Taylor Hicks on TRL.

Taylor Hicks made a small appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live this afternoon.

You can go here to see the short video (GoFish) of Taylor on TRL.


9 Responses to Taylor Hicks on TRL.

  1. King Proehl says:

    Thanks for posting that. Not a bad spot. 🙂

  2. EJ says:

    Leave it to Taylor to bring it back to what’s important- the music.

  3. TrueNorth says:

    The interviewer was (yet another) dick. Excuse me:

    ‘Did you hold up [the Hottest Bachelor magazine] to all the single ladies at the Cinnabun?’ [WTF???]

    ‘Do YOU think you ARE the hottest bachelor.’ Nice try Snarky McClever:
    Taylor: Well I know I am the American Idol, and I’m happy about that.”

  4. taywatch says:

    Wish they’d do a webcam on the bus so we could see what life on the road is like! I picture the guys jammin’ and just having a blast, with the Wallmart-purchased snacks Tay and Chris bought scattered all over the place. Wonder if they have any poptarts on the bus? (No pun intended).

  5. idolAddict_NW says:

    It’s nice to see a bit of press coverage about the tour, but you’d think they could have gotten a better camera than that awful “web cam”. Man, I could do better video with my cell phone!

    Oh well, VERY nice to see Taylor in a recent interview and on the bus. Cool beans.

  6. hicknic says:

    At the beach and the lap top takes forever to download anything decent but what a treat to see Taylor on the bus. Do you think he is growing a mustache? Looked pretty dang good, didn’t he. I miss him, don’t you guys? i am still having withdrawal from AI nights. Will see LIMBO this weekend at Flora-bama so that will have to suffice until August 7th.

  7. lostintexas says:

    Thanks for the video. I would have never been able to see it.

    Love hearing him talk about the tour bus. He must be loving this. And yeah scruffy looks pretty good on Taylor.

    He always seems so gracious.

  8. bamakat says:

    Great comments from the plush seats of the luxury bus. I know Tay is in touring heaven. I was glad the young crowd in the background was receptive to the interview. Thanks for posting this so quickly.

  9. Taygerl says:

    Was he sporting a hint of a mustache, or was that the lighting? Maybe just didn’t get a chance to shave yet today? Whatever~ he just gets sexier and sexier, doesn’t he?
    I just might have to give up my day job and start following the tour!!!
    I’m glad he’s having so much fun on the luxury bus!

  10. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I’m the first to comment?! This might be a first! Mark this date in history!
    Good for Taylor – no matter the silly over-asked questions, he always brings it back to music and performing. He looks so happy. Hmmmm, scruffy Taylor…not bad, not bad at all!

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