Fox 6 B’ham video.

Video of two combined Fox 6 B’ham clips now on GoFish.

video credit: Aub4Taylor


12 Responses to Fox 6 B’ham video.

  1. katja says:

    Saw this link at mj’s

    Taylor talks about his record deal and album.

    He’s so relaxed! Great!

  2. aerinphil says:

    bjewel– thank you very much for that wonderful shout-out. it means a lot to all of us who are far away from where the action is 🙂 i hope taylor knows how much he is loved around the globe. soul patrol!!!!!

  3. Ms Ei says:

    Oh lordy! Thanks Bonnie for mentioning our country. We sure hope he comes over this side of the world someday. 🙂

  4. susieq3c says:

    So, did Taylor start the “rat pack” nickname, or did he read that same article the rest of it did and now he’s adapted it? More proof, i think, of how savvy he is when it comes to the pulse of the public.

  5. Carol says:

    There’s a piece on the Morning Buzz segment, too:

  6. katja says:

    Yeah OSB, I found out that too about an hour ago! Woooo, thanks again bjewel-Bonnie!!!!!
    Soooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuul Patroooooooooooooool!!!!

  7. OSB says:

    That nice lady is Bonnie Jewel. known on the board here and at GC’s as bjewel. That was great to have her recognize our SP friends overseas – International Soul Patrol rules!

  8. katja says:

    Yes, what’s the dvd-talk!?

  9. katja says:


    I read the pbp in the morning and found out it there and totally flipped out!!! 😀
    I wonder who that nice woman was!!! Thanks! 🙂

  10. aerinphil says:

    mdg- you bet i did fall off my seat when that nice lady mentioned my country omg!!!!!!!!!i’m trying to study the faces of everyone i saw on that video thinking who is who..katja where are you????we got a shout-out! wooo! thanks for the video Ash and Aub4T!

  11. mojavedesertgirl says:

    Woooo hooooo – this is crrrraaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyy! aerinphil and katja are gonna fall out on the floor – they got a shout out from the lady from NM (and just who is that masked woman? what is her REAL name here on the boogie?!). Fascinating to know that I’m looking at faces that I know, but don’t know. Siiiigh. Proverbial words – wish I was there! How great that so many are having such a time – a one of a kind moment. Good on ya! Looking forward to the news clip that shows Taylor playing…B’ham Fox saving it for the morning show I assume. Totally cool…and thanks for getting that up so fast, Ash and Aub4Taylor. Smooooches.

  12. Basenji says:

    Well, I listened in on the cell cert (thanks Liz) and it was painful because it was loud and the quality was so bad it was hard to hear. Still, it was my first “live” experience of Taylor Hicks, so I can’t really complain.

    What really struck me was this: Taylor Hicks brings his AI buddies to his night, the big poobah of nights, his homecoming with LiMBO. He puts Elliot up there and lets him wail. I can only think he did this to help Elliot get experience, and this just slays me. What a guy Taylor is. I’m an old jaded hag, and he melts my heart.

    Will look for official Boogie video, but what is the rumor of a DVD?

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