Taylor talks to the Salt Lake Tribune.

6/29 Taylor Hicks interview/article in the Salt Lake Tribune.


26 Responses to Taylor talks to the Salt Lake Tribune.

  1. aerinphil says:

    EJ, a lot of sp’ers (over at the AI boards) subscribed recently to the pentagonchannel simply by typing their email addresses somewhere at the site and i learned that the site will most probably show the stadium event by july 3 or 4 (dang no live feed after all..).

  2. EJ says:

    aerinphil, I had to take the period off the web address, but then I could see the site. Don’t you have to be associated with the military to get this? Any soul patrollers out there who already subscribe to this service?

  3. Luv Tay says:

    Wow. Taylor is slamming that gear in overdrive. I suspect he will “lose” some of the typical AI label sooner than the others have. He is working so hard to get out with real musicians and artists… not just the ones that play other people’s music. We’ve been listening to manufactured “singers” for way too long. (i.e. britney is a performer who sings!)

    America voted. Big.

    Way to go Taylor. We are loving every snippet we get.

    I suspect we won’t be getting much for free anymore after the tour. Granted, thanks to youtube, etc you can borrow someone else’s recording, but once he is off this tour, he will be building his empire. Good for Taylor.

    It will be interesting to see where all that money goes. Charity? A place out in the country to put his new couch? I can’t wait to see all that come to fruition.

  4. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Boy, this is really the Summer of Taylor – or is that Year? The Utah article was a real interesting read. I love that Taylor is drawing large crowds. The comment about getting comfortable with the camera jumped out. He seemed suspicious of it for most of the season and you could see the gradual transformation.

    Jane, those quotes from the Widespread Panic fans are worth 1,000 X more than any newspaper or TV reporter. If he can convert die hards intent on not liking him, he can convet anyone.

    The Nashville City Paper article upsets me. So this Will Smith is taking credit for The Fall and has cleared over 4,000 units? Wasn’t “The Fall’ on In Your Time that he had nothing to do with? This guy has grossed close to $20,000 by my estimate ‘giving’ away ‘free’ cheap burned CDs that cost him about $1 including postage.

  5. aerinphil says:

    hi everyone! got this post from the ai boards regarding how to view the Stadium of Fire event..hope this one’s for real.

    korealovestaylor writes:

    Hello fellow Soul Patrollers!! I am normally a lurker, but I have great news to share.

    My husband is in the military. I live in Korea right now, but I am originally from Utah. I wrote to AFN and found out that the Stadium of Fire will be broadcasted on the AFN Pentagon channel on the 3rd and 4th of July. Exact times haven’t been determined or listed yet. I went to the website http://www.pentagonchannel.mil. You can subscribe to their daily highlights by leaving your email. This should come in the next few days to give you the exact times. ALSO, I copied this from the website….

    “You can get the Pentagon Channel through your cable or satellite provider. You may need to supply your provider with the coordinates and frequency information listed in the Cable and Satellite Providers section below.”

    It looks like there might be a live stream to watch on the website. I can’t get it to work on my computer.

  6. Jane says:

    (sheepish) Sorry about the double post and the weird links. I was trying to avoid moderation. Didn’t work.

  7. Jane says:

    Robin4Tay: I don’t have the website link, but the thread on which this was posted on the AI TH board is here:

    http://myidol.americanidol. com/Boards/topic.aspx?tid=511390&p=9#post1895315 (take out the space before ‘com’).

    There were a number of Panic fans posting in there today.

    Also, here’s a photo that was posted. First I’ve seen from this performance.
    http://myidol.americanidol. com/Photos/ShowPhoto.aspx?aid=74900&un=ATLfunk&pg=1 (take out space again)

  8. Jane says:

    Robin4Tay: I don’t have the website link, but the thread on which this was posted on the AI TH board is here:

    http://myidol.americanidol. com/Boards/topic.aspx?tid=511390&p=9#post1895315 (take out the space before ‘com’).

    There were a number of Panic fans posting in there today.

  9. Leslie says:

    Thanks for the articles, Ash and Jane. It gives me goosebumps, too, when I hear of the reception he gets with Widespread Panic and the increased ticket sales in Utah once it was announced he was performing.
    Because of the enthusiastic devotion of the Soul Patrol, seeing it first hand and being part of it, sometimes I forget that we’re not the only ones with that enthusiastic response to Taylor. Others may not be part of his core, organized fan base, but they’re out there.
    I was listening to some of my Taylor CD’s today and thinking how well he translates to audio. Same vitality, same soul, same passion. He can still communicate it without the visual.
    With the right music and arrangements, he might become another Dylan, Morrison, or King. Though the blues/soul are not unique, Taylor has that X factor in his personality, his delivery. I think that X factor might propell him to superstardom.

  10. Orca says:

    Thanks Jane for that great review!

    SOOOOoooo happy for Taylor that he’s getting to “play around”….smart guy working on all this exposure and picking up new fans….it’s only a matter of time….he was born famous you know…the world just doesn’t know it yet….

  11. Robin4T says:

    Does anyone have a link to the Panic fan site where Jane picked up those great comments?

  12. On sale? Ah, I was hoping for a free snipet.

    It is amazing on how many things he’s done, and only since he won the show! I don’t remember any other winner, or contestent for that matter, getting their name out there as much as Taylor has. Smart man that one ;). Good for him.

  13. Crazymomelon says:

    Wow, Jane! I was just talking to someone about how Taylor hit the ground running. He’s got a death grip on that brass ring and is taking it all the way. WHOOOOO!

  14. Jane says:

    I know. Esp that person who wrote #3… man, that is worth about a hundred reviews in so-called mainstream media. It gave me goosebumps, too!

    They have the audio of the entire show for sale now on the site. I haven’t gotten it yet — debating whether it’s worth it for that one song. The website is livewidespreadpanic dot com and it’s the 6/29 show.

    EJ: yeah, he’s got a rocket alright. Can’t believe what he’s done in such a short time.

  15. EJ says:

    Wow Jane that is just so bleeping cool! After revving his engine for 15 years, this guy is coming out of the starting gate with a rocket strapped to his back.

  16. Jane, you just gave me goosebumps with your fantastic play by play of that performance. I have been hearing unbelieveable things about it all day long. Whoa, what a great day/night to be Taylor Hicks. All his dreams finally coming true.

  17. Jane says:

    Maybe Ash might want to start a topic for this, but Taylor played on a song with Widespread Panic last night in LA. Someone from one of the Panic fan sites has posted some great responses from people who were there:

    #1: 2nd song of the encore. The song was Fishwater and the place went haywire when he came out. Honestly, it was REALLY good and fun.

    #2: i was there. very surreal, but he actually tears it up pretty well. he was over on schools’ side of the stage just to the right of schools if you were looking at the stage. i was down in the first ga section (pit), and the crowd was eating it up, lots of people jumping up and down, lots of people sort of rubbing their eyes to make sure it wasn’t the mushrooms. there was a point where i just completely lost it and started going into hysterics.

    but schools and hicks were going back and forth pretty well, both had huge bleep eating grins on their faces, jb about lost it a couple of times. huge hugs all around when the performance was over.

    #3 I think it would have been lame if he came out and SANG some cheesy song with them. That was not the case. He didn’t say a word. He Bleeping blew the harmonica apart. I was there, and i’ve been seeing panic for 13 years, been to 70+ shows. If you would have told me about this beforehand, I would have been BLEEPed and said what a total joke it was. But I saw it, and it was sick as BLEEP, and I earned mad respect for Taylor Hicks.

    Isn’t that awesome? He must be awfully powerful live if all he did was play the harp on one song and he won over hard-core Panic fans like this.

    Amazing man! He is certainly getting out there. Since winning AI he’s performed with Robert Randolph (sp?) Band, Snoop Dog, Allman Bros, Black Crowes and now Widespread Panic.

    I noticed in a very early AI interview, he mentioned that the best live concert he ever went to was Allman Bros/Black Crowes. Isn’t it incredible that within a month of his win he is living his dream by playing with these peopel that he’s so long admired?

  18. Meggie says:

    I want Taylor to be healthy, but I hope that he doesn’t lose too much weight. I like his pinchworthy cheeks… cheeks on his face, you sickos! LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think so many people have responded to Taylor, because he doesn’t fit “the mold” – gray hair, 29-years-old, sweet-spastic dance moves, etc. We were so ready for someone with talent, originality and gratitude. I was seriously disappointed by the extreme airbrushing that was very obviously done on his People photos, and single cover. Though, in a strange way, it is refreshing that women are no longer the only ones held to this radical level of physical scrutiny. It is nice to know that the mainstream media is now an equal opportunity scrutinizer. Taylor is his own person. Kids need more celebrities, like Taylor, to look up to. Like I said, I want him to be healthy. I just hope that he won’t be too pressured to fit into a certain mold. Taylor doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would cave into these type of demands. If he does lose weight I am sure he would do it for the right reasons.

    Oh, yeah, the topic. Good article, and to those venturing to the land of Brigham Young for the concert, have fun! I wish that I didn’t live on the other side of the country. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ If my car could run on funk, soul and boogie, I would be there!

  19. Shelley says:

    Speaking of summer concerts…I just saw pics on Getty Images ( http://tinyurl.com/mmov6 ) of a concert featuring Damien Rice and Fiona Apple in California this week.

    I would have LOVED to been there.

    Between Gray introducing me to Rice’s “Cannonball” and my recent iTunes purchase of “Extraodinary Machine” from Apple…I’ve been enjoying some new…and pretty great…tunes…besides Taylor! ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. Shelley says:

    Great article. I know I’ve complained in the past about the bias that many reporters put into their articles…this is one case where I’m thankful for it…very gracious writer.

    Thanks for the link, Ash! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Julie says:

    Sweet guy. I know he’ll be happy when the AI tour is over and he can get on with the real work he wants to do.

  22. There is an article in the Nashville City Paper by Ron Wynn (rwynn@nashvillecitypaper.com) about Taylor’s one-time producer receiving many calls for the release of “The Fall” as a single. It says that a free copy of “The Fall” can be obtained by contacting tylermusicgroup.com.

  23. LuvTay says:

    How funny I was getting ready to post this same article. I was searching Sir Links A Lot for a tidbit or two to pass the afternoon.

    I wish time and money were no issue… I’d fly out tonight and go to that event. Great lineup. Tay, wish you all the best. Keep it real and sleep every chance you get!

    Hopefully they have some good, healthy food lined up for their unbelievable bus tour this summer. It looks like they are in a different city almost every day. Ace looks like a workout buff, maybe he can be a good influence. Plus, the interview with Mandisa talking about losing weight now is great- maybe she can be an inspiration now too.

  24. Nadaclue says:


    I have tickets for the Charlotte show too. Couldn’t afford Columbia too. Tickets here sold out so fast (cause of it being Bucky, Pickler and Chris country), I had to get mine off E-Bay. Took some convincing to get my husband to pay that much for them!!!

  25. suseq3c says:

    Nice article. Poor guy. I hope he’s getting some rest. I heard he’s trying to lose weight…I’m sure he’s thinking of the road weariness that comes from constant touring and constant crowds. Best to go into that in that in good physical shape. Can’t wait to see him in August in Charlotte AND Columbia!

  26. Nadaclue says:

    Great article. Great to hear that he is the big draw! Lee Ann Womack is a pretty big name in Country Music right now. If he can continue to draw the big crowds, it will mean better bookings in the future.

  27. Robin4T says:

    Nice article. Thanks, Ash. Great that he’s getting the credit he no doubt deserves for the increase in ticket sales.

    The daily rate of Stadium of Fire ticket sales quadrupled after Hicks’ involvement was announced earlier this month, said Taylor Macdonald, executive director of America’s Freedom Foundation, which presents the show.
    “The level of excitement has skyrocketed,” Macdonald said. “The number of people calling from out of state has really grown. We’re getting a lot of calls from people in California, from Virginia, from Texas.”

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