Taylor Hicks with L.M.B.O August 1st.

A great video from last night of Taylor Hicks performing “Gonna Move” with L.M.B.O. (video credit: pacomarj) is up now on GoFish.

I’m so happy for Taylor, Sam, Mitch, Zippy, Brian and Jeff. I could tell the guys were itching to see Taylor and perform with him again when we saw them those three nights in Orange Beach (of course, why wouldn’t they be?). As Jeff said to me one night when we were talking after a set “We’re brothers. It’s a no ego zone.”, and watching them you can tell that is the truth. No pretense (the men in L.M.B.O are some of the most down to earth guys I’ve ever met.) and no ego. Just a love for the music and a love and respect for one another.

I’ll link to more videos as I find them.


30 Responses to Taylor Hicks with L.M.B.O August 1st.

  1. MariaD says:

    Double wow! Had no power last night, so what a treat this is! Thank you. Oh, and I’ll be late for work now but it’s worth it. πŸ™‚

  2. Omphalos says:

    Fabulous! A little Paul Pena always gets the blood moving. This is one of my favorite Taylor covers. It’s great to see him paying tribute to such a fine and under-recognized musician, and even better to see him happily in the zone with his bandmates. Perfect song for today, when I really am going to “move away from here” — 6000 some miles away. I’m psyched! Thanks, Taylor.

  3. bigsis says:

    What a way to end a work day — lurking and looking at a GoFish video of Taylor with his band. If we can’t have DLMD in the concert, at least we have the hope of seeing Taylor perform his music, his way. Thanks so much for posting the link to GoFish. Hope, Hope, Hope he plays with LMBO in St. Paul on 8/22!

  4. Calimari says:

    Finally got home to watch the video & my stupid high speed internet is out!!! Luckily my husband kept a backup dial up system, so I got to see it. Thanks for posting. I’m seeing the Idol Tour & LMBO in Detroit in 2 weeks – hoping maybe a repeat performance?

  5. ELphaba26 says:

    Ash, thanks so much for the link!!!

    This is how it should be – Taylor with HIS band…..hopefully this is just a glimpse into Taylor’s future tour, with the Taylor Hicks band. Wonderful video.

  6. AmyH says:

    I was amazed at the sound quality on that clip. From the PBP I read it seemed like it was difficult to hear anything in there. Wow! They all sounded great, looked great, WERE great. Ahhhh, happy happy. πŸ™‚ Thanks Ash.

  7. OSB says:

    I so needed this, as I watch to see if that freakin’ hurricane (Chris, yet – geesh) is going to ruin my Taylor AI concert and/or my apartment. They sound great and I’ll bet they all had big smiles on their faces, I do on mine!

    Taylor & Waffles – Mmmmmm!

  8. mojavedesertgirl says:

    That was a treat! Felt like the “good ol’ days” and I didn’t even know Taylor existed then! He’s just fine without all the AI hoopla.

    News at 10 – Taylor eats a waffle! Good lord..

  9. KraftR says:

    Ash, thanks for all you do, and your devoted work to keep this blog worth reading…

    Loved seeing Taylor and LMBO together – what a great video. Nice to see the Idol guys hanging out together, too.

    I just have to say though, I KNOW it’s common knowledge that Taylor smokes, but seeing it for real in the waffle video is, somehow, a “bubble bursting” moment for me.

  10. jenniesaunt says:

    Had to comment about your post. It shows that Taylor has some people close to him who really love and respect him. He may not have had the public recognition before Idol; but he was/is truly rich in friendships. As time passes, he’ll continue to need close friends around to keep him safe and grounded. It makes me happy knowing that he has good folks watching his back. Of course this includes the Soul Patrol and I am a proud member.

    P.S. First post for me other than entering your drawings
    I too cannot resist a daily “Taylor break” at this site. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  11. Basenji says:

    Is there a way to have an MP3 of this for download? Sound is pretty good.

  12. Oh! Thank you SO much for putting up this link! This put the biggest smile on my face! I’m with cali50 – almost teary eyed with joy for all of them! They deserved this big break. I cant believe record companies passed them up.

    ah, I could ramble on and on – and continue to make no sense! Basically, I’m just so happy for all of them! It’s nice to see them all having fun! I cant stop smiling! πŸ˜‰

  13. Cali50 says:

    Ash, here’s The Waffle House video. I like how he’s wearing the hat to cover the “headlight,” but now that white shirt is going to be easy to spot!


  14. Cali50 says:

    Wow! I am all teary eyed here in the joy I feel for Taylor. I’m sure that “recharged” his batteries. I was thinking the other day that practicing with LMBO on DC day is what sparked his amazing performance that night. What a thrill for him to get away from the Poptarts! So glad the band had such a great night. Wow! I just can’t stop saying Wow!

  15. Carli says:

    Taylor looks like he’s having a blast playing with his guys and I’m sure that he relishes these opportunities (as I’m sure he can almost do the AI set in his sleep by now). I think it’s also great that he brought along Elliott, Bucky, and Ace — it’s a testament to how well the guys on tour get along this year.

    I’m looking forward to seeing some more video of last night’s performances.

  16. Basenji says:

    Linda T: I make a “to do” list for myself every morning that starts with: Do NOT turn on the computer. Needless to say, I fail every day to have my Taylor break, thank God.

  17. Linda T. says:

    Thanks so much for this video! And I told myself I was going to take a “Taylor break” today….silly me. I especially love Jeff’s comment about the “no ego zone”. It sure looks like they have a lot of fun together.

  18. MK says:

    I was so thrilled last night to hear the boys had slipped the leash! I hope that will put a little wind under their wings until they get to Birmingham. Wow, wow, wow! Charlotte, I now officially hate you.

  19. Amy says:

    Thanks for finding this! My girls in my Yahoo group advised me that Taylor was at the LiMBO show first thing this morning and now I log on and find this. There are angels in this world…starting with Taylor, and now you! πŸ™‚

  20. Susan says:

    I’m willing to bet that Waffle House will now get a boost in late night sales in cities where Idols are… people hanging out just in case they show up.


    Susan in AL

  21. Basenji says:

    OK here goes: I’m grooving along, loving it, nice little piece, and then in my silly little room, with my silly little computer I start crying. Just crying so happy to see him out there doing his thing away from AI. He does his little growly bits at the end and I’m just a teary little fool. These are the best of times…

  22. Ms Ei says:

    I’m happy that Taylor gets a break. Well, for someone like him, I think, this playing with LMBO is a big vacation.


  23. calimari says:

    I can’t watch it at work, but I’ll watch it when I get home tonight ASSUMING I have power this time. Taylorsfan – I’m planning on going to the pre-party in Detroit as well as seeing LMBO afterwards.

  24. daunchan says:

    Incredible! Thanks, what a way to start the morning!

  25. pc325 says:

    Oh my gosh, that was fabulous. Those guys are so great together!

  26. taylorsfan says:

    Thanks Ash ..I’m looking forward to hearing and meeting LiMBO…..anybody coming to Detroit?

  27. bamakat says:

    I’ve waited all night for this. Thanks! You’re the best.

  28. bluescomesouttoplay says:

    he’s so much part of the team…..imagine being in such small venue, even a solo tour won’t be limited to 2,000!!!

  29. Phandi says:

    Right…possible to re-post to sendspace??? gofish is blocked at work. 😦

  30. Hicknic says:

    OMG Ash! You have to chuck that job now! WorkPlay is all that matter, you cannot miss it. He sang “The Breeze” too. Thanks for this Tuesday morning gift!!!!

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