New Asbury Park Press Article.

A new article on Taylor Hicks has been posted on the Asbury Park Press website.

I think people relate to him because he was willing to put himself out there very honestly, and people want someone who is maybe a little left of center; they want a variety,” said Shanks.

“Here’s this guy, gray-haired, 29 years old, an underdog — until he opens his mouth,” he adds. “It’s nice when talent shines through.”


19 Responses to New Asbury Park Press Article.

  1. Jan B. says:

    I liked it…it was basically pro-Taylor, which is refreshing. It takes people awhile to get on the Taylor train…unless you see his magic immediately, it can take some time to give in to his almost unexplainable appeal. I know those AI concert-goers are appreciating his entertainment value. So many times we hear about Chris’s talent, but he just doesn’t have that infectious spirit that shines from Taylor. Chris wears thin, Taylor gets under your skin. I hope Taylor has a long, steady, deep and secure career… not some crazy-hot, but short-lived flame. People who bought into that “wedding singer” crap will get a big surprise if they’re open to it!

  2. Robin4T says:

    Some nice thoughts, but what is with these people who think Taylor lacks rhythm? You look up rhythm in the dictionary–it should have T’s picture. I agree with OSB—lots of lazy reviewers out there just repackaging the party line.

  3. OSB says:

    She just added a few of her own words to this regarding the fact that the tour is there tonight, otherwise, same article that was out soon after the WIN! Another lazy reviewer, in my opinion.

    Pop, schmop – Taylor has the talent and sound to make it in a lot of genres. And, as long as I never see him with his pants hanging halfway down his bottom, I’m fine with what he wears.

  4. idolAddict_NW says:

    htSusan54inWV — I agree about the clothes. What, the guy never saw Taylor in a suit? Either he’s basing that comment on one or two outfits or he’s complaining that Taylor doesn’t go around in low-riding jeans with his a$$ hanging out or other “pop” type clothes. Well, good for Taylor. He’s a MAN, as this guy pointed out, and he dressed like one. Very nicely, too — I might add!

    This article has actually been out a while. Looks like it was recycled by the local press. Well that’s nice. At least it’s pro-Taylor.

  5. abbysee says:

    Interesting article and even more interesting comments. While Taylor’s stardom is not assured, I think he will be a refreshing entry into the “pop” world. I think they used the term broadly, his music will be popular. They aren’t going to Justin Timberlake him. As for material, they need to let him keep the wheel. HIs instincts are dead on. The clothing thing can be tweaked a bit, no biggie. I didn’t have a problem with any of his outfits but the “pop school” one. Simon was dead on with that one, Taylor looked constricted and uncomfortable. What is Taylor’s saving grace is that he is not like everyone else. While the sychophants kiss DAUTHTRY’S ass and he puts out a rock by the numbers cd, Taylor will be different, unique, special. And that is his ticket. Just you wait and see.

    As for the sleep thing for Ash, ditto. I mentioned it over in the other forum.

  6. Kathop says:

    I always loved the underdog… it is so nice to watch the transformation to Super Star!!

  7. Susan54inWV says:

    Sorry, I know we’re supposed to focus on music, but – “‘I didn’t like his clothes and neither would you,’ says Steve Stoute, a former music industry exec whose company, Translations Marketing, links A-list music stars with commercial products.”

    I really don’t think this guy watched the show. Aside from the “Funky White Boy” outfit – which was a 70’s costume for Pete’s sake – and the purple jacket – which was a comment in and of itself – what was wrong with Taylor’s clothes?

    It seems to me that most of these so-called experts base their opinions on what they have heard or read. How many are actually familiar with each artist’s entire AI collection and prior work? AI really did Taylor a disservice in how they chose to picture him and have added to the slam by heavily marketing Chris before either Taylor, Katharine, or Elliott have produced a CD.

  8. bjewel says:

    They are still talking about making Tay into a pop star…can someone elaborate? I think as time and talent will show, Taylor and his fans will find the niche or niches for him. Given room to grow, he will evolve beyond “pop” preset notions these producers and critics have for him.

  9. Jo says:

    Finally a nice article about Taylor. I don’t know much about the recording industry but it seems Taylor has hit the ground running and has a good ear for what his fans want. I believe I’ll leave the career moves up to him. I think he can handle it. I know I’m a fan for life.

  10. Cali50 says:

    It is a great article except for one thing. Taylor isn’t supposed to”fit”into a Pop mold! I think his concerts are evidence that he will definitely be Taylor when his album comes out.

  11. EJ says:

    Although I’m thankful for the positive tone of the article, I think it’s scary how often it’s repeated in these articles that the “true test” will be to see how Taylor handles singing “an original song”. Don’t ANY of these folks do their homework?

  12. taywatch says:

    Good article but interesting comment about the clothes. On GC we discussed this very topic (“What’s With the Suits?”). I personally like Taylor’s wardrobe choices and don’t want him to change a thing.

  13. Julie says:

    Quote “Now that we’ve gotten beyond him singing covers and other people’s hits, it’s time to see how he takes an original song, owns it and makes it his,” he said. “That’s going to be the true test of how he does in the recording industry.”

    I’m not worried about that at all, it’s what he does best. I can’t wait for his cd to come out. He’s sure to Taylorize it.

  14. bluesmoon says:

    Still trying to shove him into that pop recording mold. These guys don’t get out much, do they?

  15. Lab says:

    Thanks Ash for this article. And from Asbury Park, no less…… Bruce’s old stomping grounds. This makes me smile. They know talent when they see it. Thank you!

  16. Bama Angelfish says:

    Ash, thanks for always finding the time. I still don’t get the “rhythm-less” comments. I don’t see nothing but rhythm.

  17. katja says:

    Very nice article! 🙂

    I’ve been wondering about Ash and sleep too…seems like she’s always around!

  18. lostintexas says:

    Thanks Ash. It seems I have read this or something similar before. I think Taylor does still have some hurdles to jump in his career to make it “big”. I think he has the talent and the smarts to do it though. I think if he keeps with his heart he is going to be around a long time for us to enjoy. Great article.

  19. SeriousMelo says:

    I dont think you sleep, do you ash. Honestly – when I check this site, no one should be awake ;).

    Nice article – one of those ‘smile on the face’ ones.

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