Taylor, Ace, Bucky and Elliot- The new Rat Pack?

Read the amusing post on blogcritics.org.


15 Responses to Taylor, Ace, Bucky and Elliot- The new Rat Pack?

  1. Chris (MacTwig) says:

    Loved the article. I think it’s great that Taylor is bringing those guys along on these guests appearances with LiMBO.

    They all seemed to get along well and were friends on the show and it’s good to see that friendship is real.

  2. Jan says:

    HA! Well Taylor referred to them as the rat pack himself at the WP and they were all on stage.

  3. sheliae says:

    while it was a cool concept at coyote joes, i think to make more out of it than it is is premature. one thing for sure,that exposure to a master at work in his own setting could have taught the other guys a thing about performance art,especially elliot,who could use some onstage charisma injections. i think each guy stands on his own and to form into some kinda novelty act,even occasionally, just drags them deeper into the idol aura that i am sure they will want to shed,the second the tour is over. i am more interested in seeing taylor with real performers like robert randolph,delbert mcclinton,bonnie raitt,and yes i can even enjoy him with snoop. the upcoming colaborations to be are far more exciting than watching tay lead the boys in the fine art of gettin’ down. actually i love him alone…with LiMBO best of all.

  4. Kathop says:

    They all bring something to the table…I like it!! Taylor sure can move that group around….strength in numbers…………Tay Pack!!

  5. abbysee says:

    While definitely premature, it’s an intriguing concept for sure. I don’t think it would negate none of these guys as far is their talent is concerned. Looking back at the original Rat Pack and their legacies, I can hardly describe them as a novelty act. I think for Frank, Dean, and Sammy their careers stand alone, the Rat Pack identities only enhanced the myth. Not a bad thing indeed.

  6. Cali50 says:

    Colleen, Chris’ family, including the kids were at the Charlotte concert, so he probably hung out with them, instead of going to Coyote Joe’s. Can’t take the kids to a bar! That’s my guess.

  7. rabbit says:

    Maybe I’ll be a big bummer here – I think it’s great that they’re all having fun now in the moment of the tour and performing together – but I’d hate for them to actually become a “rat pack” of sorts. I don’t think any of them – Taylor, of course most specifically, should end up being thought of as a piece of some variety act and not as artists in and of themselves who are capable of carrying a tour on thier own of mostly original (hopefully self-written) material. I love Taylor with LMBO – but do I love Taylor’s performance time being shared with other vocalists? Not so much. Just my thoughts.

  8. I agree with the rest of you – a bit premature. It was a great night, but lets give them a few more of these nights before declaring them the idol rat pack.

    I am glad that all of the guys seems so close. And from what I hear, Chris was spending time with the family.

  9. Colleen says:

    Since I didn’t follow all the passed years idols. I don’t know if this is what Bo, or Ruben did also. hum…..
    Eitherway good for those boys. They are making the best of everything, haveing fun while they can. I wonder though if Chris is just staying behind or was never invited? I wonder if he’s still shook up about being voted off early. I hope I hear more about this new rat pack.

  10. Nadaclue says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see some or all of them show up at some more of the after parties with LiMBO. I don’t know if it could continue after the tour when they all go thier own ways. Maybe that will depend on the reactions and publicity they get from it.

  11. Robin4T says:

    While agree it’s a bit premature, it’s a cool concept and seems to fit the relationship between these guys. Instead of “old blue eyes’, we get our “brown-eyed handsome man.” Whether or not they become this generation’s rat pack, I do think the friendships and mutual support seem quite genuine.

  12. deejay says:

    Each generation wants their own (fill in the blank). We want our generation’s Elvis, we want our generation’s Rat Pack, we want our generation’s Beatles. Maybe in 50 years, that generation will want their own Taylor Hicks! Back to the future indeed!

  13. King Proehl says:

    But… what about the Kat Pack? LOL Lets see… there would be Kat… and then… well… oh I guess it would just be her. That is if she shows up. LOL

  14. King Proehl says:

    I like that article kind of a neat concept if it is true. I think the Rat Pack captured our imaginations because of the idea of friendship and fame going hand in hand. Two things most of use strive for. I think it would be cool if the 4 of them would stay friends and work together past this tour. The music business is a tough one and they could lean on each other in the lean times. Plus the cross promotion never hurts.

    Thank for posting this link for us. I am going to share it with my friends here. I go to see the Tour on the 11th. I can’t wait.

  15. Cali50 says:

    I think the guys are just having fun and since it’s only been one gig, so far, this article is a little premature. BUT, the author is right, in that it could certainly help to keep the guys in the public eye. Do the guys want to break free of the AI stigma though?

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