More people embracing and promoting Birmingham’s Music Scene

Is Birmingham, AL’s music scene on the verge of explosion?

Some think so.

And from what I have seen around the ‘Ham I would have to agree.


12 Responses to More people embracing and promoting Birmingham’s Music Scene

  1. OSB says:

    The attention that Taylor & LiMBO, Ruben & Just A Few Cats, and Bo & Sugar Money, with their different genres, have brought to B’ham’s musical scene can only be good for the city. It’s been many years, since I visited former in-laws in Bessemer and spent time in B’ham, but, I hope to get back one day (wish it was 8/7-8) and experience it’s present ,music scene. The fact that all 3 guys placed 1 or 2 on AI, finally made TPTB take notice of the talent coming from that area. Granted, many auditioners at B’ham won’t be from B’ham, but, it will give the city some nationwide publicity!

  2. TrueNorth says:

    Oooohhh no, katja. No, no, no. No. NO! No.

  3. Jan B. says:

    Sounds like Birmingham might be the new New Orleans, which is good and bad… Good, in that I think people truly long for such a place–original, not manufactured. B’ham may finally getting the attention it’s always deserved.
    Bad, in that “the powers that be” in this country seem to have turned their backs on New Orleans. That wouldn’t be the case if it had hit Maine…let’s say Kennebunkport, for instance. FAR more people were displaced by Katrina than by the bombing of the WTC, but it’s as if nobody cares…no votes to be had, I guess. Sorry for the rant, but lately I’ve been so mad that our own citizens in need get overlooked in favor of STUPID expenditures! I would love to see good things happen in B’ham and the South…music would be just the thing to do it too!

  4. cmoore says:

    I too felt it SO odd they slid in that one snide comment @ Taylor…again, someone didn’t do their homework or gone to hear him while he was singing there!

  5. Bob says:

    Any resurgence that rids a city of a troubled past has to be good not only for the people in Birmingham; it’s also good for people of other cities and the country as a whole.

  6. JazzLeavesHerNumber says:

    Bamakat, I’m with you on the Birmingham love. I am a native, too, and never truly appreciated all the city has to offer until my husband got transferred to Montgomery in 1990. Those were 15 of the L O N G E S T years of my life living in our state capital! We moved out to the country last year and now I’m close enough to commute to the Magic City … thank goodness! 🙂 As Taylor sang, “Birmingham, Birmingham, pretty city in Alabam .. you can travel ‘cross this entire land, but there ain’t no place like Birmingham.”

    Now, like EJ, I am about to send the author of the article a verbal slap for her very stupid snark at Taylor in an otherwise insightful and positive piece.

  7. Cali50 says:

    Nice article. Great for Birmingham. I hope the auditions don’t disappoint.

  8. EJ says:

    Great article, but I did leave a comment about that dig at Taylor (saying he sings only covers). Saw that at least 3 others had commented on it too.

  9. bamakat says:

    I’m so glad that B’ham got such a positive review. I was born here and have never lived anywhere else (college years were out of town). Most press about B’ham is about the Civil Rights era. People older than me still talk about Bombingham. We are so much more.

    Most people haven’t used the downtown area much in the last 30 years are so, but revidalization is changing that. Museums, parks, concert venues, etc. are giving an old town a much needed face lift. Colleges and universities in the area, churches, the public school systems, and business have all had a hand in helping move us into a new stage of growth and development.

    Birmingham, Alabama is still a magic city. I hope that those who visit the city find so much to do that they will return to visit again and again. Shoppers will find much to interest them as well. 🙂

  10. pc325 says:

    Great article, Ash. Taylor and Birmingham may have broken the American Idol stereotype. This show could go in a whole different direction from now on.

  11. katja says:

    I never thought about it before actually…but it will be very, very interesting to see the auditions in Birmingham when the new idol round begins (eventhough I swore to myself I would never watch the show again…)

    Great article. I recogniced the Five Points South -sign eventhough I’ve never been in Birmingham. 🙂

  12. Karen says:

    Wow – Thanks for the article, Ash. Very, very impressive.

    And what great timing! If the media gets word of the convergence of the Soul Patrol in Birmingham in two weeks, there’s even more attention paid to Birmingham. Rightfully so, and finally!

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