GrayCharles mention today on gets a big mention in today’s Mary Corluso column on


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  1. ElvisBabeGoTaylor says:

    Ash. Says:

    July 7th, 2006 at 9:05 pm
    That should change soon, Jan. I registered a domain name and the switch will happen within the next couple of weeks.

    It is happening now πŸ™‚

  2. lostintexas says:

    I am thrilled to see GC mentioned in Mary’s article. Any press is good press, right? Although she did tend to accentuate the negatives and not much positive.

    Ash, thanks so much for giving us this site. I hope with all my heart we don’t wear you down too. It is a great site and something you should be proud of but not something to take away your “life” so to speak. I fear that losing both GC and The Boogie would be devastating to many.

  3. Ash. says:

    That should change soon, Jan. I registered a domain name and the switch will happen within the next couple of weeks.

  4. Jan B. says:

    Ash, I think you’re doing a great job here and enjoy reading posts by famailiar folks. My only problem is that I can only GET here by going to GC first and clicking onto your name. The wordpress thingy seems to be a problem from my end.

  5. Ash. says:

    I totally bit my own on that one!

  6. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    P.S. Hey, Ash! I noticed while reading the PxP last night that you used to have my name as a BLEEP word here? My mother would be so chagrined. πŸ˜‰

  7. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Mary Colruso is A-OK in my book and has mentioned in the past. She’s also always been supportive and a champion of Taylor.

    As I said on the message board, it is possible (probable) that she didn’t see GC’s interview with Taylor. She probably thought it was truly over at ‘Gray Charles Out’. Please don’t bash dear sweet Mary. She’s an excellant repoorter.

    Ash, I enjoyed coming to your music blog before you picked up where GC left off. Just keep being your badass self.

  8. mari3jacks says:

    Ahh, remembering myself on the telephone dialing for hours while on perma-chat with the dogs licking my legs and watching the site crash.
    I can think of only one hot issue and that was the Walmart debate. I read evey opinion on it, yet I can only remember fAt’s response, so I guess that’s a good thing.
    I love it when he used to (now Ash) post new artists or even the ones that have been around forever. For the last 12 years I have been avoiding music. They have a saying in AA to avoid old people, places and things, and for me music would take my mind back. I am much stronger now and have come to realize to just put new memories and feelings into each song. This is a rebirth for me musically so I thank Taylor/GC and now Ash for the opening.
    I know this sounds crazy and sappy, just wanted you to know.

  9. Clikee says:

    Mary’s article; a warning to web blog owners or wistful wishes on her part for the overwhelming readership these sites offered? I’m not quite sure what the crux of her article is supposed to be. I agree with Shelley, as there was so much more than controversy. Would have been nice if Mary could have mentioned “The Interview”, which we all know was an amazing testament to all of Gray’s hard work and popularity.

    Gosh, Ash, hope that article didn’t make you skeered. I did take notice of your note up there, and look forward to your catalog of ideas! Thanks!

  10. Julie says:

    barfo Says:

    July 7th, 2006 at 3:54 pm
    i hope gray sees it

    Are you kidding? He already commented on it on the Boogie message boards. “I resemble that remark” or something (sorry if I misquoted you, Sir)

  11. double d says:

    Ash. – this site is first rate, dear. Love the musical posts and Taylor-stuff too. I’ve actually gotten more music here than at GC’s. Thanks so much for your time and effort and know that I appreciate ya!

    Folks — if you want to keep this kind of outlet for our zaniness, our voices to be heard, our “intelligence”….go to the Front Page, top right and click on donate. Give a little, to get a lot.

    Regarding the whole Monkey vs. Robot, there was significant consternation over the fact that some folks felt that we were insulting Taylor by calling him a Monkey. They did not like the association and were very vocal about it. As I recall, it got heated for a time, but eventually subsided. I believe that is what Mary is talking about.

  12. Ash. says:

    I will have the posts numbered once I get my own server. Until then, it’s not an option. Sorry.

  13. cmoore says:

    Ash, even though I constantly read your site, I don’t post often. I do appreciate all the effort & time you & GC do/did put into the site. One thing would sure be helpful to me…can the each of the ‘posts’ be #’d so as to refer to # this or # that when referring to some remark. And also, instead of going from top to bottom of each new sight when one logs in, is it possible to start on the latest ones? Just 2 questions…not at all criticisms or negatives. I’m not a blogger/web site woman by nature, but have so voyeured through the “Hicks Haze”….:) THANK YOU!

  14. bamakat says:

    I enjoy your site Ash. I’m glad some officially noticed the passing of GC. I truely miss GC, but that doesn’t mean your site is any less of a joy in comparison. GC was the first blog visited by me. I had no idea what one was much less what it was suppose to accomplish, if anything. You never forget your first love, but it is still just your first love.

    Thank you for taking up the challenge for us. I’ve tried various other sites and I keep coming back here. This seems most like home. The text style is a comfort and I find posting here almost as easy as GC’s. [I still get a memo that says this site is not secure. Then the memo says, DO YOU STILL WANT TO POST A COMMENT? That message is pretty scary.] I’ve gotten past the fear just a bit. πŸ™‚

    I’m sure that we create much work for you on a daily bases. I’m trying so hard to embrace new music like Anthony & the Johnsons. I refused to turn a deaf ear to them, but I was not emotionally connected to them after 2 play throughs this A.M. In a few minutes I’m going to listen again. I’m stubborn & if others have found something worthwhile I’ll keep making an effort. Jamie Lidell’s music was so good I went by my record store to get a copy while I was out today.

    Thank you so much for your continued good work on our behalf. Try not to burn out. You and your ideas are most welcome and are needed. I look forward to many future visits to your home.

  15. Ash. says:

    “I always assume everyone is more intelligent than me.”

    That’s nonsense! Such a silly thing to assume.

  16. Carol says:

    As far as any controversy on GC, I do recall one Saturday of some WalMart discussions … but that’s about it … even that didn’t last long.

  17. bamaborntxbred says:

    Ash- I always assume everyone is more intelligent than me. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

    That said…I had NO IDEA there was a controversy over Monkey vs. Robot. I was gleeful over the whole thing so I might’ve had my head stuck up my bum. Gee, I missed out on a fight (fight!)? That sucks.

    I wear my Monkey vs. Robot shirt all the time. If someone asks what it means, I just tell them that they don’t wanna know. I can’t wait for the day that someone knows what it means as soon as they see it.

  18. Ash. says:

    Just a note on the difference of conversation here vs. gc:

    I do have a huge catalog of ideas and drafts that will be posted soon I also have a ton of ideas for improving the direction of this site both as a Taylor Blog and A Music/ Media blog.

  19. Shelley says:

    The Gray Charles blog, for instance, erupted into a hotbed of controversy when its author likened the “Idol” finale – earthy Hicks competing against wooden Katharine McPhee – to a “Monkey vs. Robot” scenario. Although some readers understood the sociopolitical concept – and watched a video of the James Kochalka song with that title – outrage tended to outweigh amusement.

    Did it truly spark outrage? I must be totally clueless…I didn’t sense actual outrage over the “Monkey vs. Robot” scenario…at least not an overwhelming amount.

    This is nice write-up…except that it focuses on all the negative aspects of the blog.

    I sincerely wish this writer (and others) would have paid attention and quoted and referenced when it was in its hey day.

    It bothers me that…like most media…the focus doesn’t come until something negative occurs.

    There was so much more to GC than the fact that it overwhelmed its creator. There was community, comradeship, committment, care, angst, earnestness, sharing, lurkers, commenters, contributors, cliques, rogues, silliness, intelligence, etc…

    Thanks for the link, Ash.

    I’m going to go sulk in my coffee now.

  20. double d says:

    “The Gray Charles blog, for instance, erupted into a hotbed of controversy when its author likened the “Idol” finale – earthy Hicks competing against wooden Katharine McPhee – to a “Monkey vs. Robot” scenario. Although some readers understood the sociopolitical concept – and watched a video of the James Kochalka song with that title – outrage tended to outweigh amusement. ”

    Ah, yes…the good old days…you think we cat fight over Taylor’s dropping a lyric; this was one for the ages.

    Gray, surely miss the more esoterical discussions, but it’s fun over here at Ash’s. Keep dropping little bombs like the Ray interview, just to keep us honest.

    Love ya. dd


  21. barfo says:

    i hope gray sees it

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