More men who love to boogie down.


15 Responses to More men who love to boogie down.

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Those were hilarious. I have to visit here more often.

  2. Hickstyeria says:

    What a great find, Ash! As a Brit I’m familiar with the term ‘Northern Soul’ but hadn’t heard it in a long time! I love our sense of humour at times. I am surprised though, as NOLAgirl said, that others didn’t join in – must be the usually famous ‘British reserve’ a.k.a ‘not wanting to make a ‘prat’ of oneself’ 🙂

  3. NOLAgirl says:

    No one joined them in the dancing?? What is wrong with these people?! LOL My office would have been all OVER that!

  4. OSB says:

    Loved it Ash! I’d hire them for my workplace, except, I already do their schtick, I just don’t have a mat. Shoot, they even have a guy named Ace in the group. Taylor needs to make a guest appearance – oh wait, they’re British, aren’t they? 🙂

  5. J. says:

    Hahahaha! Excellent find, Ash. Those boys are just almost the boogie.

  6. YoursSoully says:

    Ha ha! Funny! I love the “talc powder” ritual – even a designated guy to carry it – and yes, MDG is correct, “merde” is NOT French for ‘loving it’ – lol

  7. Colleen says:

    Ah, to be that free! That was fun to watch. thanks for finding that.


  8. Susie says:

    That was toooo funny! Keep’em coming.

  9. Cali50 says:

    Oh my goodness! They are hysterical! The calmness of the English just cracks me up!

  10. A. says:

    Did I mention that these videos are from a few years ago?


    That makes them all the more funny to me.

  11. SoulForever says:

    Ash..that was a hoot! Did I see some Taylor moves mixed in there:). Also liked the dance music. SOUL PATROL !!!!!

  12. Clikee says:

    Now that’s fun! Totally off the wall and irreverent and I love that sort of thing. Downright joyful and brings back the day of good SNL. Thanks for sharing this one, Ash!

  13. Basenji says:

    Was feeling a bit low tonight and that cheered me up, thanks Ash!

  14. Shrewspeaks says:

    Ash…that is hysterical

  15. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Ash, how do you find these things?! That was hilarious! Man oh man, here we are just stuck to our computers when we all need to be out on the road on motorbikes. (Now there’s a picture for ya!) That was crazy – I don’t know what was funnier, the dancing or the comments. BTW, that last thing said in French was NOT “I loved it”! Northern Sooooouuuuuuuullllllll Patrooooollllll!

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