Eva Cassidy singing “Autumn Leaves” Live @ Blues Alley in Washinton, DC.


18 Responses to Eva Cassidy singing “Autumn Leaves” Live @ Blues Alley in Washinton, DC.

  1. Pat says:

    Saw Eva on tv a couple of years ago after she passed away. I was like the previous poster who said they were sobbing at the end of the Nightline piece. Her voice was amazing and she, herself, seemed like an amazing person.

  2. Jade says:

    I realized that I had been almost holding my breath while listening to and watching Eva.

    Proof that you don’t need sledgehammer volume or screaming vocals to command your audience’s attention.

    If anyone’s not moved by Eva — I would be totally surprised!

  3. mojavedesertgirl says:

    I saw Buffy perform at a pow-wow gathering in the Bay Area…10? 12? years ago? – her “Up Where We Belong” album had just come out. I was lucky – very intimate setting, powerful energy in the building. The quality of her voice is just stunning – really, no one sings like her. Great site, thanks for the link Island. I read somewhere that she lives in Hawaii now, and so the infrequent concert performances – but as you can see by quick walk thru her website, she’s involved in a lot beyond singing/songwriting. Half of it I had no idea – amazing! Talk about a life lived well…

  4. Phile says:

    I’ve heard the story of Eva Cassidy many times before, but never had a chance to listen until last evening.

    I immediately took my butt to You Tube to listen to more. As Serious and others have already said “her voice is amazing.” I concur.

  5. Island No3 says:

    Wow! Hot _and_ cool. I loved “People Get Ready”, mojavedesertgirl. Really strong resemblance to Taylor’s singing style, wonder if he has been listening to her?

    You were lucky to see Buffy live; I never have. I found her website and it looks like she still sometimes gives performances so maybe sometime I’ll get lucky and be in the country when one is going on. Here’s the url if anyone wants to take a look:


  6. mojavedesertgirl says:

    There was a comment posted at You Tube that I thought said it all – “Eva will never be forgotten by the hearts that know her.” There were several Eva videos at You Tube – I really liked this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL1xArF_mDQ&mode=related&search=Eva%20Cassidy It’s one of my favorite songs anyway, but I especially like her version. I often listen to her music lying on the floor in the dark with just candles…somehow, it always seems the thing to do.

    Island#3 – Thanks for bringing up Buffy! She is another extremely talented woman – great voice, great songwriter. Everyone knows “Up…” from An Officer and a Gentleman, but Buffy’s own version is completely different – very raw, emotional, more…spiritual if that’s not too dramatic. My favorite of hers is “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”, especially the version done live by the Indigo Girls, and captured on their 1200 Curfews album. I’ve seen Buffy perform, and she is mesmerizing with her voice and her presence.

  7. Squeebee says:

    Ash..thanks for this! The links for Eva on GC have expired, and I’m so glad to be able to hear this amazing woman. Another artist to add to my “to-buy” list!

  8. Island No3 says:

    After Listening to “Autumn Leaves” and “Tall Trees in Georgia” (with tears in my eyes), I feel again thanks for this site and the continuing grace of being introduced to such great music. How sad to learn that Eva has already left.

    I noticed that “Tall Trees” was written by Buffy St. Marie and remembered her wondeful songs form the 60’s onward. Now, _that_ woman is a force of nature. Born in Canada, raised in the US, bringing Native culture to awareness with her music and gutsy personality, I have always liked and admired her. I found just a few videos on youtube, one of her singing her own arrangement of Cripple Creek with a Mouth Harp from the Sesame Street show:

    and another with Johnny Cash singing with a great tongue-in-cheek sense of fun “Custer”:

    Also she is a great song writer, and if you’re my age you might remember “Universal Soldier” (a Donovan hit), “Up where we Belong” or “Until It’s Time for You to Go”. I’m willing to bet most of us remember these lyrics:

    You’re not a dream
    You’re not an angel
    You’re a man

    I’m not a queen
    I’m a woman
    Take my hand


  9. Quinn says:

    Thank you Ash for introducing me to yet another wonderful artist. 🙂 Off to buy CDs!

  10. Jools says:

    I’ve been an Eva fan for years and was absolutely thrilled to see this video – I didn’t realize these existed. She was a wonderful artist and I’m sorry for all the music she didn’t get a chance to play. I particularly love her version of “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”, of Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention) fame. They were a favourite group of mine and she definitely does a wonderful cover of that song. It’s on her “Imagine’ album. Thanks Ash for posting this – I listen to her often and until recently, didn’t know anyone else (other than my brother) who loved her as much as I do.

  11. hicknic says:

    She was incredible. How sad to have such a talented life cut short by a preventable cancer. My hubby had a malignant melanoma about 15 years ago, thankfully survived. Anyone out there with a suspicous mole, go get it check out right now!!!!! BTY, does anyone want to meet me at the Flora-bama tonight? or should I say CAN anyone meet me at the Flora-bama tonight? Hubby may not make it over to the beach and I am too shy to go by myself. Hicknic

  12. lv4tay says:

    Oh, Eva Cassidy. Wasn’t she something? Something just indescribable about her presence and her voice — luminous doesn’t quite cover it.

  13. SoulForever says:

    I must admit this is the first time that I have listened to Eva. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful…I’m hooked. Reminds me of first time I heard Roberta Flack sing “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”. Can’t wait to listen to more.

  14. aerinphil says:

    Ash i love you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is MY “thud”. the one artist (other than TRH) who made me weep because of her music.

  15. LAGirl says:

    I forgot to mention that she was another extraordinarily talented musician who the music industry dismissed because she didn’t fill a specific niche. Sound familiar?

  16. LAGirl says:

    Thanks for posting Eva. She just gives me shivers. Her whole story is so bittersweet. I first heard of her when Dave Marrish did that wonderful Nightline story on her a number of years ago. When Marrish’s package concluded, I was sobbing.

    My favorite Eva song is Tall Trees in Georgia. It was written by Buffy Saint Marie. Anyone who thinks that singing covers is the equivilent of karaoke, will quickly discard that notion after listening to Eva. (Simon, I am looking at you.)

    Oh, and for the ultimate version of Over the Rainbow and with all due respect to Judy Garland and Jane Monheit, listen to Eva’s version. It is soul shattering.

  17. I’ve heard of her many times before, but I never actually LISTENED. I am a moron – her voice is amazing.

    Thanks Ash.

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