You can talk about me, you can say what you please, nothing that you say sho don’t worry me.

Jessie Mae Hemphill performing “You Can Talk About Me” live @ Junior Kimbrough’s Juke Joint in Holly Springs, MS.

Rest In Peace, Miss Hemphill.


6 Responses to You can talk about me, you can say what you please, nothing that you say sho don’t worry me.

  1. deejay says:

    only got around to watching this last night and cried. she does touch a nerve somewhere. or something like that. sort of hypnotizing. thanks for introducing me to her. RIP but still so relevant.

  2. Jan says:

    Ash: I’m sorr to hear about Jessie Mae Hemphill. I really appreciate the video though.

    Linda T: I’ll check it out. I have 10 CDs of great performances like this but no vids. I really to go through them and put some on SendSpace. I went to put on CD. I put in 10 which has music from the following artists:
    Bessie Smith, Brownie McGhee, John Lee Hooker, Lightnin Hopkins, Jimmy Yancey, Missippippi John Hurt, Memphis Minnie, Muddy Waters, Sleepy John Estes, Joe Turner, Robert Johnson, Ma Rainey, Blind Willie McTell, John Lee Williamson, Bukka White, Blind Boy Fuller and Sonny Terry, Big Bill Broonzy, Arthur Crudup, Leadbelly, Kokome Arnold.

    I’ve only typed for 2 songs but I listened to Back Door Stranger by Brownie McGhee and it was awesome. Now I’m listening to War is Over by John Lee Hooker. I’ve seen him a couple of times and cried more than once at his passing. I have never in my entire life seen anyone who could capture the attention of audience like he could. I was at a big show in Austin and when he came out, the crowd just shut up. He sang low and you could hear every word.

  3. Linda T. says:

    Ash, have you seen the great blues movie called “You See Me Laughin”? It came out in 2002 and is on DVD now. The film-maker went South and filmed all these great blues musicians like Jr. Kimbrough, RL Burnside, Cedell Davis (who plays guitar with a butter knife!!), T-Model Ford, Asie Payton, and Johnny Farmer. GREAT movie, and now a few of these people have passed on. Thanks for the video of Jessie Mae….

  4. A. says:

    I think Mr. Kimbrough’s juke joint, “Junior’s Place, was actually in Chulahoma.

    Oh man, to be around and kickin’ during those days. I would have loved to be in that crowd absorbing the music, knocking back a few and dancing on those floors.

  5. double d says:

    Ash. – how about some Deborah Coleman?

  6. double d says:

    Holly Springs, MS is about 15 miles south of Memphis, TN….

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