You better call Tyrone.

Erykah Badu performing her hit “Tyrone” live.

My Morning Jacket’s cover of Tyrone.


10 Responses to You better call Tyrone.

  1. Phile says:

    My friend had Eric… Erik… Erykah’s CD and played it incessantly, I told him I only tolerated it, but I secretly liked it very much. And she’s really good in House of D if you’re into the musicians who act thing.

    I’m personally sad that there’s an mmj nugget and my paperweight won’t play it – stupid technology! I’ll have to settle for the video up above. Thanks again for taking care of us, Ash.

  2. Sunshine says:

    What a nice surprise this morning to see Erykah. I’ve always admired her strength and sense of humor.
    Thank you very much Ash!

  3. daunchan says:

    Hicknic, thanks for being my tour guide this past Friday night at Lester’s and Florabama.

  4. A. says:

    That I do, Hicknic! But I’ve got to make it to Bham for the WP week to see everyone first.

  5. Hicknic says:

    thanks for the education Ash. She was a hoot! Luved it! Wanna go to the gulf?

  6. Robin4T says:

    Well, you’ve just introduced me to Erykah. But then most everyone you’ve featured has been an introduction for me. I’ve definitely been too comfortable with my oldies. This was cool and fun. Loved the attitude!

  7. Shandykat says:

    This song is now in the rotation! I love the sound. And what a great video, she really emotes well. She acts it out as well as sings it, which makes it jump. Another great recommendation, thanks! I’m discovering so many artists i’ve either never heard of or never given a chance.

  8. bamakat says:

    Erykah is now going into my personal music rotation on the ipod. She is wonderful. So many women today are trapped this way by manipulative men. Some of the worst fights at the high school where I teach is between girls over (gotta say it) Players. Males will sometimes be stringing 2 or more ladies along at the same time. Occasionally 1 or more is pregnant, also. Each girl thinks SHE’S the real special one and is willing to fight to protect her interests in the relationship. What does the man do? He moves on to a new relationship and a not my bad on his lips.

    Sadly, some young women do some of the same types of things in reverse. They demand money for hair appointments, expect guys to pay for manicures and pedicures, and assume young men will purchase clothing/assessories for them as a matter of course. Many parent(s) today express little, or no interest, in stopping the excesses. Personal values are one of the least discussed issues in our society today.

  9. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I just LOVE Erykah! “…but you can’t use my phone” – what a scream. She is everything I love in women – smart, funny, totally self-possessed, and way over the top in attitude. Makes me wish to be a teen girl again – and oh to have HER as a role model. Oh oh Taylor watch out – I just might have to switch my fangirl allegiance to BADU!

  10. Carli says:

    Ahhh…great video. I love Erykah — I just saw the “On and On” video on VH1 Classic the other day and had forgotten how good this lady really is!

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