Democrat & Chronicle article.

Will Smith is riding the Taylor Hicks Wave (TM) as long as he can.

See today’s article with Smith at Democrat &


5 Responses to Democrat & Chronicle article.

  1. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    My stomach knots up every time I see this guy getting press. LAGirl, you’ve done a great job of breaking this down. I think Smith and Dodd (and probably other aliases) are one and the same person.

    In this interview with him it sounds like he may have written ‘The Fall’ which we know isn’t true. I personally do not like the Nashville sound on the demo and I can see why Clive would have rejected it and Taylor’s lawyers requested it not be played on the radio.

    (It’s good to be back online after being computerless for a week)

  2. Hicknic says:

    I’ll wait to buy when I am sure Taylor will receive the royalties. Very interesting Ash, Thanks.

  3. LAGirl says:

    This guy just seems shady, in my humble opinion. He won’t tell the paper his real name? Weird. And, when Tyler Music Group first started offering the “Nashville Sessions,” the claim was that some dude named Jerry Dodd bought TMG — a new owner. So, wouldn’t that mean that Smith no longer has rights to the property of TMG?

    TMG posted an “interview” with Smith with a prefatory note that Smith did not want the “interview” posted and had nothing further to say about Taylor. Apparently, “nothing further” means flapping one’s gums continuously. TMG kept raising the price of the so-called “free” cd. And, I read that the PayPal debit showed the funds going to the account of one Will Smith — the guy who supposedly had nothing to do with TMG.

    Everything surrounding this Smith character is just bizzare. There are postings on a musicians’ board that claim that Smith was the subject of some TV news sting and that call him a “scam artist.”

    I wonder what legal rights, if any, Smith or TMG or Dodd or any of these have to Taylor’s music. Clearly for Taylor to have issued IYT and UTR, he retained at least some of the bundle of rights. And, I can’t imagine what right, in any event, Smith would have to promote the music today.

    Anyway, color me extremely skeptical.

  4. Cali50 says:

    I guess on one hand, I can’t blame the guy for wanting to ride Taylor’s wave, but after all, they are Taylor’s songs. I don’t like the sounds of him though. Especially when he said in a previous interview that Taylor hates DIMYP. Taylor would never say that about that song. True, not a song he would choose, but still, a song that he put his heart and soul into to make great! I wonder what Taylor thinks of all this? Does anyone know exactly why UTR cuts can not be played on the radio? Also, is it possible for UTR to go gold or does the CD have to be from a major label? I would think UTR would be very close to 500,000 copies if not over already. Ash? Anyone?

  5. I love the tm there ash ๐Ÿ˜‰

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