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  1. patty cee says:

    mojavedesertgirl said: Taylor never said “Soul Patrol” during this show – not once, not ever. What you hear during TITTS is “Hello Provo! Hello Provo!” The only soul patrol heard came out the mouths of the audience. In one of the few “quiet” moments while he was putting on his guitar and harmonica holder a lot of us (including me – yes, immaturity did reign that night!) were yelling soul patrol! in hopes we’d get a shout back – but we didn’t, and that’s ok. Like I said in my post under ksl.com thread, he showed his appreciation for us with that big smile (which sadly doesn’t show on these videos) and dancing more.

    I was there, too, and just wanted to add that he did say Soul Patrol. It was the very last thing he said as he left the stage. If you have the video, you can listen to it. It’s a small detail, but wanted to add for those who wanted to know…

  2. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Margaux Says: I wish you could all be here with me.

    I for one will be sitting on your shoulder – I’m all ready to repeat my weekend! Have a GREAT TIME Margaux – and blow kisses toward Taylor from all of us.

  3. AliceinWonderland says:

    Margaux –

    We will be … in spirit and in soul. 🙂

    Have fun!

  4. Margaux says:

    I will be in Manchester tomorrow night. I was there today but there was nothing to report except an American Idol panel truck in front of the arena. I cannot hope to do as well as MojaveDG but I will do my best.

    I will obviously need a notebook to keep track of wardrobe changes, hand gestures, shoutouts, changed lyrics, pick or no pick issues.

    I wish you could all be here with me.

  5. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Basenji Says: Here’s to Taylor Hicks’ future success and here’s to the power of live music to change us, move us, and even heal us.

    As usual Ms B, your eloquence nails it. That’s it exactly. I truly feel…renewed. It was good to “shake it out man, shake it out”. And Basenji, knowing your situation of being in Japan and separated from your husband – I thought of you a lot during this holiday weekend. Sending you hugs and smooooches across the ocean to you. I don’t think of myself as an emotional patriotic person – but folks, I walked away the experience with a lump in my throat. The service that so many give on behalf of us – it’s humbling. Like standing beside the ocean, it reminds me to feel small…and to give more. During the invocation (and I’m not a religious person) the mayor of Provo reminded us to be kind to each other, and to have integrity in all that we do. Good words, very good words.

    To Gaynell and aerinphil – Taylor reading my words? Lordy. Stick a fork in me, I’d be done.

    Double D – Yes, my sister will say I have successfully “taylorized” her. On the drive back Sunday I refrained from putting Taylor in the CD – but half way home she implored me, “Can we have some Soul Patrol – please?” BTW, I like my nickname – MDG! MDG, intrepid SP reporter! 🙂

    Janibeth – Taylor being out of breath – y’know, I was surprised to hear the comments based on the video clips. Honestly, I didn’t notice. Since I was having a cow through most of the show, those finer details probably sailed over my head. If he is used to sealevel, perhaps 4000 feet can effect.. He was doing several things at once – singing, playing guitar (hard!) and blowing the harmonica after dancing like a maniac all over the stage. I know I was out of breath most of the time – and I was just watching him! 🙂

    shandykat – OK, I’ll give that Soul Patrol shout out to you. The stadium din was so tremendous when he walked out, I couldn’t hear a thing. Of course, I’m sure my own blowing a lung out screams had absolutely no effect on my hearing…

    Truenorth – Thanks for sending me over to AI site. Wow, I’m famous! :-D. Seriously, I love the compliments. And darn you girl, now you’ve put a bug in my ear about Denver…lordy lordy lordy….

    Thanks everyone for your compliments. Ash emailed me to say she’s reposting my post up top. Wow. Your words are hugs through the internet. I was serious when I said I felt like I was carrying all of you with me in the car…which poses the thought, how many Soul Patrollers can fit in a Toyota Rav4????????

    Love to you all – Happy 4th! Karin AKA mojavedesertgirl
    PS I have set the bar high folks – in the words of Basenji, when you all start posting your recaps of the AI shows – DETAILS people, we want DETAILS!

  6. lv4tay says:

    Wow, what a wonderful recap! Thanks, TN, for directing me here, and Mojave, you make this fellow Las Vegan proud.
    I hope the people who want shreds of clothing and body parts head off after the next new flavor. I believe there are enough of us “den mother” and respectful fan types to keep his career afloat, and maybe even fill a stadium here and there.

  7. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Thank you so much, Mojavedesertgirl!!!

    I’ve read quite a few others from people who were there, but I must say that yours is really the best. I could feel your excitement and hear and see in my mind what you were experiencing. You also gave much more information about the whole show.

    I’m feeling a mixture of joy and sadness for Taylor. It must have been overwhelming for him. It’s such a shame he couldn’t sit with the audience to watch the show and share in the fun. I wonder if he felt lonely.

    I think things will be just a little saner on the Idol tour since they all will be there and he’ll have friends to kick back with – plus the adoration will be spread out a bit.

    Thanks again.

  8. OSB says:

    Wow – Mojave – I am so happy for you & your sister (and glad your trip was safe)- felt like I was sitting right next to you two. Thanks to everyone else with tears in their eyes, so, I know I’m not the only one. I think we’re all going to have to wear silver bomb squad suits to the concerts, after reading this.

    Basenji – much love – I have a coworker whose husband is stationed in Japan and out to sea right now – I’m always amazed at how small our Taylor world really is.

    Happy 4th to all! Can’t believe tomorrow is concert #1 for Taylor & the other kids – can’t wait for tidbits.

  9. TrueNorth says:


    Thought you might enjoy reading some more great reviews of your great review:


  10. Kindred Soul says:

    Thank you DesertGirl!

    Tears of joy for Taylor and tears for our troops and their families…don’t know which has moved me more

    Wonderful recap

  11. Shandykat says:

    Thank you so much for the recap! Awesome review girl 🙂

    Just as an aside…”Taylor never said “Soul Patrol” during this show – not once, not ever.”

    I’m watching the megaload download of the performance right now and he actually DOES say Soul Patrol right when he walks out. His words are:

    “Hey Hey everybody! All Right! Soul Patrol!”

    But with all the screams from the fans it could easily get missed. I can just imagine how loud it must have been!

  12. Cali50 says:

    Great recap, majavedesertgurl. I feltlike I was there. I’m sitting here all teary eyed because I am so happy that you enjoyed yourself so much. I am also somewhat sad that no one, including Taylor and AI expected him to be this kind of phenomenom. I truly hope he can find some special people that he can keep close to him or that this craziness dies down a little after the AI tour.

  13. Phile says:

    “Full Woo…” I. Love. It.

    That review was the Full Woo and more. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Happy 4th, all.

  14. Robin4T says:

    mojavedesertgirl: Everyone has said it beautifully, but led me add my thanks for a most incredible recap. Felt like I was there–and I had a great time!

  15. gobsmacked says:

    just wanted to say wow to mojavedesertgirl, for a beautiful recap. the best i’ve ever read actually. thank you for sharing all of that. and basenji…i’m in japan too. one of my best 4th of july experiences ever, was at the american embassy in tokyo. would love to do it again. cheers.

  16. azure says:

    mojavedesertgirl –

    “Well, well, well – I didn’t expect that!” quoting Paula, of course. Awesome! I just didn’t think that I would ever find a review that would (after already watching the videos many times) leave me with a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes!

    Sometimes I think that maybe, just maybe, I’m way too involved with our guy. I think to myself, (when I see people’s eyes glazing over as I regale them with some TH story) that I should just get a grip now, and grow up! But then, I read a review like yours, and I’m okay with myself again.

    I can look forward to my Taylor “adventure” in Hartford on Sunday, and not worry that people will think I’m too old to be a “fangirl”, or that I’m out of my everlovin’ mind, and I thank you for that!

  17. Lori says:

    Mohavedesertgirl: That was THE best re-cap I have ever read. I loved all your details. It was almost like we were there with you! Wow…thank you so much for posting. You’re incredible.

  18. Basenji says:

    Thanks double d and Gail for the kind words. I got a bit carried away feeling all happy and connected because mojavedesertgirl put in all the great details like holding hands with the fellow Soul Patroller, and feeling like Taylor’s mom worrying over him and the crowds. This site is like going to therapy…

    OK, challenge time: who is ready to post on the first AI tour performance? Those are some big (exploding) shoes to fill…

  19. janibeth says:

    mojavedesertgirl: Can’t thank you enough for your recap. You really have a talent for capturing an experience in print. Thanks so so much!

    Did you notice that Taylor had some trouble catching his breath at some points?

    There was some speculation earlier in the conversation that the altitude in Utah could have been the reason for Taylor’s breathlessness during his performance. Here’s a link to an article that seems to confirm that:


    I was in Colorado Springs a couple of times in the past few years, and I can verify that the “thin air” takes some getting used to. I think you’d probably have to live there for a while before you could really adapt.

  20. Gail says:

    Basenji, thank you also for your 4th of July story from Japan. It must be tough to be a Navy wife. So far from home and so far from any chance of seeing Taylor Hicks live!

    My nephew is in the Navy, and I know he is separated from his family for 6 months at a time while out on the ship.

    Thanks to you, your husband and all the military families who sacrifice so much. God bless.

  21. idolAddict_NW says:

    Mojavedesertgirl — Fantastic first-hand blog of the SOF show. After watching it on video yesterday (Pentagon Channel) it was even more meaningful to read your account of what was going on in the crowd. It is so unbelievable how much Taylor is mobbed by fans — both wonderful and terrifying.

    I haven’t seen Taylor live yet either (thought I will 8/8!). Thank you for letting me share the experience with you. I really loved how the other Soul Patrollers were so friendly and helpful.

  22. MK says:

    I am so happy it was such a great experience for you. We spent sooooo much time obsessing over the lagging West Coast votes this spring, it’s been amazing to hear the reaction far from the heart of Taylor Country.

    It’s got to be overwhelming for him. I’ve watched all five seasons of Idol, but I don’t remember the post-Idol days being this crazy for any of the winners … or even Clay, for crying out loud. In some respects, it will be good for him to go back in the AI bubble for a few months … away from those LA crazies. I just hope he can keep his head on straight …

  23. Gail says:

    I loved your whole story, mojavedesert girl!! From the drive to the Birmingham Al sauce to the concert itself to the fireworks to the drive back home to you studying your Macbook manual.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for first making the decision to go, and for sharing your marvelous story with all of us! I had to read parts of it again. You sure have a way with words! I have never seen Taylor live yet either, and now I am even more excited to do so.

  24. Playin'Possum says:

    Mojavedesertgirl~ Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. I felt like I was standing right next to you. What a wonderful experience. This makes me so anxious for the AI tour and Birmingham. I can’t wait to hear Taylor’s name and Soul Patrol echo through an arena. Thank you again and rest up!

    TrueNorth: LOL…exploding sox…definitely shows that sandals or flip flops are the preferred footwear when it comes to Taylor (not stilletto heels, either…exploding stillettos would be way too dangerous!) 😉

  25. Basenji says:

    I’m putting this here from the Two Stadium of Fire Videos thread so that no one misses a word of mojavedesertgirl. Hope that’s ok:

    mojavedesertgirl Says:

    July 4th, 2006 at 6:26 am
    Hi again…Thought I would add some comments about the shout outs and the “for the troops” comment – since I was there , and I can give some context.

    Taylor never said “Soul Patrol” during this show – not once, not ever. What you hear during TITTS is “Hello Provo! Hello Provo!” The only soul patrol heard came out the mouths of the audience. In one of the few “quiet” moments while he was putting on his guitar and harmonica holder a lot of us (including me – yes, immaturity did reign that night!) were yelling soul patrol! in hopes we’d get a shout back – but we didn’t, and that’s ok. Like I said in my post under ksl.com thread, he showed his appreciation for us with that big smile (which sadly doesn’t show on these videos) and dancing more.

    As for “the troops” comment – you have to realize that THIS ENTIRE SHOW was FOR THE TROOPS. Taylor was a small part – there were a dozen plus other things going on (again, go read my story), all of them focused on the soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the many many many family members in the audience. All throughout the show they were putting up video of the soldiers in the audience – Utah is home to the 222nd Airborne, and you can’t go anywhere in Utah without knowing that. (Nearly every overpass we went under on the interstate has 222 we love you enmeshed into the guard wire using papercups.) Some posters were bothered by some audience members lack of attention while Taylor is performing – you should know that it looks like the person taking the video snippets with their cell phone was sitting right behind all the families that later in the show would be talking to their soldier dads and husbands on the satellite link – can you blame them if their attention is elsewhere? Every single person who came on the stage did a shout out for the troops – so Taylor was not doing it for “effect” or nervousness or whatever – it’s what the whole show was about. If he just stood there and sang (as someone said they wished he would do, and forget the call outs to the audience) he would have been the odd duck of the show. For goodness sakes – earlier Taylor played his harmonica and minutes later members of the 222nd airborne were parachuting into the stadium! Patriotism was the name of the game that night. And by the way, the whole audience – field and stands – waved their little American flags in time to Taylor singing DIMYP, which he dedicated to the troops. A lot of people – not just Tay fans – were in tears thinking of their family members far away doing dangerous work, and not sitting right there with them enjoying a damn fine show.

    PS For a flash – you can see the back of my sister’s head during TITTS when the camera swings way right to the other video screen.

  26. taylorfirst says:

    I’m always going where TrueNorth tells me and I always end up following and agreeing with Gaynell! (I love you guys!)

    I agree with what she said. Great, great recap. And I read somewhere that T got to see the fireworks from on-stage or backstage somewhere, because someone saw him taking pictures of them as he watched them and commented how cool that was for him.

    You’re a lucky one. The Deal. Can you believe it?

  27. aerinphil says:

    oh.my.god. mojavedesertgirl! that was so far and away the BEST stadium recap (doing simon’s accent).
    i am sooo happy for you. i hope taylor gets to read your post.

  28. double d says:

    Basenji – Thank you and your husband for the sacrifices you make so that we can be free to listen to the music we like or want to, go to concerts 7 hours away, go from bar band singer to American Idol and sit on this internet a get all “fan girly”.

    I truly enjoy reading your posts and insightfulness. And, God Bless.

  29. double d says:

    MDG — Standing O, girlfriend!

    Just absolutely, primo….Thanks so much for allowing us to live vicariously through you. Felt like I was there and I would have been just as “stunned” to see him LIVE. One day, one day….

    And LOVED your sis’ “Full Woo”. My family hates to ride in my car because it’s ‘All Taylor, All the Time’. I’ve told my 14.75 year old, who has no other alternative, that he can walk if he doesn’t like it. Funny thing is, he now asks for certain Taylor songs now…I think he’s getting “Taylorized”.

    TrueNorth – I just spit my coffee all over my laptop screen re: exploding sox….

  30. Nellw says:

    mohavedesertgirl you did such a great recap I feel almost like I was there!!!
    I think maybe our guy is as you said bigger than we realize.. WOW!
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip and the whole experience. Wonder if any of us will get to meet Taylor this summer???
    Thanks again!!!!!!

  31. SoulForever says:


  32. Luv2 Liz says:

    OMG Desert Girl….. You are so right…

    Let him be off the clock to see the fireworks.

    taking care of him…..

    I am in tears. WOW nice review.

  33. Gaynell says:

    mojavedesertgirl – All I can say is WOW. Best review/recap I have read of any Taylor event. I was crying tears of laughter and joy ~ and, yes, I hope Taylor did get to the see the fireworks, but I hope he someday gets a chance to read this too. What a tribute.

    Thank you so much!

  34. AliceinWonderland says:

    Thanks, Mojave, for that great report! Almost feel like I was there! You represented our delegation of SPers very well. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    So happy for Taylor that he was met with such enthusiasm! He deserved every second of it.

  35. Kim(DogDoc) says:

    Yeah, He exploded off the TV screen too. Wish I could have been there. I don’t know how he will keep the energy up during the entire Idol tour. Lots of barbeque, grits and turnip greens!!!

  36. Basenji says:

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Brava mojavedesertgirl!!!!!!!

    I was in tears reading your post. Big fat happy tears. One reason was your explanation to the crew here about the military families and how perhaps they were a little preoccupied with missing their loved ones and how Taylor showed he understood Stadium of Fire was a show to support the troops and called out to them. Here’s why I cried:

    I just got home after going to the US Navy base in Yokosuka, Japan for the Fourth of July picnic and live music show and fireworks. My husband is off on deployment on a ship (not in the Persian Gulf, I am thankful to say, but gone nonetheless). I went with some friends (fellow wives missing our husbands) and we ate hot dogs and cotton candy and drank lemonade (or beer) and there were flags flying everywhere. A band comes on (Floyd VanLaningham and his Country Band) that has come all the from Nashville to entertain the troops and their families in Japan. This guy will get very little money for his time and will stay in the base facilities which are not fancy at all. Remember Bob Hope and the USO? Floyd and his band came out to play for us and put on a fun show. It was mainly rock country stuff, some original songs, good music. Mixed in some Skynyrd, some Cash and right before the fireworks were to start the last song was “Sweet Home Alabama”. So, Mojave, I am like you and find meaning in every coincidence (ribs, anyone?) and almost start crying missing my husband and also laughing. My friend laughs and says, “I bet you wish that was Taylor Hicks up there, huh?” Yes, indeed.

    Anyway, the point is Taylor shouted out for the troops and did his thing and is fabulous in front of 50,000 people and I’m so happy. Mojavedesertgirl shares with us the most awesome recap of our boy and makes me feel what it would have been like, and I feel connected to you all in our silly happiness. Thank you so much. Here’s to Taylor Hicks’ future success and here’s to the power of live music to change us, move us, and even heal us. Thanks again Mojave!

  37. TrueNorth says:

    Excuse me while I put my sox back on. They just exploded off my feet around about “his name was echoing around the stadium.”

  38. Lakeside says:

    mojavedesertgirl – BRILLIANT report! What a wonderfully vivid read. Thanks so much for sharing your experience – I could feel your excitement and elation the whole way through. Bet you’ll be occupying Cloud Nine for quite some time!

    I’ve seen some mixed reactions from people who weren’t there but what interests me most is how the people who were actually present received him and it sounds like they were thoroughly engaged so that’s great. I don’t think anyone will be going home disappointed from the AI tour by the sounds of it, especially not with the enhancement of a live band for him to work with. 🙂

    Thank you for putting so much into your report – makes the necessity of living vicariously through others much easier to bear (I’m in the UK so not much chance of me seeing him I’m afraid 😦 )

    Off to read it again….

  39. mojavedesertgirl says:

    And now here’s the REST of the story…

    I don’t really remember what followed Taylor – people talking, awards I think – I don’t know because I was wiping away my tears and giving myself some self-talk about growing up dammit, yer 45 not a little girl, and then Miss America is talking and GUSHING about how wonderful Taylor is and the crowd is screaming his name and whoo-hoooing again and my sister is patting me on the back and telling me she got lots of pictures (which is good cuz I kinda stopped – it’s too hard to watch and take pictures at the same time!) and I’m holding hands with the lady in front of me and her teenagers are rolling their eyes at us and I’m thinking this. was. so. totally. worth. it. (Oops, forgot the fashion report – for his set Taylor wore his silvery gray suit, I think the same one he had on when he did Leno the first time. Sorry, couldn’t make out his shoes – blame the dude with the 50 gallon white cowboy hat.)

    Next, Lee Ann Womack is performing – which thrills my sister, and I’m happy for her – she knows all the words to all the songs and so she gets to have her own concert moment. (I didn’t know Womack did “I Hope You Dance” – I love that song, and that was a treat.) About 2 songs into Womack’s set, I hear this HUGE commotion off to my right – and I realize that women, teenagers to ladies older than me, are jumping out of their seats and running to the big aisle that runs between the field seats and the stadium stands. I hear calls of “That’s him! It’s Taylor! There he is!” It’s so loud, it tunes out Womack. I can see a large group of people are surrounding a person, and they are moving fast – ever seen one of those nature programs when they show a bunch of ants moving fast through the jungle floor carrying something in their midst? That’s what it looked like! – What was in the midst of the group was Taylor. I can tell you he is taller than his handlers and there is no mistaking that gray hair.

    At this point I’m not really sure what’s going on – he is leaving? Is he being moved to another part of the stadium? Is there more performing on the way? All I know is there are a lot of folk chasing after him – and I think back to the photo the man showed me before the show and how Taylor looked just the teensiest bit scared and I am instantly all mom-like with worry. Why are people chasing Taylor? Leave him alone! He just sang and worked his guts out for us – why isn’t that enough? But either he’s gone (I’m thinking, Taylor Has Left the Stadium) or the handlers have rebuffed successfully because I see women returning to their seats. I’m relieved to see that they are not carrying shreds of clothing, or body parts, with them.

    And the end of her song, Womack does a Taylor shout out to the crowd – “Hey everybody, what did you think of that Taylor Hicks?” and the place goes NUTS – again! She says she’s very happy to be sharing the stage with him, that she thinks he has an amazing voice. She mentions that she has never watched AI – not her thing – but when she was doing a radio promo she heard a clip of Taylor’s audition song and she remarked that if someone with a voice like that was on AI, well then – she would watch! (Doesn’t that just sound like US?) Continues to compliment his voice, and wishes his career well. I thought that was incrediblely gracious of her – she is the headliner, and suddenly all the media attention was on HIM and not on her. She could have been snitty, instead she’s a fan too. Nice! (My sister had googled Stadium of Fire in hopes of getting a map – and got 1300+ hits, all of them about TAYLOR.) And how nice for him to get such a compliment.

    Both during and after her performance, there are families being reunited with returning soldiers and satellite hook ups so families in the audience can talk to their soldier dads in Iraq and Afghanistan. Touching – beyond touching, words cannot describe the heartbreak and aching. (This war, this stupid stupid war.) Then Miss A and the country guy are saying goodnight – there isn’t anything left is there – and AGAIN the crowd starts shouting: TAYLOR! We want more Taylor! Soul Patrol! – his name was echoing around the stadium. Wow – I’m thinking – wow-wee, our boy is bigger than I think we know…my sister and I looking rather big-eyed at each other when the finale begins – a fireworks show to end all fireworks shows.

    Now people – I live in LasVegas, Sin City, Entertainment Capital, home to one of the planet’s largest 4th of July fireworks show. Tonight my neighbors and I will be sitting on our front lawns (well, ok, my front rocks) sipping wine and watching The Strip explode. When it comes to fireworks, I admit to being just a bit jaded. Well, whoa nelly – knock me on my butt and call me Fannie. “Stadium of Fire” is not just some cutsy same for a show – I experienced the biggest, baddest, wildest, in your face fireworks show EVER. Take out Taylor, take out the whole show – just the fireworks alone were worth the drive and the ticket. Seriously. And we were in the prime seats – the fireworks went off LITERALLY over our heads. Firework DEBRIS rained down on us (and ow! sometimes that hurt!) – I was still getting the crap outta my hair the next day.

    So if you’ve hung in here this long reading my story, by now you are probably thinking – I didn’t really need to do the play by play of the ENTIRE concert, shouldn’t I have stopped talking after Taylor’s set…or at least after the Womack shout out? Well…I have another story to tell! As we leave, my sister and I stop for a pit stop – and being the woman’s bathroom of course there was a line a mile and half long. Plenty of time to look around. I spy on the woman in front of me – a yellow wrist band with the words TAYLOR HICKS emblazoned on it. I look at the woman – What does your wrist band mean? She grins a cat eating canary grin – “I met Taylor”. WHAT????!!! HOW????!!! Tell me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssssseeeeeeee!” – yes, no pride, no shame! Her daughter is on the show committee so set her up for a meet and greet with our Taylor – autograph and actual conversation. I say – he seems like such a nice young man, and she replied “Oh yes, really nice – I said to him, you must be so excited about winning American Idol and all this fuss about you and he said to me ‘What I’m excited about are the fireworks! I can’t wait!” and she goes on to remark about the commotion over him during Womack’s set – I guess she could actually see what was going on. They had a place for him to watch the rest of the show, including the fireworks – but people saw him, and so freaked out that they had to move him – and she thinks they ended up moving him out of the stadium, but she wasn’t sure. Together we were both very upset for Taylor – that so much fan frenzy might have caused him to miss out on that incredible and public praise from Womack AND to miss out on the fireworks show that he obviously wanted to see very much. (Thank you nice lady for sharing your story with me – sorry I didn’t get your name.)

    I hope hope hope that isn’t true – I hope the handlers found a safe place for him so he could enjoy. Ugh! C’mon people! Taylor is not a cartoon character, he’s not a wind-up doll – we get to go crazy while he’s performing, but afterwards, he’s done! He’s off the clock! He gets to be his own person! Yes we helped him to win AI, and we helped to make his dream come true – but that doesn’t mean we own him. If anything – doesn’t it mean we, above all, should be taking care of him? I know he has been wanting and waiting and working for this level of stardom for a long time – but I guess I worry that we’re just gonna wear him out. I want Taylor to have a long, successful, happy, and creative career – I want to be able to enjoy the man and the music from now until my twilight days. Man – fangirl to sniffling romantic to den mom, Taylor sure can bring out a range of emotions in me. Gotta love him.

    Our journey home included a two and a half hour drive from Provo to our motel room (closest non smoking under a $150 we could find!)…Under the Radar, DIMYP/TITTS, and the Nashville Sessions going full blast all the way – or as my sister came to call it, The Full Woo. After sleeping in, we spent Sunday leasurely exploring scenic Utah, playing Taylor and reliving the show all the way home. And we have pictures to share – be patient with me as I learn with my new computer how to post them to my website page that’s under construction. (Where was I most of today? Sitting here with my head buried in the MacBook manual, with off and on napping on the couch with the animals. I only pretended to be 19 – this road trip took a lot outta me!) My sister (who owns the better camera, and who also had much more presence of mind while Taylor performed!) has some great shots. We also have many many many hilarious shots of just “Taylor pieces” – an arm, a piece of suit, part of a guitar, the top of his head. Why? BECAUSE HE MOVES SO DARN FAST AND HE’S SUCH A MANIAC ON THE STAGE!

    It was a fantastic 48 hours of Taylor Trip. Thanks again for encouraging me shake off the chains of work and home responsibilities and just go be a fun fangirl for awhile. It was great. And you were all there with me, heart and soul. WHOOOO HOOOO SOUL PATROL!!!!!!

    PS Thanks Taylor for giving Provo your all – and I really really really hope you got to see the fireworks.

  40. mojavedesertgirl says:

    My story continues…

    Now I have to sit through the opening acts…a local band…Miss America the emcee…a country guy…army dudes parachuting into the stadium (actually, that was very dramatic and very cool)…more people talking…a faux Queen, a faux ABBA, and a faux Beach Boys (the latter quite good)…Raven-Symone in some kind of food fight with 2 families trying to win a big screen TV…a bunch of other stuff that I really can’t remember…and then, and then, and then Raven-Symone is introducing Taylor and the crowd is again screaming so loud that you can’t actually hear her say his name. Spotlights on the stage – and Taylor demurely steps out from behind the curtain and is standing on the stage. I swear for a moment he held onto the curtain like he was trying to steady himself – and then that big gorgeous smile of his and he strides out to the front of the stage. Waving, intoducing himself (yeah, like we don’t know his name!), saying he’s happy to be there, a shout out to the troops, and then into “Taking it To the Streets”. He’s all over the stage – singing, dancing, playing harmonica. Everytime he dances the stadium ERUPTS with cheers – and HE IS LOVING IT! Each times he rewards us with that HUGE smile, and the bendy Taylor move with his hands crossed over his heart – which of course makes us all scream some more. Yes, the music is a recording – but c’mon people, don’t be harsh. All I could hear was TAYLOR – his voice, his harmonica. Besides – it was all about the visual. He is so close, I feel like I can reach out and touch him. I can FEEL his ENERGY blasting off the stage.

    Fellow SPers – I guess if you’ve had the opportunity to see him perform in person you probably already know what I’m trying to express. Remember, for me – this is my first time with Taylor Live. He is a big presence – electrifying personality. Again, I am astounded that he is not already established and famous. Next to me I can hear my sister saying, “Wow – what an entertainer! Wow!” It was so hard trying to focus my attention. It’s hard NOT to watch those humongous video screens, especially the camera close ups since he is just so darn handsome, especially giving us THAT SMILE. But I didn’t come 400 some miles to watch video Taylor – so I kept my eyes as best I could on that stage. All of us in the field seats were on our feet, and the woo-hoos and the soul patrol shout outs and the Taylor shout outs nearly drowned him out. A sweet Taylor fan in front of me turns around – we grab each others’ hands and scream “THIS IS THE BEST!!!!” (If you’re reading this, hi Kay from Draper!).

    TITTS ends and Taylor is endlessly thanking the crowd as a roadie comes out with a guitar and the holder-thingy so he can play his harmonica at the same time – OH MY GOD HE’S GOING TO PLAY HIS GUITAR – and Taylor says he’d like to do one of his own songs if we don’t mind – I believe he said “an original Taylor Hicks” – and launches into The Deal. Luckily, the crowd sits down – thank goodness, because I feel like my knees are giving out. How lucky am I – I cannot believe it – I am watching Taylor perform his own song, and playing guitar. I thought I wouldn’t get to see that until he goes on his solo tour. And DAMN, Taylor is an EXCELLENT guitarist. Truly – I am not being all fan girly with my praise. There is great guitar work on Under the Radar, but I was never sure if that was his craft or his bands’ – well, ok, no question now – he is indeed a serious musician. He knocked it out of the stadium. And people knew the song – at least those of us in the field seats, because I heard a lot of voices singing along. Taylor kept looking, or really, squinting out at the crowd – I’m not sure if he was trying to see past the stage lights or if he was trying to take in the size of the crowd or trying to judge the reaction to his own music – I can’t say what he was thinking, but he was very intense and serious while performing The Deal. No smiles this time – just hard ass guitar playing and gritty vocals. Loved it, loved it, loved it. It was like a TASTE, a little taste of what’s in store for us when he finally hits the road on his own. This is Taylor Hicks, and here’s a fucking SONG!

    Then, it’s DIMYP. Taylor dedicates it to the troops. Again, he’s singing along to the recorded music (I admit – too bad it’s not just him and a pianist, I really like that simplified version the best.). As he sings he walks back and forth across the stage, making a point of looking to all parts of the stadium and waving – including the far sides that can barely see the stage. Not the big smile Taylor this time, but the gracious and grateful smiling Taylor – I felt like he was trying really hard to connect with the entire crowd, when it would have been so easy to just sing to the rows in front of the stage. Or easy to just let the cameras and video screen do his performing for him – but I felt like he was trying to be big enough for the stadium. Am I making sense? He was not taking it lightly or going through the motions – he was PERFORMING. And it was great. Amazingly great. He sang DIMYP so sweetly and sincerely. I cried.

    And as suddenly as it began – it was over.
    Let me post this – and I’ll be back to wrap it up.

  41. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Basenji Says:
    July 2nd, 2006 at 3:10 am
    WHERE IS MOJAVEDESERTGIRL????? More details!

    Hi everyone! Goodness! With 130+ comments on top of me, this post will probably be buried and no one will see it! Am I really the only ex-pat GC to see Taylor at the Provo concert? Amazing – because the audience was packed with the Soul Patrol. I had LOTS of people (well, ok, women) all around me to get all fan-girly with. For awhile there I was truly 19 again…Here’s my best play by play…

    First of all – this is my first time seeing Taylor LIVE. I have only ever seen TV and internet video Taylor. I was so excited that I was literally jumping out my skin the 7 hour drive there, and the several hours we waited for the show to start. The only thing tempering it was that I got up at 4:30 am – everyone who knows me knows that I am so NOT a morning person! I told my sister that I hadn’t been this wound up about a concert since I had 2nd row center seats for Bruce Springsteen about 20 years ago. I had so much nervous energy that if we’d had a flat I probably could have picked up the damn car and ran with it. But I had the well wishes for safe travel from so many of you – so safe we were. Thanks for all the “you go girl!” comments – I read them last thing before going to sleep the night before. I don’t really know any of you, and you don’t really know me – but honestly, I felt like you were all in the car with me as I drove north on Interstate 15.

    Have to tell you about 2 pre-concert incidents. First, we finally got to Provo about 4 in the afternoon – got the tickets from will call, and went in search of an early dinner. Ended up down the street from the university at a restaurant called “Papa’s” boasting of “southern style BBQ” – which we thought fit the theme of the day quite well. Open the menu – first item: “Southern Ribeye Steak Slow Cooked with our Special Birmingham, Alabama Sauce”. I just rolled to the floor in hysterics – too, too funny. Waiter thinks I have lost my mind. Turns out the restaurant is owned by a couple who are orginally from Birmingham (do you hear “Its a Small World” playing in the background?). I chat up the waiter – but he is Taylor clueless. (And yes, I had the steak.)

    Back to the BYU football stadium for the concert – and my sister and I settle into our 16th row seats. Well, settle is a relative word – my sister will testify that I did anything BUT settle. All I can think at this point – I’M GOING TO SEE TAYLOR PERFORM LIVE!!!! AND HE WILL BE ABOUT 50 FEET AWAY!!! I’m doing Soul Patrol shout outs to anyone I see in a Taylor T-shirt. In this midst of my pre-show frenzy, a woman suddenly pops up in front of me – could we trade seats? Her whole family wants to sit together…and suddenly we find ourselves sitting in the 12th row. The woman’s father thanks us for switching, and I quip “No problem! I’m just that much closer to Taylor Hicks!!” The man looks at me funny, and responds – “Since you said that, let me share something with you…” and pulls out his camera. Turns out this family WALKED INTO THE STADIUM WITH TAYLOR – and had a picture to prove it. The man said it was a huge scene – Taylor was surrounded by “handlers” (his words) to keep the frenzy back. He said the screaming was unreal, as if The Beatles or Elvis were walking in. It was a great close up of Taylor, and I had a light-headed fangirl moment where I actually, much to my embarrassment, thought of only one word – yep, THUD. Taylor was stunningly handsome in the photo, but also looking a little wide and white eyed – very serious look on his face. After what I saw happen later, I totally understand the seriousness…but more on that later…

    The stdium is completely filled – 50,000 people. I remember reading that Taylor said this show would be the largest live audience he would play for (although that all changes for him tomorrow with the AI tour) – and I’m feeling some awe for him as I look at the crowd. We all then do the WAVE about 20 times as the clock counts down to the start of the video stream to the troops in the Mid-East. And the show, FINALLY, begins. There is a lot of yadda yadda yadda to begin… the media, the show committee, directions on waving our little American flags (yes seriously – the Mormons do like their structure) (and hey no comments at me please, I come from an LDS family – I get to tease!), the invocation, the pledge, dancers performing to patriotic songs…all very patriotic and at times moving, but it begins to lull me into inattention as all I can think is “Taylor Live, Taylor Live, Taylor Live…” and then SUDDENLY – BAM! There he is 30 feet tall on the stage screen playing his harmonica! My sister stops me from doing a backflip into the crowd trying to SEE him – because we can’t, he’s way behind us out on the field with the dancers and the marching band (300 drummers – they rocked!). So totally caught by surprise I can’t get my camera out in time – so I just watch Taylor dance and play his harmonica with all his heart for about 90 seconds. To what song? Couldn’t tell ya! The stadium is going WILD – the screams and cheers and calls of SOUL PATROL from all around me about knocked me over – goodness knows what Taylor is thinking at the reaction. Truly, the place went NUTS. I got in several “whooo hoos” from all of us. When he stops playing, Taylor gives a big BIG smile into the camera and waves to the crowd on all sides. Big as life – yet a little shy at the same time. And he was wearing his peacock blue suit. Absolutely gorgeous in the stadium lights (it’s about sunset at this point – the thunderheads were pinking up behind him).

    OK I’ve written a lot – don’t want to lose it so let me post, and I’ll continue on…

  42. Marianne Yelle says:

    Hi All: I really enjoy your posts. thought provoking and real. I like the fact that people have different views but can discuss it with civility. However, here’s a tongue in cheek disclaimer so noone misinterprets anything and takes offence: I love Taylor Hicks and I don’t mean anything personally, to anyone!

    Re. hwc posts (band, videos etc):

    The video or no video discussion: I agree that I can’t see Taylor in the pimp videos on MTV but there is a wonderful quality in film that conveys Taylor’s emotive abilities. I watch some of the videos of his AI performances over and over because of it (You are so Beautiful, Something). You don’t get this in a live tour and I think (what do others think?) fans love this too. I also love the stillness in these songs that allows you to really hear the lyrics and connect to them. My only complaint (more of an observation rather than complaint) with live performances (I conveyed this earlier on GrayCharles) is that he doesn’t commit as much to the lyrics and voice as much live as he does when he is still on stage (as he was on AI TV).

    I love the lyrics of The Deal (especially “I know living with me aint easy” which really brings a personal edge to it) and I don’t think that if I hadn’t already heard it in it’s stripped down form (on Under the radar) where I heard every line, that I wouldn’ve have liked it as much live. Anyhow, what I’m saying is, although a 25,000$$ video of crap is not what I want, I would love to see him playing in a quiet room and singing his heart out and showing his emotions in his face. Also, not everyone can get to a concert (cost, living location) and you need to nurture those fans too.
    Maybe some TV venue will pick him up too as a regular (SNL?) so we can also see his entertaining qualities outside of the singing aspect??

    I am interested in the concert DVD idea too but wouldn’t it be nice if it came with his CD?? Have you seen the ‘Bruce Springsteen’s sings Pete Seeger songs’ documentary show on Public TV? It is Springsteen and musicians (many) in an old farmhouse playing and singing (plus down time which adds intimacy). They took 3 days to record the Seeger songs CD unrehearsed! It has a quailty that speaks to me of Taylor and I think he could actually connect more to the other musicians than Springsteen did (not trying to be critical but Springsteen seemed a bit ‘seperate’ from the others except his wife; maybe because of the tight deadlines and the fact that the musicians didn’t regularly play with him).

    Anyhow, I would love to see Taylor in this environment (I mean ‘see’ him as on a DVD or TV show) as he seems to really thrive in it. Also, (and please check this out ‘hwc’ before you veto the whole video thing in your mind) there is a DVD on the backside of the Springsteen Seeger CD that has a performance video of springsteen and band (farm house people) playing freestyle at a local pub. I know it’s likely more orchestrated than it appears, but it has a wild, free for all feel to it that I love and a video like this for MTV (remember they did play that great Johnney Cash video just before he died) would be amazing.

    Re. your comments about ‘professional’ style performance as in Shania and Tina Turner, although I think professionalism has many interpretations, I am not sure I agree or maybe I just don’t agree with your artist choices. I am Canadian and admire Shania’s trip to the top with Mutt Lange, but I have always found her live performances wanting (not her videos though) as she can’t dance too well and is a bit too contained and it’s a bit boring for me. Tina is more energy for sure and perhaps I can see more resemblance to taylor. However, I can’t help but recall Randy (after Funky Music) saying that it was like being at a bar and a bit drunk watching taylor’s performance of that song. And to me, that’s a good thing – that wild roller coaster ride thing (the high) that you can get in the audience from a good live performance. Too much choreographing (as I see in Shania) can kinda blow this feeling and it’s the living on the edge (i.e. the dangerous feeling of what is he going to do next??) that really creates the excitement with ‘Taylor live’. I love it and it seems so do the fans. Although I want to hear his lyrics etc, I am willing to get this from his CD’s and get the adrenaline rush from his concerts.

    Re. the band thing: I agree. Didn’t Leanne have a live band?? How is it that they couldn’t have been enticed them to fill in? Re. LMBO, I am not a musician (just a music fan) so dunno about their qualifications as a touring band. However, having 2 nephews in 2 bands (one is the leader/singer), I know it can be a lonely life and your band members are really your family. Taylor is (and will be) living a high stress life. He needs friends and family he can count on-ideally with him. If the two LMBO guys that were always on Idol are competent enuf (people have said good things about them), it’d be great if they could be there to support him through the journey.

  43. hwc says:

    BTW, as a homework assignment for Taylor, I would recommend that he spend many, many hours disecting and analyzing the concert DVDs of Tina Turner’s and Shania Twain’s big arena tours. IMO, both of these singers have mastered the pacing, showmanship, and integration of a kick-ass stage band into a hook-filled charismatic performance that leaves fans of all ages smiling. Their shows are crafted down to the last detail. In both cases, the band is a vital part of the “showmanship”, far more than just a “backing band” for a lead singer.

    He has that kind of charisma. He should shoot for that level of presentation quality.

  44. hwc says:

    I think he will have enough material after his album. He’s got a half dozen originals now that are good enough. I’m guessing there will be some more. He’s obviously effective in selecting interesting covers. The show would need a LOT of rehearsal. He’s got to move beyond the bar band shows and work on presentations that effectively present his full range of material: from “Something” to “Jailhouse Rock”.

    The trend these days seems to be tours with multiple headliners of a genre. One of the reasons the contemporary country machine is so well oiled is that they have always worked this well. So, for example, Carrie is out on the road with Kenny Chesney all summer.

    I think that could work very for Taylor. For example, a Taylor/Robert Randolph tour would be fantastic. I think that would have better shot of filling the Greek Theater in LA than Black Crowes/Robert Randolph. Or, think about how well a Kelly Clarkson/Taylor Hicks tour would sell. That starts to approach arena tour territory.

    The $64,000 question is whether he would be the BIG headliner. Or the SMALL headliner on a huge tour? And what size venues could he fill? I don’t know the answers to those questions yet. I’m hoping to get a glimpse of the future Wednesday night in Manchester. But, I’m also realistic enough to know that the Idol tour format may not allow that.

  45. Bob says:

    HWC – Whoever you are.

    Great posts! Mad doses of realism. I love it! I totally agree that a music video is a waste. I also agree that getting him on a sustainable tour is the way to go. From what I’ve learned he makes more money that way. Plus he can sell albums there. I am also in complete agreement that 19 Management, if he is contracted with them, have the potential to mismanage the bejesus out of him.

    Your comments on Kelly and Carrie are also spot on. As for Bo, I don’t know that much about him but I can’t argue with your hypothesis.

    But, maybe you can weigh in on this. Does he have enough material right now to do a solo tour with a 2 hour set? I don’t think so and that is why he needs to team up with another act.

  46. Basenji says:

    HWC (and Ash): this whole live music theme would be a great future for discussion thread. As I have been tooling aroung the internet since GC and now here and really listening to music again, I was reminded of how live music used to be a daily part of my life. For example, everyday in high school band (blasting away on my clunky old trumpet) and all through college experimenting with new music and old music to “find” myself. At my wedding the band that was hired happened to have an old classmate of mine as the singer (I had no idea beforehand) and it made it even more special to have a person I knew playing for us. And oh the various places I have been touched by a jazz set or some fun night out listening to what could have been a “Taylor Hicks” getting down in a bar. Now I hear many schools have pretty much cut off all funding for music. Very sad. I’m going to contribute to some of those charities in New Orleans and elsewhere to help keep musicians afloat. Taylor is set, let’s go out and help the rest!

  47. hwc says:

    My daughter never, not even once, had a live band for a high school dance. All DJs. Blows my mind.

  48. hwc says:


    I think the lack of exposure to live music is the reason that so many of today’s pop recordings show a complete lack of “groove”.

    Also, the use of Auto-tune and other computer software to digitally perfect the pitch just kills “soul”. I mean so much of blues (and therefore rock n’ roll) is rooted in bending and sliding notes (either on guitar or voice) around perfect pitch. Take that away and you might as well just use sythesizers for everything — which is basically what they do these days.

  49. Robin4T says:

    The whole point of music is that it is a spontaneous moment of creativity – musicians interacting with musicians, singer interacting with instrument. Take that away and what really is the point? Why not just hire a DJ to do the show?

    That pretty much sums it up.

  50. hwc says:

    Sorry. There’s just no way I can accept singing along with a karaoke machine. It’s bad enough on a TV performance. But, to sing with a karoke machine live? What has the world come to?

    The whole point of music is that it is a spontaneous moment of creativity – musicians interacting with musicians, singer interacting with instrument. Take that away and what really is the point? Why not just hire a DJ to do the show?

  51. sasgeorgia says:

    I just watched the YouTube video. Sure, that may have been a track [a.k.a. “karaoke machine”] but sure as hell, no one else handles one of those like Taylor does. He never performs his songs the same way twice, showing that his extemporaneous abilities are very good.

    FYI – for those of you who don’t like the “karaoke machine”: I went to a taping of an episode of a new Jeff Foxworthy show that was here in Atlanta last week. The musical artists were also performing to a track. They apologized for it, saying they “don’t usually use one.” But without bringing in a whole band for one or two songs, I don’t think that the final quality of the song would be up to the level of audience expectation. We get used to hearing a song sounding a particular way and if the track were not used, we would think it didn’t sound good AT ALL.

    My two cents.

  52. hwc says:

    >> The Fantasia comments might be a little harsh, but that’s a matter of opinion.


    You have to understand my bias: total disdain for contemporary R&B/Hip Hop. My wife has iTunes loaded up with all the biggies and I can’t stand any of it. So many great singers, so much dreadful material. It’s even more of a wasteland than the disco era.

  53. Tee says:

    hwc…you are definately on point with a lot of your comments. The Fantasia comments might be a little harsh, but that’s a matter of opinion. Personally, I thought Fanty’s album wasn’t great, but wasn’t horrible either. The songwriting left a lot to be desired, maybe it will be bettter with her second album. We’ll see.

    I agree with you…Taylor’s money is probably going to be made touring. The demand to see him live is so high right now, and I don’t see that dissipating anytime soon. Speaking for myself, I might be…no, I WILL be disappointed if Taylor’s album ends up being “The Real Thing, Part II” or “Sorry 2006”, but having seen Taylor live, I know I won’t ever be disappointed at a Taylor Hicks show. Like you said, anything he makes from album sales, particularly with this first album, will be gravy. Not that I’m worried about Taylor’s finances; he’s a long way from being the broke performer he was a few months ago. Taylor’s bank account will be just fine, and it looks like he’s not taking his “15 minutes” of fame for granted. I’m confident he’s going to make the most of this opportunity he’s been given.

  54. EJ says:

    hwc, your descriptions of the business side of all this are nothing if not fascinating. It makes Taylor’s recent strategizing even more impressive to me. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t made a misstep yet. Someone on this board (forgive me, I forget who) colorfully descibed his behavior as “having a death-grip on the brass ring”. He ain’t letting go.

    He’s got more innate charisma then all the other Idol winners combined. That will not only sell his albums, but I have the feeling that a lot of other really talented, well-known people are going to go out of their way to work with him. And let’s not forget his other talent- the iron fist in the velvet glove. He’s very gracious, polite, charming, and utterly immovable when it comes to how he wants to present himself. I have faith that he’ll make the right decisions, and get what he wants out of all of this. Go Taylor, go!

  55. EJ says:

    AHHH. I want to see him perform “The Deal” so much. And this video, cool as it is, cuts off at the moment the stagehand brings him his guitar…..

    I’m so happy for him. That picture in the deseret news article that idolAddict_NW posted really says it all. He’s lit up like a Christmas tree.

    (note to self: WHEN will I learn NEVER to check in to this website when I am running a bath or have something on the stove?????)

  56. hwc says:

    As for performance royalties, I think the promotors of Stadium of Fire simply pay a one-time fee to ASCAP that covers any and all songs performed. The fee is based on the size of the crowd. ASCAP then distributes funds to its member songwriters based on some formula that is probably inscrutible. The money in songwriting comes from recordings of songs.

    I think we are grossly overestimating the sales of Under the Radar. Remember, it’s only being sold by one independent record store in Birmingham, AL. I would guess that the total sales have been a few thousand copies. Constantine’s crappy independent Pray for the Soul of Betty CD was actually available on Amazon and only sold something like 6000 copies.

    The main objection 19 would have to Taylor performing his own stuff is that they would prefer that he record songs by 19’s stable of Euro synth-pop Spice Girls/boy band writers (for example, Do I Make You Proud). That way, 19 gets songwriting money in addition to the record company cut and a cut from Taylor’s money in the form of a management percentage. Another example of the horrid conflict of interest inherent in the whole 19E arrangement. 19E is only interested in squeezing every last drop of blood out of the Idol tour and Taylor’s first album. They have never been associated with any artist endeavor that involves something beyond a short-term one hit wonder.

    Clive Davis may well have a longer-term view of Taylor’s career. With projects like Santana and Rod Stewart’s standards, Davis is not blind to the potential market for sustainable adult contemporary acts. These types of artists fly under the radar a bit, but sell steady over a long period of time and often end up with multi-platinum albums when all is said and done. For example, Paul Simon is only selling 20k albums a week, but I bet he’s still selling 20k a week when Shakira and Nelly Furtardo are nothing but distant memories.

    None of this can be anything but speculative until we see what kind of album Taylor produces. They all say the right things about their future albums, so Taylor’s words don’t really mean much. He would be saying all that even if 19E had him going into the studio to record a Spice Girls tribute album. The proof will be in the pudding.

  57. Robin4T says:

    Thanks, Karen. Maybe video of The Deal will show up next.

  58. Shandykat says:

    Thank you, hwc. I know nothing about the music industry…obviously 🙂 Sounds like a nightmare to navigate, even for a professional. It’s no wonder so many novices get the raw end of the stick.

  59. Karen says:

    Finally there’s a short Stadium of Fire video up on youtube…

  60. Phoebe says:

    Since Taylor’s earnings have been a part of the ‘discussion’ here….I think you can all rest assured that in the near term he will be comfortable and not distracted with mundane financial concerns.

    Endorsements such as the Ford deal pay well, although because this one is all wrapped up with AI, he won’t clear as much as with a ‘traditional’ celebrity endorsement. I suspect that after this one, at whatever time he’s contractually allowed to do so, there will be at least one other high profile endorsement.

    HWC mentioned $5k per Idol Tour date…I’ve read (just message board stuff) that as winner he gets more than other contestants, as high as $10k.

    Since AI/19E is a horse of a different color, there may be no traditional advance such as with standard recording contracts…until a record is actually released, they may simply cover his expenses, like an employee at a corporation. Penalties are stiff for parties divulging even the most mundane details of the AI contract so who knows what the nitty gritty is? But I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t even have to pay for his clothes, nevertheless lodging, travel, food and entertainment as he requires.

    So, even with the draconian cut that 19E takes, and paying management fees to The Firm as well, Taylor’s gross earnings are likely enough to yield a more than respectable “take home pay.”

    Keep in mind Taylor’s royalties from Under the Radar. As an independent release he gets, probably, at least $8 per unit sold. Guessing how many units have sold during and after AI is something I wont partake in…but after yesterday’s Provo concert where he performed “The Deal” I would suggest that sales will jump, again. An artist never sees that kind of $ cut from a recording contract deal. It’s why Aimee Mann, for example, left recording companies far behind and went independent.

    I do wonder though, given that Taylor was compensated for the Provo appearance and it involves AI, what are the implications for his performing “the Deal?” He was basically doing a commercial for his pre-AI independent release. Does the mean ol’ devil AI just smile and say ‘how nice for you Taylor’? If you’re there hwc, I’d like to know what you think about this…

  61. hwc says:

    “Wait, i’m confused. Isn’t Taylor represented by The Firm? I didn’t think that was a division of 19?”


    The winner of American Idol is obligated to sign a contract with the artist management division of 19 Entertainment. 19 Entertainment, therefore, gets a cut of everything the winner does.

    The winner of American Idol is also obligated to sign a contract with the recording divison of 19Entertainment. Since, 19 Recordings LTD. is not an actual record company, they have a joint venture arrangement with Sony/BMG/Arista.

    The conflict of interest inherent in 19 managing the artist and handling negotiations with the record company (19) is obvious. In effect, nobody is looking out for the artist’s interest as 19 is not going to drive the hardest bargain with themselves.

    Thus, any Idol winner would have to be insane to not immediate enlist the help of their own personal entertainment law and management firm to look out for ONLY the artist’s interest. Both in negotiations with 19 Management, 19 Recordings, and Arista, but also in negotiating any ancilliary contracts such as the vitally important song publishing contracts (song publishing royalties are really the only way to make good money in the music biz). This is where the Firm comes in.

  62. Sarah says:

    Great post from the bassist of Widespread Panic:

    Apparently Taylor’s appearing onstage was a last minute switch up. From the post:

    “We didnt actually plan to have him onstage, but during the drum solos, Jojo realized that he had a harmonica with him so we switched the encore around and he came out and wailed on Fishwater with us. And wail he did.”

  63. idolAddict_NW says:

    Interesting new post on the AI boards from someone who worked backstage at the Stadium of Fire. New pictures included:

  64. idolAddict_NW says:

    Fantasia is nothing like Taylor, as you yourself pointed out, hwc. I have no doubt that touring will be Taylor’s first priority and he will do a LOT of it. Or at least that’s the #1 thing he’s talked about in every interview I’ve seen.

    Whether or not he does a vid for his first album in addition is another question, and if he did it would probably be nothing like Fantasia’s video either. But… whatever. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Taylor is an incredible live act and also has a very rare talent on camera. I’m hoping to see LOTS more of both in the future.

  65. Shandykat says:

    “Of course, this would only partially offset the gross conflict of interest in having 19 be both his record company and his management. In essence 19 negotiates Taylor’s record deal with themselves.”

    Wait, i’m confused. Isn’t Taylor represented by The Firm? I didn’t think that was a division of 19?

  66. Taygerl says:

    hwc Says:
    July 2nd, 2006 at 4:15 pm
    “Thanks, but unfortunately Mac users cannot see that video, or any other videos on the MTV site. ”

    Sounds like something you should take up with Steve Jobs!

    Or the MTV site! Plenty of other sites have video access for macs!!!

  67. OSB says:

    Normally, the winner has a video in the works for their coronation song by now. I am hoping, Taylor decided not to bother with this for DIMYP, because, the cost to make it wouldn’t be returned in new sales or chart position. I get the feeling he’s glad he got the #1 chart spot, and he’ll sing it when he has to, but, he’d rather get on with other music, as soon as possible.

  68. hwc says:

    “Thanks, but unfortunately Mac users cannot see that video, or any other videos on the MTV site. ”

    Sounds like something you should take up with Steve Jobs!

  69. Taygerl says:

    Thanks, but unfortunately Mac users cannot see that video, or any other videos on the MTV site.

  70. Taygerl says:

    If Taylor is reading this, there is a huge Ray Charles exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. It is across the street from the Gaylord Entertainment Center where the Idols tour is happening.

    Hmmm, maybe a field trip is in order?
    ; >

  71. hwc says:

    “I do believe that Carrie had a music vid that coincided with her album, no? And I think Fantasia did also. It may just be de rigueur these days.”


    We really can’t talk about Carrie. The entire “commercial country” segment of the music industry is a segment unto itself. It’s not probably not applicable to Taylor, although I would seriously consider recording his album in Nashville and going after that market with some of his singer/songwriter stuff.

    Fantasia is far from having established a career as anything but a talent-show winner. Her first album sales of 1.7 million were not that great. The album pretty much stunk.

    You can see Fantasia’s music video here:


    Does anyone really think crap like this would help further Taylor’s career? IMO, it’s just flushing a quarter million dollars down the drain (half of which comes out of Taylor’s pocket).

    BTW, Fantasia toured for exacly one month last summer. This summer she’s only booked to do a couple of Pops Symphony appearances — with the Philly Pops and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, plus a freebie radio station show. That’s “has been” territory before she ever got established. That’s why I say it is so vitally important that Taylor establish himself as a viable touring act.

  72. If Taylor is reading this, there is a huge Ray Charles exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. It is across the street from the Gaylord Entertainment Center where the Idols tour is happening.

  73. Meggie says:

    “Taylor climbing out of some pimpmobile surrounded by whores and strippers? I’m not seeing it.”

    hwc, apparently you didn’t see Taylor’s People magazine spread! 😉

  74. Sarah says:

    “As the headliner of the Idol Tour, I think Taylor makes at least $5,000 per show. So that’s a quarter millon. He’ll be comfortable this year and next.”

    Ah yes, for some reason I completely forgot about the fees from the Idol Tour. Indeed, all combined it should hold him in good stead for the coming year.

    Regarding videos, I think one good video might add to his audience, though it’s a fine line in terms of being worth the expense. It depends heavily on the sound of his album. For purely selfish reasons (lol), I’d love to see him do something along the lines of Broussard’s “Home” video. It isn’t a pop-tart plastic video, and there are plenty of other artists who create videos with class and artistic style which don’t buy into the teen video pop market.

  75. idolAddict_NW says:

    hwc & Taygerl:

    Well, I will leave the specifcs on HOW we see him on video to wiser heads. I just think keeping up his visual exposure is important. And not just because I want to SEE him, damn it! (OK, a little)

    Yeah, I would love a DVD of a live Taylor concert! I’d love to see him on any of the shows you mention, hwc. But I also think he’s such a creative an mesmerizing character, I could see him doing some amazing music videos that could boost his career a lot. But I’m just a dreamer! Maybe that will happen in year 2 or 3, not year 1.

    I do believe that Carrie had a music vid that coincided with her album, no? And I think Fantasia did also. It may just be de rigueur these days.

  76. Taygerl says:

    Idoladdict, ITA with you. Taylor is more than a voice- he communicates with his body, his eyes, the way he reaches out and interacts with the audience. Taylor was made for music videos- but I think he’d do best with videos that showcase his interaction with the audience and show him just playing the music. I’d prefer that to seeing him flying up into the sky and twirling around in a cartoonish animation. Tay’s got so much good stuff that he doesn’t need any embellishment.

  77. hwc says:

    “Every single dollar will help go toward keeping him afloat while producing his first album/tour. ”

    As the headliner of the Idol Tour, I think Taylor makes at least $5,000 per show. So that’s a quarter millon. He’ll be comfortable this year and next.

    “What GOT Taylor this recognition in the first place was camera time. People are mesmerized by his visual performances. ”

    Right. That’s why I would put the marketing money into a kick-ass tour and a concert DVD. Obviously, it makes sense to continue doing as much TV as possible — Leno, Austin City Limits, PBS Soundstage, VH1/MTV concert gigs, Grammy award shows, etc.

    I just don’t see how MTV music videos are going to buy him much. I mean….Taylor climbing out of some pimpmobile surrounded by whores and strippers? I’m not seeing it.

  78. hwc says:

    “Or did he just win the right to the usual guarantees and advances? ”


    First, we really don’t know if it’s even a “million dollar contract”. 19E says it is in its Idol press releases. But, that phrase could cover a lot of ground and a lot of spin.

    Whatever the terms of the contract, I’m sure that the basic outlines of who pays for what follow standard industry practice. I have read that there are some favorable aspects in term of the 19E management taking their cut off the bottom rather than the top. Of course, this would only partially offset the gross conflict of interest in having 19 be both his record company and his management. In essence 19 negotiates Taylor’s record deal with themselves.

    I do think that AI winners probably pocket some cash for their first albums. After all, 1.5 to 3 million units is a good, profitable sales number for everyone involved. The bigger challenge for the winners is leveraging their 60 minutes of fame into a sustainable career.

    I would be surprised if any AI loser (other than Clay) has ever seen any money to speak of from their “big contracts”.

  79. idolAddict_NW says:

    >>To what purpose? James Blunt needed a video (or something) because he was an unknown releasing his first album. He didn’t have 10 million people watching him perform for 15 weeks on live national TV. He didn’t have round the clock airplay of Ford “music video” ad. He wasn’t on the cover of People magazine.

    Yes, but all of those things will fade from the public mind after a time. What GOT Taylor this recognition in the first place was camera time. People are mesmerized by his visual performances. That’s why I think keeping vids in the mix is important to his future career. When someone is so gifted in front of a camera as Taylor, why would you NOT use that as part of the arsenal?

    Just my opinion, of course. I trust Taylor to manage his own career however he sees fit.

  80. Sarah says:

    I have a feeling that Taylor’s million dollar contract “win” is the same as a typical advance in royalties. What I hope is that he was paid a good fee for the Ford promotion, and for Stadium of Fire yesterday. Every single dollar will help go toward keeping him afloat while producing his first album/tour. What nauseates me beyond measure is that a recording company gets the profits while palming the majority of costs off onto the poor artist. But that’s a topic we’ve already covered… lol

    I do believe Taylor has a wise head on his shoulders and will make good decisions re costs. Let’s just hope that tenacity and confidence of his keeps him on control of decisions as much as is possible.

  81. hwc says:

    >> The “puppet masters” should just let these artists do what they do best. I hope that they learned a lesson with Bo.


    The problem is that most of the talent show standouts either don’t have something “they do best” or what they have is the slightest bit marketable. For example, what Bo “did best” was bar band covers of Southern rock tunes and his band wasn’t even very good. So he brought essentially nothing to the party.

    What Carrie did best was “cookies and milk” country ballads with a bottle blonde girl next door personality. She’s fortunate that what she does best just happens to fit perfectly with the most lucrative niche in the entertainment industry (commercial country) and a factory-like mechanism for churning out these songs with nothing required of the performer but a decent voice and a bottle of hair coloring.

  82. Taygerl says:

    hwc Says:
    July 2nd, 2006 at 1:50 pm
    Of course, we don’t know how Taylor’s “million dollar contract” works. But a typical “million dollar contract” would work something like this:

    Right, I know how it usually works , but in this case Taylor “won” a million dollar recording contract. So does that mean that, instead of the million being an advance, that he gets it anyway?
    Or did he just win the right to the usual guarantees and advances?

  83. Meggie says:

    hwc, I agree, Bo does have some serious obstacles in from of him, but stranger things have happened. The “puppet masters” should just let these artists do what they do best. I hope that they learned a lesson with Bo. Concerning art, when money is made the first priority, the full potential can never displayed. This is why I have become such a huge fan of Mr. Hicks, because he is talented, original and (so far) uncorrupted by the mainstream music establishment. I can’t tell you how disappointed I would be if he released a “The Real Thing” type album. I saw an interview with Bo after the album was released. He was asked how he came up with title of the album/song “The Real Thing” – he said that he had nothing to do with it. How sad.


    I stopped typing for a second, that darn Ford commercial came on again. “Possibilities!” Sorry. 🙂

    Taylor’s Girl, oh, gosh, you have never heard “The Deal?!?” You gotta hear Taylor’s “original tunes.” He has mad songwriting skilz, yo! In fact, my concerns for Taylor’s next album can best be expressed in the first line of the song “The Deal.”

    “The sun’s shinin’ and it’s rainin’, no better way to describe my fears.” 😉

  84. hwc says:

    >> I realize it will be a challenge to find the right music genre to promote him in with a vid but I can think of some very cool and edgier vids that run on VH1 and MTV right now, such as James Blunt. That song is still a bit too pop for Taylor, but I think he could stretch the boundaries further.


    To what purpose? James Blunt needed a video (or something) because he was an unknown releasing his first album. He didn’t have 10 million people watching him perform for 15 weeks on live national TV. He didn’t have round the clock airplay of Ford “music video” ad. He wasn’t on the cover of People magazine.

    Taylor’s challenge isn’t brand recognition. He has that (thank-you American Idol). His challenge is to deliver a product that his fans embrace and that establishes him as a serious artist beyond his role as a talent show winner.

  85. Dante says:

    Does anyone know if any of the past season AI winners made appearances before the AI tour? Just wonderin…

    Warms my heart to read about Taylor having so much fun performing!

    Thanks so much Ash for having this great site! I enjoy all the posts and music.

    Has anyone heard from Gray Charles?

  86. idolAddict_NW says:

    hwc: I see where you’re coming from, but on the other hand, Taylor toured for years with his band without getting huge success. I realize that it is completely different now that he has such name recognition. My point is only that what REALLY brought him success was going in front of a camera. He himself said in his Gray interview that he thought the visual element was extremely important in people accepting him as an artist.

    I think Taylor is fantastic in front of a camera — that’s what has made him so enormously famous right now. I think he not only CAN do successful music vids for this reaon but SHOULD do them to sustain that appeal. In fact, I hope we see more of Taylor on TV in general as I think it’s a hugely success medium for him. I realize it will be a challenge to find the right music genre to promote him in with a vid but I can think of some very cool and edgier vids that run on VH1 and MTV right now, such as James Blunt. That song is still a bit too pop for Taylor, but I think he could stretch the boundaries further.

  87. hwc says:

    In my opinion, the promo money for Taylor should be spent on a kick-ass solo tour. Rather than waste money on music videos, spend the money to film a show for a DVD release and use that footage for live concert type music videos.

    Because he doesn’t fit neatly into any particularly desirable radio niche, I think Taylor’s best shot at a long-term viable career is to establish himself as a touring musician with sustainable fan base. To the extent that he gets lucky with some multi-platinum albums, great. But, think of that as gravy. A good touring band can be viable with fairly modest long-term album sales.

  88. susieq3c says:

    Our man has the midas touch, no doubt about it. He sang Ray Lamontagne, and a legion of fans listened to and bought Ray’s music. He plays with Robert Randolph, and we all go check out Robert Randolph and the Family Band on iTunes. And we buy their music. Same thing for the Black Crows, The Allman Brothers, and Widespread Panic. Stadium of Fire ticket sales quadruple in frequency the day it’s announced Taylor will be there. Amazing. I’d love to know what his voice has done for Ford!

    I expect this trend to continue. He is indeed bringing real music to the forefront, and I’m eager for HIS music to be leading the pack soon.

    Congrats, Taylor! Soul Patrol!

  89. hwc says:

    Of course, we don’t know how Taylor’s “million dollar contract” works. But a typical “million dollar contract” would work something like this:

    a) the artist gets a $1 million advance or guarantee against a percentage of the royalties from the sale of his music. For the sake of argument, let’s say the artist gets 10% of sales.

    b) The artist would not receive any royalties until the advance is recouped by the record company. Until 10% of sales (minus deductions) exceeds the $1 million advance, there is no more money for the artist.

    c) The sales are reduced by 10% for a “packaging allowance” before calculating royalties.

    d) The cost of recording the CD is taken out of the artist’s royalties.

    e) The producer gets a percentage of sales. These percentage points come out of the artist’s royalties. So when, they talk about David Foster for KAT, that is the record company spending KAT’s money. Basically, Foster will make far more money off Kat’s single than she will.

    f) Any money the record company spends on promotion and/or payola comes out of the artist’s royalities.

    g) Any money spent on music videos is split equally between the record company and the artist.

    h) The cost of touring, including the band, is paid by the artist. Sometimes their is record company “tour support” — for example $200,000 to help defray the cost of a larger more elaborate tour. This tour support money is recouped from the artists royalties.

    i) The artist’s management takes a percentage of the artist’s royalties and advance. (In Taylor’s case, 19Recordings carries a check across the hall to his management, 19Management, who surely drove a hard bargain with the guys across the hall at 19Recordings).

    When all is said and done, most artists end up in the hole after their first album. They owe the record company money. With sales of 2 million units (a reasonble expectation for Taylor), he should come out ahead of the game unless they blow $1 million on music videos and payola trying to get top-40 hits.

    It is very important for an artist to not get caught up in ego, glitz, and glamer. Each decision by the record company to spend the artist’s money must be viewed in terms of hard cold business projections: will music videos increase the sales of the album by enough to generate an additional $250,000 in artist’s royalties. Taylor needs to be very careful here. Not only is there a financial decision, but the things he would have to record to go after the full top-40, payola, music video kill would probably cost him half of his fanbase and any chance at critical and industry credibility. That’s why Bo is dead. His album didn’t sell enough to make him any money and left most people thinking he’s a joke. Not good.

  90. Taygerl says:

    It’s on his cd Under the Radar which came out at the end of 2005.

  91. Is “The Deal” a song that he already recorded in the past or is it someone else’s song? I’ve never heard it before.

  92. Taygerl says:

    and if Clive doesn’t pay for it then Taylor will just have to pay for it himself out of that “million-dollar contract” that he won. Other artists have to pay for these expenses out of their pocket, and Taylor may have to as well.

    Does anyone know exactly how this ‘million dollar contract’ that he won works?
    Does he get a million dollars worth of studio time and promotion? Does he get living expenses, or are they taken out of the million dollar contract? Does he just make a flat weekly income, or is he paid out of royalties? Does he get to decide how the million is spent? I’d love to find an article somewhere that explains exactly how this works.

  93. Denali says:

    Sendspace download of Stadium of Fire newscast.

    Need Real Player to view.


  94. AliceinWonderland says:

    Deb wrote:
    “Taylor performing The Deal with his guitar and harp brace. What a iconographic image to be “seered” into the minds of thousands. I want this picture.”

    Here you go:

    I got this from the scary place. Wish I could give proper credit to the photographer, but it was a “grab and run” operation. 🙂

  95. hwc says:

    >> Also, didn’t it take Kelly Clarkson a few years to establish the career she has today?

    Yes. But, her first album was successful from the record company’s point of view. It moved 2.5 million units. So, she only had one challenge: convincing people that she wasn’t a joke.

    Bo has two problems. His album is widely viewed as a joke AND it didn’t sell. With “The Real Thing” enjoying some bought and paid for airplay, especially on HOT AC radio, Bo might get a second shot. Of course, that is a two-edged sword as the record company will point to The Real Thing’s airplay and demand more boyband material.

  96. Meggie says:

    While Taylor is “Da Man,” I am also a big fan of Bo Bice. I have felt so bad about his recent hardships. I have had similar health problems, so I really sympathize. Getting over intestinal surgeries can be physically overwhelming. Shame on those who may have taken advantage of him in a weakened condition! He has true stage presence, and I think it is way too early to proclaim his career as being over. Hey, didn’t Cher have a big “comeback” after the suicidal move of doing infomercials? Anything is possible… ha, ha! Also, didn’t it take Kelly Clarkson a few years to establish the career she has today? Bo is in my prayers.

    Taylor sang “The Deal?!?” Too cool – I can’t wait to see some video!!!

  97. katja says:

    Wooooo…thanks ElvisBabe!!!
    Some sites really are not mac-friendly…I think all the mac-users appreciate the uploaded video 🙂

  98. Chris (MacTwig) says:


    I want the picture of him with the guitar and harp along with an audio live recording. I can’t wait for those who are going to tape the Pentagon channel show to get vids up.

    I can’t wait to hear the first person reports from the NH concert.

  99. hwc says:


    I agree that Taylor is starting from a completely different place than Bo. I also agree that all indications suggest he won’t make the mistakes that were made with Bo. However, I think we all have to be realistic. We won’t really know that until his album is released.

    Bo would have been much better off doing an album was that more in keeping with his style and making no effort at top-40 hits. He would likely have sold the same mediocre 650,000 CDs, but without throwing a half million bucks in ill-conceived payola/promotion down the drain, the album probably would have made a little money. More importantly, he wouldn’t have released an album that EVERYONE hated. To my ear, “Valley of Angels” is the only successful cut on the CD — which is why I suggested he would have been better off doing “country/rock” and going the Nashville route. The bigger problem is that Bo is out their “touring” as a cover band, doing all the Lynard Skynard stuff.

  100. ElvisBabe says:

    I will be capturing the video tomorrow. I can upload it as soon as it is finished.

  101. sasgeorgia says:

    Dingo – I’m with you about watching and listening the whole way through. That must be the true definition of charisma: to hypnotize people even through electronic media that is less than perfect. [Can you only imagine what it would like to be actually looking at the real thing?]

  102. Deb says:

    Hopefully his singing the “new song” (if it’s new to you) The Deal at this juncture will continue to spur sales of UTR. More brilliant marketing. This will help fund his own musicians when desired. I think his choice of UTR song was well thought out. I’m glad he didn’t pick the “fluffier” IMO Soul Thing, he can broaden his fan base with this song. West Texas Sky would have been a second choice. I would have wished for Hold On to Your Love as a first choice, but that song really benefits from a live band.

  103. hwc says:

    >> My ex used to be a Lighting PM for BIG live shows and they didn’t haul equipment across country. They rent locally or use what the venues already have in place.


    Right. Any decent tour would contract with one of the national companies, like Clair Brother Sound, to provide the sound system for each stop on the tour. If a bunch of tour stops are in the NE, Clair Brothers would probably truck the stuff from venue to venue — probably with two sets, leapfrogging so the next show’s crew can be setting up while the last show’s crew is tearing down. For cross country trips, the company like Claire would just switch gears and do the show with a West Coast crew. I don’t know the numbers, but I’m sure an outfit like Claire has dozens of essentially identical sound system rigs, all modular and scalable up or down to suit the hall.

    Somebody was contracted to do the Stadium of Fire. All Taylor’s people would have had to send is a band and the band’s gear.

  104. hwc says:

    >> I am totally stumped by your assertion that 19M is Taylor’s “Albert Goldman.”


    As well you should be! My bad. I was picturing Dylan’s longtime manager, Albert GROSSman, and typed GOLDman. Sorry!

  105. Robin4T says:

    Link to another good recap of the Stadium of Fire performance by Tina from the AI boards:


  106. Deb says:

    Taylor performing The Deal with his guitar and harp brace. What a iconographic image to be “seered” into the minds of thousands. I want this picture. Taylor would not have this image if he had a live band. Things usually are fated.

  107. Chris (MacTwig) says:


    I agree that Bo’s career is far from over. To think of all he went through this past year in his personal life. I think he’s made a fine showing in his short year since placing 2nd by a very slim margin. I know I hear him on the radio (and they don’t even mention AI when they talk about him.) and I hear him at my grocery store when I’m shopping. They seem to love Kelly Clarkson and Bo Bice … and I hope soon, Taylor Hicks!

    I think Taylor learned a lot from their struggles with 19E and has gone into this wisely. All of the current and future idols owe a debt of gratitude to those who have gone before. Taylor know that it is BUSINESS and he is a good businessman.

  108. OSB says:

    Thanks Ash for the link. I know Taylor must have been very excited, after all, it was a huge crowd, it was about America, and, he was able to sing a song of his own. Bet he was siling in his sleep last night!

    Re: canned vs. live backing:

    I’m almost positive it is the artist’s choice on whether to pay for a band or use canned music. The main times I’ve seen any of the idols go without a live band, are when they are doing certain TV show appearances or some of their early appearances at festival type events. Sometimes, there is a “house” band they can use. I don’t know the process for Kelly, Clay, or Carrie’s choosing of band members & backup singers, but, they all have live bands. Bo wanted Sugar Money, the record company didn’t think they were ready, but, with some work, they eventually ended up being his tour band. Ruben’s backup band/singers, Just A Few Cats, started learning his songs as he was recording them, and were able to do his TV appearances & tour shows with him.

    Taylor will have to make the decision on whether he wants to try to hire some, all, or none of the LMBO members, but, they’ll still have to be approved. Personally, I’d like to see Brian Less and Jon Cook hired, but, that’s only based on Tay’s IYT & UTR & vids of recent B’ham performances. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, as so much will depend on the type of music on the first CD.

  109. Phile says:

    I’m reading all of this lovely banter and conjecture and thought and opinion, and appreciate it very much.

    But in my Sunday morning zombie-state, all I can think is I’m thrilled that The Deal is getting some love after all.

    Alright, back to work for me…

  110. NOLA, thanks for that. Im fascinated by the fact that when I watch anything that has Taylor in it, especially a video, I am unable to avert my eyes or click it off while he is still performing or talking. Its almost as if Im committing blasphemy or something lol. I just cant do it.

  111. I dont think Bo is “finished” at all. In fact I believe his career is just beginning. he had so many obstacles initially but I think that from this point forward he will be more successful cause now he can be Bo. Taylor is very lucky that TPTB are allowing him to do it his way for the most part. Bo didnt have that kind of freedom and to be fair its because Bo a) didnt win Idol and b) didnt command the respect that taylor has as well as the incredible following. Bo had a respectable following but Taylor is a phenom.

    I believe that the trip taylor made back to Alabama during the final 3 week really sealed the deal for him. NO ONE expected that kind of reception for him, except The Soul Patrol of course. EVERYONE else was behind the curve on this one.

  112. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    hwc Says:
    July 2nd, 2006 at 2:12 am
    If anyone doubts 19E’s lack of commitment to these artists, just stop and consider just how lame it is to send Taylor to a stadium concert with 50,000 people and make him sing along with a karaoke machine.

    He should have had the Idol band with him. They must have two semi-trucks and two compete stage, light, and sound rigs leap-frogging each other in order to do so many back to back to back tour stops.


    My ex used to be a Lighting PM for BIG live shows and they didn’t haul equipment across country. They rent locally or use what the venues already have in place. He would send out an equipment list and it would be there when they arrived. They would also hire either house crew or local union people, though they’d bring thier own LDs, Light Board ops, etc. Financially, it just doesn’t make sense to either own that equipment or haul it. I suspect it is similar for sound systems. The venues already have that stuff in place.

    It’s no big deal that the tour band wasn’t with him. They are more than likely session musicians who already had other gigs for this weekend.

  113. katja says:

    Karen…The right person to thank is idolAddict!

    So thanks IdolAddict…Taylor is worth the wait, your videos are good, I have downloaded all of them so far. 🙂

  114. Karen says:

    I LOVE that we can always count on you to come through ‘somehow’ when we need video! You are the BEST!

    Thank you for whatever you manage to capture for us.

  115. NOLAgirl says:

    Hey guys! This is way off topic, but just found it while searching GoFish for a possbile video from Stadium of Fire. It’s a “music video” for DIMYP and it’s really well done actually! Thought y’all might enjoy it. 🙂


  116. idolAddict_NW says:


    There is an SPer in the military in Korea who is going to tape the broadcast and send it to me so that I can make a video. That will take a week or so, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see vid before then. Maybe someone can capture the video stream from the Pentagon Channel website.

  117. katja says:

    I hope someone can capture the video and post it later. I really want to see The Deal…the performance sounds so great!

  118. JaxNative says:

    Congrats Taylor!!!

    Thank you Ash for allowing us in to your living room to continue to follow Taylor!

    Thank you to everyone for the re-caps. One of the greatest things about the Soul Patrol?? They know we can’t all be at these performances but the recaps make it almost as good. Thank You Thank You Thank You !

  119. Kristin says:

    hwc- I am totally stumped by your assertion that 19M is Taylor’s “Albert Goldman.” The Colonel and Brian Epstein were both managers, who some say, were fairly inept. That is a fair comparison as far as I am concerned.

    But Albert Goldman, to the best of my knowledge and a brief google search, was a hack writer who wrote questionable books on John Lennon and Elvis. Am I missing something? Did he actually manage someone’s career at one point?

    Or did you perhaps mean to name Allen Klein, business manager to Sam Cooke, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles-post Brian Epstein? This would be the man who made some good chunks of money off other people’s talent and screwed a lot of them in the end. Yoko Ono aside, Allen Klein was a huge factor in the break-up of The Beatles. And I personally blame him for involving Phil Spector in “Let it Be.” And he owns ALL of the Sam Cooke catalog. And I won’t even go into what happened with The Verve and “Bittersweet Symphony.” He would be a better comparison to 19M than Albert Goldman, I think.

  120. Tee says:

    Sorry, I have to disagree a little bit with your Bo comments, hwc. I don’t think Bo’s career is finished at all. Yes, the album could have been better, and honestly I don’t blame Bo for all of that. He couldn’t help having health problems, and it’s easy to say that Bo should have had more backbone when dealing with “the suits”, but that’s easier said than done. His sales as a 2nd place finisher are respectable, even though the album hasn’t been certified platinum yet. He’s sold a lot more than Justin & Diana (no runner up will ever come close to Clay’s sales), and I think in the long run Bo’s sales will be higher than Kat’s. I think it’s a little premature to write the obituary on Bo’s career. He’ll probably get that 2nd album from RCA, and hopefully they will have learned a lesson from The Real Thing and allow Bo to be himself rather than trying to go the pop route. I could be wrong and you may be right about this, but we’ll see.

  121. JaniceInOrlando says:

    Just watched the video – thanks for the link Ash! Found the commercial before just a tad funny since we now know Taylor sang “The Deal”. Can’t wait to watch the broadcast on the Pentagon Channel tomorrow – I’ve been missing my weekly Taylor fix!

    I think we are just really starting to see how many people in the world love Taylor now that he is out from behind the Idol cameras and “in our faces”. So many people who loved Taylor I’m sure never picked up a phone to vote and I think the number of folks who love Taylor is higher than anyone can imagine. I’m loving the attention he’s generating and the fact that some truly great artists are loving him as well. Taylor was born to be a legend! August cannot get here quick enough….

  122. Oh for gawd sake. Here I was going to turn over a new leaf, gonna be all adult and stuff regarding taylor then I see a magnificent recap posted by Phobia from the scary board and I watch that video of the reporter saying taylor was THE main draw tonight (last night) and Im all a titter again dammit. He sang The Deal?! OMG could this GET any better?

    Ray WHO? OK that was uncalled for. Thats what I mean about me turning over a new leaf.

  123. amys says:

    YES! Thanks for all the updates. I have now cleared the calendar for July 3rd after 9:00pm. Can’t wait to see Taylor tease the crowd. He definitely knows how to read/work a crowd whether it be 300 or 30,000. THAT’s a performer!

  124. sasgeorgia says:

    Good Morning MojaveDesertGirl – – R U Up yet?

  125. double d says:

    Jean- Thanks for the times, friend.

    Basenji….you are SO right….Harlequin Romance novel…LMAO.

    Now, Taylor’s going to make ’em beg? How cruel? I love the guy. What a great character….and, it’s so exciting that the crowd was there “for him”, and now the media has picked it up.

    Can’t wait for MojaveDesertGirl’s report. Maybe later today? After her 8 hour drive home?:)

  126. Historia says:

    Thanks for confirmimg the times, Jean.

  127. Jean says:


    You can see Taylor’s performance for yourself! The Armed Forces Network Pentagon Channel will be streaming the Stadium of Fire concert on Monday, July 3rd at 9 pm and Tuesday July 4 at 2 pm EDT

    Pentagon Channel – http://www.pentagonchannel.mil/

  128. Historia says:

    Amen Deb, I agree 100%. How wonderful for him to be experiencing all this. But how I wish he had someone that he could share it with. Descriptions of scenes like that just break my heart.

  129. Deb says:

    >>>Hicks said he is looking forward to the national tour to hear “the echo of the arena. As a [regional] performer, you never get that experience because you work your way up from small venues and small bars.”>>>

    Still living his American Dream. Wherever there is Taylor and his harp there is live music.

    Excerpt from hicksfix.com

    >>>Fabulous display done to a track of classic American pop. Taylor snuck out to the audience to watch it, but got mobbed and hustled back out of reach. He could be seen back stage watching the fireworks with his head thrown back, by himself, dancing to the music. Those of us who are inclined to wish that mixed in with this great opportunity, Taylor could have just a little more normalcy were touched. He’s a self-avowed people person, and this level of fame seems kind of isolating.>>>

    Still wish that he wasn’t surrounded by thousands and still alone. Another reason why a band of people of his choosing is essential. Taylor has to find a way to finance this if others won’t. It is as important personally as it is musically. Even one guitarist or keyboardist would be something.

  130. hicksaholic says:

    Do you think he might sing The Deal on the idol tour? I really hope so. On a different subject I love the edgier, more raw version of The Fall. The version on In My Time is soft for the entire song. I’ve heard only a portion of the edgier version. I believe it is on Graycharles mp3 downloads. Does anyone know where there is a full length version?

  131. Hannah says:

    I’m so glad to be able to come here and read all your comments. Thankyou Ash and all for the up to date news. Over here in Hawaii its easy to feel out of the loop.I was thinking of him today and how much fun he must be having with such a big audience. Taylor and a live band are sort of a connected entity ! but live or not he will always make lemonade even from lemons if necessary.

  132. hwc says:

    Bo is finished. He’ll never see a second album with RCA. This summer, he’s in the death throes of playing free radio station gigs and county fairs in a desperate attempt to force a couple of singles onto top-40 radio. With the cost of the payola promotion, he needed his album to go platinum and that ain’t happening because everyone who has heard it thinks it stinks.

    Between poor choices about how to position him in the market, a substandard band, his health problems, and wasting more money on top-40 payola/promotion than they will ever see from sales of album, his career was as badly managed as anyone could ever imagine.

    Bo should have gone country/rock and targeted a country music recording career in Nashville. The Nick Lachey boyband stuff he recorded is just awful — jarringly disconnected from his voice and style.

    I think trying to force Taylor onto top-40 with the material he records and wasted payola, music videos, and free concerts would be career suicide. One listen to the top-charts and you know there is no way for Taylor to be successful with that kind of material. Other than the DIMYP fluke, there are only two guys in iTunes top 30 downloads — and both of them are ex-boybanders who sing like girls.

    Put the money into a kick ass touring show and material aimed at adult contemporary radio. If he gets lucky with a crossover “hit” like Bonnie Raitt or Norah Jones has from time to time, great — that’s a bonus. Otherwise, look at what Bo did and do exactly the opposite because what Bo did was a disaster.

  133. Basenji says:

    Part of a recap from Thackeray at http://www.hicksfix.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=364

    Taylor comes out to wild screams. He starts with Taking it to the Streets. This is done to recorded back up music. Very cool version, more like the semi-finals version in intensity, but with some playfulness. Instead of just going into the dance moves, he made us beg and then danced like crazy person, that is, he danced like Taylor. He also made us beg for harp. It’s a new twist in his performance that he knows those two things make people go wild so he was teasing on them.

    God, what a tease, making us beg now. That is SO Harlequin romance novel: hot man reduces a woman frenzied with desire to begging for it.

  134. Basenji says:

    WHERE IS MOJAVEDESERTGIRL????? More details!

  135. hwc says:

    >> I think the sound you would hear from them if they were to be his backing band on a tour would be similar to what you hear on his CD’s.

    I don’t think that’s good enough.

    I think that LMBO is a pretty solid bar band. Good keyboard player. Drums and bass are nothing special. Sam Gunderson on guitar is OK, good at what he does, but probably limited.

    Overall, I think they better at uptempo bar-band stuff than they would be at ballads and the range of slick, professional stuff Taylor is going to have to deliver to be successful.

  136. juggler says:

    I think it’s up to Taylor whether he’s going to perform to a karaoke machine. Bo’s certainly not singing to a backup track in the dozens of performances for his cd promotion tour, and that was the decision he made. And Bo didn’t win. If 19E/Clive doesn’t want to pay for a live backup band, then Taylor’s just going to have to pay for it himself, like Bo is doing. I use Bo as an example because I have no information about Carrie, and because Bo’s issues with Clive are likely to be very similar to what Taylor will have to deal with. I don’t enjoy Bo’s cd, but like Taylor Bo is a genuine musician out of AI so probably has a similar approach to making some of these decisions.

    How much do you think Taylor is getting paid to sing 3 songs at Provo? How much do you think it will cost to get a live backup band and gear there for him for those 3 songs? And if it’s the AI tour band, how disruptive would this be four days before the tour opens on the east coast? Where does 19 make the money after everyone gets their cut for this to be cost effective for them? If Taylor had a cd out and were actually on tour I’d be concerned and disappointed, but at this point, I don’t see anything surprising about the situation.

    And I certainly don’t hope that Taylor’s going to make the same poppy stuff that Bo had to put out, I hope that Taylor will be more stubborn and that Clive has learned a lesson. They’re still going to need radio play if they want multi-platinum sales regardless of what kind of album it is, I expect on AC probably rather than on pop although with Taylor (rapping?) and Clive who would know, and they’re going to need to spend money to get the radio exposure. And Taylor is going to want/need to tour to promote his cd, and he’s going to want a live band if he’s the artist we all think/know he is, and if Clive doesn’t pay for it then Taylor will just have to pay for it himself out of that “million-dollar contract” that he won. Other artists have to pay for these expenses out of their pocket, and Taylor may have to as well.

  137. Historia says:


    I am not blasting you for your opinion of LIMBO. However, you might want to think about the fact that LIMBO has not rehearsed with Taylor or even knew what songs they would play with him at his homecoming or City Stages. If you notice the video, they all have a quick pow wow to decide which song they will do next. I think they are awesome when you factor this in. I mean how many bands could keep a unknown list of songs freash and ready to play with Taylor, who never performs the same song exactly the same. He is a master at improv, and I just think that would be tough for those guys in LIMBO to do. It has been 8-9 months since they have regularly rehearsed with Taylor. I think the sound you would hear from them if they were to be his backing band on a tour would be similar to what you hear on his CD’s. Just my opinion.

  138. hwc says:

    19 is supposed to be Taylor’s “The Colonel” or his Brian Epstein or his Albert Goldman.

  139. hwc says:

    What do you mean 19E makes no money off the Provo concert? They are Taylor’s management. They get a hefty percentage of ALL of his income.

  140. hwc says:

    I personally don’t think wasting a million dollars on payola and music videos to get top-40 airplay for a crappy pop album by an artist who has zero top-40 potential and then killing his long-term career by putting him on the road to play free radio station promo gigs singing with a karaoke machine could be called “good promotion” by any stretch of the imagination.

    If Taylor is going to perform with a karaoke machine, is he really anything more than Ashlee Simpson?

  141. juggler says:

    I don’t think 19E is going to blow that kind of money for Taylor to sing 3 songs when he doesn’t have a cd to promote right now (coronation singles are not worth spending $$s to promote). They’re not going to fly/drive the AI band and their gear to Provo when the band is either still rehearsing with the rest of the idols or are on their way to NH for the start of the tour, when 19E makes no money off Taylor’s appearance in Provo. If/when they spend money to promote Taylor, it will be when his cd’s out, and it’ll be to try to get radio play for his first single. I’m not saying 19E/J/Clive are great at promoting the idols, but in this particular case it’s hard to argue that it would have been worth the expense. They’ve done a decent job spending $$s and getting Carrie and even Bo significant radio play, so hopefully they will put the same $$s into getting Taylor radio play when the time comes. Have Carrie’s promo performances to support her cd been with a track or a band? I know Bo has his band backing him in an extensive radio promo tour – very likely at his own expense.

  142. Shandykat says:

    oooh, i’m going to get flack for this…

    I don’t think LMBO is that great. I think they sound sloppy live, not tight at all. The keyboardist rocks, but the band itself doesn’t seem to pull together very well. I like them on his studio recordings, but live they just sound like a garbled mess to me.

    Now i’ve only heard them over the internet so the sound quality may suffer because of that…

    I’m not a musician so i’m not basing my opinion on any fact, just an observation based on what i’ve heard.

  143. hwc says:

    If anyone doubts 19E’s lack of commitment to these artists, just stop and consider just how lame it is to send Taylor to a stadium concert with 50,000 people and make him sing along with a karaoke machine.

    He should have had the Idol band with him. They must have two semi-trucks and two compete stage, light, and sound rigs leap-frogging each other in order to do so many back to back to back tour stops.

  144. juggler says:

    My understanding is that if Taylor wants a live backup band for his post-AI cd promo tour, it’ll have to come out of his pocket. The band would have to be approved by the company, but he’s going to have to pay for it. So it will be up to Taylor, not 19E/J/Clive, whether to cover the expense of a live backup band.

  145. Taygerl says:

    I can’t see Taylor agreeing to tour with a backing track on his own tour.
    Hopefully he can keep the AI band, as he will have developed a rapport with them during the AI tour. LiMBO would be great, but that might be difficult to work out as far as contracts go.

  146. hwc says:

    >> AI has said that they are using a live band for this tour.


    Yes. It’s Taylor’s next tour that we have to worry about. The Idols have a spotty track record of making tour economics work. 19E doesn’t bat an eyelash at sending them out with a karaoke machine. After all, they’ve made THEIR quick killing from the Idol tour, the commemorative souvenir single, and the first CD. I think this was one of the reasons that both K. Clarkson and Clay were so desperate to get out from under 19Manangement.

    I think that Taylor will have establish sufficient traction to support a club/theater date tour with a live band. But, that’s not guaranteed. Best case scenario — he knocks em dead on the Idol tour and releases a succussful, critically acclaimed CD.

  147. Taygerl says:

    Here it is , from the infamous GC interview:
    (rated PG)

    There will be a live band, some reports early on were suggesting that all the music would be recorded, Taylor was surprised to hear that. He considers the band pretty hot and says “Don’t mess with the drummer or the bass player.”
    Taylor says that he’ll be doing some raw and edgy covers – not necessarily stuff he played on the show, and he thinks people will be excited. Other than specifics what he can share is that the sound of his music on the show is his own. (ETA, the “sound” Taylor will not be doing his original songs)
    I ask him a simple question here – “Why? Why are they letting you run the show here?”
    His response, “Because I can. I’m not going into this to try and sound shitty or let that happen. I’ve gone in busting, I’m serious about that music, you can’t argue with work. They know that I’m a serious musician who worked his ass off to get here. You don’t screw with the musicality of someone who you know is competent. They’re not idiots either. They never had somebody get into the game like this and use it for what it was to be used for.
    All the other kids come in and sing their songs, I come in and do six or seven songs and it’s different. The band and the producers are siding with me musically.”

  148. idolAddict_NW says:

    They have a live band for the AI tour. That’s been confirmed. My hunch is it is the band that played with Taylor on Leno. They were HOT.

  149. hwc says:

    >> but I still worry and pray for every soldier still there. It’s great to give them their due, no matter your political view.


    I worry and pray for each one, too. And, totally agree about giving them their due. Gotta be hell on earth serving in Iraq.

  150. Taygerl says:

    AI has said that they are using a live band for this tour.

  151. hwc says:

    >> idolAddict_NW: I just don’t get the “canned music” approach. I don’t imagine Taylor, the musician, gets it either.


    Better brace yourself for it. Since most of their acts are of the lipsynch variety anyway, 19E’s idea of a rousing good tour is to use a backing track and no band. After all, music should sound computer generated anyway. So that has been fairly standard practice for AI singers post Idol tour.

    I would, personally, not pay to go see Taylor sing along with a CD — just as a matter of principle. I think Taylor fully understands the stakes. He must leverage the publicity and Idol tour into sufficient stature and draw to support a real tour with a real band.

  152. Taygerl says:

    I think it’s a real testament to the power of Taylor that just hearing a few bars of harmonica gets the crowd SO worked up!
    I mean, come on, if someone told you a year ago that America would be going crazy at stages and stadiums ( and tv sets!) all across the country at the mere sound of a few bars of harmonica , you’d have thought they were out of their minds!
    Yet here we are, getting whipped into a frenzy by a grey haired hunk blowing into a harp!
    I am just so thrilled that Taylor mobilized that huge crowd up and off their feet during his set!!!!!

  153. idolAddict_NW says:


    I agree! And I loved the part in the recap where, when he began singing DIMYP, soldiers got up and danced with their SO’s in the aisle. That would imply that they are not only know the song, but are really into it. That’s fantastic. I know a lot of people have sent CD’s to the troops. It’s nice to know that the connection is being made.

  154. Taygerl says:

    From various statements Taylor’s made, I just got the impression he’d be doing one or more of his pre-idol songs , but hey, it’s said that he’s a prolific writer, so maybe we will be treated to some really new songs from him!
    Now wouldn’t THAT be the boogiest boogie!!

  155. abbysee says:

    What a great recap from the scary boards, almost redeems them a little. 🙂 I also love Taylor’s shout out to the troops. A year ago it was my life partner serving his country in Iraq. He’s home now, but I still worry and pray for every soldier still there. It’s great to give them their due, no matter your political view. That song is totally appropos.

  156. Shandykat says:

    I think Taylor said that he will be doing one/some of his own songs, as well as an obscure Beatles tune, and playing harmonica and guitar during the AI tour.
    He also said he would be doing some of his own songs, as well as covers, on his first cd.”

    Thanks Taygerl 🙂

    I kind of got the impression when he said that, that he was talking about new music he’s writing, as opposed to re-recording his pre-idol songs. But I usually hears things wrong though, so don’t go by me!

  157. idolAddict_NW says:

    Robin4Tay: My thoughts exactly. He was so great on Leno with that live band. You’d think for a concert with 50,000, AI would have sent the band with him. He would have loved that a lot more, I’m sure. Oh, well. Sounds like he nailed it anyway. And he did get to do “The Deal” with his own playing, which is cool. Can’t wait to see that.

  158. Robin4T says:

    idolAddict_NW: I just don’t get the “canned music” approach. I don’t imagine Taylor, the musician, gets it either.

  159. idolAddict_NW says:

    Robin4Tay: On the AI boards someone was posting who worked at Stadium of Fire and yesterday they told us he would sing TI2TS, DIMYP and “The Deal”. So it probably was “The Deal”.

    Unfortunate that the AI band did not show up with him, especially for such a huge venue.

  160. Robin4T says:

    Taylorrific who is responsible for the great recap from the AI board also said:

    You know, I HOPE I got it right.. I was sitting here thinking, that WAS the deal wasn’t it? it was all BLURRRRRR!!!

    Surely she did. Any other confirmation that it was “The Deal”?

  161. Taygerl says:

    I think Taylor said that he will be doing one/some of his own songs, as well as an obscure Beatles tune, and playing harmonica and guitar during the AI tour.
    He also said he would be doing some of his own songs, as well as covers, on his first cd.
    I get the feeling they are giving him a lot of leeway, because they have seen what he is capable of, and bottom line, if the fans love it and buy it, everybody wins!

  162. Taygerl says:

    ARRGH!! I just saw this on the AI site- it’s information from the Pentagon website about what you need to see this concert when they broadcast it on the web this week-

    Please please please someone please tape this for us poor left out maccers!!!

    Your computer must meet the following requirements to watch video successfully on The Pentagon Channel web site:

    Operating System and Browser Requirements
    Operating System: Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, or ME
    Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6.0
    Firewall: Embedded active-x controls must be permitted

    Flash and Media Player Requirements
    a. Flash 5.0 or higher for Internet Explorer
    b. Media Player 9 or later

    Cookie Requirements
    Cookies (Internet Files/Web Pages temporarily stored on your computer) must be enabled to watch The Pentagon Channel. If your cookies are not enabled, you will get a message when you try to access The Pentagon Channel.

    Macintosh OS and Quicktime are currently not supported

  163. Historia says:

    and of course I posted before reading, sorry Taygerl had already clarified this.

  164. Historia says:

    ok, after watching the video from the KSL website, I think the reporter meant Taylor sang his new song from the radio (meaning everyone hears on the radio) refering to DIMYP. It is so strange to us that everyone is not familiar with AI and this song. I do not think he has a new song called “on the radio”…LOL =)

  165. Shandykat says:

    Great review! Thanks for the link!

    Ok, i’m guessing this was an AI sanctioned appearance for him. I’ve noticed at the non-sanctioned appearances that he doesn’t sing DIMYP or TITTS. Now, with this being an official appearance, I find it interesting that he sang “The Deal.” I wonder what kind of restrictions are in his contract regarding his previous recordings? This also makes me wonder if we might hear one or two re-records on his CD? Maybe even “The Deal” itself?

  166. Taygerl says:

    That is a great recap! I felt like I was there! Oh, I can’t wait to see video of this!!
    I really like how he is slowly introducing his own songs into the media. First the harmonica playing, then the live set at City Stages, now The Deal in front of what, 40,000 live and probably millions via webcast/cable?
    Smart guy, our Taylor!~!

  167. Robin4T says:

    Appears he sang The Deal. But then Taylorrific doesn’t seem 100% sure.

  168. Historia says:

    He sang the Deal with just himself accompanying on guitar and harp.

    Also TI2TS & DIMYP (dedicated to the troops, of course)

    Sorry if I am repeating a previous post.

  169. Dana says:

    Someone else just posted at the scary boards that he DID sing the Deal, with guitar and harmonica. It was his second song, DIMYP was his last and he did some really nice shout to the troops!

  170. idolAddict_NW says:

    Hey, all. I’m on that thread over at the “scary board”. Here’s the info we had at intermission:

    OK, just got off the phone with Tina. I typed as she talked, so here is what she told me….

    Taylor has only been on very briefly so far. He came out and played harmonica in an opening sequence with the dancers. No singing yet. He’s supposed to sing with Lee Ann – duet. Tina doesn’t know if that’s the surprise millerrocks talked about.

    He’s wearing a charcoal gray suit with a white shirt. He looked really good – thinner in person.

    He was in the middle of the field with dancers when he played the harmonica. The crowd went crazy, standing up and trying to find out where he was. You could see him on the jumbo-tron but couldn’t see him on the stage. Then they figured out he was on the field. He’s gotten a HUGE crowd reaction. Tina thinks more than half the audience is there for him.

    Tina said the harmonica bit was really good – you could hear it really well throughout the whole stadium.

    Besides that opening thing, he also came out when they did a fly over with jets. He came out and was watching that and liked it. He also came out and watched some fireworks. He was off to the side during these times.

    Tina will call again later after he’s been on for his set.

    No second call yet… We’re waiting.

  171. Robin4T says:

    Never mind. Backtrack from the scary place:

    She said he sang his new song on the radio- meaning his new single , which is getting radio airplay, and is called “Do I Make You Proud.”

    So. Forget new song rumor.

  172. Taygerl says:

    They said he sang his new song which is on the radio, referring , of course, to his new single Do I Make You Proud.
    He also sang TITTS.
    It was rumored that he was going to sing the Deal, no confirmation of that yet.

  173. Robin4T says:

    I cannot get the video to work? Anyone? They are talking new song on the AI boards. A song called “On the Radio?” I realize it’s the boards, but I’m dying to know. Anybody?

  174. Deb says:

    “The most exciting moment came when probably the most famous man in America made an appearance” (don’t you love it when hyperbole goes your way! ) What a joy, I hope that echo was everything he dreamt it would be. The boards are saying, but it wasn’t confirmed that Taylor sang The Deal.

    Thanks again Ash.

  175. There’s a short video up now. Same site.

  176. Robin4T says:

    I was just about to post this. Thanks, Ash.

    American Idol, Taylor Hicks performed a new song and was certainly the crowd favorite tonight.

    New song? I want details!!

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