Hell of a Day.

The entire Hell of a Day video from the GMA Summer Concert series performance.

Credit: Idolwatcher33


The Hell of a Day video for iPod.

Thanks, katja.

Hell of a Day download.


42 Responses to Hell of a Day.

  1. King Proehl says:

    Thanks! My too am glad to see him performing some of his own stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Island No3 says:

    Great to see him performing his own music. I agree with Susan, it is magical and I much prefer it to the covers.

    You did a good job with the video, Idolwatcher 33, a little challenging to keep it up over that hand holding the cds and waving about. Thanks!

  3. Phile says:

    Thank you. This was wonderful to hear.

    When’s that album coming out again?

  4. sam says:

    This is what its all about. Taylor performing his own music is such a treat.
    Can’t wait for November.

  5. completelylostmymind says:

    idolwatcher 33, katja, ash…I love you guys!! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. I was having a Hell of A Day here, and now I feel so much better! The smile is back on my face… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Cali50 says:

    Here’s a Megaload version of HOAD. The audio is not as good as Idolwatcher’s but the video is amazing! Man those eyes!



  7. Rabbit says:

    So happy to see this – Hell of a Day – my favorite Tay original, and yesterday the only video I found of it was cut off and I was so disappointed. I think you folks might be on to something – clearly the band wouldn’t learn the song just for GMA, right? I’ll be so fired up if it’s on the album. Of course my favorite will always the the Hell of a Day/Christmas medly from the Dec. 24th Workplay Mp3s. Thanks!

  8. Susan says:

    Thanks so much! I knew someone would have a video that would make its way here.

    There is something so magical that happens when he sings his original music. I only wish he knew what his music does for me and for countless others. There is warmth and magic and realness that just GRABS you.

    Thanks again for those who made the rest of HOaD possible for us to experience. You da best!

    Susan in AL

  9. Split Personality with a Cherry on Top says:

    Take a bite of the Big Apple.

  10. Linda T. says:

    Thanks so much for the video, and for NOT using sendspace or megaupload, which just frustrate the bejeebees outta me!! Could just sit and watch and smile along with Taylor — thanks again!

  11. OldBoFan says:

    Idolwatcher33, thanks so much for this. I’ve posted a link to this site so our Taylor fans can enjoy your video.
    I was really disappointed that I did not get to see the performance, and kept hoping a HOAD video would appear. Loved the sax, too.
    Thanks again, idolwatcher33.

  12. katja says:

    Here’s HOAD for video-iPod:


  13. Frankie says:

    Thank you so much Idolwatcher33. I have been looking for this since the day of the performance. It is one of my favorite originals from UTR. I am so happy that he is able to sing his originals at events, and this just makes me more excited for his album.

  14. bamakat says:

    This was sweet music to my ears. Taylor a wonderful singer and performer. I like his own music best. Those in that crowd got a real blessing Friday morning. Thank you for sharing Idolwatcher33.

  15. Phoebe says:

    Having arrived home not too long ago from the Philly concert — I find this Bryant Park performance which is not only a great change of pace, but o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l. Good for the soul, yes indeed.

  16. mac_fae4taylor says:

    did you notice the last thing he said was “that was an original tune and hopefully there will be more to come”……..don’t we all, and can’t come soon enough for me !

  17. TH_Rocks says:

    Hey ya’ll, it has been a while. Thank you for posting the vid of Taylor. I haven’t been able to keep up with his doings lately.

  18. aerinphil says:

    what can i say? i say bring it on taylor! woooo!
    thanks Ash and idolwatcher33 ๐Ÿ™‚ (i miss the chat ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  19. skinnersdog says:

    By the way, in case you guys are interested, Taylor has been added to Pandora.com, so you can now create your “own radio station” around him :). I don’t think they have his pre-AI music though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. catwood720 says:

    Wow, thanks for that video!! Awesome, I can’t wait until he gets away from AI and does more of his own songs!

  21. skinnersdog says:

    Thanks, Jeannie! Excuse the fangirl in me, but Taylor just keeps getting hottah! And I LOVE this song! They should just let him sing his originals at the AI concerts. Way cooler than Do I Make You Proud for the umpteenth time.

  22. mojavedesertgirl says:

    That was fantastic! Thank you to all of you great folk who can capture these experiences for the rest of us – forever in your debt. Taylor doing Taylor – this is indeed what we all dream about…I love these little tastes – musical dim sum, musical tapas- of what we have to look forward to post AI…as we all love to say, now that’s a fucking SONG!

  23. Cali50 says:

    Love this song, love this arrangement! Hmm, how does this band that we’ve only seen him play with once before know this song? Intriquing! Idolwatcher, you are my hero!

  24. Scottsdale says:

    This is a great version of HOAD…..and yes, hopefully many more to come….thank you Idolwatcher33 and Ash.

  25. sheryl says:

    finally a little relief from A.I. This is my favorite song and it was awesome to hear it live!

  26. Bon says:

    Fabulous!!! Is there an MPG3 version of HoaD?


  27. Bama Angelfish says:

    This has to be what he has been waiting to do for the last seven months–singing his songs his way. Finally he is able to move forward, and I think we are all ready!

  28. abbysee says:

    I love the song. That is one of his originals that I keep going back to. It’s strong lyrically, and he sings the hell out of it, All of this measuring his moods is ridiculous. He is human, he is pensive sometimes, cool, quiet, shy, outlandish Monkey dancing Taylor. As so far all of it fits to make him the musician that he is.

  29. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    It just gets better every time I watch and listen! Loved the arrangement! Taylor is so proud of his original music and rightly so. He just lights up whenever he gets these opportunities. Reminds me of a proud papa showing off his babies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. marilyn says:

    Thank you everyone! Finally, Taylor doing original Taylor on national tv…however truncated. He looked and sounded fine. All this angst about Taylor’s mood. He’s real and experiences the normal ups and downs of life. But he’s under a microscope 24/7. He looked very happy doing this song. It’s an early hour for a musician. I thought he did great.
    Please let there me more original Taylor to come!

  31. pc325 says:

    Thanks so much! That was so cool….

  32. AliceinWonderland says:

    Love this:

    “That was an original tune. Hopefully there’ll be more to come.”

    Jeeze, I hope so!

    Thanks, Jeannie!

  33. Thank You! IdolWatcher33 for this great video! I taped the show and loved that he was going to sing “Hell Of A Day” but then very dissapointed they cut it off like they did. Sure “Do I Make You Proud” & “Takin’ It To The Streets” are good songs but to hear him sing one of his originals live is just a special thing….. Woooooooo

  34. TaylorFan69 says:

    Thank you very much for posting Taylor’s “Hell Of A Day” ! It’s great to watch him perform one of his own. I look forward to more and more …

  35. Maryqtpi says:

    SOOOOOO SWEET! GRRRHHH, I was so angry they cut him off just as he sounded so good and now you have given us what we all truly missed, thank you Jeannie and Ash very very much from the SOUL PATROL!
    Great sound and great sharing!!

  36. Spanishfan says:

    Wonderful performance. Taylor is such a natural performer. I love the way he added in his thanks to New York for making it a hell of a day. In fact I just love Taylor.. SAY NO MORE!!!!!

  37. Calimari says:

    I just watched it again & noticed that he doesn’t seem to be pulling away from the mic & losing the last word of the lyric like he did with “The Deal” in Provo. Also, having the band learn the song, adding the sax and all, I have to think that they wouldn’t bother learning it if he wasn’t going to record it. Wishful thinking? Maybe. But he seemed quite happy being able to share an original with everybody.

  38. idolwatcher33 (Jeannie) says:

    You’re welcome! I am in the process of uploading the other 2 performances from GMA. Once they are done, I will let all of you know. Unfortunately as you can see, the quality isn’t good because I videotaped his performances with my small Sony digital camera, but the sound is excellent – can’t believe it. Thanks to the owner of this site for posting it here……..

  39. Bob says:

    Sax works good. As long as there is brass in the tunes, I can dig it.

  40. Calimari says:

    I was just coming over here to tell you about it, but you already have it! Wow – you’re fast!

  41. MariaD says:

    Wish we all could’ve been there! Thanks!

    (Decided to add the D to Maria, since there are a few Marias here – now it’s the same as the message board)

  42. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    SWEET!!!!! Thanks Ash and Idolwatcher33! ๐Ÿ™‚

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