Recount of the first SPR Meeting/Rally.

Jan’s emotional recount of the first Soul Patrol Relief meeting/rally which was held at the Flora-Bama Lounge & Package on the 15th has been posted in the Soul Patrol Events area of the board.

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3 Responses to Recount of the first SPR Meeting/Rally.

  1. bjewel says:

    Good work, Jan, and other SPReliefers! Ther must be a millio stories like the ones you tell about in you recap. But you are right, every little bit of
    charity makes a difference!

  2. hicknic says:

    Jan, so glad to read the whole recap. Very moving. I’m with you in this thing, hopfully our passion can have a positive effect and do some good. I know I am feeling a little guitly about the amount of money I have spent toward my Taylor habit and want to leave a legacy to honor him and help those who are in need.l

  3. Hickstyeria says:

    Jan and NOLAgirl, you have done a wonderful job. The efforts you are making will not go unrewarded – people will respond. The story you told of the young man and the little boy were so moving. That young man needs someone to talk to and I hope one day he can do that in a way that will allow him to move on. As for that little boy, I hope that he was not alone. I can’t even bear to think about it.

    We can all make a difference: I work as a co-chair for my company’s chosen charity and we help our local children’s hospital through the Children’s Miracle Network. When you see the children, you know it’s all worth it.

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