Michael McDonald joins Steely Dan Tour… and Taylor is mentioned in the article.

The soulful songs, the floppy mop of premature gray, the bluesy baritone: “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks can hardly avoid comparisons to former Doobie Brothers singer Michael McDonald.

Not that he’s tried. Hicks sang the Doobie’s “Takin’ It To the Streets” on the show and recorded it for the B-side of his first single, “Do I Make You Proud.”

McDonald, who once epitomized the blue-eyed soul that Hicks has introduced to a new generation, is flattered by the comparisons.

“I think he’s fantastic, I really do,” McDonald said in a recent phone call from South Carolina. “He seems to have that basic, well-developed talent that comes from playing a lot of nightclubs and paying your dues.”


American Idol Grants Sick Woman’s Wish.


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  1. Basenji says:

    Well I am a little late seeing this, but it made me cry. Really cry. “Not bad looking either” made me sort of laugh but then bawl. Life is short and we are so lucky to be alive. And the thought of Taylor tearing up started me up all over again…

  2. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Thanks for the d/l IdolAddict NW. That brought tears to my eyes. It’s pretty cool that the station played ‘Hell of a Day’ with the story.

  3. Jan B. says:

    God Bless Mary Ann & Joanne, they’ll be in our prayers. I so love the genuine goodness in Taylor and know that smile and tender manner must have brightened her day…”not bad looking” is a bit of an understatement, though. Love the way he reaches people.

  4. AgingHippie says:

    Based on the glimpses we’ve had of this young man’s personality and character, it seems safe to say that Taylor must have been surprised and very touched that this woman’s wish was to meet him.

    Love it [guilty] or hate it as a song – every time I hear DIMYP I think yes!, yes you do!!. [and I’ll bet most of you think it as well]

    The Michael McDonald piece is nice to see. I too remember Taylor saying he had been contacted by MM and getting the impression that there might be some writing collaboration. Can’t remember where and unfortunately didn’t pass it on as a link to my email group so nothing in that folder.
    Do hope it’s true that he is working with Taylor on some songs. Please don’t hand me my head but, while I like and sometimes love Taylor’s lyrics, I think he could use a little help fine-tuning the music – just MHO.

  5. A. says:

    Miss you too!

    (all of you)

  6. bluescomesouttoplay says:

    ok, just missed you.

  7. A. says:

    Ash is busy working.

    Hopefully she’ll have time to make some great updates and leave post comments soon. 🙂

  8. bluescomesouttoplay says:

    Where is ash these days? she seems somewhat invisible except for the blog which we all faithfully read.

  9. Kathop says:

    Taylor being Taylor!!

  10. Scottsdale says:

    What a heart warming story of love and kindness. And I agree with you OSB and the other posted commentary, Taylor and the majority of this year’s top 10 are caring individuals…People helping people if only just a little while, it’s all worthwhile. Thanks Ash, for sharing the article.

    With regard to the nice comments MM had for Taylor.. it’s nice to hear comments of respect for Taylor, from one of the several musician/songwriters that Taylor seems to respect so much. On a personal note: I did have the opportunity to see MM and SD together on July 18th here in Phoenix and they were absolutely fantastic..It was extra special when MM joined SD for the entire second half of SD’s set and 2 encores (MM opened with his band for the first hour +, followed by SD). 3 hours of pure fun and enjoyment! IMO, Taylor could have been on that stage right there with all of them having a great time, making great music!

  11. OSB says:

    Music & laughter are most definitely healing properties. How wonderful that Mary Anne & JoAnne were able to meet the person who she feels brings some of that healing to her. Taylor and the majority of this year’s top 10 are such caring, giving individuals – so nice to see from young people.

    Talent recognizes talent – thanks Michael!

  12. Dragon of Soul says:

    I think it is great that an established, respected artist like MM would offer Taylor some respect. Since many artist (should I dare bring up Ray Montage) think it is beneath them to encourage a fellow musician. I hope Taylor can help new musicians as his career takes off.
    As a nurse I know the power of music-we once had a patient who had a very painful dressing change. He handled it much better when music was played. I’ve watched patients with decreased levels of conciousness reeact to a favorite tune. There is research concerning the healing effects of endorphins given off when a person hears a favorite song, a funny joke… Taylor has a great gift if he is able to pull this women out of her pain if only for a short time. We sometimes forget the power of human touch, an emotional contection.

  13. idolAddict_NW says:

    I have it for download. It’s a wmv file, only 8 MB


  14. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Darn, the video won’t work for me. Does anyone have this for download or on youtube?

  15. Linda T. says:

    …and didn’t you just love how they included “Hell of a Day” in the story too!! (watch the video its at the very end)….

  16. Shelley says:

    I soooo cried when I watched this story about the woman with colon cancer.

    How awesome that the person she most wanted to meet was Taylor.

    That was just so sweet.

    Oh…and I loved when she said…”And he’s not bad looking either.”


  17. Lee says:

    The prayers and tears just represent the goodness in Taylor’s heart. His character is what we already know and come to love about this special man. We “get” him and that’s why we love him. Thank you to all the American Idols for giving this sweet lady a day to remember.

    Thank you Michael Mcdonald for your props to Taylor, I’m sure Taylor is grateful for your kind words as well.

  18. idolAddict_NW says:

    Thanks for this news, Ash!

    The story about the dying woman was REALLY moving. Did you all see the video? There’s a link to it on the forum under Taylor Hicks News. Wow. I can just imagine how that meeting moved Taylor. That kind of thing puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it?

    On the video, the woman explains why she likes Taylor. She talks about what a great performer he is, then says “And he’s not bad looking either”. Really goes to show you what the expression “I’m not dead yet!” really means. (And I mean that in the sweetest way possible — good for her!)

    The Michael McDonald article is great, too. So nice to hear someone of that caliber talk about Taylor that way.

  19. Robin4T says:

    Deanli, in one of Taylor’s interviews he indicated that he had talked with MM on the phone a couple of times after AI ended. My understanding was that Michael called him in a congratulatory way. There was also some indication about the possibility of some collaboration between them. How about that?

  20. Robin4T says:

    One additional note. A good friend saw Steely Dan with McDonald two weeks ago in Nashville. He said the show was great and that MM sounded really good.

  21. Denali says:

    Michael McDonald played at my casino in April of this year. I really wanted to ask him if he’d gotten a chance to see Taylor’s performance of TITTS but I had reservations because most of the people in the business on the production side of things that I speak to don’t watch AI. AI just lacks credibility in that way.

    I did ask Michael’s tour manager if he’d heard of Taylor and he said no. I told him about his great performance of TITTS on AI.

    Well they’ve both heard of Taylor now, I just wish that I had gotten up the guts to be one of the first to tell Michael about Taylor and how great his rendition of TITTS is.

    Alas… a missed opportunity, not that it would have mattered to anyone but me.

  22. Robin4T says:

    Very touching story about Joanne and Mary Anne. Make a Wish Foundation does such incredible work. Kudos to Taylor and the “other kids” for taking part in such a beautiful way.

    Also love the Michael McDonald article!! MM’s comments when compared to Taylor were so very gracious. Some established stars would have had a problem with that. What a cool guy!

  23. susieq3c says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring story. How incredibly sweet and touching to hear that Taylor offered prayers and tears. What a man. I wish Joanne and Mary Anne all the best and will pray that Mary Anne will continue to beat the odds.

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