LD Miller

I originally posted this a few months ago, but traffic has increased since then so I’m posting it again because I don’t want anyone to miss out.

LD Miller is a young harmonica player and blues singer who has been called a child prodigy, and with good reason. Miller has played with greats such as Stevie Wonder and Buddy Guy and he is rapidly is gaining national attention for his fast and soulful playing, combined with the fact that he isn’t even a teen yet.

Having been sponsored by Hohner Harmonica since the age of 7, L.D. is the youngest endorsed harmonica player in the world.

Below are three videos of LD performing with his family band, The Clayton Miller Band, at the Lafayette Brewing Company. If you like what you hear, I suggest checking out the Clayton Miller Band’s website for more information.


Key To The Highway

Illustrated Man.


15 Responses to LD Miller

  1. Nancy says:

    Tomorrow night is the night to get out the vote for the Junior Soul Patrol, The Millers!!!!! on AMerica’s Got Talent.
    You all know how to do it. Email your friends today and get them watching and voting Wednes. Aug. 16 at nbc.com. I hear the Millers are possibly at the end of the show (Saving the BEST for last!!!) and so that would make their call in # 866-856-8310 and the 97979 text “10” but watch to be sure. You are limited to 10 times per method per phone line, so get your friends involved and let’s give the big $1 Million to a family that’s amazingly talented and nice and has given up jobs, homes, comfort and savings to go on the road with their music for years. The little 12 year old harmonica player is worth of big Soul Patrol power….he is bada…s.

    We know Taylor is rooting for him….let’s vote it up for the Millers! :luck:

    You can see the underground video of LD Miller meeting Taylor a week before Tay’s big win on Youtube if you search LD Miller.
    Next….We need to get them on tour together!!!!

  2. Lalapalooza says:

    He HAS made it on “America’s Got Talent” – the judge’s pick from the first group!!!!

  3. HarpNSoul says:

    There was ‘talk’ on another board about a month ago, that this kid tried out for ‘America’s Got Talent’ If it’s true.. I hope he makes it. Kid has major talent.

  4. Island No3 says:

    Wow, this kid has talent. I was really liking “Illustrated Man”, and if this guy isn’t relating to the music, I don’t know who is. He may not have the life experience but he is sure feeling something. Yes, he will be easier to listen to as he gets older because he will (probably) tone down the riffs a bit and economize to the essence of the song, but right now we can enjoy all that youthful energy and virtuosity.

  5. Shandykat says:

    lol Ash…I remembered this kid as the kid who played for Taylor 🙂

    I was and am very impressed with his harp playing but when he started singing I thought “oh great, we’re going to have to listen to a child sing?”…then I was blown away.

    I can’t really listen to him like I listen to adults because it’s just not possible for me to believe the kid is relating the lyrics, and if you don’t relate to the lyrics when you sing, i’m not going to relate to you. BUT, he is an amazing talent and I can’t wait until he grows up!

  6. Clikee says:

    I also saw this kid a few years back on America’s Most Talented Kids. I agree with EJ, with the seasoning of time and experience, LD could make a mark. It’s hard not to look at a such a young kid without thinking novelty. But I’m still very impressed with his unique talent, and will look for him in the future.

  7. Lee says:

    The kids a natural…maybe someday Randy Jackson will be saying that he’s a throw back to Taylor Hicks.

  8. taywatch says:

    I think he even blew Taylor away when he played for him! I don’t know a thing about technique in playing harmonica but some of those high notes he hit that only dogs can hear were amazing.

  9. EJ says:

    taywatch, he said he’s 12.

  10. EJ says:

    He’s incredible, but I get the same feeling from him as I do from Paris Bennett. Definitely off the scope as child prodigies go, but something is missing when they do an emotionally charged number like “Fever”. Whne their life experience catches up with their talent, they will be unstoppable.

  11. Ash. says:

    The sound on the youtube ones posted is just a little low because of the recording. good quality, but quiet on the last one. Just turn your speaker volume up and you should be fine.

    Shelley- Those are great, aren’t they! I almost posted them but decided against it because I didn’t want him to stick in anyone’s head as just “the kid who played for Taylor”, you know? 🙂

  12. taywatch says:

    Oh my GOD! I just watched the 2nd one under Shelly’s post and he is truly amazing! I think even Taylor was in awe of him — I couldn’t hear his response when Taylor asked him how old he was. What an amazing talent!

  13. OSB says:

    Ever since we first saw the youtube vid, I’ve been trying to remember where I saw L.D. before. It finally hit me today, he was on that TV talent show “America’s Most Talented Kids”.

  14. cmoore says:

    I can’t hear these but very, very faint….is there a better sound version of them?! He is amazing in the short clips with Taylor that Shelley posted!! Wow, makes my head spin!! He may be playing with Taylor before he’s much older…ha!

  15. Shelley says:

    I’m sure most of you have seen this…but here is video of L.D. playing his harp for Taylor.


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