Guba AI Tour video.

A pretty good (all things considered) 8 minute long video has been posted on
See it here.


14 Responses to Guba AI Tour video.

  1. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Love the aerial-like view of Taylor dancing on the stage – first I thought, Hey that’s Taylor’s Snoopy dance! Then I thought, hmmmm…more like the Eagle dance that some perform at pow-wows…nope, definitely Snoopy! And GREAT to hear him do DLMD (the other version that was posted last week was too distorted – I couldn’t listen) – his voice just rang out, so powerful…but yep, now that I see it, kinda bothersome that he drops the last word each time…OK Taylor, enough of that – just sing the song! Maybe someone should send him a note, hey Taylor, remember – it’s a fucking SONG. (tee hee) Thanks for sharing the videos – you are SO appreciated!

  2. Kathop says:

    I can hardly wait till our turn in Seattle..until then “sleepless in Seattle, waiting for Taylor to arrive!!”

  3. Historia says:

    Thanks Ash & Josh, wherever you might be. I love the way that 8 minutes really gave you a feel for the vibe of the concert as a whole. That was the 1st time I have heard Chris do Zepplin. I must say it is much better than I thought it would be. They have a great backing band.

  4. AmyH says:

    Wow! That was pretty cool. “Patience” was WAY batter than I thought it would sound. And Taylor’s entrance! And dancing! That looks like such a FUN concert.

  5. SpaceOddity says:

    Great video – I love how you can see the audience as well, and their reaction to Taylor’s entrance. *G* I also LOVE the group performance of “Patience” – one of my favorite GnR songs.

  6. aerinphil says:

    wow thanks Ash and Joshua for yet another fix 🙂

  7. sheliae e says:

    thanks for the vid. i actually thought chris sounded off a little on whole lotta love. very picky about that one as it is an all time favorite of mine. loved seeing taylor go up to be with the band. almost like his bar days with his bandmates. he is the only one i have seen that gives props to the musicians,guess that comes from actually being a musician.

  8. catwood720 says:

    Very cool, thanks very much for the video!

  9. abbysee says:

    Fabulous…….luv Tay and JHR. Lucky fans. 🙂

  10. That was cool. Thanks for the link ash! Chris did sound really good. And I hadnt seen a video of jhr yet. Very cool.

  11. bjewel says:

    That was fun! Lots of dancing and when Taylor came down the isle and across the seats he was touching hands with his fans…:)

  12. A. says:

    Is that who I uploaded the video

    I could not find the information.

    Thanks, Joshua! Wherever you are.

  13. MollyK says:

    That’s cool. Actually the best vid I’ve seen that gives a feel of what it’s really like to be at the concert. Congrats, Joshua.

  14. lostintexas says:

    Thanks Ash for that 8 minutes. Chris sounded really good. And finally I got to see Taylor coming through the audience with JHR. That has to be a thrill for the crowd. I can only hope he walks down the aisle somewhere near where I am sitting but of course with my luck very doubtful.

    Great video though and thanks again Ash. Keep em coming.

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