July 6th AI Tour Date Play-By Play.

Phantom of Soul and a friend are doing another play-by-play on the boards.

Read it here.


41 Responses to July 6th AI Tour Date Play-By Play.

  1. Jan B. says:

    I’m loving this topic! I can’t seem to figure out why I can’t view vidoes (dial-up?), so I love everyone’s reviews and points of view… I know that I want different things from a concert than I do a CD. On a CD, I want tight quality, stunning vocals, nuance, something I can listen to over time with a deepening appreciation. When I see a concert (especially a Taylor concert)
    I want visual, I want to be entertained, I want him to whip the audience into a collective frenzy, I want every ounce of his sweat and passion, I want my money’s worth! I’ve seen the vocally perfect kd lang in concert and was bored to death…same with Linda Ronstadt… give me Billy Joel, Bob Seger, Elton, Bette Midler, Cher ANY day! Springsteen and Garth Brooks are known for their shows and I think Taylor will be too. I just want his best by HIS standards.

  2. Bob says:

    Not to pile on but…….

    Manchester (and likely many other stops) is not the place to sing Ghetto or YASB. He’s basically playing to the crowd but doing it with some very different material. The crowd wants to party and he’s throwing them one.

    Clive is no idiot. He knows full well that a Taylor only tour is not going to be made up of tweens and teens. I’m quite sure Taylor also realizes that his future audience is not the young-ins as well. Keep in mind that this is an AI tour. He’s the headliner but you also have people paying to see Elliott, Katharine, Chris, etc.

    Really, until he cuts the first album and goes out on his own you won’t be able to a good feel.

  3. Robin4T says:

    Good morning everyone. My server went off line last night right in the middle of this discussion. Thank you hwc, Margaux, and Madison for your insightful impressions of the live concert performances. I particularly loved these comments by hwc:

    The guy I saw Wednesday night was an honest-to-god major venue headline quality performer with an honest-to-god headline quality band playing tightly arranged songs in perfect sync.


    Did I leave the show after Taylor’s set grinning from ear to ear saying, “wow….that was really amazing”? Yes. Not bad for the kid’s first ever real concert set for an arena size crowd. Have I ever seen a performer put more energy into 8 songs? Nope. And that includes some high-voltage singers like Robert Plant, Roger Daltry, and Prince.

    So excited to see that we now have Tay videos. Off to watch for myself!

  4. Margaux says:

    I’m not worried about Taylor. He’s taken the American Idol Tour to places it’s never been before. To paraphrase a comment I read a few weeks ago — That Guy is Singing Those Songs like that on That Tour? And everything HWC said.

    I’m sure no one on an AI has ever worked with the band quite like this. Everyone else on the tour is giving the same performance every night. Not Taylor.

    Right now he’s at arena concert school. If he were in the Olympics, this would be the compulsories. The gold medal isn’t awarded till we see his solo show.

  5. double d says:

    I would think that hwc and those videos put a lid on this subject. Bottom line is Taylor is being Taylor. THANK GOD!! Wasn’t that what we were all originally afraid of? That AI would stifle and “box” Taylor into some cheesy lounge singer?

    Well, he’s succeeded in not having that happen and I say, Bravo! It’s a LIVE concert and Taylor is going to jump around, dance around, harp around, sing around — because that IS what he does. If you have been to other good concerts, those artists don’t sound like studio recordings either. There’s alot of ad-lib, gaps in songs, twists on lyrics, stepping away from mic mid-lyric, etc., and this is what Taylor’s doing. I venture that the other don’t because they haven’t….

    This site, like Gray Charles, is a great forum for discussion. That said, it is so very easy to OVER analyze mintuae, particularly since there is relatively little to talk about compared to the frenzied weeks of May and June.

    Sit back, relax and take things for what they are worth on this tour. This is NOT going to be the apex of Taylor’s career. It’s only the controlled start.

  6. TroubleLover says:

    Watched the videos and love them both…but, you know, as much as I loved Taylor’s version of DLMD, he still did the thing with not finishing the last word in the sentence…as mentioned earlier, I do like that he had to calm his performances down and complete the lyrics in most of his AI performances…don’t know if he doesn’t realize that he’s doing it, but he’s always seemed to do it! So, Taylor if you are reading this, please finish singing the last word in the line of the song! I feel like someone who’s been given a gift, only to have it pulled from my hands just before I get to see it! There’s being a tease and then there’s just being…inattentive? rushed? bored? Don’t know…

  7. Basenji says:

    hwc: watched videos, all blissful, exultant, intoxicated…

    I’m in Yokosuka which is right south of Tokyo and Yokohama.

    carolina: I get your point re Taylor is one focus and it is his career, but respectfully, gently beg to differ in that I think this site is a bit about us too. I mean the group here, the people that post are the MAIN reason I come here. I want to read what they say ABOUT Taylor and about the music people share (not just Taylor’s music). I feel part of the community that has insightful comments to make. I like that they expect a lot from Mr. Hicks. People have been saying he reads the boards, well I think this is best place for him to get real feedback and not just comments on his, um, bits and parts. If this site hadn’t continued the GrayCharles group, I’d be long gone. And I’ve sampled a bit around and there is NOTHING else like this site (and what GC’s was). So, some about Taylor, but also about good music and how it affects us. It’s all good, right?

  8. carolina says:

    Good grief. This isn’t about us. This is about Taylor, what he owes, where he’s going and how he’s going to get there.

    And, if he sells a part of his soul to get there, good for him — because only he owns it.

  9. hwc says:

    Judge for yourself, folks.

    MJ just posted videos of “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Takin’ It To the Streets”


    Watch ’em in proper order: Beatles then Streets, IMO.

    See if you think Taylor could have done these at the Workplay Christmas show.

  10. Pamela says:

    Blues: Definitely not an attention junkie — he doesn’t need to be. he’s got the gift. 😉

    hwc: thanks for all the inputs, thoroughly enjoying them.

  11. hwc says:

    Your welcome. Where in Japan do you live?

    BTW, when watching these cheezy videos, you have to use your imagination. For example, Living In America featured the band laying down a very heavy drum based funk groove at about a million decibels. That song had Taylor’s fingerprints all over it.

  12. Basenji says:

    hwc, for the last two posts: itadakimasu (Japanese for “I humbly receive”).

  13. hwc says:

    If I could make one more observation:

    We have seen two sides of Taylor in the last two weeks that he was not capable of doing at, for example, the Hoover Galleria concert.

    First, is the mature song stylist with band that we saw on the Leno performance. For those of us lucky enough to watch that in high-def with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, the sound quality was amazing. That was a nuanced, brilliant vocal with a wonderful band arrangement. I have seen no indication that Taylor was capable of that six months ago.

    Second, there is no way, no how, no chance, never in a million years that the pre-Idol Birmingham Taylor and band could have done what I saw in Manchester Wednesday night. Do I recognize him as the same artist? Sure. But, on a completely different level. The guy I saw Wednesday night was an honest-to-god major venue headline quality performer with an honest-to-god headline quality band playing tightly arranged songs in perfect sync.

    Check my post in the thread in Ash’s forums on “favorite concerts” to guage my credentials. Let’s just say that I’ve seen a few quality acts over the years.

    Was it the best concert I’ve ever seen? No, of course not. I’ve seen some the best, most innovative performers who ever lived, in their prime, many of them under optimal conditions like third row center in Atlanta’s Fox Theater.

    Did I leave the show after Taylor’s set grinning from ear to ear saying, “wow….that was really amazing”? Yes. Not bad for the kid’s first ever real concert set for an arena size crowd.

    Have I ever seen a performer put more energy into 8 songs? Nope. And that includes some high-voltage singers like Robert Plant, Roger Daltry, and Prince.

  14. Basenji says:

    There’s a video with sound on the boards (TH media/2nd encore). It’s the cheesefest of “Living in America” but I thought it was interesting how much in charge he is (by agreed plan or by natural leadership?). And he did call out Soul Patrol…

  15. The Blues says:

    Pamela, agreed.

    Taylor is giving American Idol fans what they want (and trying to somehow find a way to do what he wants.) No offense to hardcore American Idol fans but these fans are not exactly the most savvy music lovers out there – they are also not going to be his permanent fan base. (I mean look at the freak out over the “F” word) Also most people that watch Idol are more interested in reality TV then music. Taylor is playing for the audience right now – families…teens…etc. But don’t forget he’s a multi-faceted guy. One behavior is not etched in stone. He’s intuitive… and has the ability to read his audience (as all good performers do) and he reacts appropriately… He WANTS people to be happy. And they are.

    The American Idol Tour is a JOB and he’s doing his job. That does not mean he loves every second of this particular job but he sure as hell going to make the best out of it. If he busted out Somehow, people would be like what the hell is this depressing music and walk out.

    Besides, this is just practice.. he’s learning a lot… He’s finding his way… He’s still finding his niche… and soon it will be perfected and everyone will be happy.

    And a last note: he’s so not an attention junkie. Really.

  16. hwc says:

    “Is DLMD, as good as the Beatle’s version even if it is different? Has he put his own artistic spin on Hollywood Nights (foreboding title), or is it a straight cover? Is he smokin’ or smokin’ & mirrors?”


    I’m not going to bite on calling anyone “better than the Beatles”.

    However, both of the songs you asked about struck me on first listen as very mature, sophisticated performances. I am dying to hear them again. To me, Hollywood Nights was Springsteen-esque. Really a strong rocker number. Taylor was outstanding. The Beatles song was very interesting with a decidedly bluesy R&B chorus. It didn’t remind me of the Beatles at all.

    As for critiques: I can’t complain that Taylor did not do a solo acoustic guitar song in this particular setting. It would not have worked. Don’t kid yourself about DAUGHTRY doing acoustic. He didn’t. He played loud rythym guitar — just your basic hard strummed bar chords — on an amplified acoustic.

    Personally, I would have liked to see Taylor do one sparsely sung number like an “In the Ghetto”, “Something”, or whatever — with the band. But, that’s me — a 50+ year old geezer. I understand why he didn’t and I’m not at all convinced it would have been effective in this setting as part of an eight song finale. I think we have to wait for a solo Taylor tour in places the size of the Fox Theater in Atlanta for that sort of thing. It can be done in an arena tour, but probably not for a show whose target demographic is 10 to 17 year old screaming girls. Those songs rely on subtle nuances, which is not the name of the tune on the Idol tour.

    Personally, I thought Taylor’s song choices were creative and decidedly interesting, especially considering that he had to do Takin’ It to the Streets (everyone did their AI album track) and his single, DIMYP. Takin’ It to the Streets was incredible with a real honest-to-god live band instead of farfisa organs and drum machines.

    I mean, think about it. He did Elvis, Bob Seger, Sam & Dave, Marvin Gaye, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, the Doobie Brothers, and James Brown (the final group song which he led) in a 30 minute set. For a show where he is not allowed to do original material, it’s hard to complain about his set list.

  17. Pamela says:

    i think this is Taylor’s marketing training kicking in. He knows that the industry involves a great deal of selling. As he said in an interview, he’s working to push a product to different markets — our man is definitely a chameleon of sorts, versatile, and knows his varied audiences. But i don’t think Taylor essentially changes — he just dons a different cap each time. Taylor is Taylor is Taylor. And i believe that it is actually his adaptability that will enable him to endure in this industry for a long, long time.

    Pam 🙂

  18. Jo says:

    CJ: I’m always afraid to compare anyone to the Elvis I remember but sometimes Taylor has that sensual look of Elvis that we all knew so well. Elvis was not a classic goodlooking man but there was somthing about his eyes that just drew you in. I think Taylor knows what he needs to do. He has to get these AL constraints off him and nurture and grow the fan base he already has created. In a large venue, people expect dynamics and wild performances. He will get some financial security and then have more freedom to do his thing. He has some decent original songs and he can cowrite with some of the better writers and do his kind of music. I just wish people wouldn’t pick him apart as nobody performs at 100% 24/7. Taylor is 29 and not a kid and I’m sure he knows all this much better than I do. He doesn’t need my advice……….he’s done great on his own. I’m looking forward to great things out of this guy. He’s having a ball and so am I!

  19. idolAddict_NW says:

    I listened to the “Blues and Soul” mp3 and it is freakin fantastic. Yes, indeed!

  20. CJ says:

    I was around when Elvis first broke into the music. Use to watch him on Ed Sullivan from the waist up ,as they wouldn’t show him from the waist down he was so wild. I remember my Dad calling his music the devil’s music and we had to sneak around just to see him sing and dance. I feel like I’m fifteen years old again, and we need a change in the music . Tried to play radio just so I could hear DIMYP, but couldn’t stand more then two songs to go by. Had to get my CD out and say forget it. Taylor will settle down when all this is over I hope- as I love his slow soul blues too! How can you sing like that to all the screaming folks? I give him a lot of credit.

  21. Kim(DogDoc) says:

    Remember Georgia On Your Mind?

  22. ivecompletelylostmymind says:

    If you haven’t already, stop reading and typing for a few minutes and please listen to that newly found version of Heart and Soul that dd posted the link for above.


    This is absolutely amazing. I’ve listened to it now 4 or 5 times in a row and I am mesmerized by it. WOW….

    Me thinks we have nothin’ to worry about….

  23. idolAddict_NW says:

    >>But what I posted is what I’ve honestly felt at moments. Not a lack of confidence in Taylor, just a prayer I lift up that this amazing guy can find that exceptional balance between performer and vocalist that will carry him to the next level.

    Amen, Robin4Tay. This is just what I’ve tried to express many times in discussions about “band Taylor” vs “suave crooner Taylor”. Now that he’s free of the FORCED constraints of AI and playing to these huge crowds he will have to find his own sweet spot. But I think if any adjustments are necessary he will make them and find that balance.

    His talent and potential are so overwhelming at times that I almost get afraid from him — wanting him so much to be everything he’s capable of being and going as far as he can possibly go.

  24. Madison says:

    I can only say that Taylor was absolutely dazzling at last night’s performance–so much so that it went by much too quickly for me, even though he had the most stage time. He was totally into the music and made each song his own–especially DLMD–soulful, heartfelt and Taylorized to the max. The band was gleeful when Taylor was on stage, and it was obvious that they shared a professional connection at every turn. Taylor’s dancing was genuine, his voice strong and on-key, and his guitar and harmonica talents so wonderful to experience in person at last. He also brought the whole show to a terrific conclusion by acknowledging the band, the audience, the other idols and Soul Patrol at appropriate places–a consumate entertainer. I only wish that I had a video of his performance to see again what I couldn’t really absorb last night. I do plan to attend the Providence show and can’t wait to see how the show evolves from what I saw last night.

  25. ivecompletelylostmymind says:


    First thing that comes to mind…

    It’s been about six weeks since AI ended. Taylor himself said on Leno that “every week has been something else!” The man is on a roller coaster right now and it seems like, while he’s loving every second of it, he must be hanging on for dear life.

    Let him take this ride of his life right now and enjoy it. He should! He’s a talented young guy who has become an “overnight” sensation…after 10 years of killing himself for his music! We might not be getting what we would all consider the “perfect” Taylor, but we are loving this crazy ride right along with him. When things settle down and he has the opportunity to get past the craziness to what will be his new “normal” life, that’s when I believe we’ll all really see all that he has to offer us.

    Taylor has shown us over and over again what a smart guy he is. I’m so happy for him right now…he’s living his dream of hearing the roar of the big arena. He’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing right now. I can’t wait to see him in L.A….then I’ll sit back and wait with anticipation for that first album.

  26. Robin4T says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Basenji and idolAddict. God knows, I do love Taylor Hicks. Love what has he given me that I thought I’d lost. I think his potential is unlimited. And of course he’s still finding his way through this tranformation from band singer to superstar. Heaven knows his instincts have been incredible, thus far–as you say double d. No reason to think they won’t continue to be. But what I posted is what I’ve honestly felt at moments. Not a lack of confidence in Taylor, just a prayer I lift up that this amazing guy can find that exceptional balance between performer and vocalist that will carry him to the next level. But then that’s what we all want, right?

  27. Jo says:

    I wonder how many people are around who remember when Elvis hit the scene in the mid ’50s. There are so many simularities here. Even if you are not an Elvis fan, you have to accept that he changed the music scene forever. He didn’t just open the door, he kicked it down for all that followed to come thru. I was there and I remember the same type of comments about Elvis. He was ruining music and his antics on stage were frowned upon by almost everybody. Elvis payed no attention, continued to do his thing, and made a mark on the world of music like nobody has done since. Taylor feeds off the crowd like Elvis and I believe that he can still sing in a small intimate setting and do a song justice but in the meantime he has to create and cultivate a fan base and like it or not, he has to include the teeny boppers. Give Taylor a chance. He has proven to me that he’s in charge and he knows what hes doing. Keep the faith.

  28. Cali50 says:

    AliceinWonderland, I was going to give my opinion here but you just said it all for me. Great post!

  29. double d says:


    Remember folks, this is a LIVE concert, not a recording. Taylor is different on his albums…some of you say too different. Listen to this and tell me it’s not TERRIFIC!


    This is what you get with Taylor. The tour, particularly the beginning is going to be frenetic. They have to whip up interest, buzz, etc., to keep people coming.

    HAVE A LITTLE FAITH in the man. Has he not delivered on every level? To me, this is just a non-topic.

  30. idolAddict_NW says:

    I do know what you mean. I thought that on a few of the Provo songs (TI2TS and DIMYP) but, to be honest, I figured he was overselling because of the crappy soundtrack. But, yeah, I think Taylor can get so excited and amped up that his delivery of the song suffers because he pulls away from the mic too fast and is moving so much and so intensely. He can even over-riff and over-sing.

    It does seem like in front of a large crowd he has trouble being confident enough to just “sing a song”. I, too, prefer some of his songs on AI where he was more controlled (YSM, YASB, TALT, etc). The DIMYP on Leno was fantastic because it had a lot of soul but still felt more controlled and confident, not manic.

    Yet,UTR studio tracks show that he was perfectly capable of just singing a song well before AI. It’s probably a live concert energy thing.

    I, too, would like to hear from the people that were there last night and tonight if they sensed any over-singing or half-lines. Most of the recaps I’ve seen have said he sounded great.

    The Boston Herald guy, by the way, has long been a notorious Kat fan and Taylor basher.

  31. Allie says:

    Can’t speak to what Taylor did in concert, and I agree he did go too far at times in his performances on AI. But he also demonstrated quite ably that he’s no stranger to nuance and song styling, particularly on Something and In the Ghetto and Trouble.

    I think the point about Taylor doing his job is a good one, as well as the point that its impossible to really judge if Chris was more credible than Taylor without being there.

    But I also think that a large venue is not exactly the place to expect a breathtaking vocal. Almost no one is going to appreciate a breathtaking vocal in a large venue unless you have impeccable sound quality and acoustics, which most large venues don’t have. IMO, breathtaking vocals are best left for small, intimate venues or the studio. Taylor is breathtaking when he chooses to go for nuance, and you’re just not gonna get that on these big stages. (In fact, I read one comment that DLMD was too soft a song to really work in that venue, so in my mind, that just reinforces my point.)

    I’m not passing any judgment until we hear the album. Taylor is by no means a perfect performer. He has a lot of passion, he has a distinctive voice, but he sometimes lacks self-control. We’ll just have to wait to see how his strengths and weaknesses translate to a big studio release.

  32. AliceinWonderland says:

    I agree with Basenji. Taylor’s job right now is to make sure the folks going to the concerts walk out happy and feeling like they’ve gotten their money’s worth. I think it might be easy for some of us to forget that Taylor is a performer. He’s been doing it all his life. It IS his life. And what Taylor is doing right now is what he wants to do. He’s bringing it, and the crowds are eating out of his hand. Good for him!

    I have no doubt that the Taylor who walks into the studio to lay down tracks for his album ain’t gonna be the same one we’re seeing and hearing about at the concerts. Make no mistake about it: he is dead serious when it comes to his music. He’s not going to fuck up and blow the opportunity he’s been given.

    My advice is to just sit back and let the boy have some fun. He’s been dreaming about performing in arenas like this for years. Let him play! Let him enjoy the echo of the stadiums ringing in his ears! He’ll pay us back a hundred-fold. I have absolute faith in him.

  33. Basenji says:

    Robin4T: nice! And I think Deb is right to bring up musicality issues when it comes to our boy. Why not? We expect a lot. Let’s put that on the wish list for future reports.

    Ash: this site rocks, don’t worry, we know it.

  34. Stella's Dad says:

    Deb, you are really “harshing my mellow” on that one.

  35. taytayfan62 says:

    i dont really like the direction this board has gone tonight, what with the bashers on the pbp thread, and now debs comments. what is the deal here? this board, and grays, has always been about the love of taylor and his music. please, can we get back on track?

  36. Robin4T says:

    Deb, I’m not sure if I know exactly where you’re coming from, but maybe I do. For me, I want to see Taylor find that balance between the frenetic, energetic “band singer” and the disciplined vocalist that AI at times almost forced him to be (due mostly to the time limitations and the need to sell the song, the lyrics, the vocals.) I want him to know that sometimes it’s okay just to sing the song. In fact it’s more than okay. As much as I love his motion and his dance and his harp and all those extras(and I really do love all those things), what I love above all is his voice.

    Having read the certainly biased report from the Boston Herald on the Opening Night thread, I would love to hear from hwc on whether he thinks there is any validity to the criticisms that Taylor was “barking out incomplete lines and oversinging to the point where his voice cracked.” Hwc has already said these guys are terribly biased Daughtry fans. I understand that. But is there any legitimacy to these criticisms? Hwc, or anyone who attended the concert, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ve seen Taylor live with LMBO twice. And, yes, he absolutely slayed me. His energy and passion were unbelievable. But, if I’m being completely honest, I had moments when I thought, “Taylor, baby, just sing the song. It’s what you do best. Don’t forget to sing while you’re killing yourself for us up there. The song is what we want first.” Does that make sense?

  37. double d says:

    Well, I will express my opinion. Your first sentence of:

    “This is a disclaimer, that I have not been to the concert.”

    is the magic phrase. You “listened” to a play-by-play by two admitted Taylor fans. Therefore, you got a lot of “fangirly”. Certainly, we are for “our guy” but there was good feedback for Chris and Elliott too. I haven’t read ANYWHERE that Chris is singing creative twists to different songs…sounds like same old, same old to me. You ask about Taylor without seeing the performances but assume that the others are just fantastic.

    THIS IS AN AMERICAN IDOL CONCERT, for Pete’s sake. Taylor is most likely kickin’ it up more than any other idol ever has and you’re questioning with “smoke and mirrors”. You say, “If he exceeded everyone’s expectations why would he change anything?” — Well, exactly….he hasn’t. This IS Taylor. Maybe you just don’t like Taylor’s style…that’s ok…stop following Taylor….follow Chris, then you can just enjoy the simple music.

    It’s one thing to have thoughtful, intelligent debate on a topic but this is seems to be just trying to make an issue where there is no issue. Ash is gracious in her comments and so should you be.

  38. idolAddict_NW says:


    It’s rather hard to get into detailed analysis of song technique when you are hearing something over a phone through screaming fans. That’s not what the play-by-play is about. It’s about trying to convey the experience of being there.

    Only one or two people on this site have been blessed to have actually heard these songs live — hwc and margaux and I thought they did a good job of trying to convey the quality of Taylor’s technique. However, it’s pretty hard, too, when you are in an arena with screaming people.

    My impression is that he did do unique versions of “Hollywood Nights” and “Don’t Let Me Down”, but I wasn’t there so I don’t know for sure.

    I’m not sure what you are suggesting. Should he not be popular? Should he not do covers on the AI tour? If he did originals he’d probably have to hand over all rights to those songs, so it’s just as well he doesn’t.

    He did “The Deal” in Provo. I’ve also heard him talk about song-writing in many interviews. To me that would indicate that he IS interested in getting back to that singer/songwriter identity on his album.

    I guess I’m not really seeing what it is you are expressing disappointment in.

  39. Basenji says:

    Deb, I’m on that train witcha. Not a downer, a sign of intelligent life in the universe. I think the album and the Idol tour and two different things. If we agree Taylor is good at reading people and crowds, then he HAS to pull in the teenyboppers this summer (didn’t HWC say it was all pre-teens and teenagers with their moms?). Later, he can shift focus onto the album.

    He’s doing his job right now; it’s not the Taylor Hicks tour (or I’d be there!). This sweaty tight jeans Taylor Hicks is a gladiator in the arena giving the Idol fans what they want. But the song choices aren’t “sellout” songs; these are solid songs he has picked. He can’t possibly get all Billy Holiday during the Idol tour. We just have to wait for the album (I hope). I just heard that nice new bluesy version of “Heart and Soul” and it shows he can and likes to change things up. Taylor, don’t make me eat my words…

  40. Ash. says:

    “I know this is a fan site, but there has not been one constructive critique.”

    I call B.S.

    I think you need to read more carefully if you are missing the debates and conversations about the changes and how many people have been let down or confused about Taylor’s direction recently. They are outnumbered, but they ARE there. I am not stating my opinion in this comment, just facts. The debate is there. Look more closely.

  41. Deb says:

    This is a disclaimer, that I have not been to the concert. I am grateful to Phantom of the Soul (DELUXE-nice), Margaux, & HWC and anyone that I forgot to name, for terrific feedback.

    Is anyone covetous of the fact that Chris simply sings & plays some guitar and the crowd is insanely impressed. When this tour is over, he can return to singing and playing his guitar.

    Now wait a minute, that’s what I wished for Taylor with the addition of harp. Instead it seems like he has whipped up a frenzy of adulation with a heap of hickstrionics, & tight pants. Has he had a breathtaking vocal? Is DLMD, as good as the Beatle’s version even if it is different? Has he put his own artistic spin on Hollywood Nights (foreboding title), or is it a straight cover? Is he smokin’ or smokin’ & mirrors?

    Now that he has cemented the lucrative fan base of 10-18 year olds, with all this hicksteria and covers. Is Clive going to let him produce anything subtle, with the exception of a “track” for old times sake. Taylor IMO, is also is a bit of an adrenaline/attention junkie, would he want to do something less grandiose, or was that an exit interview that swung both ways at Grays? I know this is a fan site, but there has not been one constructive critique. If he exceeded everyone’s expectations why would he change anything? I would miss the earlier lyricist-musician-singer. I know you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, but you are.
    debbie downer

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