You done stole my heart but you can’t take my mind

As requested, a few tracks from The Black Keys, a funky blues-rock duo with soul to spare. You can read a previous post on the band here.

Busted –The Big Come Up

Countdown – The Big Come Up

Leavin’ Trunk -The Big Come Up

Yearnin’- The Big Come Up

Hold Me In Your Arms- Thickfreakness

Have Love Will Travel- Thickfreakness

I Cry Alone- Thickfreakness

Grown So Ugly- Rubber Soul ( Robert Pete Williams cover)

10 a.m. Automatic- Rubber Soul

As usual, if you enjoy these tracks I encourage you to purchase the albums and support the artists.

You can buy the Black Keys albums @ Fat Possum Records website and if you do not enjoy the album they will give you a full refund. How’s that for a deal? 🙂

3 Responses to You done stole my heart but you can’t take my mind

  1. patty cee says:

    wow! i wonder where you heard of this band? i love what they’re doing, what a fine mix; i like blues with a twist. thanks.

  2. Quinn says:

    Thank you Ash for again introducing me to more music! Off to buy more CDs….going broke but loving every minute of it! 🙂

  3. Scottsdale says:

    Thank you, Ash. I appreciate all your efforts in helping to support a variety of artists. Some of them I haven’t had an opportunity to listen to until I started to visit your site. Your music appreciation, much appreciated, indeed.

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