Taylor Hicks’ ‘long lost’ interview with E.

E’s ‘long-lost’ pre-win interview with Taylor Hicks.

The link directs you go GoFish.


23 Responses to Taylor Hicks’ ‘long lost’ interview with E.

  1. King Proehl says:

    Nice video. I wish GoFish would let you download the videos there. I would add it to my talyor video clip collection… it is only 111 videos right now. LOL

    Oh, Posted a new Episode of my Podcast on my site. It is about my trip to Prison. LOL True story… silly… but true.

  2. AmyMc says:

    Great little video! So, AI Audition is headed to Bham, eh? Smart move on their part!

  3. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    I loved Taylor’s ‘Beatle haircut’ so much better than the styled look they have given him.

    The ‘Karaoke Bars’ comment from Ryan seems like whoever wrote the script had him confused with Elliott. I remember Googling Taylor immediately after his audition and came up with him playing with KebMo, Tom Petty, (some others I forget) and at the Playboy Mansion along with an NPR radio interview and his original work. Of course there was also The Taylor Hicks Band and all their gigs. Not very Karaoke as far as I’m concerned.

  4. lostintexas says:

    Thanks for the memory Ash. Oh the bowl cut, the quiet confidence, the sweet charm. He was amazing then and he is amazing now. Nothing has changed and how awesome is that.

  5. bamakat says:

    Now, if only the missing song segment, that is A. W. O. L. from Hollywood week, would make an appearance. Boy, I have waited and waited to hear that song done by the group Tay selected to join. I’m sooooo bad. Why can’t I just be happy with this interview? I wish someone had been with Tay for support as he waited the outcome of his audition with R, P, & S. I’m sure Ryan would have interviewed Taylor separately, but the background for the interview looked so stark and empty. Almost as if pretty much everyone, but Tay, Ryan, and the cameraman, had already left for the day. So many people seem to think that AI is a Karaoke contest. Maybe for a few contestants that is true. For professional musicians, like TH, not so much so. Thanks for posting the video…”It’s the boogie!” 🙂

  6. Ms Ei says:

    As Taylor said when he got the golden ticket, “sweet!”. And looking back, it’s sweet indeed. 🙂

  7. Ms Ei says:

    Sweet, indeed.

  8. aerinphil says:

    nice interview…i miss THAT taylor 🙂
    i’m a bit curious. what is wrong IF one is a singer at hotel lounges and karaoke bars? aren’t those venues for mastering singing and performing skills? whenever simon would comment about taylor being a lounge singer, i’d always ask aloud “what is so wrong with that???”.

  9. Besides ryan being a moron in that moment – ya know what struck me the most about this interview? Taylor really didnt change. Good for him.

  10. cmoore says:

    I listened again to the “ever so quiet” clip (man I can barely hear any of it), and he didn’t call him a Karaoke singer…but that he sang in a lot of Alabama karaoke clubs, which that is true. I’d say most of the places/bars are used for karaoke prior to the main band/singer. He didn’t, however, call him a karaoke singer. It is interesting what a year will change isn’t it, once we give our dreams over to someone greater than ourselves!!! He had worked so long, so hard, and felt he had this one very slim chance of perhaps getting a break. And man alive, did he ever. We are all blessed!!! Amen & Amen! Hey any news on the concert tonight from anyone?!?

  11. hicknic says:

    Remember Elliott was the one that sang the Karaoke bars. I still just laugh with delight when Ryan announces American Idol Season 5, TAYLOR HICKS!!! We did it girls!! All those text messages!! HE WON!! HE WON!!! HE REALLY WON!

  12. Lab says:

    Thanks for this little gem. Loved how soft spoken he was with the interviewer….obviously this was right after he came out from hearing Simon’s hateful comments that he should be singing backgrounds somewhere. That must have stung, yet he “shook it off”. Poor Simon, he didn’t have a clue who was before him and what was coming. But you can tell, Taylor did. Love this.

  13. OSB says:

    This was right after Taylor got his golden ticket, so, Ryan was probably reading a script and knew little about any contestant’s back story at that point. The important thing is – everyone knows who Taylor is now!

  14. lela says:

    I agree…Ryan should know better. I “HATE” when they use that K word in ref. to Taylor as its REALLY off base..a total fallacy. This guy was a performer.

  15. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    So they spoke to Taylor before he was ‘polished’ … pppiiittthhh!!!

    I don’t think anything much has changed about Taylor Hicks except maybe his hairstyle and certainly his bank account. As you said, Sarah, the same humble confidence was there from the beginning … along with a killer smile and a boatload of talent. What a moron Simon was not to see that.

  16. idolAddict_NW says:

    Nice to see this older footage of Taylor. I have a downloadable version in the forum.

    Yeah, that comment from Ryan was strange. Either a) they are just trying to entice people to audition and his experience might be intimidating b) it was a script Ryan just read as-is and didn’t think twice about or c) they were making a dig

    Well, I prefer to stay in happy land and go with a or b! Unless something’s really changed, Ryan always liked Taylor.

  17. Juke says:

    Was it Ryan? I didn’t recognize him. I guess it didn’t show up on my screen very well.

  18. Sarah says:

    Even worse, it’s Ryan Seacrest saying it. You’d think after all this time he would know better? But, entertainment shows aim for the best soundbyte rather than accuracy.

    Thanks for this, Ash. I’m always interested to see tidbits here and there from early on, before anyone knew what was about to happen. It seems like an age ago now. That humble confidence has been there from the very beginning.

  19. Robin4T says:

    Thanks for this Ash. So interesting to see and hear from Taylor during that moment in time.

    Karaoke bars? Seeing how the reporter was Ryan, you’d think he’d have some accuarate info. Maybe that remark is just AI’s effort to entice all the karaoke singers out there to come in for auditions. “See, it happened to him, it can happen to you.” Still, it galls when his years of experience are not acknowledged. And it sure doesn’t help his efforts to overcome the AI “karaoke” stigma.

  20. double d says:

    The REPORTER was Ryan…he KNOWs better….why, oh, why do they say such things?

  21. Cali50 says:

    Juke, that was Ryan Seacrest speaking! I was shocked that he said that also. It looks to me like this is a promo for the new auditions to begin. Maybe he had to use a script.

  22. A. says:

    That he was not. So many people are misinformed.

  23. Juke says:

    The reporter implies that Taylor hung out in “Birmingham karaoke bars.” This is inaccurate and shows a lack of knowledge on his part. Taylor was not a karaoke singer.

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