Well now look for me baby, ‘cus you know I’m coming home.

Bonnie Raitt performs Elmore James’ “Coming Home” at Radio City Music Hall.


10 Responses to Well now look for me baby, ‘cus you know I’m coming home.

  1. Blondi0001 says:

    Love Bonnie Raitt! Thanks for the treat! Keep her comin’. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your site is “the boogie”.

  2. jenniesaunt says:

    Really like Bonnie Raitt’s music. Thought she has the same hair, maybe a bit shorter.
    Yes the harmonica part does have Taylor written all over it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. aerinphil says:

    wow thanks again Ash. where have i been???i’ve never seen her nor heard her voice till now and i am amazed. bonnie rait rocks. how old is she? and the harmonica…taylor where are you???lol

  4. A. says:


    Such a wonderful movie.

  5. Phoebe says:

    That’s the ‘Lightning in a Bottle’ footage, no? Excellent movie, rent it if you can find it and you’ll get this performance and more from the Radio City concert – BB King, Ruth Brown, Keb Mo, Robert Cray, Levon Helm and lots more.

    First saw Bonnie when she performed in the chapel at my college freshman year, couldn’t have been more than 700 people there. She was on stage surrounded by all sorts of stained glass and religious imagery with a bottle of Jim Beam by her side on the floor. She made quite a dent in that bottle by the time the show was over, and yeah, it affected her performance. But I was still enthralled and have been a fan ever since.

    I believe she’s left those kind of partying days behind her (as have I).

    Oh yeah, and that hair.

  6. NOLAgirl says:

    Great little clip! Thanks!

  7. flowersky says:

    What a pro. My favorite Bonnie Rait song forever has been her cover of John Prine’s Angel from Mongomery.

  8. MollyK says:

    Figured I’d comment just in case you think we’re not diggin your clips. You can only say “Great! Thanks!” so many different ways, and for me it’s pretty much just that one way.

    And lest you think I’ve changed my pain-in-the-ass ways, when are you gonna find me some Shemekia Copeland?

  9. Susan54inWV says:

    I love Bonnie Raitt. Harp and a soul singer – what more could you ask for? Thanks, Ash!

  10. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Most most excellent choice Ash – that’ll keep me humming all day.

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