New article from The Birmingham News.

Mary Colurso of The Birmingham News talks with Taylor Hicks about his upcoming cd, why his American Idol Concert set was trimmed and more in this new article on



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  1. DuLaRay says:

    MollyK, thank you for that, I agree that Clive could have done better on the song choice. He did the song proud but NO ONE can sing it like Steve Perry. I have been a big Journey fan for many years. I also agree that there was lots of musical trash floating around in the 80’s and all the “hair” bands and some of them refuse to go quietly into that good night. I have read some critics remarks about Taylor not having staying power and I don’t think they know what they are talking about. Taylor is being exploited right now by the AI machine, but like I said before, Dat boy ain’t no dummy and he will be around a LONG time. I am thankful that that Hurrican blew him to Las Vegas and ultimately to us all. God does work in mysterious ways…

  2. Sunshine says:

    “Taylor Hicks doesn’t measure his success by whether or not he sells out football stadiums …. He measures it by being able to make a living making music he is proud of.”

    Thank you, MollyK for this quote!!! Thank you.

    I agree that doing what you love, following your calling with integrity is the true meaning of success in life. I don’t equate fame and fortune with success at all.

  3. susieq3c says:

    My thoughts…
    The set was pared down because of Katherine’s return.
    Taylor is an incredibly generous performer, as I witnessed at the Coyote Joe’
    s performance when he shared the stage with Ace, Bucky and Elliot..even admitted a little jealousy over Elliot’s “throat”, so I have no doubt that he sees AI tour as something about all of them.
    Taylor is a very gifted performer who has had experience surrounding himself with the right people. Didn’t he say in one interview that the reason none of his “skeletons” in the past have come back to haunt him is because he knows how to read people and knows who to trust? Musically, I have no doubt he will use the same kind of perception and will collaborate with the right people in order to make the right album, released at the right time.

    Can’t wait to see what the future brings. Taylor has the real golden ticket…I’m praying he’ll do the wise things first.

  4. Linda T. says:

    I’m actually very interested to read about Taylor’s apparent determination about his musical desires mingled with what seems to be a sense of diplomacy about the whole music-making/Idol machine. In my opinion from what I read so far he seems to be fairly savvy re: the balance between paying the devil and staying true to oneself. He could have said “AI cut my songs” (which may or may not have happened, but most folks suspect that was the case) and that would have come across as sour grapes. His comments make him look like more of a team player at least to me. I like that this is balanced with his seeming ability to weed out schlock, at least so far. Lastly I don’t mind seeing a more “prickly” Taylor once in awhile, if that is the adjective to use.

  5. Tee says:

    I agree Jan B. Truth is, while Taylor may not be a “greenhorn” when it comes to music and performing, he is for all intents and purposes a “new artist” New artists (particularly those who win or come in second on American Idol) rarely call all the shots or run the show, so there will have to be some compromises made on both sides. I don’t blame him for wanting to fight for the sound and the music that he wants, because at the end of the day it’s his name on the CD and his reputation on the line. Hopefully a happy medium is reached and the end result will be a CD that Taylor, his label, and his fans can be proud of. I’m not expecting a TH masterpiece with the first album out of the gate, just something decent to listen to. I’m sure Tay will not disappoint in that regard.

    I have to stick up for Bo a little bit, though. Perhaps a more hardcore Bo Bice fan can speak to this (I’m only a casual fan, and I was rooting for him to win last season), but didn’t Bo try to get some of his music onto his album and was met with resistance? Bo had some health issues, not to mention a wife and a newborn son to worry about. When you have that on your plate, no matter how hard you may want to fight for your music, you still have to eat and feed your family. In the end, that wins out-you can’t afford to butt heads with TPTB, and you have to get your album to the marketplace. Even with all that, Bo’s album is certified gold and will probably eventually go platinum. Not too shabby for a runner-up CD, I’d say.

  6. Jan B. says:

    Yeah, my initial thought on why his set was cut had to do with making room for Katharine… I also think he has more media obligations than the “others” AND his Cd has to be the first released. T’s set was probably never meant to be as long as the early (Kat-less) tour required, but who else would you give that time to? As far as anything in the press… the writer always has a slant and uses what they deem to be important… 4000 spoken words are condensed into 500 written words…Taylor seems pretty comfortable SAYING he’ll be running the show (which is great, in my opinion), but you never know how many “compromises” will have to be made to hit the deadline. There WILL be a deadline and it WILL be met… well before Christmas.
    The 1st CD will probably NOT be his masterpiece unless he has a lot of material ready to record now. It could be great if they went for a rough and ragged sound, but AI specializes in over-produced schlock. It’ll be hard to teach THAT old dog new tricks as well.

  7. MollyK
    “Furthermore to that (as Weezy would say), the thing that a lot of people in the media miss, and some T-fans miss as well, is that Taylor Hicks doesn’t measure his success by whether or not he sells out football stadiums like Kenny Chesney and his sexy tractor. He measures it by being able to make a living making music he is proud of.”
    I agree with you SO much on this last bit! This is the whole reason why I hate the scary boards – even though I am still there a lot. It seems that every fanbase is like “Who’s gonna sell more?” or “[enter fav idol here] will SELL more than Taylor Hicks and be more sucessful!”

    When did selling as much as you can measure success? Paris Hilton’s single sold a lot. The song blows. Is that success? Taylor will be able to make a living – a nice one actually – so now it comes to him making something he’s proud of.

  8. Bob says:

    Omphalos – From numerous stints in Corporate America I can honestly state that I have puckered up with the best of them. That’s why I buy mouthwash by the case.

  9. MollyK says:

    No, sorry. I really liked Journey back then. I really liked Flock of Seagulls too. Okay, not really on that last. I can’t take back what I said because I don’t think of all the songs Clive Owen could have picked for Elliott, “Open Arms” should have been on any list in the same county, state, country, planet, universe. Because you still like it doesn’t mean it has withstood the test of time, and it won’t make a comeback, I promise you. And with a few exceptions like Petty and Mellencamp, we couldn’t do much worse at all than be stuck in the dark ages of music that were the 80’s. So it looks like we’re going to have to just disagree on the issue.

  10. DuLaRay says:

    “Excuse me??? Fuckin sorry ass Journey songs? Stuck in the 80’s??? Journey was a GREAT band and Steve Perry was and IS a great vocalist, don’t disregard and minimize music you are not totally knowledgeable of. This site has introduced some classic artists to the young fans but mostly it seems old blues. I love all music and I have a very extensive collection but it is a mixtures of all flavors. We must learn to savor all flavors of music to appreciate music as a whole, not just pick a style to identify with and dismiss the rest. We could do worse than to be stuck in the 80’s, Taylor’s influences range from 40’s styles to present. I think the key to any artist ultimate success is what Randy Jackson, said (who happened to play bass at one time with that “sorry ass Journey”)an artist has to be able to do it all, write lyric and melody, arrange, produce, just do it all. We know that Taylor is capable of this and he is more savvy and experienced than some folks give him credit for, but he will prove all the naysayers wrong in the long run. He probably had to cut songs from his set to make room for Kat, since she so gracefully decided to finally show up…STAY TUNED….

  11. mojavedesertgirl says:

    An excellent article, answered a lot of questions…sadly, though, it means the collective shout out to bring back DLMD to the AI set will not bring forth the desired result. Oh well. Solo tour perhaps?

    To me old dog, no new tricks means he knows his own mind and heart when it comes to his music, and there is not much that will push him away from he knows is right for him. What I hear in his comments is an openess to new things – but only as long as they are ultimately a good fit. I trust Taylor. I have no fear the upcoming CD and the solo tour that follows will be Soul Patrol satisfying. I so agree with MollyK – success to Taylor is whatever furthers his ability to make HIS music.

  12. MollyK says:

    The truth is that I’m really not that worried about Taylor’s album. DIMYP is played much more on radio than I thought it would be, and I’ve grown to like it more than I did initally. I think from Taylor’s talent and smarts and heart and charisma, there is a certain invincibility there.

    And I also think that while Bo Bice paved the way for people from outside the Whitney Houston field to break through on AI, he also paved the way by being an example of what happens if you let old fuckers who are stuck in the 80’s and pick fuckin sorry-ass Journey songs for one of the best singers in the competition run over you for fear of being seen as “uppity”. Also, there is no way in hell that the aforementioned old fucker thinks he can try to fit Taylor into some kind of smarmypap mold like he tried to do with Bo, so he won’t try so hard to do it.

    Furthermore to that (as Weezy would say), the thing that a lot of people in the media miss, and some T-fans miss as well, is that Taylor Hicks doesn’t measure his success by whether or not he sells out football stadiums like Kenny Chesney and his sexy tractor. He measures it by being able to make a living making music he is proud of.

  13. Omphalos says:

    Funny thing is that whenever you stick up for your artistic integrity, someone will label you as arrogant. Yet the very quality many of us liked about T from the start was the sense that he was singing from his own voice, not conforming to the mold.

    We have no idea how much butt Taylor has already kissed. More than most of us would be willing, most likely. It’s easy to sit along the sidelines & opine. Much harder to pucker up!

  14. Calimari says:

    Taylor has also said in other interviews that compromise is part of the deal. Sometimes you have to learn to pick your battles in the game of give & take, and I’m confident he’ll get a good balance.

  15. SoulForever says:

    Thanks Ash….I wouldn’t have seen this otherwise. I reread Taylor’s statement several times regarding “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. This was included particularly regarding there being two many fingers in the producing pie. I would hope Taylor meant that he was protecting his vision for the cd and not that he doesn’t recognize that we can always learn from the more experienced. I certainly trust Taylor’s vision for his music and hope his confidence and determination to stay true to it aren’t misconstrued as arrogance. Time will tell……

  16. Sunshine says:

    Taylor seems to have always believed in himself – that’s what I think is the key to his “success” and that’s the thing I admire most about him. His talent was a gift and he’s nurtured it, believed in it and respected it. I would be surprised if he gave up his values to serve TPTB… or the world.

  17. Bob says:

    deejay – I have all the patience in the world in terms of his CD. Just that I’m quite certain the label doesn’t.

    Cali – Prickly. Okay but use sparingly right now. Here’s my take.

    Clive Davis and these other execs have egos about the size of Texas. Until TH is in a better position (as in maybe triple platinum, more people beating down his door) he is still just the AI winner to the execs. I’ll bet Clive doesn’t give a fat rats ass that TH has written songs or recorded. The reality is that, right now, he would be better served, IMO, to use a bit more diplomacy. Not saying to roll over or change the genre, etc. But some times you have to kiss some behind in the short term to win in the long term.

    The world is what the world is.

  18. I’m heavily leaning to a early December release. He’ll have 2 good months of studio time, and Katja reminded me of this:

    Taylor’s site will be up around then. Great for promotions, and sales.

  19. Cali50 says:

    I think Taylor’s attitude is best described by Gray’s word, “Prickly.” And I love it! I certainly do not want him to roll over and do everything their way. He needs the confidence he so obviously has. Agree with seriousmelaphobia, here that the “old dog” comment has to do with his style, no Pop album for our Taylorman! Thank goodness we have his old music in the meantime. I can be patient, but I still want DLMD in the show. With the cut of that and WGO and SSM, he now has less songs than Elliott and Chris!

  20. Cali50 says:

    I think Taylor’s attitude is best described by Gray’s word, “Prickly.” And I love it! I certainly do not want him to roll over and do everything their way. he needs the confidence he so obviously has. Agree with seriousmelaphobia, here that the old go comment has to do with his style,no Pop for our Taylorman!

  21. I agree with you Tee about Taylor’s set. I’m happy with his explaination – even though I also would love to see DLMD again.

    And Bob – I agree with you about the release date, but only partly. I doubt that they would release his cd on the Nov 14th date, but I can see tptb really pushing for only a few weeks after that. I’d say the beginning of December. And no, thats not much more time for Taylor to work on the cd, but a few weeks is better than nothing.

    The old dog, new tricks thing? I took that as musically. He’s not going to let them change his genre. Also, I don’t take his comments as arrogant – just a guy who really doesnt want to throw this opprotunity away.

  22. Tee says:

    I think Taylor was right about that point he made regarding cutting songs from his set on the tour. Sure, many of us here are going to the show primarly to see him, but it’s the Idols Live tour, not the Taylor Hicks Live tour. I don’t know whether it was his choice or TPTB’s choice to cut some of his songs, but I’m going to go along with his explanation. I think it’s cool that he doesn’t feel the need to be the center of attention all the time. Personally, I went to the tour not only to see Taylor and Elliott, but I wanted to see the others as well, even little Lisa who bored me to tears during the season.

    Bob…can I just say I love your posts? Now, I didn’t get an arrogant vibe from Taylor in this article, but I agree that it’s unrealistic to expect that the label will be willing to push the release date into 2007. The reality is, especially with these American Idol CD’s, they aren’t interested in quality, they’re interested in making $$. There’s no way they aren’t going to try to take advantage of the holiday shopping season and try to get Taylor’s CD out there ASAP.

  23. deejay says:

    Bob, as I recall, this wouldn’t be the first time the tenor of Taylor’s comments has been interpreted less than favorably by some. But I tend to trust where I have trusted before, if that makes sense. Let’s give the guy some space – say, maybe through the Spring of 2007. Patience is a bitch!

  24. Shelley says:

    Great article and Taylor is right on the money about everything save one thing…WE ARE GOING TO THE CONCERT TO SEE HIM!!!!! I could care less if the others were performing or not. 😉

  25. Bob says:

    Delay the release date – probable. After Christmas rush. You’re kidding yourselves. He’s kidding himself. The record company wants to sell records. That’s the best time to sell them.

    I agree. AI cut his numbers. It’s their show, not his.

    Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Wonder what he really meant by that. Could be that he won’t go “poppy”. That’s cool, then. Or, could it be I know it all and won’t listen to people with more experience? The latter would be a major turn off for me.

    Some of his statements, if accurately quoted, have a certain air about them that bother me.

  26. MicheleAnn says:

    Loved that interview. Glad to see he is still so focused and is searching for “THE” song. I think Taylor is being too humble when he says “This show is not about me; it’s about us. People are not there to see me; they’re there to have the experience we had on the (TV) show.” I think the reason the tour is so big this year is, in large part, due to Taylor. As far as collaborating with a Yankee, my first thought was “Wow, does Derek Jeter sing or play an instrument”. Now that would be a pair!

  27. Cali50 says:

    Although Taylor says he decided to cut the numbers because it’s aboiut the AI experience and it’s not a Taylor Hicks show, I still think ultimately, AI had him cut the songs. Why would he rehearse and perform those songs, just to cut them a few weeks later? Makes no sense to me. Maybe they thought the show was too long? I think a release date at the beginning of 2007, though is a great idea! Molly, no other Idol has been able to add a song for their hometwon show, so I doubt if Taylor will unless he “sneaks” it in. But, I’m sure Workplay will be amazing. Wish I was going!

  28. MollyK says:

    It all sounds good to me, although I hope they put some stuff back in at least for Birmingham, where I think it would be okay to let it be Taylor’s show.

  29. MariaD says:

    Looking forward to seeing who THE producer is also. I’m sure we all will agree the CD will be worth waiting for.

  30. IbelieveinTHesong says:

    Taylor (from the article): “I’ve been writing with some people,” he says. “I’m being set up with writing appointments by that label that will allow me to dig in and write some music. Ultimately, though, it’s not about your song. It’s about THE song.”

    To sum it up: “It’s about THE song.” [I think it’s kinda cool that THE is capitalized — so those t-shirts could just say, instead, “It’s about THE song.” Everyone would still know what it means w/o a certain WORD being added.]

    I love Taylor’s Hollywood quote: “I believe in the soul, and I believe in the song…” (hence my blog name). After reading the article, I feel more at peace about his CD, etc. — and it answers a lot of my questions (like “why didn’t I get more songs at the Atlanta concert????” — which was a blast, btw).

    I can hardly wait to see who collaborates with him on his 1st CD. I’m sure Taylor will surprise us (as he always does). January, anyone?

  31. jenniesaunt says:

    On this eve of Taylor’s homecoming it is good to read what Mary Colurso has to say about the tour and future plans. Collaboration with a Yankee–now that is news to me. But, it sounds promising. MC seems objective as far as Taylor is concerned and that is ultimately helpful for Taylor. I think!

  32. Phile says:

    Taylor, Taylor, Taylor… you’re breakin’ my heart, man. Yeah, Bernie Williams is talented, but it’s really, really difficult to see past the pinstripes ;).

    What about this guy?

    As for the rest, I’m glad to read it and appreciate the update. Thanks!

  33. Ms Ei says:

    Thanks Ash for this. I’m glad it’s still about quality. 🙂

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