L.D. Miller & The Miller Brothers

As some of you know, the Miller Brothers, featuring harmonica ‘prodigy’ L.D. Miller and his brother Cola have made it to the finals on the latest cheesy variety show, America’s Got Talent!.

If you look back in the archives you can find my write-up on L.D. Miller and a few videos from a couple of years ago. This kid is no novelty.

I’ve noticed L.D.’s name coming up on the boards quite frequently, and many people have been asking for more videos of “the crazy harmonica kid”.

Here’s the url for the Clayton Miller Band, which is the Miller Family Band with Clayton, Cole, L.D. and their father, Larry (who has so kindly commented below!).

As for more videos, ask, and you shall receive.

The Miller Brothers 1st appearance on AGT.

The Millers rocking a little Bill Withers.This is the performance that got them into the finals.

L.D. Rehearsing “Fever” in December of 2004.

L.D. Miller with Joe Bonamassa in Vegas.

L.D. Miller with Buddy Guy in 2001. LD was about 7 here.

and for those who missed them, the recent videos of L.D. with Taylor Hicks.


27 Responses to L.D. Miller & The Miller Brothers

  1. Nancy says:


  2. Nancy says:

    Tomorrow night is the night to get out the vote for the Junior Soul Patrol, The Millers!!!!! on AMerica’s Got Talent.
    You all know how to do it. Email your friends today and get them watching and voting Wednes. Aug. 16 at nbc.com. I hear the Millers are possibly at the end of the show (Saving the BEST for last!!!) and so that would make their call in # 866-856-8310 and the 97979 text “10” but watch to be sure. You are limited to 10 times per method per phone line, so get your friends involved and let’s give the big $1 Million to a family that’s amazingly talented and nice and has given up jobs, homes, comfort and savings to go on the road with their music for years. The little 12 year old harmonica player is worth of big Soul Patrol power….he is bada…s.

    We know Taylor is rooting for him….let’s vote it up for the Millers!

    You can see the underground video of LD Miller meeting Taylor a week before Tay’s big win on Youtube if you search LD Miller.
    Next….We need to get them on tour together!!!!

  3. Island No3 says:

    Yes, thank you, Nancy, for answering my question and all the other interesting bits. I can well believe LD got a standing ovation for that performance. Not only is the singing good, but the harmonica playing is superb. Good luck to the brothers in the competition.

  4. Taylor4Ever1026 says:

    Wow, thanks for the info Nancy (I know I’m coming into this a bit late)….I will definitely be voting for LD and Cole – I thought they were fantastic.


  5. Nancy says:

    LD stands for Larry Don, not little dude as someone suggested, but that’s cute. I’m a fan and friend, not family. The band with his 2 brothers and dad has been touring for 4 years and they are the nicest people in the world and the band is incredible. Oddly enough, LD was doing a group show in Vegas 5 nights a week during the last season of AI and had never even seen or heard Taylor until the night they met in May that is up on youtube. He is big fan now. The rehearsal on Fever was for Stevie Wonder’s big charity christmas concert about 1 1/2 years ago…he was one of 2 indie acts opening for a huge line of up of stars. He and Alicia Keys were the only standing ovations. Joss Stone is in the background of one shot and ran up afterwards gushing over how talented LD was. He was 10 or 11 then and his voice is even more incredible now…wish there was good quality video to show that.

    This is the story of the Tay meeting: Taylor was in AL for a mall appearance on May 12 or 13 and LD and his family band were doing 2 nights at the Library Theatre in Hoover AL that was booked like over a year before….just a complete fluke. The promoters of the show knew someone in Tay’s family and told him all about the kid and then one of the family ran into Tay in the same hotel and called LD to get out of bed and come down. That footage was at about 12 midnight, Cole had already gone to sleep and missed it. The cute guy in the background is the oldest brother Clayton (the real guitar player; Cole is normally the drummer). Someone recorded part of them chatting and LD playing for him on their cell phone (thus the quality), but so incredible to have captured that meeting, since they are both destined to be huge stars. Ironically, LD and Cole had literally gotten the call that they made it to the next round of AGT about 2 days before that meeting with Tay…big week, huh.

    There are 2 more semi rounds this wednes. and Aug. 2 and then I’ve heard rumors of a wild card episode Aug. 9, so that would probably put the finals and the voting around Aug. 16. So that is the date for us all to come together to support LD and Cole.

  6. Island No3 says:

    Sorry, _LD_, isn’t it? What does that stand for, anyone know?

  7. Island No3 says:

    You know, I just listened to the Miller Band and they really have a nice sound. Perhaps the judge is right about the singer, he’s good but just not quite exciting enough to match up to the music. Perhaps JD will be able to take over in a few years; I thought his singing on the Fever rehearsal was really good. I don’t thnk it was very useful advice to ask him to split with his family band at 12, though. He’s got a lot more maturing to do before he would be ready to go out on his own, if that’s something he decides he wants in the future. He may be very talented, but he is still a child and it seems to me his family band is the right supportive environment for him to grow as a musician and a person. I thought the two brothers were very cute together; their affection is obvious. It seems to me a recipe for trouble when they take children and try to make them “stars” before they have the chance to grow up.

  8. Simone says:

    I want Nigel to bring Taylor in for the finale of AGT. After the voting, of course, but it would make for a great finale. LD on the harp, Taylor singing, and the hot brother on guitar or drums. They could do Use Me.

  9. A. says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Miller. If there is ANYTHING myself or the folks who visit this blog and the attached forum can do to help your sons careers, please let us know and we will gladly help. 🙂

  10. Larry Miller says:

    If you want to know more about L.D Miller and his family band go to their website claytonmillerband.com Pick up Joe Bonamossa’s new cd You and Me. L.D. is on track 10 Your funeral my trial

  11. A. says:

    I got a little teary as well. I generally agree with the comment on his brothers singing, but I’m not sure if splitting them apart is the answer. They are such a tight family that changing that dynamic would change LD and although change can be a very positive thing, a change that drastic might not be for the best.

    I hope LD and his family make the right decision, whichever decision that may be. I wish the best for all of them.

    As for supporting them and rallying up the SP folks who are willing to vote, I say LET’S DO THIS!

    I can post on the board and blog as a call for votes. I would love to see them win. The million dollars could help them quite a bit, and the further exposure would be fantastic.

  12. Taylor4Ever1026 says:

    Denali, I too was crying when I watched the video telling LD to ditch his brother. These two remind me of my own two boys (mine are 6 years apart), they annoy each other but would do anything for each other.

    I would be up for supporting them in winning – I haven’t yet watched the show, but will this week.


  13. Lee says:

    I was recently introduced to Joe Bonamassa’s music a few weeks ago….he is amazing. I have his CD titled “Blues Deluxe” and it is superb… it’s one everyone should put in their vault. You can go to his web site and buy the CD.

    A must have if you like the Blues.

  14. dusty says:

    Ash, I remember your talking about the Millers on the GC chat and linking the videos then. Thanks for spotlighting them again here!

  15. Hickstyeria says:

    Love seeing LD but agree with Piers on AGT – he may need to ditch his brother ultimately. Having said that, I also agree with Phoebe regarding what kind of long-term career he can have as a solo artist if he doesn’t end up with a voice to match. He may be a ‘harmonica superstar’ but that alone won’t necessarily be enough and then what? He’s obviously extremely talented but also, because of that and his age, extremely indulged. Could anyone sit through a whole concert of LD just doing this? You might think so but then it might also become one-dimensional. Taylor on the other hand is multi-talented and we’ve all been talking about his versatility. LD still has time to grow so let’s hope he can develop accordingly.

  16. Denali says:

    I just woke up, turned on my comp and logged on to this. Maybe the fact that I’m still half asleep has something to do with my emotional state but I cried when I watched the Got Talent vid where the simon wannabe told him to ditch his bro.

    Very talented kid, I hope he wins but I don’t watch the show. I’ve tried and can’t get past the first five minutes before I’m on to something else. I really don’t like the judges and most of the “talent” just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    If you guys want to get together and support LD in the finals I’m all for it. Maybe we can rally the Soul Patrol to vote for this kid when he needs some extra oomph. Just tell me when and what number to text and I’m there. I wouldn’t know when to vote cuz I won’t be watching.


  17. Sarah says:

    This kid is such a joy to watch. Definitely, if he knows what he’s about he could have a fantastic career ahead of him. Count me in on wanting to watch a showdown between LD and Taylor! Wooo. I love, love the fact that all of this is leading to a growing interest in harmonicas amongst kids and adults alike.

    I’d seen the clips with Taylor and the Fever reheasal before and couldn’t get over how young he is to be making this sound, but I the other videos are all new to me, thanks for compiling these and posting them Ash!

  18. Ah man ash – That would be a concert I would pay double to get into!

    That solo he was playing for taylor at the end there – unreal.

  19. Maryqtpi says:

    I recognized LD right away. Was impressed the first time I saw the You Tube with Taylor. Yes, yes he resembles what Taylor must have been like at that age. LD has his brothers and band to back him. Without a doubt LD has a great career ahead of him and I sure hope this show launches it for him the way idol did for Taylor. In a few years this kid will be awesome. I too would love to see Taylor and LD wailing together. WOW! That would really be something to see. Always have loved the harmonica and delighted to see it becoming the “It” hot new instrument.

  20. Phoebe says:

    I swore I’d never watch that show. Well, I guess officially now I have.

    What was the occasion for the “Fever” video…rehearsing for what? Because the guy in the background playing tambourine/percussion, bald guy with mustache, is the guy from the AI Season 5 band (Also one of the box drum players for Katharine on Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.)

    Watching the kid I keep thinking, derivative, derivative, derivative. But then I realized that Taylor was doing the same thing when very young, growing up. He would imitate singers and musicians almost to the letter. Part of the process of coming into your own.

    He’s definitely not a novelty act. Wonder what his voice will be like when it changes? Hard to tell now what kind of singer he could be. I do question what type of career is possible as just a harmonica prodigy.

  21. A. says:

    If they win they get a million dollars.

    I would LOVE to see Taylor and LD pitted up against one another- no singing, just wailing on the ole blues harp.

  22. Kim(DogDoc) says:

    Thanks Ash. I will be watching America’s Got Talent to see if he wins. What do they get if they win? I guess they don’t go on a concert tour. Maybe if he wins he can make a suprise appearance with Taylor — dueling harmonicas anyone?

  23. bamakat says:

    I had seen the videos of Tay with LD. I had not seen the others. This young man resembles what I believe Tay was like at about the same age. I’m impressed with LD professional demeanor. Thank you for preparing this. I had not planed to watch this talent show, but I guess that changes now. I need to show my support for this talented young person. It’s nice to know that young people are developing a more active interest in music. Listening to music is great. Making music is awesome.

  24. MollyK says:

    I haven’t seen the show, just the clips of the Millers and Bianca Ryan. It should probably come down to them from what I can tell.

  25. taywatch says:

    I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post these comments, but since we’re talking about L D and harmonicas it’s probably OK. The beautiful thing is that now there are kids picking up harmonicas and learning to play as a result of Taylor and now the interest in L D. There are 3 threads in the Idol Taylor folder where teens are exchanging info on harmonicas, how to “bend” notes like Taylor, links to harmonica sites, recommending books and sharing all kinds of info. One of them bought a “For Dummies” book on learning harmonica, and each is excited when they learn a new song and have to share that info. These teens include girls as well as boys so it’s a wonderful thing. Harmonica is now the new “hot” instrument to learn.

  26. Jo says:

    Well, I may have to go vote on this dumb show after all. I’m sort of impressed.

  27. Shandykat says:

    Who is Joe Bonamassa and where has he been all my life? I was mezmerized for that entire 10 minute video, not only because of LD, but for that wicked guitar playing.


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