Project: Heart and Soul needs your help.

Below is an open letter from Stacy with Project: Heart and Soul

Hey everyone! Not sure how many of you know about this, but we need our fellow SPers to spread the word and we need your support!!! I know I have gotten an email from Ash as well as Jan with SPR (Jan, if you’re on here, I will email you back soon!! Getting through emails has been crazy!!).


Project: Heart and Soul was put together by five SPers in an effort to raise money and awareness for Studio by the Tracks in Birmingham, Alabama. We thought this would be a great gift for Taylor upon returning home for the Idol tour. We have been in contact with his management, and YES, Taylor knows about the project and has said that he thinks it’s great, something special and a worthwhile effort. Now that we have his support, we need yours!!!

There are two parts to the project. The first part is for Taylor. We are putting together a gift basket (and a rather large one, at that) for him containing gifts from our participating merchants and SPers. If you would like to donate a gift, you can read about what we’re looking for on our official website,

The second part is for SBTT. We are accepting online donations through PayPal on our website and there is a snail mail address to send check or money orders. We also have donation stations set up all over B’ham where locals can donate (some include Bailey Brothers, Crestwood Tavern, Workplay, Buffalo Wild Wings, Golden Rule, etc…) – and we are planning big donation events (Buffalo Wild Wings is in the works – Wal-Mart in Hoover is set up). Many businesses are helping us put together a gift basket that we will raffle off at one of the events.

We are putting together a CD musical slideshow for Taylor of all the SPers who are contributing and pics of the Project: H&S events. All you have to do is donate any amount (even if it’s only $1!) and you can have your pic along with your name, age and hometown in it. If you donate $25 or more, you can also send along a two-sentence message for Taylor.

The presentation date has not been set as we are waiting to hear from his management team on that…we are also working with the PR teams for Hoover and B’ham, so we hope to make this really big.

SBTT is a fantastic organization with some really great people behind its mission…please help us help them and make this a great gift for Taylor’s homecoming. We could really use your help to allow SBTT continue with their commitment to make a difference in these people’s lives. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000, but we’re hoping for much, much more. Everything we’ve done so far has come out of our pockets and we’ve spent hundreds of hours on this project – all we want from you is your support.

Please help us spread the word and please donate…even if it’s only a couple bucks. Every little bit helps. Please post here if you have any questions at all, visit our website or email me at We’ve come a long way in a few weeks, but we need your help to make these next two weeks one that SBTT, Taylor and the SP will never forget!!!



6 Responses to Project: Heart and Soul needs your help.

  1. Stacy Ramsey says:

    Thank you all for your support!! We are working hard to make this all come to fruition. We will be posting an updated list of participating merchants soon – there’s a lot now as well as special events that we are putting together to raise even more money. If there are any SPers in the B’ham area that may be able to help work one of the events, please email me at and let me know. I live on the MS Gulf Coast and won’t be in B’ham until the late evening on the 7th, so I know our team could use a couple extra hands at some events. And again…


  2. bamakat says:

    I am going by a local drop at some point next week. I’m glad to be able to help out. The project heart and soul link is not working now, but I’ll check to see if it’s working later. Thanks for finding a way for me to give back a little of what Tay has given so much.

  3. mac_fae4taylor says:

    there is some precious artwork by the students on their website – in the Gallery section –

    Several months ago, I made a very small donation to SBTT and promptly received a very sweet reply from the Director, Ila Faye Miller : “We are so pleased that Taylor Hicks has chosen to recognize our organization, and your support means so much to us and to the people we serve.”

    Something sizable will knock their socks off !

  4. Jan says:

    This is exactly what SPR is all about. Helping people in this world as the Soul Patrol. Using that positive energy to make a difference. Taylor supports Studio by the Tracks and so do I with my Heart and Soul and cold hard cash which is what they need right now so donate a little bit. It all adds up.

  5. Maria says:

    This is a wonderful way of sharing with Taylor how much we appreciate him and his music. Good luck on this worthy endeavor!

  6. OSB says:

    Great project! Especially for those that can’t be in B’ham on 8/8. It gives you a chance to send a message to Taylor and support two worthy causes.

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