General Idol rumors for 7/05.

It looks like Katharine will not be performing tonight. Dr.’s orders- She has bronchitis. She is expected to just miss the Manchester dates. I’m sorry, Kat fans. Truly.

Kelly might miss opening night as well. Wisdom teeth problems. Ditto.

Apparently the Idols like Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood after rehearsals. If Taylor were a chain restaurant appetizer……….


Also, the Idol Chatter blog is being updated frequently throughout the day and evening. View it here.


77 Responses to General Idol rumors for 7/05.

  1. Chaz says:

    If Kat’s fans want a refund I’m sure there are plenty of SP out there that would love those extra tickets……but how would we split those 3 tickets among all of us????

  2. Chris (MacTwig) says:


    I just read your comments and I’m right there with you. I’ve been deaf in one ear since birth and have 75% hearing in the other. I speak perfectly well, though not very loudly (unless I’m mad and YELL). If I can hear me, I think everyone else must too. I also sing and I think it actually helps when singing in a group because other voices don’t sidetrack me.

    I don’t know what to think of Kat’s mysterious disappearance. If the bronchitis story is real, I feel for her. I had bronchitis once that was so severe I broke 2 ribs coughing and then contracted pleurisy. It was extremely painful and took me 3 months to recover.

    However, she’s out auditioning for TV shows and is seen swimming and sunbathing with her boyfriend while the others are practicing. Something doesn’t seem right.

  3. Jan B. says:

    Why is it not surprising that Kat isn’t present for the first show of the tour?
    Taylor would be there FOR HIS FANS, regardless of how he felt. She may really be sick, but then why isn’t she at least WITH the tour? I wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow gets out of the entire gig…time will tell, but she never seemed to care about anything but fame, IMO. Second place wasn’t good enough for her so she may be off in search of greener pastures. If that turns out to be the case, we can admire the Taylors of the world even more!

  4. Julie says:

    Margaux…consider Orange Beach the weekend of July 14 to 17…


  5. Basenji says:

    Have a good time and soak it all up, reporting comes second. Am so happy for you, curious what you’ll think seeing it again so soon. Whatever you report is gravy for me…out here in the barren land without Taylor.

  6. Margaux says:

    Basenji: I am going again. Not sure what shape I’ll be in by tomorrow, I may just go have to chill at the beach… it was a good week to take my vacation.

    Will try to focus on whether he wears something different, when he does shout outs and other gems, if he does anything different with the songs.

  7. Basenji says:

    Margaux: You are going again, right? Are you stoked? Ready to report???

  8. Margaux says:

    If some of the Idols ate at Applebee’s, my bet is they were staying at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua, since it is one of the nicest hotels within 20 miles of Manchester, and there is an Applebee’s in walking distance.

    I was at the Radisson before show last night, which is directly across from the Verizon. The bartender said crew was staying there, but the Idols themselves were out of town, for security purposes. This was confirmed by a guy from Alabama who was next to me at the bar.

  9. Basenji says:

    Deb, agree I was perhaps a bit snarky on the thing, which I why I kind of retracted a bit with the second post. Good point that it is healthy for kids to see people succeed who are “different”. Hadn’t thought of it from that point of view. I’m not a “kid person,” so I’m a bit adult-centric in my POV.

    I wasn’t saying I only listen to Taylor because he worked hard, no indeed, but just that that “backstory” is more compelling to me. If I’m going to be really snarky, I think one of our society’s problems is its admiration of performers over people who do important work in the shadows, but I’m too deep in my little obsession with Gigawatt Hicks right now to notice my own Hypocrisy! There was a story on CNN today about a guy who has temporarily quit college (for the past few months) to help tear down houses in New Orleans and recover the owners’ lost belongings left in the houses. It was billed as “American Heroes.” Indeed. On the other hand, I think famous people do good work when they bring issues to light. E.g. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are doing fundraising for New Orleans right now, using their fame to do good.

    Taylor better serve up a kickass album or…I’ll send him some flowers.

  10. Deb says:

    I think that for young girls and boys, being different in any way, shape or form is a big deal for them. When they can watch someone step forward tentatively like Elliot did and succeed, it is awe inspiring for many. This is also a time where tolerance and acceptance of others is so important and I think that Elliot has been a humble role model for many. I am very happy that you do not face many challenges with hearing with one ear. I do know someone that has suffered with sudden hearing loss in one ear, little things like not hearing your child call to you, or losing your balance, can be challenging.

    You, Elliot, and the person I know all operate from a positon of strength, which is very inspiring for many people.

    Taylor reminds me of a shark that is in constant motion in order to simply breathe. He continues to work hard, as he has always done, except it is in front of 50,000 fans of which each one he appreciates. I voted for him because of his talent and work ethic, but would not watch him solely for working hard. Sometimes I wish Taylor would sing on tour the way he might record for an album, in some shade of stillness. I’m assuming there would be modicum of stillness, I would love to find the Microphone that could keep up with him in a studio! Sometimes he will hit a blazing-from the bootstraps note, and quickly look out to audience to see if we are still here. Where are we going? xx00

  11. Basenji says:

    In case someone takes my last post the wrong way, I’m not attacking Elliot, I just get tired of the “reasons” we are supposed to admire people. Reasons that don’t seem to include really hard work. But then I’m not a 10-year-old girl, but jaded old hag. I DO think Elliot sings well, for the record.

  12. Basenji says:

    Regarding myfoxboston video with young girls fawning over Elliot in part because of his hearing loss:

    I have bitten my tongue on this in the past BUT: having hearing in only one ear is not that big a deal. I have hearing in only one ear and it does not affect your ability to hear yourself singing. It affects your ability to easily tell the direction that sound is coming from and it does mess up your ability to hear conversation in a loud and crowded place (and sometimes you have to turn your head to hear people speaking softly to you). But I’d stick with the diabetes as the background story. That works better. Sorry, had to spout. Not sure how I fall out on the bulimia thing re Kat. Feel bad for her, but again, not sure how that should make me want to listen to someone sing. What is this AI show about, a pity party?

    Perhaps I’m a bit partisan on this issue, but working hard for ten years on one’s performances and musical ability impresses me as a compelling reason to listen to someone’s music. Yup, I’m completely nonpartisan on this.

  13. cmoore says:

    Go to and click on the Entertainment tab to see a quick video of tonight’s concert and there is an article also.

  14. cmoore says:

    MSNBC had a short article @ The View considering Katharine McPhee as a hostess: Also on tap to guest host are: American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee, 22, on July 19, and Shannen Doherty, 35, on July 31 and Aug. 1. They follow this week’s revolving-door co-hosts, including Brandy, 27, a judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, who filled in Wednesday and returns Friday. “It’s a peculiar mix,” says media ad buyer Barry Lowenthal of The Media Kitchen. The roster of young women, none of whom have talk-show experience, suggests producers might be “finding people they can groom into something. They did that with Star.” McPhee and Brandy, Lowenthal says, are the most interesting candidates.

    “Katharine has a stage presence. She’s still on top-of-the-mind” among TV audiences with her recent American Idol competition.”

    There was another post @ her auditioning for “Entourage” on HBO for this season and the results have not yet been announced to the public.

    Sounds to me like she is moving in a different direction … question… is all this legal with her current American Idol contract?

  15. LaLuna says:

    I heard Kat ran off with Kevin. A chicken in every pot, yes?


  16. Jo says:

    I still say Katherine has no love for the music and music is not her goal. I figure that her mom might have tried to push her in that direction. I really shouldn’t be speculating but the comments she made about the other idols in the Seacrest interview really were out of line. Almost as if she was looking down her nose at her competition. Also I think the lady “protested too much” when she was insisting that she didn’t want or expect to win and thought she’d be better off not winning.

  17. Hickstyeria says:

    If Kat has laryngitis and bronchitis then most doctors would expect her to stay away from the pool and limit the intimate contact with the boyfriend. I don’t know if being bulimic means that the wear and tear on the throat might make for a higher chance of getting throat problems, but perhaps if that’s so then her apparent illnesses could be a cover if she is still having those issues. On the other hand, it is difficult not to jump to obvious conclusions since there appears to be enough ‘evidence’ that something isn’t right. As far as I am aware, previous Idol runners-up (and I’m not including Clay here since he was always bigger in the media aftermath it seems than Rueben) appeared to get on the PR bandwagon and follow through, regardless of what they might ultimately have wanted for their career. I don’t really know Justin Guarini’s voice or work but, given that I understand he hasn’t really made it, I bet he wishes he was getting half the runner-up publicity that Kat has been getting while she appears to be trying so hard NOT to be part of the A.I. thing!

  18. The Phantom of Soul says:

    USA’s blog missed Taylor’s Marvin Gayle song, “What’s Going On” in their final recap.

  19. Jo says:

    USA has now corrected their blog to indicate that Elliott sang Elvis’ Trouble.

  20. Jo says:

    Well that’s a relief. I want to hear Taylor sing a full version of RL’s Trouble. There’s a rumor around that Katherine might not be touring with the idols after all. There’s something going on there.

  21. Cali50 says:

    mJ’s Blog just posted that live reports from people at the concert said it was Elvis’ Trouble! Yea!

  22. Jo says:

    Whoever is writing that blog for USA has made several mistakes. I hope she/he made a mistake on Trouble too. I bet she/he did.

  23. Lee says:

    Jo: I was thinking it was the Elvis version too…but USA today reported it was the Ray L. version….doesn’t seem fav from Taylor as well. I was hoping he would sing Trouble or Georgia as one of his song choices for the AI tour. But…the crowd would be so loud it might not work.

  24. Alison says:

    The USA Today blog said it was Ray LaMontagne’s Trouble. Doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s what it says…

  25. Jo says:

    Surely Elliott sang Elvis’ Trouble and not RL’s. The Ray Lamontagne song belongs to Taylor. It’s my fav.

    Kelly is not stupid. She’s a typical southern iron magnolia. She came up in the school of hard knocks and seems to be a real trooper. Kudos to the girl.

  26. AmyH says:

    I love Kellie. I don’t for a second believe she is as stupid as she acts. Her singing voice is definitely NOT my favorite, but I could see a bright future in comedy for her.

    As for Kat – I’m not touching that one. It’s just too easy.

  27. Alison says:

    Elliott sang Trouble? 😦 I would have loved to hear Taylor sing that live. I’m sure Elliott did great, though. It IS quite a fucking song, after all. 😉

  28. Lee says:

    Not sure…maybe they don’t want her to tour. Kinda strange there is little or no merchandise?????…don’t know what to think.

  29. Julie says:

    “Maybe Mcfather and Mcmother had something to do with it….I know it’s still a rumor…but ya never know ”

    Lee – which rumor is that? Are her parents not wanting her to tour? Or do you mean they don’t want merchandise sold?

    Kudos to Kellie for performing with tooth problems. She’s showing herself to be more a trooper than Kat.

  30. Lee says:

    Off topic: looks like LD Miller the 12 yr old harp player is going to be on America’s got Tallent in a few minutes…NBC

  31. Deb says:

    It’s only a nod to Kellie the product not the person. She has offered herself as Gracie Allen, so I’m sure she would chuckle. Weight and personal comments make me uncomfortable because of the climate it creates for girls and boys. I’m impressed that she performed.

  32. Lee says:

    Maybe Mcfather and Mcmother had something to do with it….I know it’s still a rumor…but ya never know

  33. Jo says:

    I never felt like Katherine felt or cared about the music. She just never could connect with it and I’m afraid she was just looking for a way to get her face out there while eyeing a movie or modeling career. I’m also pretty sure she’s dealing with the notorious “stage mother”.

  34. Shandykat says:

    That’s interesting…I didn’t catch that before, but Taylor did say, very clearly, “8 people”.

    I’m wondering if she’s even been at many rehearsals?

  35. Clikee says:

    …and then there were 8. That’s odd. I was afraid with all the Kat comments we’d overlook the obvious oxymoron available with Kelly and her wisdom teeth. Whew! I’m glad someone finally mentioned it, I was getting worried about us!

  36. Cahaba Lily says:

    New rumor. This is only a rumor, I cannot find confirmation. But some peeps on other boards are saying that there is no Kat McPhee merchandise available for sale at the concert tonight. Wonder if this is some leg pulling or if it is true?

  37. pc325 says:

    I have only been a lurker, but an avid reader. This is so darned much fun, and I’m probably way to old for this…just ask my kids. I’ve practically ignored music for the last few years, but it’s different now. I’m enjoying all of your comments and all of these updates!

  38. The Phantom of Soul says:

    longsong: Check the American Idol Tour forum. The link above has been fixed.

  39. The Phantom of Soul says:

    longsong: It got moved to the American Idol Tour forum

  40. Phoebe says:

    “lazy ass,” “immature,” “get a shot,” “doesn’t care.”

    Wow guys.

  41. Cahaba Lily says:

    Wow! You can tell it’s an AI Performance Night! Spoilers, conspiracies and moles… Oh My! 😀

  42. Cali50 says:

    Deb, Your comment just made me think- What will Kellie be like when the “wisdom” teeth are gone! Actually, I love the girl now. Not so much when the show was on. As far as Kat goes, I agree that she could have at least showed up briefly to wave to the fans. I don’t think we have to worry about Taylor not being at a show because he would have to be close to death to not perform. And with all the touring he’sdone the last ten years, i think he’kk be the strongest for this tour. That’s just my impression of him!

  43. Deb says:

    onion rings

    crusty & warm on the outside, so many layers on the inside you want to cry……. “deep” (&) fried


    wisdom teeth & Kelli – inconceivable

  44. OSB says:

    Sarah, I wondered about all of those hints that something’s amiss, too. Then there was Taylor saying he was practicing 6,7, or 8 songs. Could be that he’s going to switch songs some nights, but, could be he knew he had to do more songs in her absence. I’ve never known any winner to get more than 4 songs during these tour concerts. Not that I wouldn’t be thrilled for Taylor to have more, but, it struck me funny when I read it. I don’t wish anything bad for Kat or anyone else, but something has smelled fishy for weeks, even seems AI is keeping the media away, instead of playing it up on every entertainment show, as they do most years.

    Looks like a True Hollywood Story to me!

  45. Tee says:

    OK, I said I wasn’t going to snark but…what’s up with Kat? She’s acting like she doesn’t care. Maybe she’s really sick, maybe not-who knows? Sarah, you’re right, the past couple of weeks with her have been strange. I haven’t seen any kind of promotion for her single, and aside from the bulimia story she’s been out of sight in the media. I hate to make comparisons, but I can’t help it-it’s like night and day how Taylor and Kat are approaching their new found fame. Taylor out there hustling, when he could have easily have sat on his butt and rested on his laurels as the winner. Meanwhile Kat doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I don’t dislike her or have any ill will towards her, and I hope she’s able to get herself in gear soon.

  46. MK says:

    for those wanting hot shots of Taylor tonight, 19E has forgotten a little something called freedom of the press …

    from the Manchester paper … However, there will probably be no photos of the concert itself. The tour’s organizers unexpectedly made demands that included the right to review and approve all Union Leader pictures of the American Idol performers before publication. The newspaper does not permit such outside control over its independent reporting and news photography.

  47. AmyH says:

    Lol! jazz – nachos! HAHAHA!!!

  48. longsong says:

    Is everyone else’s posts taking a while to actually show up? It is for me, for some reason…..I’d just like to know. Thanks!

  49. Hicknic says:

    Longsong, Gawd, I could have done without seeing that. How old is that guy? Garose!! off Subject a second, I found Vinman’s divx Finale downloads if anyone in interested.
    the high definition quality of these downloads are super.

  50. Tee says:

    Aw…I feel bad for all the Kat fans tonight. I won’t snark on her this time. I don’t even want to think about the possibility of Taylor getting sick and missing the Aug 3 show at the Gwinnett Center. No, please don’t let that happen! Even though I’m also going to the show to see Elliott, I would be so disappointed if Taylor weren’t able to perform.

    I can’t wait to get the lowdown on tonight’s show…I’m anxious to find out what we have to look forward to.

  51. Lee says:

    Sorry, Kat’s fans are few and far between from the looks of how her single is selling. I watched as much of the video as I could before clicking back to Taylor a few more times. Like, like, like, she’s a wee bit self absorbed and immature big time. More Taylor for us all….wooo

  52. longsong says:

    Phantom: What forum?

  53. AmyH says:

    I love Applebee’s! They’re the only place I know of that offers Weight Watchers entrees with the points printed right on the menu. I do wish they would bring back the WW fajitas, though. Those things were fabulous – and only 8 points.

    What’s wrong with Applebee’s?

  54. The Phantom of Soul says:

    There is a play-by-play on the forum under ‘news’.

  55. longsong says:

    Hi Jena!

    And I agree. Sounds like she just doesn’t care. You know what I love about Kat? She always justifies my instinctual dislike of her!

  56. Jena says:

    She obviously feels okay. Even though she can’t speak, she could at least get her lazy ass out on the stage and blow some kisses to her fans. Shed some crocodile tears and let her fans chear for her.

  57. Sarah says:

    Obviously Katherine didn’t plant her musical flower in quite the right dirt…

    I don’t wish ill on Katherine, but the events (or non-events?) surrounding her during the past couple of weeks have been bizarre. Is laryngitis just a spin? She was swimming with her boyfriend over the weekend, spotted down in San Diego vacationing at a resort when her single was released, there hasn’t been a word of her rehearsing with the group as far as anyone can confirm, and apparently she never flew into NH with the others. So it’s not as though she’s in the wings ready to perform as soon as she’s able. Maybe Taylor’s comment about travelling with “8 others” in the bus wasn’t just a slip. I feel very sorry for her fans, though.

  58. mari3jacks says:

    OSB- I want my baby back baby back baby back….
    I just want to thank Gray Charles and House. I have received my Amos Lee CD and talk about the boogie! I know I am late to his party but better late than never. Ash, you got any videos of Amos? Pretty please?
    Okay, back to Kat- who cares? LOL

  59. cmoore says: is a site you can see a few pictures of Taylor @ the Provo, Utah performance & some nice comments.

  60. Julie says:

    Kat is a delicate flower.

  61. longsong says:

    I imagine both of Kat’s fans will be VERY disappointed….

  62. Bob says:

    Get ready for the outrage from Kat fans. I’d want some of my money back.

    Guess she never heard that “the show must go on”.

  63. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    Nachos … definitely nachos. As in “Taylor’s nacho ordinary American Idol!”

    Sorry … [slinking back to the lurking mode]

  64. OSB says:

    Why was she in a pool with her boyfriend a couple of days ago, if she’s sick, or is that how she got sick? Feel bad for Kat fans – tix aren’t cheap and I’m already worrying about a hurricane ruining things, without worrying about a sick Taylor.

    Oh yeah, he’s BBQ spare-ribs – finger lickin’ good!

  65. Ash. says:

    Oh no! Someone actually answered. haha.

    DD, you just made me hungry.

  66. Is Applebee’s the best the AI people can give to these performers?

  67. Sarah says:

    I can’t wholly resist the snark either, I’m afraid. At least if Taylor had laryngitis he could switch to playing guitar and harp, which – oh look – he’s doing already. 🙂

    Now hm…what could our Kat switch to…?

  68. Quossum says:

    Damn, if he’d just come out in his jammies and wave and smile I’d consider forgiveness.


  69. janibeth says:

    Shelley – agreed! I’m so hyped about seeing Taylor August 3 in Atlanta that I’d probably just explode on the spot if he didn’t show up. That CANNOT happen!!! (Other idols? What other idols?)

  70. Shelley says:

    Trying…to be…nice…gracious…about Kat’s absence.

    Urge…too…strong…must snark…

    Why can’t she just get a shot of something like she did before the finale?


    Oh…and if Taylor gets sick and can’t perform Aug. 8…I will have an absolute conniption fit….and will insist that he come on stage in his jammies and at least mime playing the harp and mouth the words to the songs.

  71. Sarah says:

    lol Phoebe…

    *backs away slowly*

  72. Phoebe says:

    Aw jeez, Ash has started her very own scary boards topic….

  73. double d says:

    Potato skins….definitely Potato Skins….

    Tough skin, with soft inside and warm cheese and spicy bacon on top!



  74. Jo says:

    I’m sorry to hear this but I have the notion from watching Kat that she may not be able to handle this tour anyway. She appears to me to be immature for her age.

  75. Julie says:

    That’s gotta suck if you’re a Kat or a Kellie fan.

    But for the rest of us…more Taylor???? Fingers crossed for Showbiz and Margaux and anyone else who’s going!

    I missed something…they go to Applebee’s?

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