New Kat & Taylor videos from

You can view the new videos by clicking on this link.


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  1. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Warning – fangirl moment ahead:

    Jesus lord in a bottle, can that Taylor get any cuter? As soon as I think I’ve stuffed my evil fangirl thoughts box into their dark, dark box – I see something like this. BIG SIGH – Taylor has the most expressive, and dare I say, sexiest eyebrows ever. BIG SIGH – now that’s a comment I never thought would come outta my mouth.

    I wondered how long before someone yelled FREEBIRD at him.
    LOVED the harmonica..I could listen for hours…

  2. Hickstyeria says:

    Well it was good to hear Taylor play his harmonica – it always is. He just loves talking about it too, doesn’t he? A nice, low-key but pleasant interview.

    Kat’s Meatloaf impression, I have to admit, was quite funny and I wondered if she was channeling Pickler, not ‘Mr. Meatloaf’! I don’t know if it’s just innocent candour or if it is the arrogance of youth that makes her interviews such a mixture of horror at her apparent lack of respect and manners and of embarassment – like a car wreck, something you just have to see!

  3. amys says:

    I could not even finish listening to Kat’s interview, especially the one about Meatloaf. No respect. Her parents should be embarrassed.
    Anytime Taylor speaks of another artist he always finds the positives to highlight, and I’ve really respected that in him.

  4. Sarah says:

    YoursSoully – indeed, looks like Kat will be a no-show tonight. Very sad for her fans, but I’d actually be relieved if I were going! (sorry I had to be honest. lol)

    USA Today has it here:

    “According to a statement, a doctor has ordered the runner-up “total voice rest.” ‘I’m disappointed, and I am sorry to disappoint my fans who will be attending the start of the American Idols Live tour,’ McPhee said in the statement.”

    Kellie also is reportedly not confirmed to perform yet, due to some problems with her wisdom teeth. Not a healthy start to the tour…

  5. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Loved the videos of both Taylor and Kat … just wish there was more Taylor there.

    Did you venture past the videos at People to read their ‘Must Haves’ on the tour?

    “A Taylor travel guitar. It’s a little bitty one. It’ll go in the bunk with me.”
    – Taylor Hicks

  6. YoursSoully says:

    Slightly off topic – is there a press release out that says Kat won’t be performing with the AI tour tonight and tomorrow night due to “bronchitis”?

  7. Phoebe says:

    I’m not sure which is more distracting and unnerving,

    Katharine saying “like” and “just like” every five words, or

    Taylor repeatedly saying “you know.”

  8. Karen says:

    If anyone has the ability to ‘capture’ the Taylor People videos, Katja says she will convert for iPod…


  9. Lee says:

    Great video…Taylor’s seems happy and serious about his craft…and he looks rippin hot as well. I’m sure he’ll be playin pranks on the other guys in the bus…he just seems like the type.

    I think the guys will be areite, but on the other hand it would not surprise me if Kat’s undergarments mysteriously got tossed out the window by the other 5 gals. A long hot summer in zee buses for all.

  10. Karen says:

    I could watch the video of Taylor talking about the harp over and over and over…

    I just LOVE the mischief in his eyes when they shout ‘FREEBIRD’ – his eyes just dance ~~ you can just tell the devil is more than whispering in his ear…do it…do it…do it!

    Very playful mood, that Taylor ~

  11. Shelley says:

    Great videos…however…

    I really wish Kat’s publicist would let her know it’s rude to poke fun at older icons.

    1. Meatloaf was kind enough to sing with her…despite his poor health.

    2. Meatloaf has shared the big screen with Brad Pitt & Ed Norton.

    3. Meatloaf sings out of tune…

    …uh, well…Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad.


  12. Maureen says:

    Wow!! What a difference in maturity between Taylor and Kat!

  13. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    Many thanks for the links, Ash. I’m loving Taylor and his brutal honesty about being stuck on the tour bus with his “best friends … err… friends … err … in-laws!” 🙂 Remember what we say in the South, T: Family and friends are like fish … after a few days, they can go to stankin’ 🙂

    Sure wish they’d placed Taylor against a nice white wall during his interviews (like Kat) so we could SEE him a little better.

  14. Hicknic says:

    Thanks Ash! Just found this on utube. June 14th, Taylor with Robert Randolf Band

  15. double d says:


    Love it. Love it.

  16. Cahaba Lily says:

    Thanks for the links Ash! 😀

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