1st poll.

This is the first in a series of polls that will be posted to help gauge interest in different areas and on different topics. These polls will be used as a tool to gather information on the readers so that the blog may be improved as well as being used for fun

Do you play any instruments?

If so

which instruments do you play?

and how long have you been playing them?


62 Responses to 1st poll.

  1. Meg the older says:

    guitar 35 years, piano 40 years — banjo 26 years — Self taught and dangerous :)! Ha! And now I just bought a harmonica–time to teach this old dog some new tricks.
    Cool Poll Ash — thanks!

  2. Orca says:

    I took piano lessons for 10 years as a kid, but I am pretty rusty now. I tinker around whenever I get access to a piano and I’m sure I could pick it up again with a bit of practice.

    I still play flute from my high school band days and I know some pretty mean guitar chords. My brother plays lead guitar and I can play rhythm with him.

    My nephew is learning harmonica – I’ve tried it out and I think I might buy one – it seems fun!

  3. Thackeray says:

    harp, guitar, a little piano, and as a kid, a very little upright bass

    Harp I’ve played for about 20 years, mostly triple harp continuo (a 17th C. bass oriented jamming style ), but also do some earlier styles and instruments

    Guitar I’ve dabbled in for a couple of years, but got seriously into fingerstyle blues over the last 6 months

    Piano and bass were childhood things, been around enough pianos to keep up a tiny bit, don’t know any bass anymore at all.

  4. Marianne Yelle says:

    HI! Does humming count? Guess not. Everyone in my family played piano and/or guitar and I rebelled and did art. My son plays cello, guitar, kazoo and harmonica and he is only five (and plays like a 5 year old but lotsa passion!). My husband ‘wants’ to play guitar but I have sold at least 3 used guitars on him after they have laid unused for 5 years or so! I guess there’s still hope but I aint buying him another guitar! Anyhow, we looove music in this family but are pretty hopeless re. actual musical talent -hoping our son will improve the family record!

  5. daunchan says:

    I don’t play an instrument but everyone else in my family does. So I hear, see, feel, and smell the music at home.
    My daughter has had piano lessons, sang in the Pensacola Children’s Choir for a year, played flute in band all through middle school and plays some guitar.
    My son plays piano, acoustic and bass guitar and upright bass and is in a local band. He is studying music in college.
    My husband plays piano, has a Master’s in guitar performance, teaches guitar at college and performs in a Classical guitar duo. He has a private studio too and teaches anybody any age any kind of guitar they want to learn. But his passion is Classical guitar, Brazilian and gypsy jazz guitar.

  6. Elphaba26 says:

    Wow, very talented and impressive group!!!

    I don’t play any musical instruments and certainly cannot sing. However, I love to dance, always have since I was a child.

  7. goodfeke says:

    Do you play any instruments? no, i only play the radio.

    If so which instruments do you play?

    and how long have you been playing them?

  8. Jamie says:

    I have played clarinet since the 5th grade (so I guess I’ve played for about 13 years), and I still actively play in the area city bands. Always wanted to learn piano…some day I may teach myself guitar.

  9. Laurie says:

    Though I love the bass guitar, I really don’t get to play as I used to. My 17 year old son is a kicka** rock/blues drummer and guitarist and he’s got a little band. Some of the bands they like are very good…Gobsmack, Puddle of Mudd, and P.O.D., not to mention of course Sabbath and Zep.

    OK, I’m a rocker first…but it’s all the blues. It was good ‘ol Leon from Skynyrd and Randy Jo Hobbs with J. Winter who inspired me to pick up a bass. Just taught myself playing by ear. I played a few little gigs with bro ‘in law, who sounded just like Ronnie VZ and Gregg Allman. The guitarist was awesome, but the rest weren’t up to par. I am itchin’ to jam with some tight musicians…ah one of these days I can brush up, practice and get back to playing when the kids are grown. 🙂

  10. I played the flute as a kid from 2nd grade through high school. Nothing since. : ( I always wanted to play the trumpet.

  11. Jan says:

    I played the Alto sax for 10 years. I was in the marching band, regular band, and stage band. I tried to take improvisational jazz in college but it just got in the say of my CS classes. I wasn’t going to be a professional musician and that’s for sure. I hocked the sax to pay for books. I just bought an acoustic guitar and am learning to play. I’m very serious about. I have been distracted lately but I drug my guitar all the way to Isla Mujeres on my vacation the week Taylor sang PTFM. I know because I was sitting in an interet cafe with a cervesa trying to download it off GC. My guitar is a Yamaha with a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides. I have developed huge amount of respect for people who play the guitar because it’s harder than it looks.

  12. JaxNative says:

    Son plays french horn, trumpet, 6 and 12 string guitar

    Daughter played flute

    Husband plays guitar very well

    I play guitar well enough too amuse myself & annoy my friends. I however, am an excellent fan and a greatful listener!!

  13. Tobester says:

    I sing and play harmonica…seriously
    Don’t have a band right now tho, moved from the Netherlands to USA recently, but I hope to find some guys to jam with in the future.

  14. Jan B. says:

    Kazoo & Air Guitar, but I DID just buy a harmonica.

  15. EJ says:

    Man, are there a lot of talented folks on this board!

  16. Shelley says:

    I have played the violin since the age of 8 (I’m now 36). I teach violin and have played professionally in symphonies, quartets, and a folk duet.

    I played the flute in junior high and high school…and I have played on and off since then.

    I am self-taught on the guitar…but I wouldn’t say I really play…just play at it. I noodle around enough to write songs and accompany myself…albeit very sloppily (sp?).

    I took four years of piano when I was young…but my heart isn’t in it so I don’t really play at all now. The left hand/bass clef frightens me. 😉

    I have written abou 20 songs and am always looking for a guitarist or other musician to collaborate with.

    As a singer and violinist, I have done some studio work with another artist on her original tunes. We had one demo album but didn’t do much with it.

  17. thinlizzy says:

    piano – ages 5 – present (35 yrs)
    sax – jr. high!
    can read music

    guitar – ages 13 – present 30 yrs and plays every night
    piano, self-taught

    Thanks for asking!

  18. manders says:

    Piano – age 4-10, Flute & Picc – age 10- currently,
    Bassoon – age 14-16

    Flute is my instrument of choice {subliminal message to Ash – more of Van’s Astral and a piece on Ian of Jethro Tull}, as it is the only one I took the time to try and master; but I have dabbled with some brass (french horn), and other woodwinds (sax and oboe), as well as various small percussion instruments (tam). I was classically trained in piano, flute, and bassoon.

    I’d love to learn a stringed instrument, the mandolin especially. I am also very envious of all of you who can ‘sang’. Such a talent and a gift to have your instruments installed inside your bodies from birth! Luckies!

  19. Susie says:

    Piano, for years, with international composer credits.

  20. katja says:

    Just wondering…did we ever find out who the Hicks limericks writer was? And is there going to be a sequel?

    I would love to learn how to play an instrument…but I don’t have the —- (great, now I don’t know the word for it…anyway…I start doing something…like jogging…but then I will quit)..so I lack completely that.

    But I just love listening to music. 🙂

  21. double d says:

    Hicknic, I’m around…just been busy.

    Acoustic guitar a LONG time ago but thinking about taking it back up with my son. Also thinking about the harmonica…..

  22. EJ says:

    hicknic, I am SOO jealous. Definitely down a bushwacker for me.

    Colleen, you need to make an mp3 of you playing La Bamba on beer bottles and post it, pleeeze?

    I am one of those sorry souls who learned to play acoustic guitar as a kid, starting out with Phil Ochs and Pete Seeger folk songs, continuing into the mellower songs of the time (Fire & Rain, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, City of New Orleans, Alice’s Restaurant, Blackbird) and just seemed to reach a point where I stopped getting any better, no matter how hard I tried. Try as I might, I couldn’t pick as well as my more talented friends. I tried the banjo, Ash, and it was totally beyond my capabilities- no dexterity. So like typing, I still look at the frets when I play, I can’t jam, and I play only for my own amusement. The only thing I can do is pick out tunes by ear, since I never had lessons and can’t read music.

    I also can carry a tune but have no vocal abilities and a pretty limited range. More than playing, I have always wished I could sing. Maybe that’s why I love hearing good singers so much, more so than good musicians.

  23. JudyOhio says:

    I play piano.

    Oldest adult son, college graduate, music performance major, instrumental, piano/percussion. Is working in his profession. He is single.

    Youngest adult son plays guitar, banjo, harmonica. He is also quite a vocalist, and is kareoke (sp) obsessed. However, does sing for pay here and there. He is married.

    Both, very entertaining.

    Husband: Tone deaf, lol.

  24. heyhowyadoin says:

    drums in bands for about 25 years…

    also guitar and bass….

  25. Colleen says:

    I played a couple of instrument in H.S. Was in the marching band and played everything in the percussion section. It’s been years, but could probably pick one up and after a 30 mintue refresher I could play again. My older daughter played the bells this year in band, so I can play those again.
    My hubby likes to play guitar, which got my youngest going. It’s a little harder then she thought, but showed her how to play “Smoke on the Water”!

    ooh, can play La Bama on beer bottles……..


  26. Claire says:

    I was forced to learn piano for a couple of years as a young girl, ugh!! Got as far as Grade 2. I hated it. Then I found the drums. By the age of 13 I was second in command of the drum corps (snare drums) in the local marching band (pipe band), and stayed with this for five years, til I went to college and couldn’t commit the time to it any more. I still love the drums. SOMEDAY I WILL own my own drumkit and start playing again… I also sang competitively at national and international level at school. So many happy memories of piling into a bus and driving to the next competition, all shiny & clean in our best school uniforms, to beat our competitors into submission…did I mention we always won, LOL??? Thinking of joining a choir now, actually. It’s wonderful to be able to combine many different harmonies of the same song into one beautiful melody…

  27. Clikee says:

    I used to say I played a mean turntable, but even that instrument usually gets replaced by cd players, and saying I play a mean cd tray just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    I do read music and play piano, although lessons were short and many years ago. I keep a keyboard to tinker around on. Oh, and I took my turn at the harmonica years ago and jammed with a band a few times. I self taught listening to the few harmonica licks Alice Copper had in his music. I like to sing, and enjoy writing and listening to musical parody. Twisted and humorous is my secret listen. Shhhh…

    Growing up there was always music around. My brother was in a band and they practiced in our living room. I have one stepson in the local rock scene with a darn talented band, and the other does rock videos/interviews for a Seattle radio station’s website. My ex is very proficient in guitar and even hand-built an electric from choosing the wood to the carving. Cool little back-story on that guitar. We were out one night listening to the Jerry Miller Band (Moby Grape fame and listed in Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitarists of all time) and Jerry played my ex’s hand made guitar. He didn’t want to give it back! Fun stuff.

  28. Bama Angelfish says:

    I played clarinet for 13 years through college. Also played a little tenor sax, baritone and flute. Did symphonic band, jazz band, marching band, even a few little Dixieland jazz street performances and thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Right now I’m wanting to take piano lessons and learn to play again but I don’t have a piano either. I took piano for a few years but would like to do it again as an adult who appreciates it not as a kid made to take lessons. Music has always been a big part of me, my friendships, my loves, etc. but not for a long time, until lately. Nice.

  29. King Proehl says:

    I am learning Harmonica… but mostly play the computer. LOL

  30. JaniceInOrlando says:

    Great topic Ash! Love to see all the talent out there. I’ve tinkered with the Piano & worn out many a Guitar strings. Currently own a Taylor & 2 Yamaha Guitars (one 12 string which is my favorite). I don’t play as often as I’d like (started when I was 12 & am currently … well, lets just say, I’ve been playing for a long time). Would love to hear Taylor on a 12 string!

  31. Sherry L says:

    I play guitar. I have off an on since I was 14 – so 18 years (as hard as that is to believe). I also play bass a little and I know some basics on piano.

    I started on the violin in 5th grade, then switched to clarinet for 7th and 8th grade before giving up on school band.

  32. hicknic says:

    Interesting topic Ash. I play piano, sing, dance like a fool, and share this deep passion for music, as all of you. Did try to play banjo in earlier days, always regretted not mastering it. Is a boomer too old to pick it up again? BTY, I am back at the beach for one more week before school starts. Thinking of you and all my girlfrieds and will drink a bushwhacker for you at the Florabama tonight! Did we ever hear from DD?

  33. ElvisBabeGoTaylor says:

    cmoore the original band was Little David and the Giants. After many years of playing night clubs all around the south and elsewhere the band became a Christian Rock n Roll band under the names of Little David and The Giants and David and The Giants.

    I am sure that you will know the band 🙂

  34. Phandi says:

    I have absolutely no musical ability whatsoever, nor do any of my family members. That does not mean I have no interest in music-related topics, however…keen interest there, because it is all about the music…why I’m here after all. I have been to all of two concerts in my life, neither one of them big-venue events, and both some 30 years ago. I do not have a cd collection…well not true, I now have some 12 cds, but they’re almost all different Taylor mixes (with some Zombies, Ben Harper etc. from this site).
    But I do hope we will keep a music emphasis here, and hopefully gather even more musicians around….good!

  35. Crazymomelon says:

    I, myself, don’t play any instruments but my sons are both musicians. They play high brass, guitar, bass and keyboards. I love to sing and can carry a tune. At least people rarely tell me to shut up. Maybe they’re just being polite.

  36. Bob says:

    Accousitic and electric guitar – on and off for ~ 40 years. Currently off.

  37. Margaux says:

    I have played piano all my life, took lessons through college. I also went to music camp and sang in choirs. I did own a guitar when I was young, but it wasn’t my thing. I also played clarinet in high school. I started to learn saxophone, but I hated the guy I had to sit next to so I gave that up — what shallow reasons we have for things..

    My musical fantasies have included playing piano in my own dive bar, and accompanying great singers. Though I wanted to be Carole King or Christine McVie, my talent is probably closer to the late Linda McCartney.

  38. aerinphil says:

    i used to play the piano but stopped…i’m planning to buy a harmonica and buy the idiot’s guide 🙂 oh and i sing, too. miss you guys, miss the chat 😦

  39. cmoore says:

    To ElvisBabeGoTaylor: What was or is the name of the Christian Rock & Roll band your group became? I’ve been involved in that genre since a young child, formatted radio stations with thos groups, & have promoted quite a few.

    I’ve sung since I was 3 in churches, which led to thousands of weddings, funerals, conferences, conventions, retreats, choirs, ensembles, and concerts as a soloist. I do not travel in concerts now, but still sing 5-6 times a month. The voice is ‘my instrument’, as I never had the opportunity to study piano, guitar, etc. I am so thankful for the gift & opportunity to share it!

  40. SpaceOddity says:

    Great topic! I’m actually learning how to play percussion/drums now, and I tinkered with pianos when I was younger.

  41. YoursSoully says:

    Piano lessons age 12 – 20. Have just played informally since then. Love it though.

  42. Carli says:

    I play piano — took lessons for 10 years growing up. I really love to play, but do not currently own a piano, which sucks.

    I played alto sax in “regular” band in HS and the tenor sax in jazz band. I loved jazz band, especially — we got to do lots of Charlie Parker and did a little Glenn Miller for fun, too. I haven’t played my sax in years, though.

  43. katja says:

    Like Denali I don’t play an instrument but I recently bought a blues harp… 😀

    (My sister is really suffering as I try to learn to bend the notes…)

  44. ElvisBabeGoTaylor says:

    I use to play Drums and Acoustic and Electric guitars

    My Guitars are made by Ovation. I have 6 string and 12 string models.

    Drums are custom made Ludwig with Double Base, snare, 2 Rack Toms, 2 Floor Toms, 8 Custom Zildjian cymbals plus Hi-Hat.

    I haven’t played since 1978. The band I use to play with cut several records while a Rock n Roll band. Then a change took place. The band became a christiam rock n roll band. This band went on to record over 10 cd’s. At one time they were the hottest Christian Rock n Roll band around.

    I quit before most of the records were released. I might have played on the demo tape. Too many years ago. I did get the honor of being a part of the band when we were the opening act for The Animals.

    I still have all of this equipment. It is in storage.

  45. Shandykat says:

    I don’t currently play any instruments, but I did take piano as a pre-teen, and learned a little flute in my early 20’s. I also took some voice lessons and can carry a tune, but nothing spectacular. I never became proficient with any instrument, but I can read music.

    My mother is the musician in the family. Piano, flute, and vocalist.

  46. Susan54inWV says:

    I began taking piano lessons when I was 12 (I’m 52 now) and studied through junior high and high school. I began taking voice lessons when I was 13 and studied until I was 26. I still play and sing.

  47. bamakat says:

    Ash, great idea for a poll. I played piano 2 yrs. (2/3Grades), started clarinet in the 4th Gr. I was in my schools beginner band and the Marching Wildcat Band in high school. I played the saxophone (easy transfer) during marching season, because there were not enough saxs on the field. I started piano again (my hands are too small so I was never very good) in high school to improve my sight reading skills.

    I planned, and actually began, to complete a degree in music, so that I could become a band director, at Jacksonville State University. While there I was a member of the Woodwind Choir and the Marching Southerners. I have not touched an instrument since leaving the music program(I lost the joy making music should bring.). Taylor has helped to reawaken my love of listening to and making my own music. I’m going to get a new clarinet soon to see what’s left of old skills. For those who like marching bands:



  48. oo! very exciting ash! Keep us posted!

    I kind of wish I had some talent in singing – then maybe singing in the car wouldnt be so painful to others…

  49. A. says:


    We won’t have gabbly chat back, but we’re testing a new, more fun chat for the new site which will debut soon.

  50. Phile says:

    This one time, at band camp… Just kidding!

    Music essentially saved me when I was growing up. Played violin, piano, sax, bassoon, drums and various marching brass. Whatever hole there was at school, I filled it. Didn’t own an instrument, though, so I was only okay at all of them, and never great at any of them.

    It was singing that really got me places back in the day – show tunes mostly, because as much as I wanted to sound like Aretha, the reality was that my tone was more Kate Smith. Once I “grew up,” I gave that up too for the most part. Frankly, if I had to sing “On My Own” one more time I would’ve gone postal ;).

    I’ll still do karaoke if provoked and lubricated by cold, frosty beverages.

  51. dulciplayr says:

    I am in a group that plays at area festivals, retirement centers, churches and special events. We play traditional or old-time music, gospel, and bluegrass. In addition to singing, I play several different instruments.

    Dulcimer (mountain and hammer)
    Penny Whistle
    Banjo (5-string played bluegrass style, and tenor)
    Bowed Psaltery
    Baritone Ukulele (tuned to use as tenor guitar)
    Cello which I use as a bass, since I don’t have room for and can’t carry a stand-up bass
    Also play piano, although not in the band

  52. Tee says:

    Started off with clarinet in elementary school, played through my sophomore year of high school. I later began playing the saxophone, and participated in the jazz band at school for a couple of years. I was pretty good at both, but I haven’t played either instrument in years.

  53. Denali says:

    I don’t play an instrument but I recently bought a harmonica. 🙂

    BTW will we ever get chat back?


  54. lv4tay says:

    Acoustic guitar — specifically, a Taylor. Seriously, they’re wonderful guitars.

  55. Laurie says:

    Bass guitar, since the age of 15. Motherhood and a job has curtailed the jams a bit though!

  56. Well, now arent we are all a talented bunch!

    Euphonium – still playing, been for about 8 years now. Trombone – on and off. Trumpet – same thing, on and off. Drum set – not well, not very often. Guitar – had one for just under a year, I now know most major/minor chords ;). – that was exciting.

    I really want to LEARN the drum set – I just cant get the feet and the hands going differently. I also would love to learn some bass guitar.

  57. MariaD says:

    nope, I don’t play any instruments, I’m married to a guitar player though, he’s been playing about 25 years since he was 14

  58. patsne says:

    Wow, Ash, I’m impressed with your musical depth. I played piano for ten years when I was a kid and play a little guitar now and then (and not very well.) I’d really like to get back into it, but my life’s hectic right now. I also want to “learn” how to write music. I don’t know if that’s something you can really learn. I’d like to be able to write songs I’m proud of.

  59. Squeebee says:

    I play the clarinet. I played in high school and recently (3 years ago) took it up again, and I play in a local concert band.

  60. Haley says:

    drums, acoustic/electric guitar, harmonica, clarinet

    I learned to play drums when i was 8, and i learned to play by ear. I picked up guitar when I was about 12 because my dad got me hooked, and I played by ear. Harmonica when I was about 14 cause my papaw would always play and it amazed me. And clarinet when I was 13 cause I was forced to be in the band as an elective in junior high.

  61. A. says:

    pedal steel & lap steel

    I learned to play mandolin and a little banjo when I was a little girl. I learned the pedal steel and dobro (resonator guitar) when I was a little older.

    I also play the bongos and a little harmonica (Sonny Boy Williamson II was my inspiration). I’ve recently been slacking in the instrument playing department so my ‘skills’ aren’t what the used to be. Hopefully that will change soon.

  62. idolAddict_NW says:

    Hey, Ash! Well, I have played piano and trumpet, but have pretty much ignored it since high school.

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