Youtube videos of Taylor w/ L.M.B.O. performing @ Coyote Joe’s.

Taylor & L.M.B.O. playing “Dance To The Music” with Ace Young on back-up and more. Credit goes to: mystery videographer.

Taylor & Elliott duet on the Bill Withers classic “Use Me”. Credit goes to: Elliott fan luvinE.


8 Responses to Youtube videos of Taylor w/ L.M.B.O. performing @ Coyote Joe’s.

  1. Louis says:

    Hey guys,
    I have an iMac G5 running tiger 10.4.7 and I an having a wierd problem. Whenever I go to a site that has an embedded youtube, flash or some kind of video, there is no sound. If it a quicktime file there is no problem. There is not sound no matter what broswer I use, firefox, camino, safari, or shiira. And keep in mind that about a week ago I was not having this issue.

    Help Would be awesome

  2. OSB says:

    Thanks Ash! Love seeing Taylor in his non-AI element. Couldn’t help but notice, as Sheliae did, that the other guys needed to be cued by Taylor, as to when to sing & when not to. I’d love to know what they were thinking both as it was happening, and afterwards; must have been a little daunting. They definitely seemed to have a great time, though, and that’s the important thing.

  3. sheliae says:

    these are great especially the dance to the music/higher one. tay as a mentor to these guys is something priceless. even with their varied talents they sure could take a page from taylors playbook..elliott especially who though he sings well has zero stage presence or charisma. no bash,just facts. maybe hanging with taylor will put some much needed soul into all of them. a shame chris was not there as he could have benefited as well.

  4. Aurora says:

    I think it’s just awesome that Taylor, Elliott, Ace, and Bucky all showed up for that and from the sounds of it, had such a blast. It’s so neat that the four of them are such good friends. Taylor and Elliott duetting, what a great combination!

    By the way, Ash, thanks for all the videos. I can’t make it to an AI concert this year, so it’s great to kind of live vicariously through those videos. Once Taylor goes on tour with his own show, I hope to be there!

  5. catwood720 says:

    Thanks for posting those, they were awesome!! This morning when I was watching these I kept thinking back to auditions when Simon said Taylor was a back up singer… could he have been more wrong? Taylor is a natural born leader and he seems to love taking the other idols with him. Every time I think I couldn’t be more proud of what he does, and more proud of voting for him and having him for “our Idol” he makes me that much prouder… I feel like busting!! Hope Simon thoroughly enjoys that CROW he must eat every day!!

  6. SoulForever says:

    Oh, to have been in that audience…sigh. Taylor is a such a great seasoned performer and what’s surprising is that Elliott fits right in rocking the house. What a tour that would be….Elliott opening for Taylor with some duets sprinkled in. I had to give up my AI concert tickets but am excited by future solo concerts or smaller “happenings” like this.

  7. OldBoFan says:

    Thanks for posting those, Ash. It was agreat way to start the day.

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