GMA Summer Concert Series Video.

Video from this morning’s televised GMA Summer Concert Series segment with Taylor Hicks. (megaupload link)

Gypsee at TaylorMade


remember this?

Taylor Hicks and other Idols to visit the White House.


4 Responses to GMA Summer Concert Series Video.

  1. Calicoskies says:

    Before I d/l, can someone tell me how much is here? Is it just the televised songs? I am hoping to find all of HOAD somewhere.

  2. docdory says:

    great video. Thanks

  3. Hickstyeria says:

    This was great to watch – Taylor seemed at ease although the sound quality was hard to hear and occasionally his voice sounded a little tired – no doubt due to the early start! It was great to see how the audience reacted and I noticed a higher male quotient than I have usually seen. Even better – we got to hear a little of ‘Hell of a Day’.

  4. CJ says:

    I got the video but no sound HELP…………………
    I have a mac, but can someone tell me what else I need to hear this video.

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