy.
    Loved it. Love Taylor. I want more. ”

    Funny, my late father-in-law used to love to play the harmonica, and I never once thought of his harp as “sexy”!!!

    Taylor has given me a whole new appreciation for the instrument. I even bought myself one at Cracker Barrel this week. Don’t know how to coax anything musical out of it yet though.

  12. Jan says:

    Thanks for this Ash! Damn. That boy can jam. Widespread comes through Dallas and Austin. Here is the wikipedia page about them.

  13. mari3jacks says:

    Thanks Ash! I too have never heard of Widespread Panic. Taylor played the funk to the tee. Now is it just me that thinks they sound alot like George Thorogood & the Destroyers?

  14. Julie says:

    THIS is…well, this is amazing. I’ve known some harp players and Taylor blows them all away (pun intended). I am not a fan of Panic but I could listen to them all day if Taylor’s on harmonica.

    “That harp was just sexy” is a perfect description, Orca.

  15. Orca says:

    Thanks for the mp3 Ash!

    That harp was just sexy.
    Loved it. Love Taylor. I want more.

  16. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    On the PopTarts thing, I didn’t register but I can view the video just fine. I viewed the one they had for last week too. I’m not going to buy Pop-Tarts.

  17. EJ says:

    Awesome! Thanks Ash.

    The Pop Tarts thingie gives you a little video explanation right away about how they are following the idol on tour. When Taylor has to speak his (obviously scripted) piece, he’s really funny. The whole irony of being a “pop tart” just drips through his voice. Patience Taylor, patience. The indignities will be over soon and then we’ll have some REAL f***in’ fun! With some REAL f***in’ songs!


  18. Cahaba Lily says:

    Love it! Thank you Ash! I don’t know how you obtained this file so fast, but I am so grateful that you did!

  19. Clikee says:

    Yowza! Love Widespread Panic, love Taylor, that just felt reeeeeeeeeeal good!

    Going to a music festival this afternoon, think Taylor will show?

    One could only be so lucky.

  20. Crazymomelon says:

    WOW! ASH! THANK YOU! Sorry, that makes me feel ALL CAPS! Listening right now for the second time.
    The boy can BLOW. Makes it sound like there’s a part written for harmonica. Something was missing before TH.
    Appreciate the codes, Historia and double d. I’ve been trying to figure out a way NOT to buy Pop Tarts. Blech. And my kidfs have outgrown them.

  21. Dana says:

    Thanks Sarah and Ash for the mp3. It is indeed awesome and I am LOVING the reaction and respect Taylor is getting from WSP’s fans. I bet that might be worth/mean more than the cover of People, LOL.

    I think it is so great to see just how much a “fluff” show like American Idol really can open doors and change lives of people. And in turn, allow so many to discover great new music that they might never had had they not tuned into American Idol. Sure, the “machine” has its flaws, but I think what we are seeing now is that it can still do some good.

  22. Cali50 says:

    OK, one more thing. After listening to this, I think Taylor may go down in music history as one of the greatest blues harp players of all time. I truly think that may be his legacy!

  23. K4Tay says:

    Wow, just wow. I heard this this morning at the scary site, and was blown away! I knew he was talented, but not how much. It gave me chills!

  24. felidea says:

    Thanks Ash, Wow I just am amazed how GOOD the Harp sounds. Even though I’ve never heard the song before, the harp just fit so well into the music. Its like it was originally meant to be in the melody. And the sound quality is very good for a live recording!! I agree with Jena, I think Taylor must have played WSP songs before or practised before hand to achieve such a smooth blend of harp and song. BUt its really really good!! Great song and melody! It must have been awesome to see him jamming and blowing that harp on stage. I wish there were vids!! πŸ˜‰

    Oh, thanks Historia and Doubled for the pop tarts codes. But we can’t share the same codes right? Coz when I try those codes its says i’ve submitted this code already. Maybe those with vid capture can grab a bootleg vid for us plss? *hint hint*

  25. Cali50 says:

    OMG! Amazing! That’s the best I’ve heard yet. Ican’t wait to see him in person. I agree with all of you who have said, “Why haven’t I heard of this band before?” Thanks Taylor! Another introduction to a great Soul Artist!

  26. double d says:

    Historia and all…

    My 14.75 year old is finally earning his keep. Being a Brown-Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart afficienado since he first had teeth, we virtually have stock in PopTarts. I have one code and will likely have more as the summer seems to heighten his appetite for the sugary “pastry” — and I use the term loosely.

    Here is my code: FRCN4UNM

  27. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen … Mr. Taylor Hicks, every body!

    Ash, I downloaded this very very late last night and forgot to listen to it. I was way too tired to think what ‘Fishwatah’ and jumping into the harp meant at the time.

    Dang, this is sweet! Now someone tell me why I’m craving a little Stevie and Fingertips?

  28. Meg the older says:

    Wow!!!!! I am speechless with thrill!!!! One of my last posts at Gray’s place was asking (or if you could have read my heart BEGGING) for this very thing. This is the best!!!!!! Wow and double wow. Thank you Ash (AND TAYLOR–let the music roll) — Ash, your place is making it possible for Gray to do his thing w/o me totally dying from withdrawals.

  29. Taygerl says:

    I usually get a free spot by the 2nd or 3rd try.

  30. Historia says:

    Thanks Taygerl,

    there is no free spots at the moment but will try back later.

  31. Taygerl says:

    Historia, try this for the Kevin Spacey bit:

  32. taylorsfan says:

    does anyone know if taylor will show up at a bo bice concert….there is one here in Michigan on July 8….i don’t believe his schedule would allow it, but you never know with him….he is popping up everywhere…..
    thanks for the download ash

  33. Luv Tay says:

    Thanks Historia.

    Try or

    You’ll have to look for last week’s information.

  34. Historia says:

    Also, I posted this in another thread earlier, but anyone know where I can find the Kevin Spacey monologue from when he last hosted SNL? It was a spoof about competing in Idol.

  35. Historia says:

    ok, I am not sure this is the best place to post this, but here it goes. Pop Tarts is doing videos each week during the tour. It is at It appears you must register, and you get the 1st video. Howevcer, after that, you must enter codes from AI Pop Tarts purchases. Apparently the codes are inside the box. I had someone give me 2 codes over the internet, and I now have extra credits to view the videos in future weeks.
    extra codes: CIN77M43 & FRST72TT

    P.S. I love Taylor’s shirt in the 1st video. It says “I mis the Beatles.”
    Remeber you can only get the first video so far, but can comeback each week for the others.


  36. Whoaaaaa. Never heard of WSP or Fishwater and until january, never heard of Taylor Hicks. Man I gotta get out more. Taylor just keeps makin’ me appreciate his talent more and more and more.

    Thanks Ash. Im also hearing a little Santana in that song. Outta sight (lol) man!

  37. Cheryl4Taylor says:

    Totally HOT!! Great way to start a Saturday morning, listening to Taylor doing what he loves…..MUSIC

  38. Shandykat says:

    I’ve never even heard of Widespread Panic until now! Where have I been??

    “Ok, someone introduce me to Wide Spread Panic. Which CD should I check out first?”

    Yes please, can someone give some recommendations?

  39. jena says:

    Apparently Taylor’s band Passing Through played a lot of WSP covers back in the day.

  40. StagingLt says:

    Wow, Ash… y’all are running wide open throttle over here. Love it! Keep up the great work. The new tune was a great surprise this morning. I’ve never really listened to Widespread Panic… may have to go find some stuff! Thanks!

  41. Historia says:

    wow, VERY cool, and as Randy would say,”that’s HAWT.”

  42. katja says:

    WoooOOOoooOOOooo, thanks for the download! That was great!!!
    (I got my blues harp and idiot’s guide to playing the harmonica yesterday…I can play twinkle twinkle little star…wooo!)


  43. IbelieveinTHesong says:

    I was going to write that Taylor is the boogie — but a lot of other people beat me to it. And I say, who cares? I can say (yell) it, too:

    TAYLOR IS THE BOOGIE!!!! (and so is his HARP!!)

    Wow!! I had already been blown away by his singing (hence my blog name) — but Wow! (as Randy said when Taylor sang PTFMWB). Wow! I don’t know what else to say.

    And, as Paula said at Tay’s audition, “I didn’t expect that.”

    Btw, I love it when he wears his “harmonica jeans.” Boogie on, Taylor!!

  44. Robin4T says:

    Thank you, thank you for the download. Love it. The real Taylor Hicks with a real band at a real concert playing real music —and turning that crowd of Panic fans into Taylor Hicks fans. Oh yeah.

  45. Colleen says:

    Ohh, I’m just so proud of him!! I’m so glad he’s doing what he’s doing. πŸ™‚

    “They let him unleash, and the crowd went nuts – and I don’t even think that crowd had a clue who he was.

    – Jason Bryan”

    (i think they did, but were still blown away.)

  46. catwood720 says:

    Ash., not only is Taylor the boogie, but so are YOU!! Thanks for this, I was wishing I could hear it. You are most awesome.

  47. Phile says:

    Weekend. Work. Computer without speakers again.

    No way am I gonna make it to 7 PM.

    But I -can- say that *this* is a way to expand one’s audience… Cool.

  48. double d says:

    Heavens to Mergitroid!

    How absolutely cool was that! Love this review regarding the performance. Crowd goes ape-shit because of the harp, not because of Taylor. Got to make him feel SO validated…..I hope that he continues to infuse the harp more into the music. Seems like he used it too sparingly in this pre-idol original stuff.

    Taylor is the BOOGIE, DA BOMB, DA MAN, DA HARP…..


    Last night I went to the Wiltern to see Widespread Panic, and you’ll never guess who was there. Unless you guess Taylor Hicks. Which you might if you read my previous post. My roommate came back from the bar in the Wiltern and told me he’d seen Taylor Hicks there. I joked that no way would I be seeing Mr American Idol at two concerts in a row. But of course two seconds later I saw that shiny gray hair pass by. I turned to my other friends, told them the Robert Randolph story, and proclaimed how we’d see Hicks play soon. But he didn’t come out on stage till the encore, and with little fanfare. The band didn’t introduce him, but all of a sudden there was a new sound, a harmonica, and a gray-haired guy on the side of the stage playing it. He blew that harp with pure blues gusto. I was standing much closer then I was at the Greek for Randolph, so I could see the way Widespread was watching him play and letting him lead the jam. They let him unleash, and the crowd went nuts – and I don’t even think that crowd had a clue who he was.

    – Jason Bryan

  49. AliceinWonderland says:

    Wow, what a way to start my morning! Thanks, Ash.

    Taylor, you ARE the boogie! You go with your bad-ass harp playin’ self!

    Ok, someone introduce me to Wide Spread Panic. Which CD should I check out first?

  50. Lee says:

    Yery groovy, you can tell he gets his fix when playing the harmonica. Funkin Funky!

  51. *speaking while still listening* : This is fuckin awesome!! Class act Taylor!

    damn, I need to find myself a harp to screw around on. Thanks Ash!!

  52. Frankie says:

    Loved the harp! Thanks Ash for providing what I have been looking for this morning.

  53. Basenji says:

    No seriously…dying…

  54. Basenji says:

    I’m going to die of pleasure. Isn’t that what the French call it: “la petite morte”?

  55. Shandykat says:

    Oh sweet! Thank you!!

    Dayam, that was HOTT!

  56. AmyH says:

    Oh, man! Is that HOT or what??? Thank you, Ash. I love you!

  57. findlay says:

    The man is just funkin’ all over the place! This is hot…very, very hot…

  58. aerinphil says:

    thank you Ash!!! Taylor really is a CLASS ACT. he can jam without overshadowing his fellow artists on stage. hats-off to you Mr. Hicks!

  59. kelley says:

    That was DIRTY and UGLY. I loved it!

    Thanks, Ash!


  60. idolAddict_NW says:

    Thanks so much, Ash! Wow — that harp is amazing! I really loved it. It got me moving and grooving!

    OK, I started posting on GC as “Jane” even though I am know elsewhere as “IdolAddict_NW”. New board so I am going to “idolAddict_NW”. So there.

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