A few videos from this weekend.

Shot by EJ.

The wonderful Jeff Lopez wailing on Cissy Strut on the 16th.

Brian less and Sam Gunderson kicking @**.

More of LMBO rocking out.


20 Responses to A few videos from this weekend.

  1. A. says:

    What railroad tie incident? 😉

  2. EJ says:

    PS- I’m glad nobody has mentioned the railroad tie incident…

  3. EJ says:

    Glad you all made it back in one piece! I see I missed the bushwackers. Maybe not such a bad thing… I’m putting my pictures of the band on YouTube, plus more vidoes (look for yourselves in the crowd- I got quite a few of us) and also putting them all on sendspace for download in an ipod format. I didn’t get a lot of photos of us (just silly shots like Jan taking a picture of me taking a picture of her 🙂 )

    I emailed the band about giving out the right info for folks who may be able to hook them up with more venues parallelling the AI tour. They said for bookings to contact Dean Sanders at wdeansanders@yahoo.com 205.585.7077

  4. AmyH says:

    Totally awesome! Those are some truly great vids of some truly great musicians. I can hardly wait until the Workplay. Wooo!

  5. Hicknic says:

    Missy, I am getting in noonish Monday but thinking about coming in Sunday for Jan’s SP Relief thingy. Ash, could you please give my e-mail address to Missy. Thanks girl!!!!

  6. mc_mcd says:

    Dawn! Howdy partner! Every time I look at that one picture of you wearing that guy’s hat, I frickin’ laugh hysterically! Yes, I made it to work on Monday…and I have no idea how. I told myself early Sunday that I would take it easy that night and somehow I managed to be more drunk Sunday than either Friday or Saturday. I had so much fun and wish we could do it every weekend. I was bummed to hear today that they are not going to play at Lulu’s on the 28th anymore…they booked a gig in DC for an After-Idol Concert instead. I was hoping I’d see them one more time before Workplay but I guess I’ll just have to wait. BOO HOO!! Dawn, when will you be getting into Birmingham? I’ll be at the Sheraton too so we’ll have to exchange info. If any of you have any good pics, I’d love to see them. I sent Ash the link to my pics, so you can get it from her. Or give me your email and I will send them to you. Talk to you all soon!!

    Oh, and Vickie…..you’re husband deserves the “Hubby of the Year” award!!! What a great sport….and tell him I owe him some Bushwhackers!!

  7. Hicknic says:

    Missy, I miss u 2 !! SUNDAY NIGHT WAS THE BOMB! Did you have a good time???? And the big question………. did you make it to work on Monday? So glad to hear you will be in B’ham. Can’t wait. Has anyone heard from Terri? Did she make it home OK? I e-mailed her but have not heard. Jan, you must have really done some work today, haven’t seen a post from you. I am trying to be normal and hang around hubby tonight but really want to gab with you guys. Where is everyone? DAWN

  8. mc_mcd says:

    hey you guys! had to come re-live our moments from this weekend. I’ve been so sad because all I want to do is be back at the FloraBama (drinking Bushwhackers) hanging with you guys!! I can’t wait to meet up with some of you in B’ham….it’s only less than 3 weeks away but it feels like forever. I’ve got to get a bunch of your guys’ info so we can keep in touch.

    I’m so glad to have met you all !! Miss you!


  9. OSB says:

    Thanks for sharing! Brian really is something else on that keyboard! Glad you all had a whoooooping good time – the rest of us will be waiting to hear your first-hand accounts.

  10. Vickie(Taylorfan940) says:

    hey Ash! thanks for the video…..great to re-live those moments. The weekend was awesome! I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

    It was great to meet you and all the rest of the gang……not to mention the band! My hubby and Brian even got chatty with each other before the weekend was over.

    Hey there Hicknic…….Sunday night was pretty awesome wasn’t it. 🙂

    see ya in b’ham!

  11. Hicknic says:

    Thanks EJ, really enjoyed those!!! We missed you Sunday night, was freaking awesome!! And cooler, they played the inside stage. We now have just enough time to recoup before B’ham. Can’t Wait!!!! Dawn

    DD, where are you?? Hope you are feeling better, missed you!!

  12. Leegal says:

    Ditto…ditto…ditto can’t wait to see LMBO in Bham…I’m at home bouncing in my computer chair and smiling like a nut burger through all these videos….***ing great Band.
    Thank you Ash.

  13. pc325 says:

    Wooo fun! Thanks Ash, I’m awake now!

  14. Sunshine says:

    I’m floored! Wish I would’ve had the chance to see Taylor and the band perform live. I’m sure that day will come – It’ll be worth the wait.

  15. Bama Angelfish says:

    I’m sitting here in my PJs drinking coffee before going to work, with my two 9-week old puppies destroying the den and watching LMBO! What a great morning! I may make it through another day after all. Thanks Ash for getting these to us and starting my day off perfectly!! The vids are great.

  16. katja says:

    Great band! Have-to-see-them-live-someday. ##&#*:n Atlantic Ocean!

    But yes…focus on work…(I had to come to work for one week…after that I still two weeks left of my vacation…)

  17. Ash! Welcome back! Thanks for the videos – Ej, you got some great footage! Brian is amazing. I would love to see them live at some point.

  18. TrueNorth says:

    Well, well, well!

    That sure got my heart to pounding! Clearly I am going to be so fully woo’d in B’ham I’ll just be flat out on the floor. Day-um!

    This kind of power and energy makes you believe the whole band is going to just lift right up off the stage by a few inches.

    Deep breath… Focus on work….

  19. Robin4T says:

    Thanks soooo mcuh for the vids EJ and Ash. LMBO is one hell of a band—and if there’s a hotter keyboard player out there than Brian Less, I haven’t seen him. I’ve only had the chance to see them on the short sets with TH at the Galleria and City Stages. Would love to enjoy them for a whole evening (or three :)) Hmmm, may just have to take a little drive over to Ona’s in B’ham this weekend.

  20. Cali50 says:

    Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you, Ash. Great videos! Man that is a *%#@ing keyboard player. I love his story of how Taylor found him, too. (In Brian’s interview)

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