Support local musicians!

Hey folks!

This is just a reminder to get out there and support your local musicians!

It’s important to remember that everyone starts local. Please go and see live music in your area. Give it a try. If you look in your weekly alternative paper if your city has one you will often find listings for live music in clubs and such with little to no cover charge. If your city or town does not offer an alternative weekly publication- ask around. Music is to be found if you dig a little.



32 Responses to Support local musicians!

  1. susan says:

    If anybody lives in the Pacific Northwest, there is a great group called the Michael Williams band that plays in the area…they just did the Blues Festival in Portland, and I know they’re scheduled to play in a Festival in Everett in August, but in the meantime, you should be able to find them around the Seattle/Tacoma area….I encourage everybody from this area to check them out!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Live in San Diego? We have a band and have 6 songs recorded for the album……come see The Tombstone Warriors !!!!!

    Write me!!!

  3. CloudNine says:

    Article about Taylor from The Auburn Plainsman dated November 18, 1999.

    Review by NAPO MONASTERIO Staff Writer

    Airs of Auburn victory and blues sounds mingled up on the small stage of the legendary War Eagle Supper Club.

    Taylor Hicks and John Cook, members of local band Fletch, performed an acoustic-electric show Nov. 7 for a crowd of students wanting to squeeze the fun of the weekend to the last hour.

    The evening started with instrumental sounds. Hicks, on an Alvarez acoustic guitar woke up the audience with a soul-funk rhythm while Cook, with his sandals and his BASS hat on, tuned up with some electric solos.

    With a powerful melodramatic voice, Hicks started the night off with Eric Clapton€™s unplugged hit €œNobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out.€

    The show went on with several original songs, all composed by Hicks, such as €œSon of a Carpenter, €œSomehow€ or €œThe Fall.€ They also performed some cover songs from James Taylor, among others.

    Not everything was stringed instruments for Hicks, though. He spent time showing the audience his skills with the harmonica.

    Cook also had the opportunity to put the electric sounds to a side, take the wood from Hicks€™ hands and make some acoustic sounds while singing jazzy tunes.

    Taylor & Cook started playing music around 1995. They have been playing all over Alabama, guitar and pedal to the metal. €œWe€™re a probable around Alabama,€ they said.

    They have a unique style mix between old jazz and soul, fostered by Cook€™s funk, Grateful Dead and bluegrass influences. Hicks said he has been influenced by Ottis Redding and some white soul.

    Hicks has just released his first CD, which also contains some tracks played with Cook and the rest of Fletch. He said now, he was trying to promote the CD and sell it.

    €œI €˜m trying to get my music out there,€ Hicks said. €œIt€™s working, slowly but surely. We usually play three shows per week.€

    Hicks and Cook agreed that local music is growing around Auburn and beyond. They said that there has been a great improvement since they got to the plains back in 1993.

    €œThe enrollment level is also helping,€ Hicks said. €œA lot of young guys and a lot of musicians come here because of the music.€

    €œ I wish the people that were listening and making the choices had better taste, though,€ Hicks said.

    When asked about the effect of Sunday liquor sales on local music, Hicks said that there would not be a great effect, especially in the Supper Club.

    €œThe people that come here have been coming here forever, so that won€™t make such a difference,€ Hicks said. €œThe Supper Club is a laid-back place on Sunday nights.€

  4. Lee Steel says:

    Please, do visit us for a live show some time. It would be great to meet some of the great folks that frequent this forum. There are always new dates being added to our schedule.


  5. CloudNine says:

    If you go to http:/ you will find an interesting article about someone very near and dear to our hearts.

  6. idolAddict_NW says:

    Hmmm. My last post isn’t appearing. There’s a play-by-play in the forums if anyone is interested.

  7. idolAddict_NW says:

    There is a Phantom play-by-play starting right now.

  8. Since everyone’s adding their local artist, I wanted to give this guy a shoutout. Nathan Anderson is a guy playing around the twin cities. He is an acoustic guy who has a good deep voice. Married guy with two kids who needs some money for his artistry! 😉 His myspace has some pretty good clips:

  9. StrongandFree says:

    Thanks to Omphalos, I went to and dicscovered ‘The Mary Dream’ out of Nashville… not soul, not funk, but nice vocals and guitar… You can download the entire album from their website at

    I’m liking it! The site says they are taking the summer off to record their new album, so no live shows for a while.

  10. Lee says:

    Speaking of local talent….check out Carla Russell lead singer of Kozmic Mama. She’s awesome…I used to go hear her and the band in Hunstville AL when I lived there.

    Great R&B and funky. You can hear a little Janis Joplin in her voice.|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSvYFGy

    She’s still doing her thing around the Alabama area.

  11. A. says:

    YES! What Julie said. go. see. them. please? 🙂
    They are quite good.

  12. Julie says:


    Go see them if you EVER have a chance…see my post on message board about Dexter for more info…

  13. Hicknic says:

    Double D, not sure about the time, paper didn’t say but their # is 625-1998. Hicknic

  14. Hicknic says:

    Double D, Delta Reign is playing Second Tuesday at The Blue Gill. Do you know them? I don’t, but anyone sponsored by 92Zew is always good. See you there!!! Hicknic

  15. Robin4T says:

    This thread reminded me of an experience several weeks ago when I saw an old friend perform in a local bar after many years away. Actually happened on May 31, and I came home that night and posted about it on GC because it really moved me. This is what I said.

    I imagine everyone’s gone to bed, but have to post what’s in my heart tonight. Just returned from an emotional musical evening in a small local bar. An old friend who used to sing in a band with my husband “in the day” was on stage with just his guitar and his still lovely, pure, soulful voice. He moved away years ago and recently returned to care for his mother. We literally had not heard him sing in 25 years. This was the guy we all thought would make it in music. He never really did. But he never really stopped either. Because he couldn’t. And tonight he was happy just to be home and to have his friends around him in that bar, moving us with his music. I had tears in my eyes more than once.

    And somehow in my mind and heart the whole experience was connected with this site and with GC and with all of you, and of course with Taylor Hicks. Because I’m really feeling the music again, you know. I’m in it. And it’s wonderful. So husband’s gone to bed and I’m pecking away to tell you how much I love real music and how much I love Taylor for making it about the music. Isn’t that what he continually says to anyone who will listen? It’s about the music–period.

    And to top it all off I come home and get to hear this incredible interview with Rolling Stone. Finally some substance for us! And can you even imagine how it must feel to Taylor to just have that opportunity to be interviewed by Rolling Stone and to talk about his music for those few minutes? Most musicians never get that. My talented friend never got that.

    I so agree with Ash about the importance of supporting local musicians. And not just the young musicians who are still hoping for the miracle. There are often very talented seasoned “veterans” out there in local clubs who are still playing gigs because it’s in their souls–even though they long ago gave up on making it big. These guys may never be stars, but they still have the gift of music to share with us, if we’ll just show up.

  16. double d says:

    Do you know who’s playing this Second Tuesday? May talk my husband into going. What time does it start?


  17. Thackeray says:

    Great reminder. When lamenting that local Alabama people didn’t make the noise it would have taken to get Taylor signed years ago, I realized that I didn’t come close to supporting the local people where I live; spotty or no attendance, rarely buying CDs – basically offering no support. So I made a goal this summer to hear local live music at least once a week, preferably somebody new each time. Haven’t been totally faithful, but have heard a great soul combo, a pretty good blues-rock band, and a killer acoustic blues guitar player. It sure brings home how much great live, original music there is and how few of these people, slogging it out in the trenches, are going to be able to make a decent living. Bless them for fighting the good fight, because where would we be if it all stopped?

  18. Hicknic says:

    Lost, that was recorded in 2005, Taylor was in Mobile several times last year and I missed him. I know I would not have forgotten that voice!!! And I usually buy people’s CDs when I am at a local show. I always will now!!!! Support our local musicians in honor of Taylor!!!! Hicknic

  19. Basenji says:

    Agh! When I lived in Montgomery in 2003 I could have hosted him for a house concert! Stupid, stupid, stupid…(smites forehead)

  20. Carol says:

    janibeth – do you think there’s any chance Taylor would take you up on an offer of a “house” concert – can’t you just imagine hearing “The Fall” played live in your living room? Just let me know where and when, and I’ll pack up the covered dish and 6-pack and be on my way.

  21. BamaGalDarlin says:

    I have a link on my AI profile about some central Alabama local talent that I go see everytime I get the chance!

  22. lostintexas says:

    Just listened to the “Blues and Soul”. That was great. Thanks Hicknic for that little suprise this Sunday morning. When was that recorded? Any idea? I certainly have never heard that version before anywhere else. Great stuff.

  23. Hicknic says:

    BTW 92ZEW Second Tuesday is coming up this week, I’ll be there. If you’re in the Mobile area the Blue Gill is located on the Causeway, adjacent to the I-10 Bayway. A;ways great music, don’t miss it!!! Hicknic

  24. Hicknic says:

    I just e-mailed you Ash and I see here you ARE coming to Orange Beach, can’t wait to meet ya. A special treat for everyone at Taylor played at our Second Tuesday at the Blue Gill, here in Mobile and they have a download on their front page. They have been playing this song on their station quite a lot. Woo Hoo, playing Taylor’s original music. Take a listen to “Blues and Soul” (Heart and Soul). Happy Sunday!!!

  25. janibeth says:

    Found this article about in-home concerts in my local paper today…a concept I’m not familiar with. This is the metro Atlanta area, so finding musicians to showcase in this manner might not be too hard…? Anyway…thought some of you might be interested in one more way that the public is being introduced to live music:

  26. Carol says:

    My thoughts exactly, Ash. Throughout AI, I often thought of the hundreds of other “Taylors” out there that live for the music – many, like Taylor, from gig to gig. I hesitate to call them “undiscovered” because they usually have a loyal local following but for whatever reason they haven’t had that big break like Taylor. FLJerseyBoy started a thread on the message board entitled “Sampling Local Musicians” … perhaps we could use this thread to “talk up” some of our favorites?

  27. Juke says:

    Good reminder, Ash.

    This time of year, ots of towns hold outdoor concerts on weekends in parks or public squares.

    It’s also festival season! Consider a day trip or a weekend visit to a festival in your area. If you like the blues, you can check out for a state-by-state directory.

  28. K9Mom says:

    Sniffle, I miss live music! There was always someone playing somewhere in the city….now the only music I hear is crickets chirping!

  29. idolAddict_NW says:

    Yeah, Ash, what does ‘the man’ mean? Did you have a guest poster?

  30. A. says:

    That’s great that you went out and saw local music! I haven’t been out nearly enough lately because of work, but seeing L.M.B.O the three nights this coming weekend should help remedy that. I’m sure I’ll see other bands while down there as well. There is so much to do!

    I agree that it can be found anywhere, you just have to pay attention and know where to look. and if you don’t know where to look, ask around.

  31. AliceinWonderland says:

    I did my part last night. Nice four piece blues cover band played in a bar about half a block away from my apartment. I consumed much alcohol and then managed to dance myself both sober and sweaty. 🙂

    It really is worth the effort to seek out and support local talent. Hey, if I can find it in a town as small as I’m in, it can be found anywhere.

    Hey, the man, thanks for the reminder!

    Ash, is there something you’d like to tell us?

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