AI Tour Play-By-Play for Albany, NY.

Click here to see tonight’s play-by-play.


15 Responses to AI Tour Play-By-Play for Albany, NY.

  1. mojavedesertgirl says:

    lahjah – did you find the PBP yet? Either page back a few threads here on the message blog and click the link or go to the boogie board (see it on the right?) and find the idol tour and the message boards are in there.

  2. mojavedesertgirl says:

    ivecompletelylostmymind Says:
    ” If y’all are quiet, I will go OUT OF MY MIND!! ”

    Just to mess with you completely – we should all lurk in the room, and be as quiet as church mice Saturday night…YOU’RE DOING THE PBP?????!!!! OOOOOOOO, that will be lovely. Will you don a cloak of obscurity like the Phantom? Oh wait – durrr – guess that would be pointless now…

    “P.S. – MDG – “having a cow”? We must be about the same age! LOL Haven’t heard that one in many years!”

    Gulp – I was already a sophomore in high school when Taylor was born. Believe me, I die a little shameful fangirl death each day I think about that…

  3. jazzy43 says:

    I’m sorry Molly, but to me the PBP wouldn’t be nearly as fun if we didn’t have all the comments…it’s like a show inside a show. 2 for the price of 1. How cool is that.

  4. hicknic says:

    I missed the PBP tonight, laptop not cooperating. Ash, love your site and so thankful for all your hard work. I think most of us here are about the music. I have always loved music (actually have a minor in it), have always gone to concerts, always bought Albums, always supported local musicians, and never expected, by tuning into an American Idol episode, that I would have my world turned upsidedown by a 29 year old young man. Taylor’s passion for IT, the music, like a magnet has pulled us all together and we are a community, a sisterhood, a family for life now, I believe. I am addicted to all of you, to this site, and yes, to Taylor. He has made music real again for so many of us, he has filled a void and we can’t help the passion we feel for him. Thank you again Ash, you too have filled a void for us!! see you Friday!!

  5. ivecompletelylostmymind says:

    I’ve got to tell you all… I volunteered to sit in for Phantom this Saturday evening (concert at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY). If y’all are quiet, I will go OUT OF MY MIND!! (Oops…I have already lost it, haven’t I?)

    I decided to do it for 2 reasons:

    1. I wanted to step up and give something back for all the hours of fun and pleasure I’ve had here.

    2. I thought it would be a BLAST to be at the other end once, listening to you all go crazy. I just hope my fingers don’t explode during the concert!

    I love these PBP’s because it’s the next best thing to being there. It’s like going to a great concert with all of your best friends. It’s about going crazy and cutting loose, for just a couple of hours, before having to get back to reality. I love hanging out with you guys, and I hope we get to do it many more times! =)

    P.S. – MDG – “having a cow”? We must be about the same age! LOL Haven’t heard that one in many years!

  6. OSB says:

    Whatever Ash decides – she’s the Webmattress. Also, maybe Phantom could chime in and tell us if we’re getting on her nerves or interrupting her flow. Silence is golden, but, not much fun.

  7. longsong says:

    I think that having a PBP without exclamations and responses is like the sound of one hand clapping….it’s um, the opposite of good!

    Would you like to perform a play and have the audience sit on their hands?

    Nah, I think Molly was just a little off on this one.

  8. lahjah says:

    I would be disappointed if we went silent and didn’t have the play-by-plays. I have loved them and got caught up in the excitement. In fact, I’m so disappointed that I haven’t found tonight’s (Albany’s) play-by-play yet. I really appreciate what I learn about music on this site and truly want that to continue. However, I don’t think being serious about music and having fun with a play-by-play are mutually exclusive. Instead of either/or maybe it’s both/and.

  9. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Tonight was the first time I came home and caught the play by play LIVE. Usually I come to the boards waaaaaaaaay past the show’s bedtime, thanks to errands and stuff after work and being 3 hours behind you all.

    But ya-hoo! I got here just in time for the party, and honestly that’s what I thought it was – a party of posters, enjoying the show vicariously via cell phone and the magically fast fingers of the Phantom. And it was fun! I had fun! Just like I see Taylor being happy and having fun performing in the concert videos we’ve been able to see – I got to have my own fun. At the real concert I would be dancing and whoo-hooing and singing along and shouting soul patrol and in general having a cow. Why not be able to do that in writing here at the pretend concert? Basenji is totally right – exactly what should we be posting? “Chris is singing now. That’s nice.” “Shhh, Kelly is singing.” “OK, sure like those Patsy Cline covers”. “Taylor is wearing a purple shirt” “TAYLOR IS WEARING A PUR- oh yeah, that’s right shhhhhhhhhhhhh let’s listen to Taylor.” Huh? as so many of you like to say, WTF?

    Or is Molly’s comment truly that we shouldn’t be posting at all – that the only posting should come from Phantom? That as audience our role is to observe quietly and say nothing? Ummm, ok. I say fine – let’s do that next time. Phantom will post the PBP, and all of us will remain absolutely silent. Absolutely. Silent. Not a word. Not a peep. Shhhhhhhhh. Quiet. I dare us. Truly. Seriously – let’s drive that truck around the block and see how that feels.

    A lot of you applauded my concert recap of Provo – to which again, I say thanks (because I am still getting thank yous! you all are too much!). But does anyone remember what I said several times? That I could FEEL you all were with me. Reality, no you weren’t – but it was as if all these screen names…Basenji…DoubleD…Alice…Amy…True…janibeth…meggie…completely…jazz…ALL of you (and yes, even MollyK) were with me in the car, walking to the stadium, sitting in the field seats with me, going nuts when Taylor came on stage, standing in line with me in the ladies, and driving home…and we were definitely NOT silent. Because I had you all along for the ride – that’s the only reason why I could write what I wrote. I couldn’t wait to hear your comments – and I was so so so worried (ask Ash, she’ll tell you) that no one would see my post and I’d never get to know what you all would have said, HAD YOU BEEN THERE WITH ME. Knowing there would be comments – that was most of the fun of posting!

    I kick myself for not thinking of setting up a call in from the concert – I would have loved to have read the posts you would have made while I was reporting, LIVE FROM PROVO. What a hoot that would have been.

    But if it’s a silent party y’all want, ok…I’ll just check in and read the posts after all you eastern folk go to bed. It’s fine – like Taylor, I’ll just dance to the fireworks by myself.

  10. Shandykat says:

    ^yeah, wot she said

  11. Basenji says:

    Serious topics deserve serious attention. Some debate has arisen on the boards about “silly” comments made during the play by play. I’m going to present my case. I am completely serious about this site even if I lose it from time to time in Dionysian abandon. A little Nietzsche: “The chariot of Dionysus is bedecked with flowers and garlands; panthers and tigers pass beneath his yoke…”

    What is the proper response to a play by play that can only outline the performance for us: what song someone is singing, what he is wearing, and that the crowd is going wild? What great intellectual insights could we contribute? Give me the musical interpretation of “he’s wearing black jeans.” Until we see video there’s no way to make any real comments about how he performed or about lyrics or anything of substance. Personally, I can’t see the difference between “Oh good he’s singing!” and other more fatuous comments.

    My impression was the play by play was meant to be a live snapshot, to give us the generous gift of making us feel we are there as a crowd when as a Boogie-crowd we cannot join in real life. And being there I would be dancing, yelling, and making comments that my neighbor couldn’t hear anyway because the music would be loud and she’d be screaming, too.

    Once the moment is over and we have time to reflect, we can then attempt Apollonian rational discourse about musical influences and harmonica styling.

    But I am perfectly willing to be corrected and instructed. I noticed Ash pleaded for a little less anatomical description, and I am prepared to honor that from now on. However, I did think this last play by play was fun and filled with good humor. Thanks again to everyone for the chance to live vicariously.

    “Certainly, we have not relinquished our search for the sublime in music; but we no longer consider it necessary to be completely solemn about the matter. And that, perhaps, is an encouraging sign of our musical maturity.”
    –Gilbert Chase

  12. Kim(DogDoc) says:

    Phantom started a new thread. Go up to Home then the american Idol tour thread.

  13. Kathop says:

    Me too…did it go off line??

  14. TayTorTot says:

    I was doing the PBP with Phantom and after 17 pages it stopped just before Taylor coming on? Where do I go to get the rest of it???? Help me please!!!!

  15. Carol says:

    Is Gray our friend at tonight’s concert?

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