Jamie Lidell- Another soulful funky white man who can dance.

The video for his song “Multiply”.

You can buy the album with this track here.

There are a few mp3s posted on the board if you desire to hear them. If you like him I’ve got a rather large post that I can put up some time in the next few days.


19 Responses to Jamie Lidell- Another soulful funky white man who can dance.

  1. Shandykat says:

    REALLY love this song, thanks Ash! Unfortunately I just can’t get into any of his other music. I bought this song and one other from his collection and that’s all I really care for.


    (but this song is fabulous!)

  2. Mary Bell says:

    Great Soul Music! Thanks!

    Check out Peter Wolf’s latest CD’s if ya like Taylor and Jamie…

  3. risingsun says:

    This was a terrific suggestion. I had never heard of Jamie Lidell. Loved the song and video. I went to Amazon to sample the rest of the CD and now it’s on its way to my my house!!

  4. Amy says:

    Thanks for this…I’m going to look for his cd this weekend! Great stuff!

  5. bamakat says:

    Really great music. Thanks.

  6. AliceinWonderland says:

    Ok, I need to start robbing banks to pay for all the CDs I’ve been buying the past few months.

    Thanks for this, Ash. I really like Jamie!

    I’ll be over here in the corner counting my pennies.

  7. MollyK says:

    Yeah, DEW it! I missed this guy on GC. Thanks a lot.

  8. double d says:

    Ash. – Put up the large post even though GC scooped you! Great minds think alike!!! I love this. Will be purchasing tonight….on the ipod for TTITB.

  9. Ash. says:

    Phile- I’ll work on the MMJ stuff soon. πŸ™‚ I have a lot of albums to cover.

    at dawn, it still moves, chocolate and ice, acoustica cistica, sandman, z.. chrismas album , etc. πŸ™‚

  10. pc325 says:

    Really, really liked this! Thanks!

  11. CJ says:

    This was great! Loved the song even more after seeing the video. I picked out some of the same soul movements that Jamie Lidell and Taylor have in common.

  12. Phile says:

    I second the “Dayam!”

    For future reference, this is really good housecleaning music. Thanks to both you and Gray for bringing this to our attention. I’m definitely looking forward to the “rather large post.”

    (I’m also looking forward to the more mmj stuff when it comes around. I’m just sayin’… ;))

  13. AmyH says:

    Dayam! I was pleasantly surprised by this. Thanks so much for the mp3s and video. I am especially enjoying “When I Come Back Around.” Amazing stuff! I will definitely be buying this one. πŸ™‚

  14. bamaborntxbred says:

    Awesome! Please post more if you can! I actually have never heard of Jamie Lidell, so I would love to learn more….I like him, I like him a lot.

  15. hicksaholic says:

    I normally just skip over the topics about other artists and head straight for the latest news on Taylor. I just listened to this guy and he is great!!! he sings the same type song Taylor would like( at least I think Taylor would like it)
    Wonder how many other great artists I have been missing. I will be more open to listening to singers other tha Taylor in the future. That is probably what caused Taylor to take so long to be discovered. Wouldn’t it be great if Taylor could find talented singers out there and introduce them to us?
    Oh well….anyone going to the concert in bham?

  16. Mauje says:

    Wow! Thank you for this.

    Love the song Multiply, and I went to check out the rest of the album on iTunes(it’s available there for those of you that would like to buy it through there).

    This is a definite purchase.

    Thanks again!

  17. Nadaclue says:

    I will definitely be spending some money on this CD. WOW

  18. Shelley says:

    Jamie Lidell is great. My brother introduced me to this song months ago and it’s now one of my very favs.

    I was listening to ONLY Taylor at the time and my brother said…”Listen, if you love Taylor, you’ll love this song…trust me.”

    And he was right!

  19. mari3jacks says:

    Wow, Jaime even does the Taylor Turn! I’ll check out the mps3s when I get off work. My legs are still tapping against the desk.

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